Intelligent Decision Technologies

Intelligent Decision Technologies (2011) .. 3rd International Conference IDT 2011


Part I: Modeling and Method of Decision Making

1 A Combinational Disruption Recovery Model for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows … 3
Xuping Wang, Junhu Ruan, Hongyan Shang, Chao Ma

2 A Decision Method for Disruption Management Problems in Intermodal Freight Transport … 13
Minfang Huang, Xiangpei Hu, Lihua Zhang

3 A Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach of Mathematical Programming for Inducing National Competitiveness … 23
Yu-Chien Ko, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

4 A GPU-Based Parallel Algorithm for Large Scale Linear Programming Problem … 37
Jianming Li, Renping Lv, Xiangpei Hu, Zhongqiang Jiang

5 A Hybrid MCDM Model on Technology Assessment to Business Strategy … 47
Mei-Chen Lo, Min-Hsien Yang, Chien-Tzu Tsai, Aleksey V. Pugovkin, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

6 A Quantitative Model for Budget Allocation for Investment in SafetyMeasures … 57
Yuji Sato

7 Adapted Queueing Algorithms for Process Chains … 65
Agnes Bogardi-Meszoly, Andras Rovid, Peter Foldesi

8 An Improved EMD Online Learning-Based Model for Gold Market Forecasting … 75
Shifei Zhou, Kin Keung Lai

9 Applying Kansei Engineering to Decision Making in Fragrance Form Design … 85
Chun-Chun Wei, Min-Yuan Ma, Yang-Cheng Lin

10 Biomass Estimation for an Anaerobic Bioprocess Using Interval Observer. . . 95
Elena M. Bunciu

11 Building Multi-Attribute Decision Model Based on Kansei Information in Environment with Hybrid Uncertainty … 103
Junzo Watada, Nureize Arbaiy

12 Building on the Synergy of Machine and Human Reasoning to Tackle Data-Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making … 113
Nikos Karacapilidis, Stefan Ruping,Manolis Tzagarakis, Axel Poigne, Spyros Christodoulou

13 Derivations of Information Technology Strategies for Enabling the Cloud Based Banking Service by a Hybrid MADM Framework … 123
Chi-Yo Huang, Wei-Chang Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Ming-Cheng Yuan

14 Difficulty Estimator for Converting Natural Language into First Order Logic … 135
Isidoros Perikos, Foteini Grivokostopoulou, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, Konstantinos Kovas

15 Emergency Distribution Scheduling with Maximizing Marginal Loss-Saving Function … 145
Yiping Jiang, Lindu Zhao

16 Fuzzy Control of a Wastewater Treatment Process … 155
Alina Chirosca, George Dumitrascu, Marian Barbu, Sergiu Caraman

17 Interpretation of Loss Aversion in Kano’s Quality Model … 165 Peter Foldesi, Janos Botzheim
18 MCDM Applications on Effective Project Management for New Wafer Fab Construction … 175
Mei-Chen Lo, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

19 Machine Failure Diagnosis Model Applied with a Fuzzy Inference Approach … 185
Lily Lin, Huey-Ming Lee

20 Neural Network Model Predictive Control of a Wastewater Treatment Bioprocess … 191
Dorin Sendrescu, Emil Petre, Dan Popescu, Monica Roman

21 Neural Networks Based Adaptive Control of a Fermentation Bioprocess for Lactic Acid Production … 201
Emil Petre, Dan Selisteanu, Dorin Sendrescu

22 New EvaluationMethod for Imperfect AlternativeMatrix … 213
Toshimasa Ozaki, Kanna Miwa, Akihiro Itoh, Mei-Chen Lo, Eizo Kinoshita, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

23 Piecewise Surface Regression Modeling in Intelligent Decision Guidance System … 223
Juan Luo, Alexander Brodsky

24 Premises of an Agent-Based Model Integrating Emotional Response to Risk in Decision-Making … 237
Ioana Florina Popovici

25 Proposal of Super Pairwise Comparison Matrix … 247
Takao Ohya, Eizo Kinoshita

26 Reduction of Dimension of the Upper Level Problem in a Bilevel Programming Model Part 1 … 255
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Stephan Dempe, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova

27 Reduction of Dimension of the Upper Level Problem in a Bilevel Programming Model Part 2 … 265
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Stephan Dempe, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova

28 Representation of Loss Aversion and Impatience Concerning Time Utility in Supply Chains … 273
Peter Foldesi, Janos Botzheim, Edit Sule

29 Robotics Application within Bioengineering: Neuroprosthesis Test Bench and Model Based Neural Control for a Robotic Leg … 283
Dorin Popescu, Dan Selisteanu, Marian S. Poboroniuc, Danut C. Irimia

30 The Improvement Strategy of Online Shopping Service Based on SIA-NRM Approach … 295
Chia-Li Lin

31 The Optimization Decisions of the Decentralized Supply Chain under the Additive Demand … 307
Peng Ma, Haiyan Wang

32 The Relationship between Dominant AHP/CCM and ANP … 319
Eizo Kinoshita, Shin Sugiura

33 The Role of Kansei/Affective Engineering and Its Expected in Aging Society … 329
Hisao Shiizuka, Ayako Hashizume

Part II: Decision Making in Finance and Management

34 A Comprehensive MacroeconomicModel for Global Investment … 343
Ming-Yuan Hsieh, You-Shyang Chen, Chien-Jung Lai, Ya-Ling Wu

35 A DEMATEL Based Network Process for Deriving Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Tablet Personal Computers … 355
Chi-Yo Huang, Yi-Fan Lin, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

36 A Map Information Sharing System among Refugees in Disaster Areas, on the Basis of Ad-Hoc Networks … 367
Koichi Asakura, Takuya Chiba, Toyohide Watanabe

37 A Study on a Multi-period Inventory Model with Quantity Discounts Based on the Previous Order … 377
Sungmook Lim

38 A Study on the ECOAccountancy through Analytical Network Process Measurement … 389
Chaang-Yung Kung, Chien-Jung Lai, Wen-Ming Wu, You-Shyang Chen, Yu-Kuang Cheng

39 Attribute Coding for the Rough Set Theory Based Rule Simplications by Using the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. . . 399
Jieh-Ren Chang, Yow-Hao Jheng, Chi-Hsiang Lo, Betty Chang

40 Building Agents by Assembly Software Components under Organizational Constraints of Multi-Agent System … 409
Siam Abderrahim, Maamri Ramdane

41 Determining an Efficient Parts Layout for Assembly Cell Production by Using GA and Virtual Factory System … 419
Hidehiko Yamamoto, Takayoshi Yamada

42 Development of a Multi-issue Negotiation System for E-Commerce … 429
Bala M. Balachandran, R. Gobbin, Dharmendra Sharma

43 Effect of Background Music Tempo and Playing Method on Shopping Website Browsing … 439
Chien-Jung Lai, Ya-Ling Wu, Ming-Yuan Hsieh, Chang-Yung Kung, Yu-Hua Lin

44 Forecasting Quarterly Profit Growth Rate Using an Integrated Classifier … 449
You-Shyang Chen, Ming-Yuan Hsieh, Ya-Ling Wu, Wen-Ming Wu

45 Fuzzy Preference Based Organizational Performance Measurement … 459
Roberta O. Parreiras, Petr Ya Ekel

46 Generating Reference Business Process Model Using Heuristic Approach Based on Activity Proximity … 469
Bernardo N. Yahya, Hyerim Bae

47 How to Curtail the Cost in the Supply Chain? … 479
Wen-Ming Wu, Chaang-Yung Kung, You-Shyang Chen, Chien-Jung Lai

48 Intelligent Decision for Dynamic Fuzzy Control Security System in Wireless Networks … 489
Xu Huang, Pritam Gajkumar Shah, Dharmendra Sharma

49 Investigating the Continuance Commitment of Volitional Systems from the Perspective of Psychological Attachment … 501
Huan-Ming Chuang, Chyuan-Yuh Lin, Chien-Ku Lin

50 Market Structure as a Network with Positively and Negatively Weighted Links … 511
Takeo Yoshikawa, Takashi Iino, Hiroshi Iyetomi

51 Method of Benchmarking Route Choice Based on the Input Similarity Using DEA … 519
Jaehun Park, Hyerim Bae, Sungmook Lim

52 Modelling Egocentric Communication and Learning for Human-Intelligent Agents Interaction … 529
R. Gobbin, Masoud Mohammadian, Bala M. Balachandran

53 Multiscale Community Analysis of a Production Network of Firms in Japan. . . 537
Takashi Iino, Hiroshi Iyetomi

54 Notation-Support Method in Music Composition Based on Interval-Pitch Conversion … 547
Masanori Kanamaru, Koichi Hanaue, Toyohide Watanabe

55 Numerical Study of Random Correlation Matrices: Finite-Size Effects … 557
Yuta Arai, Kouichi Okunishi, Hiroshi Iyetomi

56 Predicting of the Short Term Wind Speed by Using a Real Valued Genetic Algorithm Based Least Squared Support Vector Machine … 567
Chi-Yo Huang, Bo-Yu Chiang, Shih-Yu Chang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Chun-Chieh Tseng

57 Selecting English Multiple-Choice Cloze Questions Based on Difficulty-Based Features … 577
Tomoko Kojiri, Yuki Watanabe, Toyohide Watanabe

58 Testing Randomness by Means of RMT Formula … 589
Xin Yang, Ryota Itoi, Mieko Tanaka-Yamawaki

59 The Effect of Web-Based Instruction on English Writing for College Students … 597
Ya-Ling Wu, Wen-Ming Wu, Chaang-Yung Kung, Ming-Yuan Hsieh

60 The Moderating Role of Elaboration Likelihood on Information System Continuance … 605
Huan-Ming Chuang, Chien-Ku Lin, Chyuan-Yuh Lin

61 The Type of Preferences in Ranking Lists … 617
Piech Henryk, Grzegorz Gawinowski

62 Transaction Management for Inter-organizational Business Process … 629
Joonsoo Bae, Nita Solehati, Young Ki Kang

63 Trend-Extraction of Stock Prices in the American Market by Means of RMT-PCA … 637
Mieko Tanaka-Yamawaki, Takemasa Kido, Ryota Itoi

64 Using the Rough Set Theory to Investigate the Building Facilities for the Performing Arts from the Performer’s Perspectives … 647
Betty Chang, Hung-Mei Pei, Jieh-Ren Chang

Part III: Data Analysis and Data Navigation

65 A Novel Collaborative Filtering Model for Personalized Recommendation … 661
Wang Qian

66 A RSSI-Based Localization Algorithm in Smart Space … 671
Liu Jian-hui, Han Chang-jun

67 An Improved Bee Algorithm-Genetic Algorithm … 683
Huang Ming, Ji Baohui, Liang Xu

68 Application of Bayesian Network in Failure Diagnosis of Hydro-electrical Simulation System … 691
Zhou Yan, Li Peng

69 Application of Evidence Fusion Theory inWater Turbine Model … 699
Li Hai-cheng, Qi Zhi

70 Calculating Query Likelihoods Based onWeb Data Analysis … 707
Koya Tamura, Kenji Hatano, Hiroshi Yadohisa

71 Calculating Similarities between Tree Data Based on Structural Analysis … 719
Kento Ikeda, Takashi Kobayashi, Kenji Hatano, Daiji Fukagawa

72 Continuous Auditing for Health Care Decision Support Systems … 731
Robert D. Kent, Atif Hasan Zahid, Anne W. Snowdon

73 Design and Implementation of a Primary Health Care Services Navigational System Architecture … 743
Robert D. Kent, Paul D. Preney, Anne W. Snowdon, Farhan Sajjad, Gokul Bhandari, Jason McCarrell, Tom McDonald, Ziad Kobti

74 Emotion Enabled Model for Hospital Medication Administration … 753
Dreama Jain, Ziad Kobti, Anne W. Snowdon

75 Health Information Technology in Canada’s Health Care System: Innovation and Adoption … 763
Anne W. Snowdon, Jeremy Shell, Kellie Leitch, O. Ont, Jennifer J. Park

76 Hierarchical Clustering for Interval-Valued Functional Data … 769
Nobuo Shimizu

77 Multidimensional Scaling with Hyperbox Model for Percentile Dissimilarities … 779
Yoshikazu Terada, Hiroshi Yadohisa

78 Predictive Data Mining Driven Architecture to Guide Car Seat Model Parameter Initialization … 789
Sabbir Ahmed, Ziad Kobti, Robert D. Kent

79 Symbolic Hierarchical Clustering for Visual Analogue Scale Data … 799
Kotoe Katayama, Rui Yamaguchi, Seiya Imoto, Hideaki Tokunaga, Yoshihiro Imazu, Keiko Matsuura, Kenji Watanabe, Satoru Miyano

Part IV: Miscellanea

80 Acquisition of User’s Learning Styles Using Log Mining Analysis through Web Usage Mining Process … 809
Sucheta V. Kolekar, Sriram G. Sanjeevi, D.S. Bormane

81 An Agent Based Middleware for Privacy Aware Recommender Systems in IPTV Networks … 821
Ahmed M. Elmisery, Dmitri Botvich

82 An Intelligent Decision Support Model for Product Design … 833
Yang-Cheng Lin, Chun-Chun Wei

83 Compromise in Scheduling Objects Procedures Basing on Ranking Lists. . . 843
Piech Henryk, Grzegorz Gawinowski

84 Decision on the Best Retrofit Scenario to Maximize Energy Efficiency in a Building … 853
Ana Campos, Rui Neves-Silva

85 Developing Intelligent Agents with Distributed Computing Middleware … 863
Christos Sioutis, Derek Dominish

86 Diagnosis Support on Cardio-Vascular Signal Monitoring by Using Cluster Computing … 873
Ahmed M. Elmisery, Martin Serrano, Dmitri Botvich

87 Multiple-Instance Learning via Decision-Based Neural Networks … 885
Yeong-Yuh Xu, Chi-Huang Shih

88 Software Testing – Factor Contribution Analysis in a Decision Support Framework … 897
Deane Larkman, Ric Jentzsch, Masoud Mohammadian

89 Sustainability of the Built Environment – Development of an Intelligent Decision System to Support Management of Energy-Related Obsolescence … 907
T.E. Butt, K.G. Jones

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