Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Enactment

Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Enactment: The Processing Issues (2011) .. COST 2010

Table of Contents

Multimodal Signals: Analysis, Processing and Computational Issues

Real Time Person Tracking and Behavior Interpretation in Multi Camera Scenarios Applying Homography and Coupled HMMs . . . 1
Dejan Arsic and Bjorn Schuller

Animated Faces for Robotic Heads: Gaze and Beyond . . . 19
Samer Al Moubayed, Jonas Beskow, Jens Edlund, Bjorn Granstrom, and David House

RANSAC-Based Training Data Selection on Spectral Features for Emotion Recognition from Spontaneous Speech . . . 36
Elif Bozkurt, Engin Erzin, ¸ Cigdem Eroglu Erdem, and A. Tanju Erdem

Establishing Linguistic Conventions in Task-Oriented Primeval Dialogue . . . 48
Martin Bachwerk and Carl Vogel

Switching Between Different Ways to Think: Multiple Approaches to Affective Common Sense Reasoning . . . 56
Erik Cambria, Thomas Mazzocco, Amir Hussain, and Tariq Durrani

Efficient SNR Driven SPLICE Implementation for Robust Speech Recognition . . . 70
Stefano Squartini, Emanuele Principi, Simone Cifani, Rudi Rotili, and Francesco Piazza

Study on Cross-Lingual Adaptation of a Czech LVCSR System towards Slovak . . . 81
Petr Cerva, Jan Nouza, and Jan Silovsky

Audio-Visual Isolated Words Recognition for Voice Dialogue System. . . 88
Josef Chaloupka

Semantic Web Techniques Application for Video Fragment Annotation and Management . . . 95
Marco Grassi, Christian Morbidoni, and Michele Nucci

Imitation of Target Speakers by Different Types of Impersonators . . . 104
Wojciech Majewski and Piotr Staroniewicz

Multimodal Interface Model for Socially Dependent People . . . 113
Rytis Maskeliunas and Vytautas Rudzionis

Score Fusion in Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition Systems . . . 120
Jiri Mekyska, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Zdenek Smekal, and Joan F`abregas

Developing Multimodal Web Interfaces by Encapsulating Their Content and Functionality within a Multimodal Shell . . . 133
Izidor Mlakar and Matej Rojc

Multimodal Embodied Mimicry in Interaction . . . 147
Xiaofan Sun and Anton Nijholt

Using TTS for Fast Prototyping of Cross-Lingual ASR Applications . . . 154
Jan Nouza and Marek Bohac

Towards the Automatic Detection of Involvement in Conversation . . . 163
Catharine Oertel, Celine De Looze, Stefan Scherer, Andreas Windmann, Petra Wagner, and Nick Campbell

Extracting Sentence Elements for the Natural Language Understanding Based on Slovak National Corpus . . . 171
Stanislav Ondas, Jozef Juhar, and Anton Cizmar

Detection of Similar Advertisements in Media Databases . . . 178
Karel Palecek

Towards ECA’s Animation of Expressive Complex Behaviour . . . 185
Izidor Mlakar and Matej Rojc

Recognition of Multiple Language Voice Navigation Queries in Traffic Situations . . . 199
Gellert Sarosi, Tamas Mozsolics, Balazs Tarjan, Andras Balog, Peter Mihajlik, and Tibor Fegyo

Comparison of Segmentation and Clustering Methods for Speaker Diarization of Broadcast Stream Audio . . . 214
Jan Prazak and Jan Silovsky

Influence of Speakers’ Emotional States on Voice Recognition Scores . . . 223
Piotr Staroniewicz

Automatic Classification of Emotions in Spontaneous Speech . . . 229
David Sztaho, Viktor Imre, and Klara Vicsi

Modification of the Glottal Voice Characteristics Based on Changing the Maximum-Phase Speech Component . . . 240
Martin Vondra and Robert Vich

Verbal and Nonverbal Social Signals On Speech and Gestures Synchrony . . . 252
Anna Esposito and Antonietta M. Esposito

Study of the Phenomenon of Phonetic Convergence Thanks to Speech Dominoes . . . 273
Amelie Lelong and Gerard Bailly

Towards the Acquisition of a Sensorimotor Vocal Tract Action Repository within a Neural Model of Speech Processing . . . 287
Bernd J. Kroger, Peter Birkholz, Jim Kannampuzha, Emily Kaufmann, and Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube

Neurophysiological Measurements of Memorization and Pleasantness in Neuromarketing Experiments . . . 294
Giovanni Vecchiato and Fabio Babiloni

Annotating Non-verbal Behaviours in Informal Interactions. . . 309
Costanza Navarretta

The Matrix of Meaning: Re-presenting Meaning in Mind Prolegomena to a Theoretical Model . . . 316
Rosa Volpe, Lucile Chanquoy, and Anna Esposito

Investigation of Movement Synchrony Using Windowed Cross-Lagged Regression . . . 335
Uwe Altmann

Multimodal Multilingual Dictionary of Gestures: DiGest . . . 346
Milan Rusko and Stefan Benus

The Partiality in Italian Political Interviews: Stereotype or Reality? . . . 355
Enza Graziano and Augusto Gnisci

On the Perception of Emotional “Voices”: A Cross-Cultural Comparison among American, French and Italian Subjects . . . 368
Maria Teresa Riviello, Mohamed Chetouani, David Cohen, and Anna Esposito

Influence of Visual Stimuli on Evaluation of Converted Emotional Speech by Listening Tests . . . 378
Jiri Pribil and Anna Pribilova

Communicative Functions of Eye Closing Behaviours . . . 393
Laura Vincze and Isabella Poggi

Deception Cues in Political Speeches: Verbal and Non-verbal Traits of Prevarication . . . 406
Nicla Rossini

Selection Task with Conditional and Biconditional Sentences: Interpretation and Pattern of Answer . . . 419
Fabrizio Ferrara and Olimpia Matarazzo

Types of Pride and Their Expression . . . 434
Isabella Poggi and Francesca D’Errico

People’s Active Emotion Vocabulary: Free Listing of Emotion Labels and Their Association to Salient Psychological Variables . . . 449
Vanda Lucia Zammuner

Author Index . . . 461