ChatScript is a chatbot engine developed by Bruce Wilcox that has been used to win several Loebner Prizes, which are awards given to the most human-like artificial intelligence programs in a “Turing test” competition. In 2010, ChatScript was used to create Suzette, a chatbot that won the Loebner Prize. In 2011, it was used to create Rosette, which also won the Loebner Prize. And in 2012, it was used to create Angela, which placed second in the Loebner Prize competition.

ChatScript is a highly flexible and powerful chatbot engine that is capable of handling a wide range of conversation topics and styles. It is designed to be easy to use and allows developers to build chatbots quickly and easily. In addition to its use in chatbot competitions, ChatScript has also been used to build chatbots for a variety of applications, including customer service, marketing, and education.




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