OntoBroker is a software tool that is designed to support the development and deployment of Semantic Web applications. It is a middleware platform that provides a range of features and capabilities for working with ontologies, which are formal representations of knowledge that are used to describe the relationships between different concepts and ideas.

One of the key features of OntoBroker is its support for all of the major W3C Semantic Web recommendations, including OWL (Web Ontology Language), RDF (Resource Description Framework), SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language), RIF (Rule Interchange Format), and ObjectLogic. This means that OntoBroker can be used to process and interpret ontologies that are written in any of these languages, and to support a wide range of Semantic Web applications and services.

In addition, OntoBroker is designed to be extremely efficient and highly scaleable, which makes it suitable for use in large-scale, high-performance applications. It is also the only commercial inference machine for processing ontologies that supports all of the W3C Semantic Web recommendations, which makes it a unique and powerful tool for working with the Semantic Web.




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