Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation: Current Applications and New Directions

Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation: Current Applications and New Directions (2013) .. edited by Mark D. Shermis & Jill Burstein

Carl Whithaus,

Introduction to Automated Essay Evaluation.
M. D. Shermis, J. Burstein, S. A. Bursky,

Automated Essay Evaluation and the Teaching of Writing.
N. Elliot, A. Klobucar,

ESL Writing and Automated Essay Evaluation.
S. C. Weigle,

The E-rater Automated Essay Scoring System.
J. Burstein, J. Tetreault, N. Madnani,

Implementation and Applications of the Intelligent Essay Assessor.
P. W. Foltz, L. A. Streeter, K. E. Lochbaum, T. K Landauer,

The Intellimetric Automated Essay Scoring Engine – A Review and an Application to Chinese Essay Scoring.
M. T. Schultz,

Applications of Automated Essay Evaluation in West Virginia.
C. S. Rich, M. C. Schneider, J. M. D’Brot,

LightSIDE: Open Source Machine Learning for Text.
E. Mayfield, C. Penstein Rosé,

c-rater: Automated Short Answer Scoring at Educational Testing Service.
C. Brew, C. Leacock,

Probable Cause: Developing Warrants for Automated Scoring of Essays.
D. M. Williamson,

Validity and Reliability of Automated Essay Scoring.
Y. Attali,

Scaling and Norming for Automated Essay Scoring.
K. L. K. Koskey, M. D. Shermis,

Human Ratings and AEE.

Using Automated Scoring to Monitor Reader Performance and Detect Reader Drift in Essay Scoring.
S. M. Lottridge, E. M. Schulz, H. C. Mitzel,

Grammatical Error Detection in Automatic Essay Scoring and Feedback.
M. Gamon, M. Chodorow, C.Leacock, J.Tetreault,

Automated Evaluation of Discourse Coherence Quality in Essay Writing.
J. Burstein, J. Tetreault, M. Chodorow, D. Blanchard, S. Andreyev,

Sentiment Analysis for Essay Evaluation.
Jill Burstein, B. Beigman-Klebanov, N. Madnani, A. Faulkner, Automated

Covering the Construct: An approach to Automated Essay Scoring Motivated by a Socio-cognitive Framework for Defining Literacy Skills.
P. Deane,

Contrasting State-of-the-Art Automated Scoring of Essays.
M. D. Shermis, B. Hamner,

The Policy Turn in Current Education Reform: The Common Core State Standards and Its Linguistic Challenges and Opportunities.
K. Hakuta,