Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language Problems

Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language Problems(2013) .. edited by Amy Neustein & Judith A. Markowitz


Part I Natural-Language Technology and the Global Marketplace

1 Making the Case for an Open, Unified System Architecture in Response to Rapid Developments in the Natural Language Industry: Translingual Automatic Language Exploration the System (TALES) … 3
Leiming Qian, Imed Zitouni, and John F. Pitrelli

2 The Burgeoning of Medical Social-Media Postings and the Need for Improved Natural Language Mapping Tools … 27
Kerstin Denecke and Nazli Soltani

3 Machine Translation: The Enterprise Point of View … 45
Brian Garr and Vadim Berman

4 Speech-Enabled Unified Communications: Overcoming the Multilingual Challenges of the European Market … 59
Detlev Artelt and Hassan Sawaf

Part II Advanced NLP Methods and Applications

5 Exploiting Lexical Sensitivity in Performing Word Sense Disambiguation … 81
Oi Yee Kwong

6 Summarizing Short Texts Through a Discourse-Centered Approach in a Multilingual Context … 109
Daniel Alexandru Anechitei, Dan Cristea, Ioannidis Dimosthenis, Eugen Ignat, Diman Karagiozov, Svetla Koeva, Mateusz Kopec, and Cristina Vertan

7 Handling Two Difficult Challenges for Text-to-Speech Synthesis Systems: Out-of-Vocabulary Words and Prosody: A Case Study in Romanian … 137
Tiberiu Boros, Dan , Stef , anescu, and Radu Ion

8 MAP: An Abstraction-Based Metaphor Analysis Program for Overcoming Cross-Modal Challenges … 163
Sylvia Weber Russell

9 Translation of Idiomatic Expressions Across Different Languages: A Study of the Effectiveness of TRANSSEARCH … 185
Stephane Huet and Philippe Langlais

Part III Innovative NLP Tools for Physicians, Educators and Translators

10 Argumentation-Based Dialogue Systems for Medical Training … 213
Adela Grando, Laura Moss, Gemma Bel-Enguix, M. Dolores Jimenez-Lopez, and John Kinsella

11 Design of Dialog-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems to Simulate Human-to-Human Tutoring … 233
Sidney D’Mello and Art Graesser

12 TCAD: Vocabulary Acquisition Tool for Motivating Bilingual Pupils with Hearing Impairment in Learning English … 271
Santichai Wicha, Bernadette Sharp, Anthony S. Atkins, Pradorn Sureephong, and Nopasit Chakpitak

13 A Hybrid Approach to Automated Rating of Foreign Language Proficiency Using Oral Test Responses … 285
Homayoon Beigi

14 Multilingual Systems, Translation Technology and Their Impact on the Translator’s Profession … 299
Carlos S.C. Teixeira

Editors Biographies … 315