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Diverse commercial tools have been proposed for modeling ontologies. TopBraid Composer is used as an ontology engineering tool. The most outstanding ontology engineering environments are considered to be Protégé, TopBraid Composer, and The NeOn Toolkit. There were several ontology editors to choose from such as Protégé, TopBraid Composer, SWOOP, Jena, etc. Several software tools are available for editing RDF/OWL files, such as TopBraid Composer and Protégé-OWL. TopBraid Composer is a modeling tool for the creation and maintenance of ontologies. TopBraid Composer is an enterprise-class modeling environment for developing semantic web ontologies and building semantic applications. Manual creation of ontologies using a specialized ontology editor (such as Protégé, NeON toolkit, or TopBraid Composer) is still the predominant approach in ontology development. Older ontology development tools include DUET, OILEd, Onto Edit Professional, Ontolingua, OntoSaurus, Protégé 2000, WebODE, and WebOnto.

TopBraid Composer is built upon the Eclipse platform and uses Jena as its underlying API. TopBraid Composer is a fully Protege-based tool that performs the most common operations over ontologies, such as: inference, consistency checking as well as the inclusion of SPARQL query engine. It is composed by diverse visual components, it uses a simple tree like view visualisation to show the hierarchy of the classes and properties. Graphical representations of patterns have been produced using a trial version of the Maestro edition of TopBraid Composer. A number of tools and approaches exist for rendering and/or editing OWL ontologies in a graphical form, including UML Profile for OWL DL, ODM, TopBraid Composer, Protégé plug-in OWLViz and OWLGrEd.

Many open source and commercial ontology development tools such as Protégé, Swoop, The NeOn Toolkit and Top Braid Composer use justifications as a kind of explanation for entailments in ontologies. For large or deep ontologies, the use of the simple tree-like view such as Protégé, TopBraid Composer, IODT and most of the current tools, result in a less efficient way to navigate through the hierarchy of concepts. Ontology engineering toolkits such as TopBraid Composer provide graphic tools which also implement such top-down navigation. There are a number of approaches and tools including UML/OWL profile, ODM, Top Braid Composer and OWLGrEd implementing (some variant/extension of) UML class diagram notation as visual notation for OWL ontologies, however, none of these have been explicitly intended for visual management of extended OWL+IC ontologies.

SPIN (SPARQL Inferencing Notation) is used to model consistency constraints in different scenarios and detected inconsistencies are flagged, illustrated in TopBraid Composer. Ontology based data conversion from spreadsheet to OWL may be done using TopBraid Composer. DBpedia is used in a variety of commercial applications, for instance Muddy Boots, Open Calais, Faviki, Zemanta, LODr, and TopBraid Composer. An RDF repository may be built within TopBraid Composer and Protégé. The current version of TopBraid composer was used to allow for a better comparability by transforming all sets to the N-Triple format, which means that every row contains a single RDF triple. To facilitate the use of semantic web technologies for GIS, OWLIM-SE and TopBraid Composer (along with AllegroGraph) integrated geospatial extensions into their semantic repositories.

  • Altova SemanticWorks is a software tool for designing and editing OWL (Web Ontology Language) ontologies. It is a graphical editor that provides a range of features and capabilities for creating, visualizing, and managing OWL ontologies, and for integrating them with other Semantic Web technologies and applications.
  • OntoStudio is a software platform for developing and deploying ontology-based applications and services. It provides a range of tools and features for designing and implementing ontologies, and for integrating them with other systems and technologies.
  • PowerLoom Knowledge Representation & Reasoning System is a software tool for building and maintaining ontologies and other kinds of knowledge bases. It is a powerful and flexible platform that supports a range of different knowledge representation and reasoning techniques, and can be used to develop a wide range of applications and services.
  • TopBraid Suite by TopQuadrant is a collection of software tools for working with the Semantic Web and related technologies. It includes a range of tools for designing and implementing ontologies, integrating data from different sources, and building and deploying Semantic Web applications and services.




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An ontology-based expert system to detect service level agreement violations
A Karamanlioglu, FN Alpaslan – International Symposium on Business …, 2018 – Springer
… We employed SHACL’s open-source and Jena-based implementation, TopBraid SHACL API, to perform constraint checking and rule inference. TopBraid SHACL API has been developed fully in accordance with SHACL specifications …

GraphDL: An Ontology for Linked Data Visualization
J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana – Conference of the Spanish …, 2018 – Springer
… Conversely, the visualization of OWL models [13] is not straightforward. The TopBraid Composer [37] ontology development tool supports visualizing ontologies with a notation similar to UML (Universal Modeling Language) … TopQuadrant Inc.: TopBraid Composer (2016) …

Application of ontologies in higher education: A systematic mapping study
M Tapia-Leon, AC Rivera, J Chicaiza… – Global Engineering …, 2018 –
… RQ Options Number of Studies Percentage (%) OntoStudio Protege TopBraid Composer … In a minor percentage (13 %) the authors selected other tools like Apache Jena Java Framework [58], Neon Toolkit Editor [42], TopBraid Composer [60], OntoStudio and OntoMat [63] …

LSane: Collaborative Validation and Enrichment of Heterogeneous Observation Streams
MT Frank, S Bader, V Simko, S Zander – Procedia Computer Science, 2018 – Elsevier
… system. Some tools are already created to assist the creation of SHACL shapes, eg a Protégé plugin and as a part of TopBraid Composer … Validation Engine. The validation engine of LSane employs the SHACL API provided by TopBraid …

Retrieval Performance for USIM’s Quranic Search Engine
N Basir, NF Nabila, NJM Zaizi, MM Saudi… – … of Engineering & …, 2018 –
… For this purpose, exploratory search has been done. The sample domain ontology based on the medical and economic fields mentioned in the Quran has been developed in TopBraid Composer. Queries have been run to depict the proper role of ontology …

Design and Implementation of a Diagrammatic Tool for Creating RDF graphs
A Chi?-Ra?iu, RA Buchmann –
… TopBraid Composer [18] combines semantic modeling capa- bilities with data conversion features, in order to build Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. MS Visio [19] provides the ability of creating easy and intuitive diagrams using shapes and templates …

A visual modeling approach for the Semantic Web Rule Language
B Pittl, HG Fill – Semantic Web –
Although the Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) is not a W3C standard, it is widely used for semantic web-based projects as well as for innovative rule-based applications. Thereby, it is used to infer new knowledge from a given fact base. Today, SWRL.

Exploring RDFS kbs using summaries
G Troullinou, H Kondylakis, K Stefanidis… – International Semantic …, 2018 – Springer
… Ontology Visualization Systems. Towards this direction, toolkits like Protege [16], TopBraid Composer [2] and Neon [8], include visualization plug-ins using the node-link diagram paradigm to represent entities in an ontology and their taxonomy to domain relationships …

SWRL2SPIN: Converting SWRL to SPIN
N Bassiliades – Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium and … –
… one teacher. The inference took 1256,93 msec (on average) for the optimized rule version at TopBraid against 1414,61 msec for the un- optimized rule. Results are statistically significant with a p-value equal to 0,0208<0,05. All …

Fasting Ontology in Pillars of Islam
SAM Zailani, NA Omar… – … Journal of Electrical …, 2018 –
… According to [1], there are many ontology tools, such as OILEd [2], Protégé [3], TopBraid [4], Apollo [5], and KAON [6]. Although the ontology tools are a bit challenging also needed experience of knowledge to handle it, the construction becomes easier because of another …

Developing Higher Education Ontology Using Protégé Tool: Reasoning
CVS Satyamurty, JVR Murthy, M Raghava – Smart Computing and …, 2018 – Springer
… It was also useful in automatic reasoning of tasks on Web data. 1.3 Protégé Ontology Editor. Many ontology editors are available such as Onto-Studio, TopBraid Composer free edition, SWOOP, Protégé, OntoEdit out of which Protégé is mostly used …

Publishing SKOS Concept Schemes with SKOSMOS
… EnterpriseFinland portal ? National Land Survey ? City of Helsinki Page 35. Ontology development & publishing TopBraid Composer SE (local installs) Jena SDB triple store (MySQL) Jena Fuseki triple store TDB + text VPN connection Finto-data GitHub repository hourly …

An Emotion Aware Task Automation Architecture Based on Semantic Technologies for Smart Offices
S Muñoz, O Araque, JF Sánchez-Rada, CA Iglesias – Sensors, 2018 –
The evolution of the Internet of Things leads to new opportunities for the contemporary notion of smart offices, where employees can benefit from automation to maximize their productivity and performance. However, although extensive research has been dedicated to analyze the …

Editor sémantických datových proud?
Y Doroshenko – 2018 –
… 56 6 Comparison With Topbraid Composer 56 … 3.1.2 Script Modularization Patterns During the analysis of SPARQLMotion and SPipes scripts, several possi- ble script modularization patterns were discovered (the screenshots are taken from the Topbraid Composer) …

Ontology editors approach for ontology engineering
WV Siricharoen – 2018 4th International Conference on Control …, 2018 –
… The highest percent recommended editor is Protégé* Editor at 66.67%, the second recommendation is TopBraid Composer** at 9.09%, the other suggested editors are Fluent Editor, Visual editors, Neon-Toolkit, OntoEdit, Protégé 2000, SWOOP, ROO, and OntoStudio at 3.03 …

Semantic invoice processing
LM Escobar-Vega, VH Zaldívar-Carrillo… – Journal of Intelligent …, 2018 –
… There are other frameworks from open domain that also can be used in mapping transformations: OpenRefine [15] is a tool to transform data from one format into another, including XML or RDF, and TopBraid [16] that recently included the ability to convert XSDs and associate …

A Framework to represent variables and values in Social Science research data sets to support data curation and reuse
G Sun, CSG Khoo – for Knowledge Organization in the Digital …, 2018 –
… To support the development of the ontology, we used the ontology editor software TopBraid Composer Standard Edition. Our ontology framework This section describes the framework that we developed (Figure 1) for modelling data sets …

Knowledge Management Model Based on the Enterprise Ontology for the KB DSS System of Enterprise Situation Assessment in the SME Sector
J Andreasik – International Conference on Applied Human Factors …, 2018 – Springer
… 21. Protege platform. 22. TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition. 23 …

Platforms and Knowledge Management
MK Bergman – A Knowledge Representation Practionary, 2018 – Springer
… plug-ins. A leading commercial editor is TopBraid Composer, which uses the Eclipse IDE platform and Jena API. 4 The OWL API is now a standard used by Protégé and leading reasoners (Pellet, HermiT, FaCT++, RacerPro). It …

Ontology visualization methods and tools: a survey of the state of the art
M Dudáš, S Lohmann, V Svátek… – The Knowledge …, 2018 –
Page 1. Ontology visualization methods and tools: a survey of the state of the art MAREK DUDÁŠ1, STEFFEN LOHMANN2, VOJT?CH SVÁTEK1 and DMITRY PAVLOV3 1University of Economics, Prague, W. Churchill Sq. 1938 …

Visualizing large knowledge graphs: A performance analysis
J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana… – Future Generation …, 2018 – Elsevier
… the underlying knowledge. The TopBraid Composer ontology development tool [28] supports visualization of knowledge graphs in a notation similar to UML (Unified Modeling Language) class diagrams. Analogously, Protégé …

Collaborative Knowledge Engineering. Methods And Tools For System Design
K Kutt, GJ Nalepa –
Page 1. AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering PHD DISSERTATION COLLABORATIVE KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING …

Towards a uniform user interface for editing data shapes
B De Meester, P Heyvaert, A Dimou… – … on Visualization and …, 2018 –
… 19] and AVOnEd [20]. Indented tree-based editors include the Protégé OWL plugin [21], the editor of the NeOn Toolkit [22], Eddy [23] with Graphol [24] as visual notation, and TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net. In general, the …

Utilizing SPIN rules to infer the parameters for combined capabilities of aggregated manufacturing resources
E Järvenpää, O Hylli, N Siltala, M Lanz – IFAC-PapersOnLine, 2018 – Elsevier
… Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 19, pp. 87-94. Knublauch, H. (2016). The TopBraid SPIN API. Available in: [Accessed 1.4.2017]. Knublauch, H., Hendler, JA, and Idehen, K. (2011). SPIN – Overview and motivation. W3C Member Submission …

ScrumOntoBDD: uma abordagem baseada em Scrum, ontologia e BDD para o desenvolvimento ágil de software
PL Souza – 2018 –

SWRL2SPIN: A tool for transforming SWRL rule bases in OWL ontologies to object-oriented SPIN rules
N Bassiliades – arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.09061, 2018 –
Page 1. SWRL2SPIN: A tool for transforming SWRL rule bases in OWL ontologies to object- oriented SPIN rules Nick Bassiliades * Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Abstract. SWRL is a semantic …

Product Model ontology and its use in capability-based matchmaking
E Järvenpää, N Siltala, O Hylli, M Lanz – Procedia CIRP, 2018 –
Page 1. Tampere University of Technology Product Model ontology and its use in capability-based matchmaking Citation Järvenpää, E., Siltala, N., Hylli, O., & Lanz, M. (2018). Product Model ontology and its use in capability-based matchmaking. Procedia CIRP, 72, 1094-1099 …

A Comparative User Evaluation on Visual Ontology Modeling Using Node-Link Diagrams
E Demidova, AJ Zaveri, E Simperl – Emerging Topics in Semantic …, 2018 –
… 2008. Proceedings, pp. 1–16, 2008. TopQuadrant,“Topbraid composer ™.” https://www. topquadrant. com/tools/modeling-topbraid-composer-standard- edition/. Stanford,“Protégé.” https://protege. stanford. edu/. R …

A Semantic Use Case Simulation Framework for Training Machine Learning Algorithms
N Merkle, S Zander, V Simko – European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, 2018 – Springer
… 1. First, the domain expert specifies by means of an arbitrary RDF editor (eg Topbraid, Protge, Semantic MediaWiki) the use cases’ A-Box representation, comprising states, activities and guideline-rules following the use case meta-model constraints …

Ontology Based Information Extraction-A Review
G Suganya, R Porkodi – 2018 International Conference on …, 2018 –
… By using ontology based method it improves the excellence of the effect and also make simpler for the user interaction and aware of the complexity. Ontology creation is done by using many tools. The most recently used tools are Protege, OWLGrED, TopBraid and SWOOP …

An Easy & Collaborative RDF Data Entry Method using the Spreadsheet Metaphor
M Schröder, C Jilek, J Hees, S Hertling… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2018 –
… Additionally, a web-based version called WebProtégé20 is available, that allows for collaboratively working on and sharing ontologies. There are also commercial solutions that offer similar functionality like TopBraid Composer21 by TopQuadrant or OntoStudio22 by Semafora …

Citrus ontology development based on the eight-point charter of agriculture
Y Wang, Y Wang – Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2018 – Elsevier
… Given the CPKF: KF = (TL, SL), ontology development is the process of transforming the elements of KF into the elements of ontology. TopBraid Composer (TBC) Maestro Edition 9 Version 4.2.1 is used to build our citrus ontology …

Ontology Development Strategies in Industrial Contexts
V Tarasov, U Seigerroth, K Sandkuhl – International Conference on …, 2018 – Springer
… competence profile ontology saved in OWL. The ontology was created with TopBraid Composer and contained 52321 concepts, 11 object properties, 14 datatype properties, and 22790 instances in total. The most part of data …

OntoProg: An ontology-based model for implementing Prognostics Health Management in mechanical machines
DL Nuñez, M Borsato – Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2018 – Elsevier
… all of its development activities. Some closed-end commercial tools are TopBraid and OntoStudio, and in free versions or open platform, the most widely used are OntoEdit [49], HOZO [50] and Protégé [51]. As one of the tools …

Software Experience for an Ontology-Based Approach for the Definition of Alarms in Geographical Sensor Systems
E González, R Marichal, A Hamilton – IEEE Access, 2018 –
… Although there are other ontology editors (the authors will cite the cases of KAON2 [23], Hozo [24], FluentEditor [25], OWLGrEd [26], OntoStudio [27], TopBraid Composer [28], Swoop [29], Vitro [30]) none of them is so popular among developers and researchers …

Representation Phase: Ontology Usage Ontology (U Ontology)
J Ashraf, OK Hussain, FK Hussain… – Measuring and Analysing …, 2018 – Springer
… Usually, implementation tools such as ontology editors are used for ontology implementation. Several ontology development environments are available, such as: Protg [168], NeOn Toolkit [133], TopQuadrants TopBraid Composer [261] and OntoEdit [251] …

Ontology: Core Process Mining and Querying Enabling Tool
K Okoye, S Islam, U Naeem – Ontology in Information Science, 2018 –
… To end with, state of the art tools used for constructing ontologies (eg, Protégé, SWOOP, and TopBraid Composer) makes use of those reasoners to make available the inference knowledge (ie the underlying inferred classes) to the developers or users predominantly in …

The Underpinnings of Ontology Storage in Relational Databases: An Empirical Study
JV Fonou-Dombeu, R Kwuimi – 2018 International Conference …, 2018 –
… Ontologies of different formats such as RDF, RDFS, OWL and N3 may be downloaded from the internet or develop using ontology editors such as: Protg, TopBraid composer, SWOOP, and OntoEdit [32], [33]. The acquired ontologies are used in the Ontology API layer …

Specification and Deployment of a Semantic Database for System Configuration Management
R Eito-Brun – … Conference on Software Process Improvement and …, 2018 – Springer
… In particular, an ontology has been designed using the RDF/OWL modeling language and a repository was fed with sample data from two real aerospace projects. The ontology has been modeled with the TopBraid software tool, also used to build the initial testing data set …

Semantic Data Stream Mapping and Shape Constraint Validation Based on Collaboratively Created Annotations
MT Frank, V Simko – International Conference on Web Engineering, 2018 – Springer
… 1) a JSON message from the input stream is loaded into the application, (2) the RDF model is created including all metadata from the annotation platform, (3) the RDF model is serialized to JSON-LD and (4) the JSON-LD message is evaluated using the TopBraid SHACL API 14 …

Ontology-driven development of web services to support district energy applications
JL Hippolyte, Y Rezgui, H Li, B Jayan… – Automation in …, 2018 – Elsevier
Current urban and district energy management systems lack a common semantic referential for effectively interrelating intelligent sensing, data models and energ.

An Ontology-based Decision Support Framework for Personalized Quality of Life Recommendations
M Riga, E Kontopoulos, K Karatzas, S Vrochidis… – … Conference on Decision …, 2018 – Springer
… Services were implemented in Java EE 7, with the adoption of Apache Jena framework ( for manipulating RDF graphs and the SPIN API ( api/) for performing rule-based inference. 4 Test Cases and Inference Results …

Ontology-Driven Decision Support Systems for Health Care
S Shridevi, V Viswanathan, B Saleena – Knowledge Computing and its …, 2018 – Springer
… Ontology IDE tools (like SWOOP, code, Protégé 4, and TopBraid Composer) provide feedback to developers on the logical implication of their designs using DL reasoners. Reasoners can help us identify any missing relationships that of type subclass …

A Workflow Ontology to support Knowledge Management in a Group’s organizational structure
M Anzures-García, LA Sánchez-Gálvez… – Computación y …, 2018 –
… These tools provide graphical interfaces that facilitate the knowledge representation and reasoning, such as: Ontolingua server [24], WebOnto [25], OilEd [26], OntoSaurus [27], Protégé [28], Swoop [29], TopBraid Composer [30], WebODE [31], OntoEdit [32], Neon Toolkit [33] …

Possible Contributions Of Spatial Semantic Methods And Technologies To Multi-Representation Spatial Database Paradigm
A Memduhoglu, M Basaraner – International Journal of Engineering and … –
… There is a commercial alternative to the Protégé called TopBraid Composer which is also an ontology editor and a visual modeling environment for creating and managing ontologies in the semantic web standards RDF and OWL …

Drawing OWL 2 ontologies with Eddy the editor
D Lembo, D Pantaleone, V Santarelli… – AI …, 2018 –
… Also, these proposals have either been discontinued or are not able to completely capture OWL 2. We finally notice that popular ontology editing and engineering tools, such as Protégé,55 TopBraid Composer,66 or OntoStudio,77 offer ontology visualization services, which …

The Wolfenbüttel emblem2rdf Pipeline
D Maus – Markup UK 2018 Proceedings –
… org/raptor/rapper. html] command line tool to convert the resulting RDF/XML documents to NTriples, and TopBraid SHACL [https://github. com/TopQuadrant/ shacl], an open source implementation of the W3C Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)[https://www. w3 …

An Integrated Formal Representation for Terminological and Lexical Data included in Classification Schemes
T Declerck, K Egorova, E Schnur – Proceedings of the Eleventh …, 2018 –
… SKOS-XLEncoding 11: OntoLex-Lemon entry for ”Stromerzeugung” ind_class_lemon: lex_7537_2 rdf:type ontolex:MultiWordExpression ; lexinfo:termElement <http://tutorial-> ; 597 Page 6 …

Graph-based Ontology Reasoning for Formal Verification of BREEAM Rules
B Kamsu-Foguem, FH Abanda, MD Doumbouya… – Cognitive Systems …, 2018 – Elsevier
… As a result, the generated RDF graph representation for the IFC files can easily be formalized with visual reasoning in the conceptual graphs environment (see Figure 3). There are also visual editors available for semantic web technologies, (eg Topbraid) with the possibility of …

Deliverable.: Discovery of rich business process models from linked event data
C Di Ciccio, A Cecconi, FJ Ekaputra –
… (i) Apache Jena for RDF Graph manipula on and processing, (ii) OpenXES for accessing and acquiring XES data into RDF Graph, (iii) caRML for acquiring RDF representa on of Declare constraints, and (iv) TopBraid SHACL engine for compliance checking execu on …

The dataLegend ecosystem for historical statistics
R Hoekstra, A Meroño-Peñuela, A Rijpma… – Journal of Web …, 2018 – Elsevier
… RightField 23 allows for selecting terms from an ontology from within Excel spreadsheets to annotate experiment results, but relies on a predefined template. TopBraid Composer 24 uses separate files for capturing mappings …

D3. 3 Data Models
J Peterseil, B Magagna, C Wohner, A Oggioni… –
Page 1. Document ID: eLTER D3.3 Data Models © eLTER consortium European Long-Term Ecosystem and Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure D3.3 Data Models Authors: Peterseil, J., Magagna, B., Wohner, C., Oggioni, A. & Watkins, J …

The development of an ontology for describing the capabilities of manufacturing resources
E Järvenpää, N Siltala, O Hylli, M Lanz – Journal of Intelligent …, 2018 – Springer
Page 1. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 6 The development of an ontology for describing the capabilities of manufacturing resources Eeva Järvenpää1 · Niko Siltala1 · Otto Hylli2 · Minna Lanz1 …

Integrating Semantic Web Technologies and ASP for Product Configuration
S Bischof, G Schenner, S Steyskal, R Taupe –
… For checking SHACL constraints we relied on the TopBraid SHACL API version 1.1.07. The SHACL examples can also 5 6 7 …

Ontology Design Patterns for Combining Pathology and Anatomy: Application to Study Aging and Longevity in Inbred Mouse Strains
SM Alghamdi – 2018 –
… Consequently, DL is the foundation of a variety of web ontology languages such as OIL [55], DAML+OIL [56] and OWL. Many ontology editors support OWL, such as: Protg [57], NeOn Toolkit [58], SWOOP [59], TopBraid [60], and many others. They are mainly used for making …

Design and analysis of a query processor for brick
G Fierro, DE Culler – ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN), 2018 –
… able for download. Noted omissions are TopBraid Live [46], for which we could not obtain a copy, and the RDF extension [25] to the FastBit [47] storage system, which has no available implemen- tation. Further, our evaluation …

New Trends on RIAs Development
G Alor-Hernández, VY Rosales-Morales… – … and Design: Concepts …, 2018 –
… The Antenna Mobility Platform. AMPchroma™. (nd). Antenna Software website. Retrieved December 22, 2012, from TopBraid Ensemble™. (nd). TopQuadrant™ Website. Retrieved December 22, 2012, from http://www …

Benchmarking semantic reasoning on mobile platforms: Towards optimization using OWL2 RL
W Van Woensel, SSR Abidi – Semantic Web –
Mobile hardware has advanced to a point where apps may consume the Semantic Web of Data, as exemplified in domains such as mobile context-awareness, m-Health, m-Tourism and augmented reality. However, recent work shows that the performance of ontolog.

A Method for Information Management Based on RDF Model and Ontology Technology
D Geng, G Gong, Q Gao, Y Wen… – 2018 2nd International …, 2018 –
… [11] Top Braid Composer [EB/OL]. tools/modeling-topbraid-composer- standard-edition/ [12] Natalya F. Noy and Deborah L. McGuinness. Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology …

A Computational Method for Philosophical Interpretation
S Hungerbühler – 2018 –
Page 1. A Computational Method for Philosophical Interpretation MSc Thesis (Afstudeerscriptie) written by Silvan Hungerbühler (born 26.10.1992 in Lenzburg) under the supervision of Arianna Betti and Veruska Zamborlini, and …

Publishing privacy logs to facilitate transparency and accountability
R Samavi, MP Consens – Journal of Web Semantics, 2018 – Elsevier
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End-to-End Service Level Agreement Monitoring Framework
Page 1. i Page 2. ii SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FACULTY OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY End-to-End Service Level Agreement Monitoring Framework A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the …

Konstantinidis, K.,… Corubolo, F.(Ed.) PERICLES Deliverable 4.4: Modelling Contextualised Semantics
E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, S Andreadis… –
Page 1. Kontopoulos, E., Riga, M., Mitzias, P., Andreadis, S., Stavropoulos, T., Konstantinidis, K., … Corubolo, F. (Ed.) PERICLES Deliverable 4.4: Modelling Contextualised Semantics Publisher’s PDF, also known as Version of record …

Ontology-based approach for the validation and conformance testing of xAPI events
JC Vidal, T Rabelo, M Lama, R Amorim – Knowledge-Based Systems, 2018 – Elsevier
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Metadata en besturingskenmerken van lagekosteninfrastructuren voor de publicatie van gelinkte data
M Vander Sande – 2018 –
Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Metadata en besturingskenmerken van lagekosteninfrastructuren voor de publicatie van gelinkte data Metadata and Control Features for Low-Cost Linked Data Publishing Infrastructures Miel Vander Sande Promotoren: prof. dr. ing. E. Mannens, prof. dr …

PaaSport semantic model: An ontology for a platform-as-a-service semantically interoperable marketplace
N Bassiliades, M Symeonidis, P Gouvas… – Data & Knowledge …, 2018 – Elsevier
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BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data
C Zhang, J Beetz, B de Vries – Semantic Web, 2018 –
In this paper, we propose to extend SPARQL functions for querying Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) building data. The official IFC documentation and BIM requirement checking use cases are used to drive the development of the proposed functionality.

D3. 1: Identification of relevant state of the art
J Martinez, A Parsai –