Cloud Gaming & Artificial Intelligence 2010 (2x)

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Future evolution of virtual worlds as communication environments
G Prisco – Online worlds: Convergence of the real and the virtual, 2010 – Springer
… the convergence and the flowering of the most ambitious frontier efforts of the old twentieth-century computer science: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and … before the end of the year, of the OnLive streaming gaming platform, which may start the era of cloud gaming or Gaming …

Developing a platform-flexible game-based simulation for cultural training
M Zielke, T Linehan, G Hardee, A Buxkamper… – Interservice/Industry …, 2010 –
… Integration with these technologies fundamentally changes the way that FPCT operates, requiring changes to Artificial Intelligence, pathing, User Interface … The recent launch of a new cloud gaming service, OnLive, which uses broadband connections to deliver gaming that was …