Digital Signal Processing for In-Vehicle Systems and Safety

Digital Signal Processing for In-Vehicle Systems and Safety (2012) .. John H. L. Hansen etc eds

Table of contents (22 chapter)

Towards Multimodal Driver’s Stress Detection
Bo?il, Hynek (et al.) … Pages 3-19

Driver Emotion Profiling from Speech
Kamaruddin, Norhaslinda (et al.) … Pages 21-29

Driver Status Identification from Driving Behavior Signals
Öztürk, Emre (et al.) … Pages 31-55

Multilayer Modeling of Driver Behavior Based on Hierarchical Mode Segmentation
Okuda, Hiroyuki (et al.) … Pages 57-70

Evaluation of In-Car Communication Systems
Schmidt, Gerhard (et al.) … Pages 73-107

Wideband Hands-Free in Cars – New Challenges for System Design and Testing
Gierlich, Hans W. (et al.) … Pages 109-121

A Novel Way to Start Speech Dialogs in Cars by Talk-and-Push (TAP)
Fodor, Balázs (et al.) … Pages 123-131

Cognitive Dialog Systems for Dynamic Environments: Progress and Challenges
Putze, Felix (et al.) … Pages 133-143

In-Vehicle Speech and Noise Corpora
Krishnamurthy, Nitish (et al.) … Pages 145-157

A Likelihood-Maximizing Framework for Enhanced In-Car Speech Recognition Based on Speech Dialog System Interaction
Kleinschmidt, Tristan (et al.) … Pages 159-174

Feature Compensation Employing Variational Model Composition for Robust Speech Recognition in In-Vehicle Environment
Kim, Wooil (et al.) … Pages 175-185

Dual-Channel Speech Enhancement Using a Perceptual Filterbank for Hands-Free Communication
Yoon, Jongsung (et al.) … Pages 187-194

Optimal Multi-Microphone Speech Enhancement in Cars
Kim, Lae-Hoon (et al.) … Pages 195-204

Generating Reference Views of Traffic Intersection for Safe Driving Assistance
Kato, Jien (et al.) … Pages 207-215

Computer Vision Systems for “Context-Aware” Active Vehicle Safety and Driver Assistance
Boyraz, Pinar (et al.) … Pages 217-227

Integrated Pedestrian Detection and Localization Using Stereo Cameras
Wang, Yu (et al.) … Pages 229-238

An Examination of Overtaking Judgments Based on Limitations in the Human Perceptual System: Implications for the Design of Driver-Assistance Systems
Tharanathan, Anand … Pages 239-252

Advances in Multimodal Tracking of Driver Distraction
Busso, Carlos (et al.) … Pages 253-270

A Stochastic Approach for Modeling Lane-Change Trajectories
Nishiwaki, Yoshihiro (et al.) … Pages 271-282

CAN-Bus Signal Analysis Using Stochastic Methods and Pattern Recognition in Time Series for Active Safety
Sathyanarayana, Amardeep (et al.) … Pages 283-292

Adaptive Error Resilient Mechanisms for Real-Time Multimedia Streaming over Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks
Petracca, Matteo (et al.) … Pages 295-308

Matisse: A Large-Scale Multi-Agent System for Simulating Traffic Safety Scenarios
Zalila-Wenkstern, Rym (et al.) … Pages 309-317