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Meta Guide Business Directory is a directory of virtual beings companies, organizations and products, with 821 entries as of December 2022. A virtual being is a multimodal agent, consisting primarily of an avatar component and a chatbot component. Virtual beings may also be referred to as virtual humans or digital humans. This directory is derived from the Virtual Beings Facebook group, specifically from topics in the form of pinned hashtags, over a period of more than three years. One of the main features of this directory is dynamic links to archived posts in the Virtual Beings Facebook Group, which provide detailed background information on the companies, organizations and products included.

There are three levels of participation in this new Meta Guide Business Directory, Free level, Member level, and Sponsor level. As before, the Free level includes links to tagged posts in the Virtual Beings group for each company, organization and product. Member level is set at $1 per month, and includes access to social media links for each company, organization and product. Sponsor level is set at $10 per month and includes control over your own listing, “Claim Listing”. Sponsors may add logo, and control title, description, links, categories, etc. Sponsored listings will also become “featured”. The quickest and easiest way to get Member or Sponsor access is to join my Patreon at either the $1 or $10 a month levels. Otherwise, one-off annual payment is available via PayPal, on request.

  • Company /organization /product name, parsed from the web
  • Company /organization /product description, parsed from the web
  • Company /organization /product website link
  • Company /organization /product social media link
  • Company /organization /product video link
  • Company /organization /product listing link
Meta Guide
  • Company /organization /product, tag link to internal webpages (where present)
Virtual Beings Facebook Group
  • Company /organization /product, dynamic link to archived posts (detailed background information)
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