Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon

Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon (2015) .. edited by Núria Gala, etc


Michael Zock: A Life of Interdisciplinary Research and International Engagement … 1
Mark T. Maybury

Part I Cognitive Natural Language Processing

What are Sentiment, Affect, and Emotion? Applying the Methodology of Michael Zock to Sentiment Analysis … 13
Eduard H. Hovy

Towards a Cognitive Natural Language Processing Perspective … 25
Bernadette Sharp

Cognitive Systems as Explanatory Artificial Intelligence … 37
Sergei Nirenburg

Part II Lexicon and Lexical Analysis

Lexical Contextualism: The Abélard Syndrome … 53
Alain Polguère

Predicative Lexical Units in Terminology … 75
Marie-Claude L’Homme

TOTAKI: A Help for Lexical Access on the TOT Problem…95
Mathieu Lafourcade and Alain Joubert

Typing Relations in Distributional Thesauri … 113
Olivier Ferret

Multilingual Conceptual Access to Lexicon Based on Shared Orthography: An Ontology-Driven Study of Chinese and Japanese …135
Chu-Ren Huang and Ya-Min Chou

Proportional Analogy in Written Language Data … 151
Yves Lepage

Multilingual Projections … 175
Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Part III Semantics

Personal Semantics … 203
Gregory Grefenstette

Comparisons of Relatedness Measures Through a Word Sense Disambiguation Task … 221
Didier Schwab, Andon Tchechmedjiev, Jérôme Goulian and Gilles Sérasset

How Can Metaphors Be Interpreted Cross-Linguistically? …245
Yorick Wilks

Recursion and Ambiguity: A Linguistic and Computational Perspective … 257
Rodolfo Delmonte

Part IV Language and Speech Analysis and Generation

Consonants as Skeleton of Language: Statistical Evidences Through Text Production …287
Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii

How Natural Are Artificial Languages? … 299
Rebecca Smaha and Christiane Fellbaum

Handling Defaults and Their Exceptions in Controlled Natural Language …313
Rolf Schwitter

Ontology in Coq for a Guided Message Composition … 331
Line Jakubiec-Jamet

Bridging Gaps Between Planning and Open-Domain Spoken Dialogues …347
Kristiina Jokinen

JSREAL: A Text Realizer for Web Programming …361
Nicolas Daoust and Guy Lapalme

Part V Reading and Writing Technologies

Simple or Not Simple? A Readability Question…379
Sanja Štajner, Ruslan Mitkov and Gloria Corpas Pastor

An Approach to Improve the Language Quality of Requirements … 399
Juyeon Kang and Patrick Saint-Dizier

Learning from Errors: Systematic Analysis of Complex Writing Errors for Improving Writing Technology…419
Cerstin Mahlow

Part VI Language Resources and Language Engineering

Language Matrices and a Language Resource Impact Factor … 441
Joseph Mariani and Gil Francopoulo

The Fips Multilingual Parser … 473
Eric Wehrli and Luka Nerima

The Lexical Ontology for Romanian … 491
Dan Tufis¸ and Verginica Barbu Mititelu

Quo Vadis: A Corpus of Entities and Relations … 505
Dan Cristea, Daniela Gîfu, Mihaela Colhon, Paul Diac, Anca-Diana Bibiri, Catalina Maranduc and Liviu-Andrei Scutelnicu

AusTalk and Alveo: An Australian Corpus and Human Communication Science Collaboration Down Under … 545
Dominique Estival

Knowledge Services Innovation: When Language Engineering Marries Knowledge Engineering … 561
Asanee Kawtrakul

Index …583