Digital Human Modeling

Digital Human Modeling: Third International Conference, ICDHM 2011 edited by V. G. Duffy

Table of Contents

Part I: Anthropometry Applications

The Effects of Landmarks and Training on 3D Surface Anthropometric Reliability and Hip Joint Center Prediction . . . 3
Wen-Ko Chiou, Bi-Hui Chen, and Wei-Ying Chou

An Automatic Method for Computerized Head and Facial Anthropometry . . . 12
Jing-Jing Fang and Sheng-Yi Fang

3D Parametric Body Model Based on Chinese Female Anhtropometric Analysis . . . 22
Peng Sixiang, Chan Chee-kooi, W.H. Ip, and Ameersing Luximon

Anthropometric Measurement of the Feet of Chinese Children . . . 30
Linghua Ran, Xin Zhang, Chuzhi Chao, and Taijie Liu

Human Dimensions of Chinese Minors . . . 37
Xin Zhang, Yanyu Wang, Linghua Ran, Ailan Feng, Ketai He, Taijie Liu, and Jianwei Niu

Development of Sizing Systems for Chinese Minors . . . 46
Xin Zhang, Yanyu Wang, Linghua Ran, Ailan Feng, Ketai He, Taijie Liu, and Jianwei Niu

Part II: Posture and Motion Modeling

Motion Capture Experiments for Validating Optimization-Based Human Models . . . 59
Aimee Cloutier, Robyn Boothby, and Jingzhou (James) Yang

Posture Reconstruction Method for Mapping Joint Angles of Motion Capture Experiments to Simulation Models . . . 69
Jared Gragg, Jingzhou (James) Yang, and Robyn Boothby

Joint Torque Modeling of Knee Extension and Flexion . . . 79
Fabian Guenzkofer, Florian Engstler, Heiner Bubb, and Klaus Bengler

Predicting Support Reaction Forces for Standing and Seated Tasks with Given Postures-A Preliminary Study . . . 89
Brad Howard and Jingzhou (James) Yang

Schema for Motion Capture Data Management . . . 99
Ali Keyvani, Henrik Johansson, Mikael Ericsson, Dan Lamkull, and Roland Ortengren

Simulating Ingress Motion for Heavy Earthmoving Equipment . . . 109
HyunJung Kwon, Mahdiar Hariri, Rajan Bhatt, Jasbir Arora, and Karim Abdel-Malek

Contact Area Determination between a N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator and a Headform. . . 119
Zhipeng Lei and Jingzhou (James) Yang

Ergonomics Evaluation of Three Operation Postures for Astronauts . . . 129
Dongxu Li and Yan Zhao

In Silicon Study of 3D Elbow Kinematics . . . 139
Kang Li and Virak Tan

Implicit Human-Computer Interaction by Posture Recognition . . . 143
Enrico Maier

Optimization-Based Posture Prediction for Analysis of Box Lifting Tasks . . . 151
Tim Marler, Lindsey Knake, and Ross Johnson

Planar Vertical Jumping Simulation-A Pilot Study . . . 161
Burak Ozsoy and Jingzhou (James) Yang

StabilitySole: Embedded Sensor Insole for Balance and Gait Monitoring . . . 171
Peyton Paulick, Hamid Djalilian, and Mark Bachman

The Upper Extremity Loading during Typing Using One, Two and Three Fingers . . . 178
Jin Qin, Matthieu Trudeau, and Jack T. Dennerlein

Automatic Face Feature Points Extraction . . . 186
Dominik Rupprecht, Sebastian Hesse, and Rainer Blum

3D Human Motion Capturing Based only on Acceleration and Angular Rate Measurement for Low Extremities . . . 195
Christoph Schiefer, Thomas Kraus, Elke Ochsmann, Ingo Hermanns, and Rolf Ellegast

Application of Human Modeling in Multi-crew Cockpit Design . . . 204
Xiaohui Sun, Feng Gao, Xiugan Yuan, and Jingquan Zhao

A Biomechanical Approach for Evaluating Motion Related Discomfort: by an Application to Pedal Clutching Movement . . . 210
Xuguang Wang, Romain Pannetier, Nagananda Krishna Burra, and Julien Numa

Footbed Influences on Posture and Perceived Feel . . . 220
Thilina W. Weerasinghe and Ravindra S. Goonetilleke

Postural Observation of Shoulder Flexion during Asymmetric Lifting Tasks . . . 228
Xu Xu, Chien-Chi Chang, Gert S. Faber, Idsart Kingma, and Jack T. Dennerlein

An Alternative Formulation for Determining Weights of Joint Displacement Objective Function in Seated Posture Prediction . . . 231
Qiuling Zou, Qinghong Zhang, Jingzhou (James) Yang, Robyn Boothby, Jared Gragg, and Aimee Cloutier

Part III: Digital Human Modeling and Design

Videogames and Elders: A New Path in LCT? . . . 245
Nicola D’Aquaro, Dario Maggiorini, Giacomo Mancuso, and Laura A. Ripamonti

Research on Digital Human Model Used in Human Factor Simulation and Evaluation of Load Carriage Equipment. . . 255
Dayong Dong, Lijing Wang, Xiugan Yuan, and Shan Fu

Multimodal, Touchless Interaction in Spatial Augmented Reality Environments . . . 263
Monika Elepfandt and Marcelina Sunderhauf

Introducing ema (Editor for Manual Work Activities) – A New Tool for Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency of Human Simulations in Digital Production Planning . . . 272
Lars Fritzsche, Ricardo Jendrusch, Wolfgang Leidholdt, Sebastian Bauer, Thomas Jackel, and Attila Pirger

Accelerated Real-Time Reconstruction of 3D Deformable Objects from Multi-view Video Channels . . . 282
Holger Graf, Leon Hazke, Svenja Kahn, and Cornelius Malerczyk

Second Life as a Platform for Creating Intelligent Virtual Agents . . . 292
Larry F. Hodges, Amy Ulinski, Toni Bloodworth, Austen Hayes, John Mark Smotherman, and Brandon Kerr

A Framework for Automatic Simulated Accessibility Assessment in Virtual Environments . . . 302
Nikolaos Kaklanis, Panagiotis Moschonas, Konstantinos Moustakas, and Dimitrios Tzovaras

Cloth Modeling and Simulation: A Literature Survey . . . 312
James Long, Katherine Burns, and Jingzhou (James) Yang

Preliminary Study on Dynamic Foot Model . . . 321
Ameersing Luximon and Yan Luximon

Three-Dimensional Grading of Virtual Garment with Design Signature Curves . . . 328
Roger Ng

A Model of Shortcut Usage in Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction . . . 337
Stefan Schaffer, Robert Schleicher, and Sebastian Moller

Multimodal User Interfaces in IPS2 . . . 347
Ulrike Schmuntzsch and Matthias Rotting

The Application of the Human Model in the Thermal Comfort Assessment of Fighter Plane’s Cockpit . . . 357
Haifeng Shen and Xiugan Yuan

Mass Customization Methodology for Footwear Design . . . 367
Yifan Zhang, Ameersing Luximon, Xiao Ma, Xiaoling Guo, and Ming Zhang

Part IV: Cognitive Modeling

Incorporating Motion Data and Cognitive Models in IPS2 . . . 379
Michael Beckmann and Jeronimo Dzaack

Study on Synthetic Evaluation of Human Performance in Manually Controlled Spacecraft Rendezvous and Docking Tasks . . . 387
Ting Jiang, Chunhui Wang, Zhiqiang Tian, Yongzhong Xu, and Zheng Wang

Dynamic Power Tool Operation Model: Experienced Users vs. Novice Users . . . 394
Jia-Hua Lin, Raymond W. McGorry, and Chien-Chi Chang

An Empirical Study of Disassembling Using an Augmented Vision System . . . 399
Barbara Odenthal, Marcel Ph. Mayer, Wolfgang Kabuß, Bernhard Kausch, and Christopher M. Schlick

Polymorphic Cumulative Learning in Integrated Cognitive Architectures for Analysis of Pilot-Aircraft Dynamic Environment . . . 409
Yin Tangwen and Shan Fu

A Context-Aware Adaptation System for Spatial Augmented Reality . . . 417
Anne Wegerich and Matthias Rotting

Using Physiological Parameters to Evaluate Operator’s Workload in Manual Controlled Rendezvous and Docking (RVD) . . . 426
Bin Wu, Fang Hou, Zhi Yao, Jianwei Niu, and Weifen Huang

Task Complexity Related Training Effects on Operation Error of Spaceflight Emergency Task . . . 436
Yijing Zhang, Bin Wu, Xiang Zhang, Wang Quanpeng, and Min Liu

The Research of Crew Workload Evaluation Based on Digital Human Model . . . 446
Yiyuan Zheng and Shan Fu

Part V: Driver Modeling

A Simulation Environment for Analysis and Optimization of Driver Models . . . 453
Ola Benderius, Gustav Markkula, Krister Wolff, and Mattias Wahde

Learning the Relevant Percepts of Modular Hierarchical Bayesian Driver Models Using a Bayesian Information Criterion . . . 463
Mark Eilers and Claus Mobus

Impact and Modeling of Driver Behavior Due to Cooperative Assistance Systems . . . 473
Florian Laquai, Markus Duschl, and Gerhard Rigoll

Predicting the Focus of Attention and Deficits in Situation Awareness with a Modular Hierarchical Bayesian Driver Model . . . 483
Claus Mobus, Mark Eilers, and Hilke Garbe

The Two-Point Visual Control Model of Steering – New Empirical Evidence . . . 493
Hendrik Neumann and Barbara Deml

Automation Effects on Driver’s Behaviour When Integrating a PADAS and a Distraction Classifier . . . 503
Fabio Tango, Luca Minin, Raghav Aras, and Olivier Pietquin

What is Human? How the Analysis of Brain Dynamics Can Help to Improve and Validate Driver Models . . . 513
Sebastian Welke, Janna Protzak, Matthias Rotting, and Thomas Jurgensohn

Less Driving While Driving? An Approach for the Estimation of Effects of Future Vehicle Automation Systems on Driver Behavior . . . 523
Bertram Wortelen and Andreas Ludtke

Author Index . . . 533