Human-Computer Interaction: The Agency Perspective

Human-Computer Interaction: The Agency Perspective (2012) .. Marielba Zacarias etc eds

Table of contents (19 chapters)

Front Matter

Users as Agents
Front Matter … Pages 1-1

Towards Happiness: Possibility-Driven Design … Pages 3-27
Pieter Desmet, Marc Hassenzahl

Balancing User and Business Goals in Software Development to Generate Positive User Experience … Pages 29-53
Claudia Nass, Sebastian Adam, Joerg Doerr, Marcus Trapp

The User-Subjective Approach to Personal Information Management: From Theory to Practice … Pages 55-81
Ofer Bergman

Agents and Accessibility
Front Matter … Pages 83-83

Children Psychotherapy with Mobile Devices … Pages 85-109
Marco de Sá, Luís Carriço, João Faria, Isabel Sá

Designing with and for Older Adults: Experience from Game Design … Pages 111-129
Abdullah Al Mahmud, Suleman Shahid, Omar Mubin

Multi-Agent Systems Orientated to Assist with Daily Activities in the Homes of Elderly and Disabled People … Pages 131-167
Miguel A. Sanz-Bobi, David Contreras, Álvaro Sánchez

Incorporating an Ambient Agent to Support People with a Cognitive Vulnerability … Pages 169-192
Azizi Ab Aziz, Michel C. A. Klein

Agents and Interactions
Front Matter … Pages 193-193

Perspectives on Agency Interacting with and through Personal Robots … Pages 195-214
Leila Takayama

Human-Agent and Human-Robot Interaction Theory: Similarities to and Differences from Human-Human Interaction … Pages 215-240
Nicole C. Krämer, Astrid von der Pütten, Sabrina Eimler

Memory Models for Intelligent Social Companions … Pages 241-262
Mei Yii Lim

A Computer Architecture for Intelligent Agents with Personality and Emotions … Pages 263-285
Ary Fagundes Bressane Neto, Flavio Soares Correa da Silva

Individualized Gesture Production in Embodied Conversational Agents … Pages 287-301
Stefan Kopp, Kirsten Bergmann

Facilitating Ubiquitous interaction Using Intelligent Agents … Pages 303-326
Abey Campbell, Rem Collier, Mauro Dragone, Levent Görgü, Thomas Holz…

Agent-Centric Paradigms and Approaches
Front Matter … Pages 327-327

Synergetic Recollection: How to Design Lifelogging Tools That Help Locate the Right Information … Pages 329-348
Vaiva Kalnikaite, Steve Whittaker

Human Cognition as a Foundation for the Emerging Egocentric Interaction Paradigm … Pages 349-374
Dipak Surie, Thomas Pederson, Lars-Erik Janlert

Information Finding with Robust Entity Detection: The Case of an Online News Reader … Pages 375-387
Francisco Iacobelli, Nathan Nichols, Larry Birnbaum, Kristian Hammond

New Opportunities in Personal Network Data Collection … Pages 389-407
Derek Lackaff

Collective Agents
Front Matter … Pages 409-409

Culturally Aware Agent Communication … Pages 411-436
Matthias Rehm, Yukiko Nakano, Tomoko Koda, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus

Virtual Organization for Computational Intelligence … Pages 437-464
Wajeeha Khalil, Erich Schikuta