100 Best Twitter Quote Bots


This list represents a semi-automated scrape of Twitter people search for the term “quotes“.  Some of these accounts may not be bots.  (If you let me know which are not bots, I’ll be happy to remove them, see Contact for details.)  Some of these accounts may be manually posted quotes accounts.  However, the majority of these accounts are automated to one extent or another.

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[105x Sep 2014]

  1. The Buddha @_Buddha_Quotes .. Buddha Quotes on enlightenment, meditation, dharma, and perfect wisdom. http://goo.gl/Xj5D9
  2. Charline ? ? quotes. @20ishSomethings .. Because when you stop & look around, this life is pretty amazing. – I quote from others what I find motivational. @2amQuotes .. originally: quotingtfios
  3. Girl Facts! @AdmireMyQuote .. Follow me on my journey to inspire people with my quotes. I tweet about love, life, and friendship! @aGQ_Personal
  4. AllGreatQuotes @AllGreatQuotes .. AllGreatQuotes is world’s most trusted source of inspirational, educational and fun quotes. Enjoy the best of life’s quotes at http://www.allgreatquotes.com
  5. MayaAngelouQuotes @AngelouQuotes .. Everyday, we provide quotes from various works of the amazing Dr. Maya Angelou.
  6. Arashi Quotes @ArashiNoKotoba .. This is a page where you find Arashi inspiring quotes ,wise words said by our 5 members. Translation credit: An@LJ,tsuribaka,amnos-for-dream@tumblr. thanks 😀
  7. Baseball Quotes @BaseballQuotes1 .. Quoting America’s pastime in 140 characters or less.
  8. Walking Dead Quotes @BestOfTWD .. Posting the best Walking Dead Quotes for you to enjoy. Tweet me your favorite quotes and I will RT them!
  9. Bob Ong Quotes @BobOngPhrases .. Tweeting Bob Ong’s Quotes, Sayings, and Phrases. RT every tweets for possible follow back in the future. Former IMMALANDIFICENT. LIKE US ON FB.
  10. Motivational Quotes @BoundlessYou .. Be the best version of you that you can be. Original, motivational quotes and insights for you.
  11. BrainyQuoteVerified account @BrainyQuote .. BrainyQuote is the web’s largest, most user-friendly quotation site. Enjoy our quote of the day at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes_of_the_day.html
  12. Brilliant Quotes @Brillianttquote .. Brilliant quotes by brilliant minds. Hoping to inspire!
  13. Bukowski Quotes @bukowskiquoteus .. Charles Bukowski Quotes on Twitter. Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BukowskiQuotes
  14. Coach Quotes @CoachMotto .. Coaching Quotes & Wisdom. Plus Leadership, Teamwork, Motivation, and Sports Quotes – Sayings – Paraphrases
  15. Cross Quotes @Cross_Quotes .. Quotes by great Christians that will help keep you near the cross of Christ.
  16. Dalai Lama Quotes @DalaiLamaPosts .. These are inspirational quotes from the Dalai Lama. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT THE DALAI LAMA HIMSELF
  17. Deep Life Quotes @DeepLifeQuotes .. High Quality Inspirational, Love, and Life Quotes Tweeted Daily. Longer quotes posted at our website http://LiveLifeHappy.com – Live Life Happy
  18. Quotes and Facts @EvergreenQuotes .. Follow me for some of the interesting and best quotes n facts about life, wisdom, motivation, happiness, love, friendship and more.
  19. Feminist Quotes @FeministQuotes .. Daily feminist and womanist quotes.
  20. Frasier Crane & Co. @Frasier_Quotes .. Quotes and other deliveries from Frasier- the most brilliant TV show. Also follow
  21. Teen Quotes @Friendstagram .. I’m a teenager, Follow me on my journey to inspire people with my quotes
  22. Greys Anatomy Quotes @g_anatomyquotes .. Daily quotes from the television show Grey’s Anatomy airing on ABC network.
  23. GetHappyQuotes @GetHappyQuotes .. I’m Sophie from the Isle of Wight in the UK. Tweeting for fun. I tweet happy and inspiring quotes and links to stories to make you think, laugh or smile!
  24. Gary Neville Quotes @GNevQuotes .. Providing Super Sunday & MNF viewers with memorable football related quotes and unmatchable punditry since 2011.
  25. Great Minds Quotes @GreatestQuotes .. A collection of quotes that will challenge, motivate and inspire you.
  26. Grey’s Anatomy @GreysDailyQuote .. Daily quotes from the television show Grey’s Anatomy.
  27. Funny Tv Show Quotes @HaHaTvShowQuote .. Hilarious quotes from tv shows like family guy, friends, boy meets world, and more!!
  28. Teen Quotes @HerTeenQuotes .. I can relate. You’re NOT the only one who feels this way! Stay in touch and realize you’re NOT alone- with life quotes, love quotes, inspiring quotes, and more.
  29. iMakeQuotes101 @iMakeQuotes101 .. I don’t just make quotes, I’m an Actress, Author, Socialite from NYC. Follow me & be inspired on my journey. http://instagram.com/imakequotes101
  30. Inspirational Quotes @Inspire_Us .. The BEST Inspirational Quotes out there!
  31. Inspired Quotes™ @InspiredQuotes_ .. Hopefully we are inspiring, loving, and helpful. Tweeting love quotes, inspire quotes, and motivational quotes. Feel free to Follow
  32. Inspirational Quotes @InspowerMinds .. Pin, share, and collect positive messages. Good Vibes. http://Vuible.com
  33. Funny Tweets @iQuoteComedy .. a collection of funny tweets that is updated daily: Business contact : twitterbuisness@yahoo.com
  34. Sunday League Quotes @ItsSundayLeague .. The best Sunday league football quotes.
  35. iTwitQuotes_ ( ??? ? ) @iTwitQuotes_ .. iTwitQuotes_ is your Daily Dose of Friendship, Love, Relationship Quotes.
  36. Jim Rohn Quotes @Jim_Rohn_Quotes .. This is a
  37. John Calvin Quotes @JohnCalvinQuote .. Quotes from John Calvin and also from other reformed believers. http://JohnCalvinQuotes.com
  38. Inspirational Quotes @justQuoted .. Feel free to retweet the quote you like, thanks! Inspired community with one sole purpose: To inspire by sharing the most Inspirational quotes we found.
  39. KardashianQuotes @KardashQuotes__ .. Follow for random quotes and updates! – If anyone wants a follow back tweet me! 292
  40. Lady of Quotes @ladyofquotes .. Quotes for bitchessss.
  41. LDS Quotes @LDSquotable .. Quotes from Mormon Prophets, Apostles, leaders, scriptures, hymns & other sources of truth. Meant to inspire, instill hope, & build faith in Christ – unofficial
  42. Graham Speechley @LeaderQuote .. Discover how inspirational quotes from famous leaders will inspire you to become more productive and attract more success http://www.LeadershipQuote.org
  43. Lil Wayne @lil_wayne_quote .. Lil Wayne Quote of the Day
  44. Intense Quotes @lntenseQuotes .. Quotes we can relate to
  45. Love QuotesVerified account @LoveQuotes .. IG: http://Love.Post FB: LoveQuotesTwitter. [[Business: LoveQuotesTwitter@gmail.com]]
  46. Maimonides @MaimonidesQuote .. Quotes from Maimonides.
  47. mister Quotes @mister_quotes .. The most famous quotes and sayings about life, love, friendship, philosophie and more…
  48. Modern Family Quotes @modfamquotes .. Tweets of the funny, sweet, wise quotes from the sitcom Modern Family. Plus, retweets from the show’s cast & writers!
  49. Motivational Quotes @motivational .. Sharing
  50. myInstaquotes @myInstaQuotes .. myInstaQuotes is a place to upload, share and rate quote related images and photos and share them on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!
  51. Nietzsche Quotes @Nietzsche_Quote .. Nietzsche Quotes. Social and political philosopher.
  52. The Notebook Verified account @Notebook .. Instagram:
  53. It’s A Teen Thing!Verified account @ohteenquotes .. A journal for the world to interpret • Verified • Listed by NY Mag as one of the 30 Internet Celebs Worldwide • ohteenquotesweb@gmail.com
  54. Oscar Wilde Quotes @OscarWildeQuo .. Oscar Wilde famous Quotes
  55. Blaise Pascal @PascalQuotes .. Quotes by Blaise Pascal. An account by
  56. Peace Quotes @PeaceQuotes .. Famous Peace Quotes collected by The Global Peace Internet Foundation and re-published on the http://GlobalPeace.Net , Inc. website.
  57. John St James @PhotoArtQuotes .. Art and Photography quotes to inspire your photography. Some from the famous, some from the not-so-famous.
  58. Pinoy Quotes @PinoyQuotes .. Everyday is a blessing from God. Enjoy life. Read my quotes and spread happiness
  59. Winnie The Pooh @PoohBearQuote .. The official parody account of Winnie The Pooh. Tweeting beautiful quotes and moments from the Winnie-The-Pooh books and movies.
  60. Ms Khan (quotes) @QueensOfJannah1 .. My thoughts Quotes, words of inspiration, hadith/quran. My tweets may portray a piety that I struggle to achieve at times, If u see me falter then pray for me
  61. Best Quotes @QuoteAficionado .. Official Twitter account for famous and inspirational
  62. QuoteBuddy @QuoteBuddy .. Quotes about Inspiration, Motivation, and all areas of Personal Development. http://Facebook.com/QuoteBuddy
  63. Quote of the Day @quotepage .. Motivational Daily Quotes
  64. Quotes About Life @Quotes_Life .. Sharing great quotes about life – One quote at a time. iPhone App:
  65. Quotes For Writers @quotes4writers .. QUOTES FOR WRITERS BY WRITERS
  66. Joyce Meyer Quotes @QuotesFromJoyce .. We love quotes from Joyce Meyer Ministries & Enjoying Everyday Life. Let’s share GOD’s words of POWER & TRUTH!
  67. Quotes Internet @QuotesInternet .. My name is Rob and I am the Webmaster of http://QuotesInternet.com . I have been collecting quotes for 16 years now.
  68. Positive Quotes @QuotesPositive_ .. Motivating since 2010.The Best Quotes from the Greatest People.Let’s motivate & spread the message of positivity.
  69. Urdu Quotes AqwaL @QuotesUrdu .. Get OnLy Quotes About – Islamic Quotes Hazrat Ali (R.A) Quotes Sad Quotes Wisdom Quotes Best Quotes & LoveLy Quotes And Much More In Urdu.
  70. Historical Quotes @QuotingHistory .. Famous quotes from famous people. Submit your historical quotes to quotinghistory@gmail.com.
  71. Quotes @quotsy .. Follow for daily quotes, jokes and facts!
  72. Revival Lifestyle @RevivalQuotes .. Daily igniting Quotes by leading Christian Revival Voices!
  73. Wigglesworth Quotes @S_Wigglesworth1 .. These tweets are inspirational quotes from the old English Preacher, Smith Wigglesworth – the impact of whose ministry is still felt long after his death.
  74. SC2 Quote of the Day @sc2quotes .. Daily quotes from the StarCraft scene. Tweet quotes at us, the best ones end up on the site! Apps: iOS http://goo.gl/NrExV / Android: http://goo.gl/10oif
  75. Senior Quotes @SeniorQuotesLOL .. sharing the best senior quotes in existance submit yours to kik: tweetedmovies
  76. She Quotes @SheQuotes .. Kick ass quotes by amazing women. Share yours!
  77. Simpsons Quotes @Simpsons_tweets .. Tweeting the best Simpsons quotes! Run by
  78. Smiley Quote @SmileyQuote .. Funny Humorous LOL Quotes
  79. Socrates @SocratesQuots .. Quotes from Socrates. An account by
  80. SouthPark Quotes @SouthParkAQuote .. An unofficial fan page that posts the funniest quotes from South Park.
  81. Great Sports Quotes @SportsMotto .. Sports Quotes, Sayings & Paraphrases – 8,000+ Sports Quotes and growing – Athlete, Coach, Motivation, Inspiration, Insight, Perspective, Life, etc.
  82. Stig Quotes @stigquotes .. Recieve a funny Stig Quote every two hours automatically! This is not the real Stig
  83. Tagalog Quotes @TagalogQuotes .. Gawang pinoy para sa kabataang pinoy
  84. TD Jakes Quote @tdjakesquote .. I trust you will find encouragement and motivation through these quotes by TD Jakes.
  85. Teen Quotes @TheDailyComics .. ? Tweeting funny, inspiring, romantic, facts, awkward moments & teenage quotes. Feel free to suggest,tweet and retweet. Started: 2/12/12 ?
  86. Awesome Movie Quotes @TheMovieQuotez .. Movie addicts gather here to get movie quotes, movie facts, stats, news, and more!
  87. The Pinoy Quotes™ @ThePinoyQuotes .. Pinoy Quotes. Para sa mga Pinoy! Follow us and Retweet. The Pinoy Quotes™ is owned by
  88. The Quotes Porn @TheQuotesPorn .. A collection of quotes that will challenge, motivate and inspire you. Like us on facebook: http://bit.ly/TheQuotesPorn
  89. Relationship ? @TheseDamnQuote .. The best teen quote page since 2009! • Brand Ambassador • IG: TheseDamnQuote • contact@thesedamnquote.co • Owner:
  90. Inspiring Quotes @ThisInspiresUs .. Get The Best Inspirational Quotes on Twitter
  91. Game of Thrones @ThroneQuotes .. Enjoy your daily dose of Game of Thrones quotes! The quotes can be found at http://thronequotes.blogspot.com along with images.
  92. Philosopy Quotes @tphilosophyquot .. Best philosopy quotes ever…
  93. Best Sports Quotes @tsportsquotes .. Best Sports Quotes Ever
  94. We Speak your mind @TweetyQuote .. Sensible quotes, Since 2011.
  95. Uplifting Quotes @UpliftingQuotes .. Add a positive thought to your day! Here you will find quotes that are uplifting, inspirational, motivational and good for the soul!
  96. Video Game Quotes @VGQuotez .. Books and films aren’t the only ones with meaningful quotes. Contact: jtobrien925@gmail.com
  97. Wattpad Quotes @Wattpad_Quotes .. We share quotes from your favorite characters & stories from Wattpad. Story Promotion: http://tinyurl.com/WQPromotion ..
  98. West Wing Quotes @WestWingQuotes .. All The West Wing quotes, all of the time. Because it’s the best show (no longer) on TV and becasue Aaron sorkin (much like Josh Lyman) is godlike.
  99. Wise Quotes @wisequotesnet .. A special collection on inspirational and motivational quotes. Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/wisequotesnet
  100. Inspirational Quotes @ZigZiglarQuotes .. Sharing Quotes of many Great Speakers. We hope to inspire you in a way that will help you inspire others.
  101. Motivational Quotes @InspowerBooks .. Pins, share, and collect positive images. Good vibes everyday. Reach out: vuible@gmail.com
  102. iUtakQuotes™ @iUtakQuotes .. The most random quotes you never knew you wanted to relate in 140 characters.
  103. Karl Pilkington @KarlsQuotes .. Daily quotes from Karl Pilkington. Order the new show – ‘The Moaning of Life’ on DVD now! http://amzn.to/16WWEi8
  104. Harold Pinter-Quotes @Pinter_Quotes .. The plays, poems, and interviews of Harold Pinter are quoted here…..pause…….account run by
  105. Jazz Summers Quotes @QuotableJazz .. Real quotes from the music industry’s most notorious manager. Buy the book: http://quartetbooks.co.uk/shop/big-life https://www.facebook.com/JazzSummersBigLife