Statistical Language and Speech Processing: Second International Conference, SLSP 2014

Statistical Language and Speech Processing: Second International Conference, SLSP 2014, Grenoble, France, October 14-16, 2014, Proceedings .. edited by Laurent Besacier, etc

Invited Talks

Claire Gardent:
Syntax and Data-to-Text Generation. 3-20

Roger K. Moore:
Spoken Language Processing: Time to Look Outside? 21-36

Martti Vainio:
Phonetics and Machine Learning: Hierarchical Modelling of Prosody in Statistical Speech Synthesis. 37-54

Machine Translation

Georgios Kontonatsios, Claudiu Mihaila, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Paul Thompson, Sophia Ananiadou:
A Hybrid Approach to Compiling Bilingual Dictionaries of Medical Terms from Parallel Corpora. 57-69

Wei Liu, Zhipeng Chang, William John Teahan:
Experiments with a PPM Compression-Based Method for English-Chinese Bilingual Sentence Alignment. 70-81

Chi-kiu Lo, Dekai Wu:
BiMEANT: Integrating Cross-Lingual and Monolingual Semantic Frame Similarities in the MEANT Semantic MT Evaluation Metric. 82-93

Speech and Speaker Recognition

Waad Ben Kheder, Driss Matrouf, Pierre-Michel Bousquet, Jean-François Bonastre, Moez Ajili:
Robust Speaker Recognition Using MAP Estimation of Additive Noise in i-vectors Space. 97-107

Arseniy Gorin, Denis Jouvet:
Structured GMM Based on Unsupervised Clustering for Recognizing Adult and Child Speech. 108-119

Gábor Kiss, Klára Vicsi:
Physiological and Cognitive Status Monitoring on the Base of Acoustic-Phonetic Speech Parameters. 120-131

Barbara Schuppler, Sebastian Grill, André Menrath, Juan Andres Morales-Cordovilla:
Automatic Phonetic Transcription in Two Steps: Forced Alignment and Burst Detection. 132-143

Machine Learning Methods

Mian Du, Matthew Pierce, Lidia Pivovarova, Roman Yangarber:
Supervised Classification Using Balanced Training. 147-158

Márius Sajgalík, Michal Barla, Mária Bieliková:
Exploring Multidimensional Continuous Feature Space to Extract Relevant Words. 159-170

Mathias Verbeke, Vincent Van Asch, Walter Daelemans, Luc De Raedt:
Lazy and Eager Relational Learning Using Graph-Kernels. 171-184

Zhemin Zhu, Djoerd Hiemstra, Peter M. G. Apers:
Linear Co-occurrence Rate Networks (L-CRNs) for Sequence Labeling. 185-196

Text Extraction and Categorization

Theodore Bluche, Hermann Ney, Christopher Kermorvant:
A Comparison of Sequence-Trained Deep Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks Optical Modeling for Handwriting Recognition. 199-210

Mohamed Amine Boukhaled, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia:
Probabilistic Anomaly Detection Method for Authorship Verification. 211-219

Uli Fahrenberg, Fabrizio Biondi, Kevin Corre, Cyrille Jégourel, Simon Kongshøj, Axel Legay:
Measuring Global Similarity Between Texts. 220-232

Borbála Siklósi, Attila Novák:
Identifying and Clustering Relevant Terms in Clinical Records Using Unsupervised Methods. 233-243

Mining Text

Amine Abdaoui, Jérôme Azé, Sandra Bringay, Natalia Grabar, Pascal Poncelet:
Predicting Medical Roles in Online Health Fora. 247-258

Raúl Ernesto Gutiérrez de Piñerez Reyes, Juan Francisco Díaz-Frías:
Informal Mathematical Discourse Parsing with Conditional Random Fields. 259-271

Ekaterina Pronoza, Elena Yagunova, Svetlana Volskaya:
Corpus-Based Information Extraction and Opinion Mining for the Restaurant Recommendation System. 272-284