Mining the Social Web

Mining the Social Web: Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Other Social Media Sites (2011) by @ptwobrussell

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Hacking on Twitter Data

  • Installing Python Development Tools
  • Collecting and Manipulating Twitter Data
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 2 Microformats: Semantic Markup and Common Sense Collide

  • XFN and Friends
  • Exploring Social Connections with XFN
  • Geocoordinates: A Common Thread for Just About Anything
  • Slicing and Dicing Recipes (for the Health of It)
  • Collecting Restaurant Reviews
  • Summary

Chapter 3 Mailboxes: Oldies but Goodies

  • mbox: The Quick and Dirty on Unix Mailboxes
  • mbox + CouchDB = Relaxed Email Analysis
  • Threading Together Conversations
  • Visualizing Mail “Events” with SIMILE Timeline
  • Analyzing Your Own Mail Data
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 4 Twitter: Friends, Followers, and Setwise Operations

  • RESTful and OAuth-Cladded APIs
  • A Lean, Mean Data-Collecting Machine
  • Constructing Friendship Graphs
  • Summary

Chapter 5 Twitter: The Tweet, the Whole Tweet, and Nothing but the Tweet

  • Pen : Sword :: Tweet : Machine Gun (?!?)
  • Analyzing Tweets (One Entity at a Time)
  • Juxtaposing Latent Social Networks (or #JustinBieber Versus #TeaParty)
  • Visualizing Tons of Tweets
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 6 LinkedIn: Clustering Your Professional Network for Fun (and Profit?)

  • Motivation for Clustering
  • Clustering Contacts by Job Title
  • Fetching Extended Profile Information
  • Geographically Clustering Your Network
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 7 Google+: TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity, and Collocations

  • Harvesting Google+ Data
  • Data Hacking with NLTK
  • Text Mining Fundamentals
  • Finding Similar Documents
  • Bigram Analysis
  • Tapping into Your Gmail
  • Before You Go Off and Try to Build a Search Engine…
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 8 Blogs et al.: Natural Language Processing (and Beyond)

  • NLP: A Pareto-Like Introduction
  • A Typical NLP Pipeline with NLTK
  • Sentence Detection in Blogs with NLTK
  • Summarizing Documents
  • Entity-Centric Analysis: A Deeper Understanding of the Data
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 9 Facebook: The All-in-One Wonder

  • Tapping into Your Social Network Data
  • Visualizing Facebook Data
  • Closing Remarks

Chapter 10 The Semantic Web: A Cocktail Discussion

  • An Evolutionary Revolution?
  • Man Cannot Live on Facts Alone
  • Hope