Inference Engines


Inference engines, also known as provers, reasoners, or solvers, are a primary component of expert systems, which are computer-based systems that mimic the decision-making abilities of a human expert in a specific domain. Expert systems typically consist of two main components: a knowledgebase and an inference engine.

The knowledgebase is a collection of facts and rules about a specific domain of expertise, such as medicine, engineering, or finance. It is used to store the expert’s knowledge and experience about the domain and to represent the relationships between different concepts.

The inference engine is the part of the expert system that uses the knowledgebase to make decisions or to solve problems. It is responsible for reasoning about the knowledgebase and applying the rules and facts stored in the knowledgebase to a specific problem or question. Inference engines use a variety of algorithms and techniques, such as rule-based systems, decision trees, and artificial neural networks, to analyze the knowledgebase and make inferences or conclusions based on the available data.

Expert systems are used in a wide range of applications, including decision support, diagnosis, and problem-solving, and can be used to automate and augment the decision-making abilities of human experts in a variety of domains.




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Generic comparison of protein inference engines M Claassen, L Reiter, MO Hengartner… – Molecular & Cellular …, 2011 – ASBMB Abstract Protein identifications, instead of peptide-spectrum matches, constitute the  biologically relevant result of shotgun proteomics studies. How to appropriately infer and  report protein identifications has triggered a still ongoing debate. This debate has so far … Related articles – All 2 versions

WebPIE: a web-scale parallel inference engine [PDF] from J Urbani, S Kotoulas, J Maassen, N Drost… – Third IEEE International …, 2010 – The Semantic Web [1] extends the World Wide Web by providing well-defined semantics to  information and services. Through these semantics machines can “understand” the Web,  making it possible to query and reason over Web information, treating the Web as if it were … Cited by 6 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 5 versions

ACQUINE: aesthetic quality inference engine-real-time automatic rating of photo aesthetics [PDF] from R Datta… – Proceedings of the international conference on …, 2010 – Abstract We present ACQUINE-Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine, a publicly accessible  system which allows users to upload their photographs and have them rated automatically  for aesthetic quality. The system integrates a support vector machine based classifier … Cited by 10 – Related articles – All 2 versions

The Brain as a Statistical Inference Engine-and You Can Too* E Charniak – Computational Linguistics, 2011 – MIT Press There are several possible templates for award talks. 1 The most common is an intellectual  history-how I came to make all these wonderful discoveries. However, I am never  completely happy with my work, as it seems a pale shadow of what I think it should have … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

WebPIE: A Web-scale parallel inference engine using MapReduce [PDF] from J Urbani, S Kotoulas, J Maassen… – Web Semantics: Science …, 2011 – Elsevier The large amount of Semantic Web data and its fast growth pose a significant computational  challenge in performing efficient and scalable reasoning. On a large scale, the resources of  single machines are no longer sufficient and we are required to distribute the process to … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 13 versions

A 345 mW heterogeneous many-core processor with an intelligent inference engine for robust object recognition [PDF] from S Lee, J Oh, J Park, J Kwon… – Solid-State Circuits, …, 2011 – Abstract A heterogeneous many-core object recognition processor is proposed to realize  robust and efficient object recognition on real-time video of cluttered scenes. Unlike previous  approaches that simply aimed for high GOPS/W, we aim to achieve high Effective GOPS/ … Cited by 16 – Related articles – All 7 versions

Implementing an inference engine for RDFS/OWL constructs and user-defined rules in oracle Z Wu, G Eadon, S Das, EI Chong… – … , 2008. ICDE 2008. …, 2008 – Abstract This inference engines are an integral part of semantic data stores. In this paper, we  describe our experience of implementing a scalable inference engine for Oracle semantic  data store. This inference engine computes production rule based entailment of one or … Cited by 41 – Related articles – All 4 versions

Scalable HMM based inference engine in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition [PDF] from K You, J Chong, Y Yi, E Gonina… – IEEE Signal …, 2010 – ABSTRACT Parallel scalability allows an application to efficiently utilize an increasing  number of processing elements. In this paper we explore a design space for parallel  scalability for an inference engine in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition ( … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 6

A 1.2 mW on-line learning mixed mode intelligent inference engine for robust object recognition [PDF] from J Oh, S Lee, M Kim, J Kwon, J Park… – VLSI Circuits (VLSIC), …, 2010 – Abstract An intelligent inference engine (IIE) is proposed as a controller for low power high  speed robust object recognition processor. It contains analog digital mixed mode neuro- fuzzy circuits for the on-line learning to increase attention efficiency. It is implemented in … Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 2 versions

SREngine: An OSGi-based Context-aware inference engine for smart room Z Zhang, N Wang, Y Chen, Y Lu… – … (ICPCA), 2011 6th …, 2011 – Abstract Context-aware modeling plays a crucial role in establishing ubiquitous computing  systems. An important research branch of it is how to acquire and use context information in  a smart room. A context-aware system in a smart room gets status of the environment and … Related articles

MAZIE: A mass and charge inference engine to enhance database searching of tandem mass spectra [HTML] from KG Victor, M Murgai, CE Lyons… – Journal of the American …, 2010 – Elsevier Peptide sequence identification using tandem mass spectroscopy remains a major  challenge for complex proteomic studies. Peptide matching algorithms require the accurate  determination of both the mass and charge of the precursor ion and accommodate … Cited by 4 – Related articles – All 6 versions

Artificial control of PUMA robot manipulator: A-review of fuzzy inference engine and application to classical controller [PDF] from F Piltan, SHT HAGHIGHI, N Sulaiman… – … Journal of Robotics …, 2011 – ABSTRACT One of the most important challenges in the field of robotics is robot  manipulators control with acceptable performance, because these systems are multi-input  multi-output (MIMO), nonlinear and uncertainty. Presently, robot manipulators are used in … Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 4 versions

MetTeL: A Tableau Prover with Logic-Independent Inference Engine D Tishkovsky, R Schmidt… – Automated Reasoning with …, 2011 – Springer METTEL Met-. 5pt TeL is a generic tableau prover for various modal, intuitionistic, hybrid,  description and metric logics. The core component of METTEL Met-. 5pt TeL is a logic- independent tableau inference engine. A novel feature is that users have the ability to … Cited by 1 – Related articles

Research on the application of extension rule on fault diagnosis expert system inference engine D Zhou, W Zhang, X Xie… – Mechanic Automation and …, 2011 – Abstract Extenics is to use formal model to expand the possibilities of things and the laws  and methods of innovation, and it is a novel subject in solving non-compatible problem.  Extension logic provides a new mathematical tool for building expert system and makes … Related articles

Logic-Independent Inference Engine? D Tishkovsky, RA Schmidt… – … Reasoning with Analytic …, 2011 – Abstract. MetTeL is a generic tableau prover for various modal, intuitionistic, hybrid,  description and metric logics. The core component of MetTeL is a logic-independent tableau  inference engine. A novel feature is that users have the ability to flexibly specify the set of … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Cerebellarlike Corrective Model Inference Engine for Manipulation Tasks NR Luque, JA Garrido, RR Carrillo… – Systems, Man, and …, 2011 – Abstract This paper presents how a simple cerebellumlike architecture can infer corrective  models in the framework of a control task when manipulating objects that significantly affect  the dynamics model of the system. The main motivation of this paper is to evaluate a … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Automated data integration and determination of posttranslational modifications with the protein inference engine SR Jefferys, MC Giddings – Bioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics. …, 2011 – Springer Abstract This chapter describes using the Protein Inference Engine (PIE) to integrate various  types of data-especially top down and bottom up mass spectrometer (MS) data-to describe  a protein’s posttranslational modifications (PTMs). PTMs include cleavage events such as … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Research of Fault Diagnosis Expert System Inference Engine Based on Extension Rule D Zhou… – Computer Measurement & Control, 2011 – To resolve the problems of knowledge representation and match conflicts in the production  rule, a method of fault diagnosis expert system inference engine is presented based on  extension rule. The method focuses on the matching principle of extension rule and the …

Partial discharge pattern classification using composite versions of probabilistic neural network inference engine B Karthikeyan, S Gopal… – Expert Systems with Applications, 2008 – Elsevier A major requirement of any power apparatus is the reliable performance of its insulation.  The incidence of minor flaws and irregularities such as voids, surface imperfections, in the  electrical insulation is however inevitable and lead to partial discharge (PD). Since each … Cited by 13 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Automated interpretation of LIBS spectra using a fuzzy logic inference engine JJ Hatch, TR McJunkin, C Hanson… – Applied Optics, 2012 – Automated interpretation of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) data is necessary  due to the plethora of spectra that can be acquired in a relatively short time. However,  traditional chemometric and artificial neural network methods that have been employed … Related articles – All 2 versions

Binary LNS-based naive Bayes inference engine for spam control: noise analysis and FPGA implementation MN Marsono, MW El-Kharashi… – Computers & Digital …, 2008 – Abstract A hardware architecture for naive Bayes inference engine to classify e-mail  contents for spam control is proposed. The inference engine utilises the logarithmic number  system (LNS) to simplify naive Bayes computations. For high throughput LNS recoding, a … Cited by 11 – Related articles – All 5 versions

Training data collection system for a learning-based photographic aesthetic quality inference engine [PDF] from R Orendovici… – Proceedings of the international conference on …, 2010 – Abstract We present a novel data collection system deployed for the ACQUINE-Aesthetic  Quality Inference Engine. The goal of the system is to collect online user opinions, both  structured and unstructured, for training future generation learning-based aesthetic quality … Related articles – All 3 versions

A new inference engine: Surface Matching Degree H Alizadeh, H Alinejad-Rokny, H Parvin… – Applied Mathematical …, 2012 – Elsevier Abstract Generally, the input of a fuzzy system can be a crisp value or a fuzzy linguistic  value. The input of most fuzzy systems is a crisp value while a fuzzy linguistic input is  employed in a few of them. The Max-Min algorithm is used to identify matching degree, …

A neuro-fuzzy inference engine for Farsi numeral characters recognition [PDF] from GA Montazer, HQ Saremi… – Expert Systems with Applications, 2010 – Elsevier Character recognition of Farsi and Arabic texts as an open and demanding problem needs  to encounter sophisticated specifications of the characters such as their shapes, continuity,  dots and also, different fonts. Utilizing fuzzy set theory as a tolerant approach toward … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 9 versions

Enhancing a Fuzzy Logic Inference Engine through Machine Learning for a Self-Managed Network P Magdalinos, A Kousaridas, P Spapis… – Mobile Networks and …, 2011 – Springer Abstract Existing network management systems have static and predefined rules or  parameters, while human intervention is usually required for their update. However, an  autonomic network management system that operates in a volatile network environment … Related articles – All 4 versions

A fuzzy-evidential hybrid inference engine for coronary heart disease risk assessment [PDF] from V Khatibi… – Expert Systems with Applications, 2010 – Elsevier In many engineering problems, we encounter vagueness in information and uncertainty in  decision making, so as these phenomena cause we could not reach to certain results for our  proposed solution. In this paper, a novel inference engine named fuzzy-evidential hybrid … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 5 versions

A hybrid-based Modified Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Engine for pattern classification S Sayeed, A Rahman, J Hossen… – … (HIS), 2011 11th …, 2011 – Abstract The Neuro-Fuzzy hybridization scheme has become of research interest in pattern  classification over the past decade. The present paper proposes a hybrid Modified Adaptive  Fuzzy Inference Engine (MAFIE) for pattern classification. A modified Apriori algorithm …

Adding uncertainty to a rete-OO inference engine D Sottara, P Mello… – … , Interchange and Reasoning on the Web, 2008 – Springer The RETE algorithm has been used to implement first-order logic based inference engines  and its object-oriented extension allows to reason directly over entities rather than  predicates. One of the limitations of FOL is its inability to deal with uncertainty, although it … Cited by 10 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Developing an inference engine for cr-prolog with preferences [PDF] from L Kolvekar – 2011 – In recent years, A-Prolog with answer set semantics was shown to be a useful tool for  knowledge representation and reasoning. A-Prolog is a declarative language based on  stable models of logic programs. It allows the encoding of defaults and various other types … Cited by 9 – Related articles – Library Search – All 2 versions

Advanced fuzzy inference engines in situation aware computing C Anagnostopoulos… – Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2010 – Elsevier We focus on the very important family of context-aware applications. Context-aware  computing relies on tasks like capturing/sensing environmental parameters (eg, lightness,  location), classifying context, and inferring further knowledge about that context ( … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 4 versions

Study on an Intelligent Inference Engine in Early-Warning System of Dam Health H Su, Z Wen… – Water resources management, 2011 – Springer Abstract With systems engineering and artificial intelligent methods, an early-warning  system of dam health (EWSDH) is developed. This system consists of integration control  module, intelligent inference engine (IIE), support base cluster, information management … Related articles – All 5 versions

The Construction of Inference Engine for Meaningful Context and Prediction Based on USN Environment [PDF] from SY Im… – International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2012 – Currently, with gradually increasing movement to live with nature, artificial wetlands are  increasing as well. All these change blows at rivers and streams thereby need for wetland  management systems to increase. To measure environmental situations on the wetlands, … Cached

High Density Ozone Generation System Using Fuzzy Inference Engine WH Lee, IW Kim… – Advanced Engineering Forum, 2011 – Trans Tech Publ Abstract Ozone (O 3) is generated by voltage control inverter of single phase sinusoidal  waveform different from current control inverter of three phase used in motor control. Ozone  quantity is directly proportional to the frequency as well as the voltage of power supply. In …

Inference Engine Design for USN Based Wetland Context Inference SY Im, RD Oh… – Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia …, 2011 – Springer With gradually increasing movement to live together with nature, artificial wetlands are  increasing as well. And the wind of change blows at the rivers and streams, thereby  increasing the need for management systems. Accordingly this study proposes to design … Related articles

An Approach to the Development of Inference Engine for Distributed System for Fault Diagnosis VB Prasad – … and Parallel/Distributed Computing, 2009. SNPD’ …, 2009 – Abstract The reliable and fault tolerant computers are key to the success to aerospace, and  communication industries. Designing a reliable digital system, and detecting and repairing  the faults are challenging tasks in order for the digital system to operate without failures for … Related articles – All 3 versions

An inference engine with human memory simulation on individuals’ activities Z Hao, T Kun… – Test and Measurement, 2009. ICTM’09 …, 2009 – Abstract One of the challenging tasks in AI is to read and do reasoning on languages in an  automatic way as the human does. We present an intelligent inference system to predict  people’s activities from English sentences in a simulated human memory model. Our … Related articles

Multi-agent based control of large-scale complex systems employing distributed dynamic inference engine [PDF] from D Zhang – 2010 – Increasing societal demand for automation has led to considerable efforts to control large- scale complex systems, especially in the area of autonomous intelligent control methods.  The control system of a large-scale complex system needs to satisfy four system level … Cited by 1 – Related articles – Library Search – All 5 versions

CMOL/CMOS Implementations of Bayesian Inference Engine: Digital and Mixed-Signal Architectures and Performance/Price-A Hardware Design Space Exploration D Hammerstrom… – CMOS Processors and Memories, 2010 – Springer In this chapter, we focus on aspects of the hardware implementation of the Bayesian  inference framework within the George and Hawkins’ computational model of the visual  cortex. This framework is based on Judea Pearl’s Belief Propagation. We then present a ” … Related articles – All 2 versions

Context awareness inference engine for location based applications Y Ahn – Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on …, 2009 – Abstract In ubiquitous environments, location-based context awareness service provides  additional services based on a user’s location. In this paper, we design a context awareness  inference engine model for working environment monitoring system of mobile object … Related articles

A New Fuzzy Object-Oriented Inference Engine H Tian – Intelligent Systems and Applications (ISA), 2011 3rd …, 2011 – Abstract The paper using object-oriented programming technology establishes a model of  inference engine, and proposes a new reasoning method which can improve the reasoning  efficiency. The model is used to predict thermal state of blast furnace which achieves good … Related articles

A comparative study of inference engines S Singh… – Information Technology: New …, 2010 – Abstract Understanding and using the data and knowledge encoded in semantic web  documents requires an inference engine. Inference engines, also called reasoners, are  software applications that derive new facts or associations from existing information. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 4 versions

Methodology to Test and Validate a VHDL Inference Engine of a Type-2 FIS, through the Xilinx System Generator R Sepúlveda, O Montiel, J Olivas… – Evolutionary Design of …, 2009 – Springer In this paper an improved high performance type-1 inference engine (IE) is proposed that  can be applied with no modifications to the implementation of a type-2 FIS using the average  method. The performance of the type-2 FIS will not be diminish for the use of this stage … Cited by 2 – Related articles

Design and implementation of inference engine for fault prognosis in Power System Z Xiang, F Qiao… – Power and Energy Engineering …, 2010 – Abstract According to the device fault and line fault that exist in power system, a  componentized inference engine which combines forward inference and backward  inference is designed based on the analysis of the categories and characteristics of the … Related articles – All 2 versions

A cognitive map and fuzzy inference engine model for online design and self fine-tuning of fuzzy logic controllers JL Gonzalez, LT Aguilar… – International Journal of …, 2009 – Wiley Online Library Abstract An integration of a cognitive map and a fuzzy inference engine is presented, as a  cognitive-fuzzy model, targeting online fuzzy logic controller (FLC) design and self fine- tuning. The proposed model is different than previous proposed fuzzy cognitive maps in … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 3 versions

A health diagnosis method for aeroplane structural component based on fault inference engine J Cui, Y Wang, Z Li, L Liu… – Control and Decision …, 2010 – Abstract As the health status of aeroplane structural components has direct impact on the  flight, it is important to diagnose the health status of structural components timely. In this  paper, acoustic emission technology is used to monitor the health status of the aeroplane … Related articles

Computational statistics using the bBayesian Inference Engine [PDF] from MD Weinberg – Arxiv preprint arXiv:1203.3816, 2012 – Abstract: This paper introduces the Bayesian Inference Engine (BIE), a general parallel- optimised software package for parameter inference and model selection. This package is  motivated by the analysis needs of modern astronomical surveys and the need to …

Online Music Library using RDF based Inference Engines A Kumar, KN Vipin… – International Journal of Computer …, 2011 – Abstract The paper describes the method of how to develop “Intelligent agents” for web  searching and replacing the existing “User agents” with the “Intelligent agents”. This process  is described by developing a website (viz. Music Library) which runs on an inferencing … Related articles – Cached – All 2 versions

Integrated system for maintenance and safety management through FMECA principles and fuzzy inference engine MM Savino, A Brun… – European Journal of Industrial …, 2011 – Inderscience Failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) is a widely used technique to improve  products and processes safety and reliability in different contexts, such as automotive,  aviation, computer science, etc. FMECA approach is based on a qualitative/quantitative … Related articles – All 9 versions

Radio Frequency Fuel Gauging with Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Engine for Future Spacecrafts A Kumagai, TI Liu… – Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2010 – Abstract Radio Frequency (RF) mass gauging is a technique for measuring an amount of  fuel inside a cryogenic tank of a future spacecraft under a low gravity environment. In this  paper, a method of predicting fuel amount from a given RF resonance tank frequency … All 2 versions

Design and Implementation of Inference Engine in Safety Risk Assessment Expert System in Petrochemical Industry Based on Fault Tree H Shi, W Song… – Data Storage and Data Engineering ( …, 2010 – Abstract The project in petrochemical industry is complex and risky. For this feature, we  established a safety risk assessment (SRA) expert system based on fault tree in  petrochemical industry. In this paper, we studied the design and implementation of infer … Related articles – All 3 versions

Model scalability using a model recording and inference engine Y Sun – Proceedings of the ACM international conference …, 2010 – Abstract Model scalability is traditionally supported by manual editing or writing model  transformation rules. However, this process presents challenges to those who are unfamiliar  with a model transformation language or metamodel definitions. This poster describes an … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Bio-inspired self-organizing relationship network as knowledge acquisition tool and fuzzy inference engine T Yamakawa… – Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE world conference …, 2008 – Abstract Since the SOM visualizes the similarity of raw information on the competitive layer, it  can be utilized in the field of pattern classification, data analysis, and so on. However, it  cannot model the input-output characteristics of the system of interest. In order to squeeze … Cited by 5 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 4 versions

A Novel Soft Computing Inference Engine Model for Intrusion Detection [PDF] from M Jazzar… – … Journal of Computer Science and Network …, 2008 – Summary The main purpose of this paper is to propose a novel soft computing inference  engine model for intrusion detection. Our approach is anomaly based and utilizes causal  knowledge inference based fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) and multiple self organizing … Cited by 6 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Design and implementation of inference engine of organizing scheme automatic generation system of communication equipment YM Chen, L Zhou… – Computer Engineering and Design, 2010 – To develop inference engine of the organizing scheme automatic generation systemof  communication equipment, the general process of designing communication network is  analyzed, and a method for designing inference engine based on the network organizing … Related articles – Cached – All 2 versions

A Shell for Rule-Based Expert Systems Development Using Groebner Bases-Based Inference Engines E Roanes-Lozano… – …, 2008 – Abstract: This article continues the research line of the authors on knowledge extraction and  verification of Rule Based Expert Systems (RBES) using algebraic inference engines based  on Gröbner bases theory. Now a shell, that includes a graphic user interface and … Cited by 2 – Related articles

Integration of fuzzy inference engine with radial basis function neural network for short term load forecasting [PDF] from AS Pandey, SK Sinha… – Ubiq. Comput. Commun. J, 2008 – ABSTRACT This paper proposes a fuzzy inference based neural network for the forecasting  of short term loads. The forecasting model is the integration of fuzzy inference engine and  the neural network, known as Fuzzy Inference Neural Network (FINN). A FINN initially … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML

Inference Engine Design of Expert System Based on Blackboard Model and Fault Tree C WenBin, L Xiao-Ling, F Yu… – … Processing, 2009. APCIP …, 2009 – Abstract According to the characteristics and rules of fault diagnosis expert system, a  network-like fault tree is designed; adopting blackboard model and the permanent memory  technology, the express inference engine algorithm of fault diagnosis expert system is … Related articles – All 4 versions

The design of TRIZ expert system inference engine W Nihong, L Naijie… – Computer Design and …, 2010 – Abstract When the application of TRIZ tools to solve the problem, they can form some rules  of solution the problems and some specific examples. These are valuable experiences  which use TRIZ to solve the problems, so they must be used. On this basis, we make the … Related articles

Using an Inference Engine to Detect Conflicts in Collaborative Design [PDF] from M Dutra, CF da Silva, P Ghodous… – … Conference on Concurrent …, 2008 – Abstract Integrate multidisciplinary virtual teams in collaborative design process is a hard  task to tackle with. Differences of background, culture and expertise usually lead to  conflicting situations. Moreover, if we consider to be working on a synchronous … Cited by 3 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 42 versions

An Automatic Knowledge Acquisition Mechanism for Independent Inference Engine Module of CDSS B Wu, X Lu… – Bioinformatics and Biomedical …, 2008 – Abstract Clinical decision support system (CDSS) has been increasingly applied to help  clinicians analyze patient data and make clinical decisions at present. The kernel part of  CDSS is inference engine (IE) module whose independence is very important, which … Cited by 2 – Related articles

Research of Fault Diagnosis Expert System Inference Engine Based on Extension Rule Z Dexing… – Computer Measurement & Control, 2011 – To resolve the problems of knowledge representation and match conflicts in the production  rule, a method of fault diagnosis expert system inference engine is presented based on  extension rule. The method focuses on the matching principle of extension rule and the … Related articles – Cached

Methodology to Test and Validate a VHDL Inference Engine through the Xilinx System Generator J Olivas, R Sepúlveda, O Montiel… – Soft Computing for Hybrid …, 2008 – Springer There exists an increasing interest in the field of digital intelligent systems, being one of the  current research target the computational efficiency. This work presents the implementation  of a fuzzy inference system faced to achieve high performance computations since the … Cited by 2 – Related articles

Design of A Data Cleaning Method of SCI Author Addresses Based on Inference Engine J ZHANG… – Information Science, 2010 – Aiming on improving the effectiveness and reliability of specific bibliometrics application, this  paper introduces inference engine into the data cleaning procedure which is suitable for SCI  author’s addresses field. By illustrating the limitations of the current data cleaning methods … Related articles – Cached

Design on Inference Engine of White Cashmere Goats Disease Diagnosis Expert System D XU, F YUAN… – Modern Electronics Technique, 2009 – Most animal disease diagnosis expert system adopted single reasoning mechanism, and it  easily leads to inaccurate diagnosis. According to the characters of cashmere goats disease  diagnosis, combined with the rule-based reasoning and the case-based reasoning, the … Cited by 1 – Related articles – Cached

Establishing the Semantic Web Reasoning Infrastructure on Description Logic Inference Engines DA Koutsomitropoulos, DP Meidanis… – Enterprise Information …, 2008 – Springer The recent advent of the Semantic Web has given rise to the need for efficient and sound  methods that would provide reasoning support over the knowledge scattered on the Internet.  Description Logics and DL-based infer-ence engines in particular play a significant role … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Autonomous Integration of Induced Knowledge into the Expert System Inference Engine [PDF] from N Kerdprasop… – Proceedings of the International …, 2011 – Abstract-The iterative process of data mining comprises of three major steps: pre-data  mining, mining, and post-data mining. Pre-data mining is the preparation of data to be in a  suitable format and contain a minimal but sufficient subset of relevant features. The mining … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Abnormity Diagnosis on the Process of Cold Start in the Diesel Engine Based on Fuzzy Logic Inference HU Su-yun, E Jia-qiang… – Journal of Hunan University ( …, 2011 – … ?Key Words?: diesel engine fault diagnosis expert systems fuzzy inference clear sets inference engine ?Fund?: ??”985″??–????????????????????????(???[ 2004]1?) ?CateGory Index?: TK428 ?DOI?: CNKI:SUN:HNDX.0.2011-11-008. … Related articles – Cached

A model-based customer inference engine [PDF] from S Radde, A Kaiser… – Proc. of the ECAI 2008 Workshop …, 2008 – Abstract. In complex and frequently changing product domains, customers need qualified  consultation services that allow them to make well-informed purchasing decisions without  requiring excessive technical knowledge about the product domain. In this paper we … Cited by 3 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 6 versions

Summary of Study on Inference Engine Applied to Mining Engineering H JI… – Coal Science and Technology, 2010 – With the statistics of the inference engine application to the reference information of the  mining engineering, the development tendency of the study on the inference engine in the  passed 20 years in China was obtained. Based on the certain analysis on the project … Related articles – Cached

A Certain Type of Gyrocompass Expert Fault Diagnosis System of Knowledge Base and Inference Engine LJYYH Yongqian – Ship Electronic Engineering, 2011 – A type of platform compass is large, complex precision mechanical electronic equipment, in  order to quickly increase repair rate, need to set up an efficient applicable experts diagnosis  system, and the expert knowledge base is system key component. In the full analysis … Cached

Inference Engine and Explanation Mechanism in the Expert System of Fracture Mechanics Analysis for Component Design SF Zhu, QF Li… – Key Engineering Materials, 2008 – Trans Tech Publ Abstract An expert system (ES) prototype in structural component design based on fracture  mechanics analysis was developed recently. The system consists of several main functional  parts. Among them, the inference engine is the control structure of ES which allows the … Related articles

User adaptive Web morphing: an implementation of a Web-based Bayesian inference engine with Gittins’ Index GL Urban, C Lee – 2008 – Imagine a world where computers are able to present desired information to people in the  most relevant and effective way possible, where machines are able to adapt the way they  interact with humans when they encounter different personality styles. Web Morphing … Cached – All 2 versions

RSIE: a inference engine for reflexive systems Y Barloy… – Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems …, 2008 – Springer This article deals with how metaknowledge can improve rule-based system and presents a  new Reflexive System Inference Engine (RSIE) which not only enables the activation of  rules, making it belong to systems managing metaknowledge. The experimentation … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

A Plausible Logic Inference Engine AV Samsonovich… – … 2011: Proceedings of the …, 2011 – Abstract Inference methods play a critical role in cognitive architectures. They support  highlevel cognitive capabilities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and learning by  transforming low-level observations of the environment into high-level, actionable …

The UMass Bayesian Inference Engine [PDF] from MD Weinberg – Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. in preparation, se e http:// …, 2010 – Abstract This paper introduces the UMass Bayesian Inference Engine (BIE), a general  paralleloptimized software package for parameter inference and model selection. We  motivate the need for such a package by introducing the concepts in Bayesian inference … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 6 versions

Discrete Fuzzy Inference Engine Algorithm for Digital Implementations of Approximate Reasoning AH Zavala, OC Nieto, I Batyrshin… – … and Hybrid Information …, 2008 – Abstract Fuzzy logic has become a very good choice to represent uncertain models of  complex systems that cannot be easily represented in terms of conventional mathematics.  Specifically fuzzy hardware has turned to be the choice to reach high speed inference … Related articles – All 3 versions

Legal Inferencing with Computers: An Inference Engine E Engle – 2008 – Abstract: This article presents a computer program that allows anyone to build a simple legal  inferencing engine. Essentially, the user provides conditions and consequences. The user  can then provide a goal, and query the engine to determine whether the goal is obtained …

PIE-The Protein Inference Engine SR Jefferys – 2012 – Abstract: Posttranslational modifications are vital to protein function but are hard to study,  especially since several modification isoforms may be present simultaneously. Mass  spectrometers are a great tool for investigating modified proteins, but the data they … Cached

Visualizing inference process of a rule engine J Shi, Y Qiao… – Proceedings of the 2011 Visual Information …, 2011 – … structures. In artificial intelligence, inference is a process that de- rives new sentences from old[14]. An inference engine is a program which performs this process. It tries to derive answers from a knowledge base. Production … Related articles

Design of Inference Engine for Rice Ecological Balanced Fertilization Expert System [J] Z Baoping – Journal of Agricultural Mechanization Research, 2008 – In this paper, design and development a good use of inference engine of rice ecological  balance fertilization expert system, introduced this expert system inference engine basic  tenets of the work, the focus is rice ecological balance fertilization expert system inference … Related articles – Cached

An Engine Integrated Fault Diagnosis Method Based on SFCE and Rule Inference P ZHANG, B LI, S LIANG, Z XING… – Vehicle Engine, 2009 – … Jin-ke,WANG Yao-nan,YUAN Wen-hua,LIU Jin-wu College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Hunan Univ,Changsha 410082, China; College of Electrical and Informational Engineering, Hunan Univ,Changsha 410082, China;Design of the Inference Engine of the … Cited by 1 – Related articles – Cached

Uncertainty estimates for the Bayes Inference Engine,(BIE) TA Beery – 2009 – Description/Abstract In the fall 2007 meeting of the BIB users group, two approaches to  making uncertainty estimates were presented. Ken Hanson asserted that if the BFGS  optimizer was used, the inverse Hessian matrix was the same as the covariance matrix … Related articles – Cached

Design of an Inference Engine Based on BP Network and LabVIEW WJLIN Fu-sheng… – Microcomputer Information, 2008 – In field of engineering, LabVIEW and MATLAB is the most commonly used languages in  procedure develop personnel. However, they have their respective advantages and  disadvantages. Undoubtedly, the combination of the two will wake the development … Related articles – Cached

Design and Practice of the Inference Engine for the Space Debris Mitigation Design Expert System M LI… – Journal of Luoyang Institute of Science and …, 2008 – A rule-based space debris mitigation design expert system should be designed to control  the number of space debris, and make a reasonable use of and protect the limited space  resources. The system adopts JESS as a rule engine, which can dynamically manage and … Related articles – Cached

Array-based logic for realizing inference engine in mobile agents R Davidrajuh… – Industrial Technology, 2008. ICIT …, 2008 – Abstract The technology for realizing the inference engine in mobile agents should posses  the many qualities: the most important quality is the compact size as the mobile agents are  supposed to traverse the network without stealing much of the available bandwidth. Firstly, … Related articles

Generating artificial populations using a multi-level fuzzy inference engine [PDF] from CR García-Alonso… – … Conference, 2008. WSC …, 2008 – Abstract The design of complex artificial populations is the first step in simulating evolution  during the time span of socio-economic variables as the family income. In this paper, a new  hybrid model based on Monte-Carlo simulation and fuzzy inference is described to design … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Business executives sharing knowledge with inference engines: news from the ONTORULE project C de Sainte Marie – Rule-Based Modeling and Computing on the …, 2011 – Springer The EC-funded ONTORULE project was started with the stated objective of realizing the old  promise to give back to the business user the ownership and control over the business  knowledge that is put to action in business applications. The project team identified … All 3 versions

A Fuzzy Inference Engine Based On The Notification Oriented Paradigm And Its Application To Control The Utbots Small Size ... V Zaramella… – SICITE’2010, 2010 – Resumo This report presents the research realized during the term of the PIBIC scholarship.  This project continued the development of a fuzzy inference engine proposed by [1] Using  this framework, a set of rulebases was developed, to control the behavior of the UTFPR … Cached