Digital Human Modeling (DHM 2018)

Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management: 9th International Conference, DHM 2018 .. by Vincent G. Duffy (Editor)

Table of contents (45 chapters)

Assessment of Types of Prototyping in Human-Centered Product Design
Ahmed, Salman (et al.)

The Role of Standardization for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and the Design of Safe and Healthy Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Bretschneider-Hagemes, Michael (et al.)

Using 3D Scan to Determine Human Body Segment Mass in OpenSim Model
Chang, Jing (et al.)

Similarities and Differences in Posture During Simulated Order Picking in Real Life and Virtual Reality
Friemert, Daniel (et al.)

A Growth Study of Chinese Ears Using 3D Scanning
Fu, Fang (et al.)

Research on Ergonomics Design of the Height and Operation Force for Furniture Lockset
Hu, Huimin (et al.)

Study of Improving a Welfare Workplace by Surveying Good Standing Companies of Employment of People with Disabilities
Konno, Kanako (et al.)

Improving Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in Human-System Interaction (HSI) Through Applications in Virtual Environments
Nickel, Peter (et al.)

The Research on Layout and Simulation of Human-Machine Interface in Vehicle
Xue, Qing (et al.)

Mapping System Between Passenger Experience and the Factors of Aircraft Cabin Design
Tao, Xinyi (et al.)

A Study on the Differences of Male Youth Physical Characteristics Between South China and Northwest China
Xu, Jiahui (et al.)

3D Human Head Shape Variation by Using Principal Component Analysis
Zheng, Yanling (et al.)

4 DOF Exoskeleton Robotic Arm System for Rehabilitation and Training
Charoenseang, Siam (et al.)

A Novel Approach for Assessing Power Wheelchair Users’ Mobility by Using Curve Fitting
Fu, Jicheng (et al.)

An Interactive Training System Design for Ankle Rehabilitation
Liu, Lu (et al.)

The Effect of Ankle Exercise on Cerebral Blood Oxygenation During and After Postural Change
Nagaya, Sachiko (et al.)

Motion Analysis of Simulated Patients During Bed-to-Wheelchair Transfer by Nursing Students and Skill Acquisition Based on the Analysis
Nakagawa, Hiromi (et al.)

Study of Factors that Lead to Falls During Body Position Change from a Dorsal Position to a Seated Position by Nursing Students
Nakagawa, Hiromi (et al.)

A Quaternion-Based Method to IMU-to-Body Alignment for Gait Analysis
Narváez, Fabián (et al.)

Research on Motor Function of the Elderly in Guangzhou Based on Anthropometry
Wang, Fenghong (et al.)

Perception of Floor Slipperiness Before and After a Walk
Zhao, Caijun (et al.)

Privacy Pirates – The Key Role of User Diversity in V2X-Technology
Brell, Teresa (et al.)

From Hörspiel to Audio Fiction: Sound Design Perspectives for Blind and Visually Impaired People
Catropa, Andrea (et al.)

SEE BEYOND: Enhancement – Strategies in Teaching Learning as a Stimulus to Creativity in Fashion Design
Coelho Lima Júnior, Geraldo (et al.)

Inclusive Design and Textile Technology in the Everyday Lives of Wheelchair Dependent
Ferreira, Veridianna Cristina Teodoro (et al.)

Game Design and Neuroscience Cooperation: Perspectives to
Moreno, Felipe (et al.)

Generating Personalized Virtual Agent in Speech Dialogue System for People with Dementia
Nakatani, Shota (et al.)

Audiogames: Accessibility and Inclusion in Digital Entertainment
Nesteriuk, Sergio

Landscape Design and Neuroscience Cooperation: Contributions to the Non-pharmacological Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Zuanon, Rachel (et al.)

Drawing Memories: Intersections Between the Sites of Memory and the Memories of Places
Zuanon, Rachel (et al.)

Pedicle Screw Insertion Surgical Simulator
Du, Zhechen (et al.)

Characteristics of Eye Movement and Clinical Judgment in Nurses and Nursing Students During the Sterile Glove Application
Hayashi, Shizuko (et al.)

Development of Safety Testing Technologies of Defecation Assist Devices
Homma, Keiko (et al.)

Increasing Safety for Assisted Motion During Caregiving
Kitajima, Yasuko (et al.)

Indirect Evaluation of Nurse’s Transfer Skill Through the Measurement of Patient
Lin, Chingszu (et al.)

Optimization of Proton Therapy Based on Service Design Theory
Liu, Xinxiong (et al.)

Log4Care: Unified Event Logging Service for Personalized Care
Maeda, Haruhisa (et al.)

Whole-Body Robotic Simulator of the Elderly for Evaluating Robotic Devices for Nursing Care
Ogata, Kunihiro (et al.)

Definition of Strategies for the Reduction of Operational Inefficiencies in a Stroke Unit
Ortiz-Barrios, Miguel (et al.)

A Proposal for Combining Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Force Feedback Technology, During the Pregnancy, to Physically Feel the Fetus
Roberto Lopes dos Santos, Jorge (et al.)

Developing Face Emotion Tracker for Quantitative Evaluation of Care Effects
Sako, Arashi (et al.)

Strategies to Reduce Uncertainty on the Diagnosis Quality in the Context of Virtual Consultation: Reviews of Virtual Consultation Systems
Shi, Vania Yuxi (et al.)

Improving Computerized Charting in an Intensive Care Unit
Smith, Ben (et al.)

Effect of Patient Acuity of Illness and Nurse Experience on EMR Works in Intensive Care Unit
Sreeramakavacham, Sivamanoj (et al.)

Construct of Learning Model for Laparoscopic Surgery
Yamashiro, Kazuaki (et al.)