Metaphor Analysis & Natural Language Processing 2017


Metaphor analysis is a way of obtaining understanding of a text by identifying and analysing the metaphors used in it.

  • Automated metaphor analysis
  • Automatic metaphor analysis
  • Corpus-based metaphor analysis
  • Critical metaphor analysis
  • Detecting metaphoricity
  • Metaphor-annotated corpus
  • Metaphor constructions
  • Metaphor corpus
  • Metaphor detection
  • Metaphor identification
  • Metaphor identification system
  • Metaphor identification systems
  • Metaphor processing
  • Metaphoric
  • Metaphoric conceptualization
  • Metaphoric language
  • Metaphorical
  • Metaphorical expressions
  • Metaphorical phrases
  • Metaphoricity
  • Nonlinguistic metaphors



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Computational Metaphorics | Master Metaphor List

Automatic metaphor detection using constructions and frames
J Hong – Constructions and Frames, 2017 –
… Section 3 discusses the performance of the system, and Section 4 concludes the paper, with a discussion on the implications of a theoretically-based system on frame and metaphor analysis. 2. Design and implementation 2.1 Constructional pattern matching …

VU Amsterdam Metaphor Corpus
T Krennmayr, G Steen – Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, 2017 – Springer
… Charteris-Black, J.: Corpus approaches to critical metaphor analysis. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills (2004)Google Scholar. 11 … Dunn, J.: What metaphor identification systems can tell us about metaphor-in-language. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Metaphor in NLP, pp …

Linguistic Theories and Resources for Natural Language Processing
MRL Petruck, EK Dodge –
Linguistic Theories and Resources for Natural Language Processing … 1 Examples (1)-(2), analyzed in terms of the FN Cause motion verb push, serve as illustration of challenges for NLP … While FN records example (3) as metaphorical, it provides no fur- ther metaphor analysis …

A deep semantic corpus-based approach to metaphor analysis
EK Dodge – Constructions and Frames, 2017 –
… Company A deep semantic corpus-based approach to metaphor analysis A case study of metaphoric conceptualizations of poverty … it. Keywords: metaphor, corpus-based metaphor analysis, metaphor constructions 1. Introduction …

Building a Spanish lexicon for corpus analysis
RM Jiménez, H Sanjurjo-González… – The 35th …, 2017 –
… Semantic tagging has various applications in research areas such as metaphor analysis (Koller et al … in a wider range of areas such as corpus-based Spanish natural language processing … 04 Workshop: Beyond Named Entity Recognition Semantic Labeling for NLP Tasks, pp …

Analyzing Metaphoric Source-Domain Language In Corpora: A Metanet Approach
E Dodge, E Stickles –
… References Dodge, E., Hong, J., & E. Stickles. MetaNet: Deep semantic automatic metaphor analysis. Proceedings of the NAACL Third Workshop on Metaphor in NLP. Fillmore, CJ (1986). Pragmatically controlled zero anaphora …

Leveraging Eventive Information for Better Metaphor Detection and Classification
IH Chen, Y Long, Q Lu, CR Huang – Proceedings of the 21st Conference …, 2017 –
… In this study, NLP technology is applied to two deeply culturally bound phenomena … representation, has been proven to be both challenging and extremely valuable in natural language processing … there is no mature syn- tactic and semantic tool for metaphor analysis in Chinese …

Detecting Metaphorical Phrases in the Polish Language
A Wawer, A Mykowiecka… – … Language Processing …, 2017 –
… A recent attempt in metaphor analysis using compositional semantic method is presented in Gutierrez et al … In Proceed- ings of the First Workshop on Metaphor in NLP … In Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Meth- ods in Natural Language Processing and Com …

Towards a metaphor-annotated corpus of Mandarin Chinese
X Lu, BPY Wang – Language Resources and Evaluation, 2017 – Springer
… also attracted interest from many other disciplines in which metaphor is a relevant subject of inquiry, such as anthropology, philosophy, psychology, psycholinguistics, communication studies, translation studies, discourse analysis, natural language processing, and language …

Computational Approaches to Metaphor: The Case of MetaNet
OA David –
… theoretical developments in the field, but also in designing Natural Language Processing implementations that are more … approaches to metaphor analysis (eg Deignan 2005 … cognitive linguistics and NLP, being extensively applied to English as well as other languages …

Annotation of Linguistic and Conceptual Metaphor
E Shutova – Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, 2017 – Springer
… To date MML is the most comprehensive metaphor resource in the linguistic literature. CMT produced a significant resonance in the fields of philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, including natural language processing (NLP) …

Cascades in metaphor and grammar
O David, G Lakoff, E Stickles – Constructions and Frames, 2017 –
… a case for a hybrid big-data/deep semantic analysis system by showing that statistical meth- ods of metaphor analysis alone are … In a computational system, a cascade-based model will help with the natural language processing of metaphoric language by indicating points of con …

Conceptual metaphor in football discourse
P Kukulj – 2017 –
… It is a set of natural language analysis tools licensed under the GNU General Public License and is available for online use at … There were also two cases of foreign words which were discarded for metaphor analysis (DFMA) as instructed by …

Rebirth, devastation and sickness: Analyzing the role of metaphor in media discourses of nuclear power
BG Renzi, M Cotton, G Napolitano… – Environmental …, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… Metaphor analysis concerns a type of “linguistic representation that results from the shift in the use of a word or phrase from the context or domain in which it is expected to occur to another context or domain where it is not expected to occur, thereby causing semantic tension …

Conceptualizing EDUCATION in Hong Kong and China (1984-2014)
K Ahrens, H Zeng –
… Conceptual Metaphor Theory (Lakoff, 1993; Lakoff and Johnson, 1980) and associated work within Critical Metaphor Analysis (Lu and Ahrens … After compiling all the speeches as text files, Natural Language Processing Software (Stanford Word Segmenter 3.7 and Stanford POS …

Metaphor, Cancer and the End of Life: A Corpus-based Study
E Semino, Z Demjén, A Hardie, S Payne, P Rayson – 2017 –
… Paul Rayson is Director of the UCREL Research Centre and Reader in Natural Language Processing at Lancaster University … For the specific purposes of our metaphor analysis, we define empowerment and disempowerment as, respectively, an increase or decrease in the …

Formalizing contemporary conceptual metaphor theory
E Stickles, O David, EK Dodge… – Constructions and Frames, 2017 –
… metaphor theory A structured repository for metaphor analysis … Furthermore, because most metaphor analysis is performed by individuals or small working groups, data analysis must be relatively small-scale and limited to the amount of text a person is capable of parsing …

Multilingual metaphor processing: Experiments with semi-supervised and unsupervised learning
E Shutova, L Sun, ED Gutiérrez, P Lichtenstein… – Computational …, 2017 – MIT Press
… Next section. Highly frequent in language and communication, metaphor represents a significant challenge for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications …

“Deep” Learning: Detecting Metaphoricity in Adjective-Noun Pairs
Y Bizzoni, S Chatzikyriakidis… – Proceedings of the …, 2017 –
… In literary studies, metaphor analysis is often undertaken on a stylistic perspective: ”after all, metaphor in lit- erature is a stylistic device … Metaphor detection in statistical NLP has been attempted through several different frames, such as topic modeling (Li and Sporleder, 2010b …

Metaphorical Expressions in E-Commerce: A Study of Arabic Language Websites
D Liginlal, R Ahmad, R Meeds… – Journal of Global …, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… With the proliferation of Arabic language websites and research into machine translation and natural language processing, several Arabic corpora have been built for the use of researchers (Attia, Pecina, Toral, & Van Genabith, 2014) …

Ontological representations of rhetorical figures for argument mining
J Mitrovi?, C O’Reilly, M Mladenovi?… – Argument & …, 2017 –
… and reasoning systems. The fields of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing have “exploded in recent years” and provide “robust learning and processing systems applied to large corpora” [11]. In this domain …

Biographical Notes on Contributors
D Atanasova – The Role of Language in the Climate Change …, 2017 –
… and Global Environmental Change and to presentations at conferences in corpus linguistics, social media analytics, digital humanities, and natural language processing … 166; developing 39–43, 123, 130, 140–1, 163–6; least developed 134, 140 critical metaphor analysis 5, 8 …

The Rich Event Ontology
S Brown, C Bonial, L Obrst, M Palmer – … of the Events and Stories in the …, 2017 –
… As NLP moves into tasks requiring deeper lan- guage understanding, inferencing, and reasoning, knowledge-based resources are being increasingly … for tasks such as information extraction (IE) (Maedche et al., 2003; Wimalasuriyu et al., 2010), metaphor analysis (Brown, 2014 …

Trainee Teachers’ Teaching Metaphors and Their Pedagogical Association
Z Hasim, R Barnard, TMT Mohtar, N Maarof… – Social Interactions and …, 2017 – Springer
… The role of metaphors in descriptions of emotions. In Y. Wilks (Ed.), Theoretical issues in natural language processing (pp. 181–184) … Prospective teachers’ conceptions of teaching and learning revealed through metaphor analysis …

Plenary Session
P SESSION – 2017 –
Page 1. PLENARY SESSION 1 Global capitalism and change in Higher Education: dialectics of language and practice, technology, ideology. Norman Fairclough University of Lancaster My paper addresses the conference theme …

EFL teachers’ conceptualizations of their roles through metaphor analysis
M Asmali, H Çelik – Journal of Language and Linguistic …, 2017 –
… In Yorick Wilks (Eds.), Theoretical issues in natural language processing (pp. 181-184) … Metaphor analysis of teachers? beliefs and conceptions of language teaching and learning in Iranian high schools and language institutes: A qualitative study, Iranian EFL Journal, 4, 6-40 …

New from Oxford University Press!
N Duffield – Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue …, 2017 –
… Native Speech BY Pilar Archila-Suerte AND Jason Zevin AND Ferenc Bunta AND Arturo E. Hernandez. Musolff A. , Political Metaphor Analysis: discourse and scenarios. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. Pp. 194. ISBN: 978 …

3 Organisatoren
A Schiefner, GM Morales, J Egger… – 1 …, 2017 –
… Winter 2017 7.1 Poster „Scheint ein bösartiges Geschwür am Volkskörper zu sein “-National Socialist metaphors in the discourse of the “Alternative für Deutsch- land”(EN) Hanna Bruns (Rheinische Friedrichs-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) Critical Metaphor Analysis (CMA) is a …

Idiom variation in business English textbooks: A corpus-based study
J Parizoska, I Rajh – ESP Today. Journal of English for Specific …, 2017 –
Page 1. Vol. 5(1)(2017): 46-67 e-ISSN:2334-9050 46 Jelena Parizoska* Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb, Croatia jparizoska@arhitekt. hr Ivanka Rajh Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia …

Development and Validation of the Marital Metaphor Questionnaire (MMQ?10) for Urban Chinese Women
RDH Zhou, MYL Chiu, WY Chui – Journal of marital and family …, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
… or failure, and risk. Through metaphor analysis of speeches at Japanese wedding receptions, Dunn (2004) found three marital conceptual metaphors; marriage is a joint creation/a physical union/a journey. In a Taiwanese study …

Mobilizing against the Other
M Kopytowska, ? Grabowski… – … discourses of hate and …, 2017 –
Page 64. Mobilizing against the Other Cyberhate, refugee crisis and proximization Monika Kopytowska, ?ukasz Grabowski and Julita Wo?niak University of ?ód?/University of Opole/University of ?ód? Drawing on the insights …

Lmec 6: Book Of Abstracts
A Curzan – Language Variation and Change –
Page 1. 1 LMEC 6: BOOK OF ABSTRACTS Plenaries Anne Curzan (University of Michigan) Revisiting the “External”/“Internal” Division The internal-external binary, which underlies the theme of this conference, surfaces in key …

Dissertations in Education, Humanities, and Theology
… Page 23. 21 produced by the experiments. The process of conceptual metaphor analysis will be demonstrated with examples from the experiment data, after which the designs of the two experiments included in this study are reported …

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