Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures

Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures (2011) .. edited by Richard Hill etc

Table of contents (16 chapters)

Front Matter … Pages i-xvii

Concepts and Principles … Pages 1-1

Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures: Concepts, Principles and Approaches … Pages 3-19
Zaigham Mahmood

Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals … Pages 21-41
Siavash Moshiri, Richard Hill

Cloud Computing Business Models … Pages 43-60
Abbas Strømmen-Bakhtiar, Amir R. Razavi

The Convergence of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Cloud Computing … Pages 61-87
Pethuru Raj, Mohanavadivu Periasamy

Approaches and Frameworks

Front Matter … Pages 89-89

Component-Based Development for Cloud Computing Architectures … Pages 91-114
Muthu Ramachandran

Identity and Access Management in Cloud Computing… Pages 115-133
Khandakar Entenam Unayes Ahmed, Vassil Alexandrov

A Cloud Architecture for Educational Enterprises: A Case Study in Robotics … Pages 135-157
Lucio A. Rocha, Leonardo R. Olivi, Fernando Paolieri, Guilherme Feliciano…

Cloud Computing: An Enabler in Developing Business Models for Global Enterprises … Pages 159-171
N. Raghavendra Rao

Using Common Logic to Provide a Semantic Enterprise Architecture Framework for Cloud Computing … Pages 173-183
Jeffrey A. Schiffel, Shaun Bridges

Issues and Challenges

Front Matter … Pages 185-185

The Cloud Challenges for Enterprise Architects … Pages 187-206
Pethuru Raj, Mohanavadivu Periasamy

Service Level Agreements in Cloud Computing: Perspectives of Private Consumers and Small-to-Medium Enterprises … Pages 207-225
G. R. Gangadharan, Davide Maria Parrilli

Enterprise HPC on the Clouds … Pages 227-246
Ioannis A. Moschakis, Helen D. Karatza

Further Research and Studies

Front Matter … Pages 247-247

Cloud Computing and the Emerging Market … Pages 249-261
J. Doug Thomson

Fair Non-repudiation Framework for Cloud Storage: Part I … Pages 263-281
Jun Feng, Yu Chen, Douglas H. Summerville, Kai Hwang

Fair Non-repudiation Framework for Cloud Storage: Part II … Pages 283-300
Jun Feng, Yu Chen, Douglas H. Summerville, Kai Hwang

Clowns, Crowds, and Clouds: A Cross-Enterprise Approach to Detecting Information Leakage Without Leaking Information … Pages 301-322
Neil Cooke, Lee Gillam

Back Matter … Pages 323-327