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  • Consulting services for all kinds of CRM agent installations, large or small, including hybrid solutions, as well as knowledge management integration
  • Project management for the construction of all kinds of conversational agents for multiple platforms, including web, mobile, social, chat, virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Knowledgebase services including rapid development of domain specific conversational knowledge from scratch, or conversion of in-house resources
  • Conversion of FAQs, books, ePub, transcripts, or data into conversational knowledgebase formats
  • Production of all kinds of agent personalities on demand
  • Agent-related technical documentation, public relations and social media management
  • Writing and editing of all kinds, including artificial intelligence journalism, copywriting and content creation
  • Public speaking and training on information technology, including conversational and agent technologies
  • Consulting services for all of the above, on-site or online via Skype
  • Skype consultations by appointment


  • Payment via PayPal, based on reasonable hourly/daily/weekly rates (plus expenses)


  • Marcus L Endicott => mendicot at yahoo dot com


Mainly, I clean up other people’s messes….


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