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  • Looking at new version .. ChatScript 2.7 .. Linux chatbot engine supporting triples data structures .. by Bruce Wilcox  2:46 PM Jul 18th 2012
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  • .. an expert system written in C++ containing built-in ontologies from WordNet and its own triplestore .. #Suzette Mon May 30 12:13:00 +0000 2011
  • According to @gowilcox .. “Façade’s NLP started with Jess, a Java extension of the CLIPS expert-system language” .. Mon May 30 11:18:22 +0000 2011
  • Thoroughly enjoyed @AiGameDev live online interview yesterday with @gowilcox about his new semantic chatbot engine Mon May 30 11:13:47 +0000 2011
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Chapter 2: Chatbot Creation Options ML McNeal, D Newyear – Library Technology Reports, 2013 – ALA … 49, no. 8), “Streamlining Information Services Using Chatbots,” introduces AIML and ChatScript, the two most viable lan- guages for creating a chatbot. … At present, the best choices are AIML (Program Z or Program O) and ChatScript. We’ll examine each in turn. … Cite Save

Building a Hybrid: Chatterbot–Dialog System A Dingli, D Scerri – Text, Speech, and Dialogue, 2013 – Springer … Fig. 1. System Block Diagram The NLU module primarily makes use of ChatScript [9], an award-winning chatter- bot engine. ChatScript employs … abilities. ChatScript is used by the system mainly as a “normalisation phase”. This … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Dialog Systems and Their Inputs D Scerri, A Dingli – HCI International 2013-Posters’ Extended Abstracts, 2013 – Springer … The NLU module is primarily makes use of ChatScript [3], an award-winning chatterbot engine. ChatScript employs various linguistic … preprocessing abilities. ChatScript is used by the system mainly as a “normalization phase”. This phase … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Towards a Game-Chatbot: Extending the Interaction in Serious Games P Van Rosmalen, J Eikelboom, E Bloemers… – 2012 – … Facade pattern matches the user input into discourse acts such as agree, disagree, flirt, criticise, etc. It uses 50 discourse acts (Mateas and Stern, 2005). • ChatScript interpreter. ChatScript is open source (The ChatScript project: … Related articles All 10 versions Cite Save

Chapter 6: Modes of Implementation ML McNeal, D Newyear – Library Technology Reports, 2013 – ALA … ChatScript has also had notable success with several children’s apps: Outfit7’s extremely popular Tom Loves Angela and Talking Angela and InfAspire’s Chatty Addie. … Using ChatScript to create an app is an option for the accomplished and ambitious programmer. … Cite Save

Towards a conversational agent architecture to favor knowledge discovery in serious games F Bellotti, R Berta, A De Gloria… – Proceedings of the 8th …, 2011 – … Chatscript is a recent language that is the basis of Suzette, the chatbot that won the 2010 Loebner Competition (Turing test) [7]. ChatScript has been designed to favor the extraction of meaning from sentences and provide a syntax that can be easily implemented, thus … Cited by 1 Related articles Cite Save

Implementacija in testiranje klepetalnika D Košir – 2013 – … I identified AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) and Chatscript as the technologies with the most potential. … After researching the performance of both chosen technologies, I decided to use Chatscript to make my own chatbot. … Cite Save More

An easy to author dialogue management system for serious games D Mori, R Berta, A De Gloria, V Fiore… – Journal on Computing …, 2013 – … State-of-the-art systems, like AIML1 or Chatscript,2 have led to significant results in auto- matic dialogue management, but they are very complex and general and require that the author be able to manage scripting languages, which is not the typical case for domain experts. … Cited by 2 Related articles Cite Save

Computer-generated Dialogues through Sequential Pattern Mining E Broersma, FPM Dignum – 2012 – … for error. In this section I will mention two chatbot systems, one of the very earliest: ELIZA, and one of the more recent iterations: ChatScript. ELIZA Natural language … A lot of chatbots followed in its wake. ChatScript ChatScript is a newer … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Chapter 1: Introducing Chatbots in Libraries ML McNeal, D Newyear – Library Technology Reports, 2013 – ALA … Chatbots using the two programming languages discussed in this report, AIML and ChatScript, have performed well in the Loebner Prize competition. … Suzette/Rosette (2010) Suzette and Rosette were both written by Bruce Wilcox using his own scripting language, ChatScript. … Related articles Cite Save

Haciéndolo realidad: ganador del Premio Loebner del diseño chatbot B Wilcox, S Wilcox – arbor, 2013 – … This paper briefly discusses ChatScript, the open-source Natural Language scripting language and engine running our bots. … En este artículo se analiza brevemente ChatScript, el código abierto Natural Language en el que programar y poner en marcha nuestros robots. … Cite Save More

Designing a Chat-bot that Simulates an Historical Figure E Haller, T Rebedea – Control Systems and Computer Science ( …, 2013 – … A good introduction in designing chat-bots using the current state of the art, which is mainly using rules written in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) [1] or ChatScript [2], is provided by [3]. Some examples of good chat-bot programs are: Cleverbot [4], Do-Much-More … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Linguistic Profiling and Behavioral Drift in Chat Bots N Ali, D Schaeffer, RV Yampolskiy – Midwest Artificial Intelligence and …, 2012 – Citeseer … SkyNet-AI. Retrieved April 20, 2011, from http://home. comcast. net/~ chatterbot/bots/AI/Sky net/ Suzette.(2011). SourceForge ChatScript Project. Retrieved Feb 7, 2011, from http://chatscript. sourceforge. net/ TalkBot.(2011). TalkBot-A simple talk bot. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Investigating the Effects of Planning on L2 Text Chat Performance. HC Hsu – CALICO Journal, 2012 – … Figure 1 Video-Enhanced Chatscript Chatscript Video-enhanced chatscript S: when they were waiting to the bus which took number 33, one truck came very fast along the street and throw the water to them which was in the street … Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Evaluation of authorship attribution software on a Chat bot corpus N Ali, M Hindi, RV Yampolskiy – … and Automation Technologies …, 2011 – … Jabberwacky. (2011, June, 10). Jabberwacky-live chat bot-AI Artificial Intelligence chatbot. Available: [24] Suzette. (2011, Feb, 7). SourceForge ChatScript Project. Available: Cited by 5 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

The Feasibility of Using Text-Based Online Chat for Communicative Focus on Form YW Cho, IH Kim – Learning, 2010 – … Immediately after the task, the learners participated in a post-task activity in which they reviewed their chatscript and reported their discovery of new grammar rules, expressions, and/or vocabulary based on the first two questions in the debriefing questionnaire. … Related articles All 6 versions Cite Save More

Growing up with Nell: a narrative interface for literacy CS Ananian, CJ Ball, M Stone – … of the 11th International Conference on …, 2012 – … 3.3 TurtleScript We have developed a block-oriented view of JavaScript, 2Wilcox identifies several shortcomings with the expressive power of AIML, proposing ChatScript as a replacement [19]. … Beyond Façade: Pattern matching for natural language applications. http://chatscript. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

AIToy 1, un robot neo-educativo con emociones. A González Ledesma… – Informática Educativa …, 2013 – … 4.5.1 ChatScript, agente conversacional. ChatScript [http4] es el sistema de procesamiento de lenguaje natural elegido como gestor de diálogo por la empresa AISoy. … Este es un ejemplo de diálogo ChatScript: ?: MEAT (do you like meat ) I love meat. … Related articles Cite Save

The Architecture of Future Automotive Applications based on Web Technologies L Bradesko, M Grobelnik, A Harth, A Rettinger… – 2012 – … 2 Speech I/O: Conversational Interface For the conversational part of the system, we will start with a novel approach which will not be focused around patterns, as it is common in current state of the art conversational clients including AIML [11] and ChatScript engines [12]. … Related articles Cite Save More