Ontology Extractor


  • context link extractor (cle)
  • dbpedia ontology extractor
  • document ontology extractor
  • domain ontology concepts
  • ontobuilder
  • ontology extractor (ontology builder)
  • ontology extractor layer
  • ontology translation engine
  • ontospider
  • relevant ontology extractor (roe)
  • role ontology extractor
  • sub-ontology extractor (soe)
  • tm-builder
  • topic map extractor
  • xs4tm language
  • xstm (xml specification of topic maps)


  • oveia .. topic map builder


See also:

ODP (Ontology Design Patterns)

Domain specific ontology extractor for indian languages
B Bhatt, P Bhattacharyya – Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on …, 2012 – aclanthology.org
We present a k-partite graph learning algorithm for ontology extraction from unstructured text. The algorithm divides the initial set of terms into different partitions based on information …

SemIndex: Efficient indexing mechanism for ontologies
V Dhingra, KK Bhatia – 2014 Seventh International Conference …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… Specifies the algorithm for ontology extractor. … Output of the Ontology Extractor Module is depicted in Fig.6. This example shows that HTML web page consisting …

An Essential Framework For Concept Based Evolutionary Quranic Search Engine (Ceqse).
SA Raza, M Rehan, A Farooq, SM Ahsan… – Science …, 2014 – researchgate.net
… from ontology extractor to entertain the query of user. Then after validation of concepts from concept validator and sends it to Ontology Extractor for refinement of Ontological knowledge. …

Visualizing Complex Ontologies Through Sub-Ontology Extraction
A El Bolock, R Nagy, C Herbert… – 2020 24th …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… The sub-ontology extractor divides the source OWL file into mini OWL files based on the … servlet which in turn initializes the sub-ontology extractor. The extractor takes the large ontology …

PrEmISES-optimizing the Semantically-Enabled data used by small and medium enterprises
RC Popa, CV Marian, N Goga – 2021 IEEE International Black …, 2021 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… ontology extractor module is responsible for analyzing the usage data – what queries are … We have chosen Sesame as part of our Ontology learner and ontology extractor due to the fact …

Ontology-based documentation extraction for semi-automatic migration of Java code
D Ancona, V Mascardi, O Pavarino – Proceedings of the 27th Annual …, 2012 – dl.acm.org
… ontology extractor with a rather simple doclet (less than 1K LOC) suitable to be easily extended in order to get more advanced ontology extractors… munity: the ontology extractor we have …

Ontology-assisted automatic precise information extractor for visually impaired inhabitants
AC Bukhari, YG Kim – Artificial Intelligence Review, 2012 – Springer
… Our prototype intelligent system not only integrates and communicates among different tools, such as voice command parsers, domain ontology extractors and short message engines, …

Arden syntax studio: creating medical logic module as shareable knowledge
T Ali, M Hussain, WA Khan, M Afzal… – … on Innovations in …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Clinical Decision Support Systems assist the physicians to make critical decisions during the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. CDSS envisions an extendable, shareable and …

Ontology Based Knowledge Retrieval and Semantic Modelling of Qur’an with Contextual Information
R Ahmad, FZ Khan, MA Khan – researchgate.net
… It is also used to retrieve ontological knowledge from ontology extractor, to entertain the user’s query. After the authentication of the concepts from concept validator, it is sent to …

Building the Museum of the Person from RDF Triples and SPARQL
PR Henriques, JJ Almeida – researchgate.net
… We also want to automate the ontology population, in other words, create the Ontology Extractor to identify in the extracted data the concepts and relations that belong to the ontology …

An ontology-based summarization system for arabic documents (ossad)
I Imam, N Nounou, A Hamouda, HAA Khalek – International Journal of …, 2013 – Citeseer
… An ontology extractor from text must perform some NLP processes on the corpus. In a matter of fact some preprocessing should be applied on texts before NLP is, such as removing …

Using the semantics inherent in sitemaps to learn ontologies
AA Algosaibi, AC Melton – 2014 IEEE 38th International …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… The research paper [12] presents an ontology extractor, called OntoSpider, for extracting ontology information from HTML Web documents. It follows a six-phase process to extract the …

Semantically answering questions from the Holy Quran
H Shmeisani, S Tartir, A Al-Na’ssaan… – … Conference on Islamic …, 2014 – researchgate.net
… Therefore, we started by building what, according to our knowledge, the first Arabic ontology extractor (AOE). The AOE builds up ontologies from Arabic texts by detecting concepts and …

Automatic Algorithm for Extracting an Ontology for a Specific Domain Name.
S Sarencheh, A Schiffauerova – KEOD, 2017 – scitepress.org
… Finally, these small dependency trees are then connected to each other based on their TF-IDF weights to create a comprehensive tree for specific domains in the ontology extractor …

Web Page Structure Enhanced Feature Selection for Classification of Web Pages
BL Devi, A Sankar – International Journal of Computer Applications, 2013 – Citeseer
Web page classification is achieved using text classification techniques. Web page classification is different from traditional text classification due to additional information, provided by …

Using Semantic Approaches To Answer Arabic Questions From The Holy Quran
HAJ Shmaisani – 2014 – philadelphia.edu.jo
… 15 2.6 Ontology extractor from text … 2.6 Ontology extractor from text … Alexander and Raphael (2001), In this ontology extractor the researcher combines datamining techniques to detect …

Question Answering Systems on Holy Quran: A Review of Existing Frameworks, Approaches, Algorithms and Research Issues
FS Utomo, N Suryana, MS Azmi – Journal of Physics: Conference …, 2020 – iopscience.iop.org
… A study by [11] developed a new technique called Arabic Ontology Extractor (AOE) for ontology extraction from Arabic text to store in the ontology. They also developed Arabic Quranic …

Using ontology to enhance requirement engineering in agile software process
S Sitthithanasakul, N Choosri – 2016 10th International …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… In order to create an ontology, our research applies the OASys Methodology as well as OntoLT, a semi-automated ontology extractor [12] [16]. These methodologies provide all …

A multi-ontology approach to annotate scientific documents based on a modularization technique
AM de Carvalho Moura, MC Cavalcanti – Journal of Biomedical …, 2015 – Elsevier
… Finally, the seed is delivered to the ontology extractor module, which uses it to extract modules from … They use all data stored in the database to build the seed for the Ontology extractor. …

A Tool for the Automatic Generation of MOISE Organisations From BPMN.
M Cossentino, S Lopes, L Sabatucci – WOA, 2020 – ceur-ws.org
… This generates a primordial ontology that is generated by the Ontology Extractor module. A more accurate processing of some optional details of the BPMN notation greatly contributes …

Investigative analysis across documents and drawings: visual analytics for archaeologists
V Deufemia, L Paolino, G Tortora, A Traverso… – Proceedings of the …, 2012 – dl.acm.org
With the invention and rapid improvement of data-capturing devices, such as satellite imagery and digital cameras, the information that archaeologists must manage in their everyday’s …

Architectural approaches to build the museum of the person
C Araújo, PR Henriques, RG Martini… – 2016 11th Iberian …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… documents and extracts the relevant data (annotated in XML), checking their semantic consistency; • Ontology Extractor that identifies in the extracted data the concepts and relations …

Annotated documents and expanded CIDOC-CRM ontology in the automatic construction of a virtual museum
C Araújo, RG Martini, PR Henriques… – … and advances in …, 2018 – Springer
… Ontology Extractor that identifies in the extracted data the concepts and relations that belong to the ontology creating in this way an instance of the abstract ontology (in another words, …

Relying on Discourse Trees to Extract Medical Ontologies from Text
B Galitsky, D Ilvovsky, E Goncharova – Russian Conference on Artificial …, 2021 – Springer
We explore the role of discourse analysis in ontology construction. While extracting candidate phrases to form ontology entries from text, it is important to pay attention to which …

Social networking ontology engineering walkthrough: practical approach for non-expert user learning
WV Siricharoen – Mobile Networks and Applications, 2016 – Springer
… There are many ontology extractors or ontology editors exist now. The researcher intends to find the appropriate and simple tools or software to create, edit, and adjust ontology …

Automatic mapping rules and OWL ontology extraction for the OBDA Ontop
F Khazalah, Z Malik, A Rezgui – 10th IEEE International …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Extracting Ontop mapping rules and OWL ontology manually from a relational schema is a tedious task. We present an automatic approach for extracting Ontop mappings and OWL …

Semantic Web Based Relational Database Access With Conflict Resolution
F Khazalah – 2015 – digitalcommons.wayne.edu
This thesis focuses on (1) accessing relational databases through Semantic Web technologies and (2) resolving conflicts that usually arises when integrating data from heterogeneous …

Ontological structure-based retrieval system for Tamil
S Rajendran, KP Soman, M Anandkumar… – … in ubiquitous computing, 2021 – Springer
… Bhatt and Bhattacharyya [3] proposed a domain-specific ontology extractor for Indian … Jidge [14] developed a domain-specific ontology extractor for Marathi language. Rajendran …

Rock art interpretation within indiana MAS
V Mascardi, V Deufemia, D Malafronte… – … Symposium on Agent …, 2012 – Springer
… (b) Extract information about patterns like those described above; this activity is carried out by exploiting the Role Ontology Extractor [1] that we experimented in the archeological …

Automatic short answer grading using rough concept clusters.
UK Chakraborty, D Konar, S Roy… – Int. J. Adv. Intell …, 2019 – researchgate.net
… This approach used a NLP-based parser, subject extractor and ontology extractor for comparing the students answers with model answer. In spite of such volume of reported literature, a …

Ontology-Based Ranking in Search Engine
R Bansal, KK Bhatia – Big Data Analytics, 2018 – Springer
Today’s web is human readable where information cannot be easily processed by machines. The current existing Keyword-Based Search Engines provides an efficient way to browse …

Automated intelligent online healthcare ontology Integration
N Maghawry, K Emara, E Shaaban… – 2022 5th International …, 2022 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Knowledge graphs have emerged as a powerful dynamic knowledge representation model for predicting hidden patterns and relationships in medical and healthcare domains for …

A Survey of Modern Crawler Methods
Z Chang – The 6th International Conference on Control …, 2022 – dl.acm.org
… a new algorithm for the URLs to be extracted, and implements this framework by cooperating with crawler manager, HTTP protocol module, link extractor, relevant ontology extractor and …

Web Documents Structures as Source for Machine-Understandable Document
A Algosaibi, S Albahli – Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International …, 2019 – dl.acm.org
… The research paper ?Managing knowledge on the Web – Extracting ontology from HTML Web? [37] presents an ontology extractor, called OntoSpider, for extracting ontology from …

ONTO SQAM-A Model for Analyzing Seafood Quality Based on Ontology
V Sherimon, PC Sherimon – 2018 International Conference on …, 2018 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
One of the most precious exporting sectors in the Indian economy is the seafood industry. Sustained measures to ensure the quality of export materials are very critical to further …

Finding Similar Software with Ontology Matching Techniques
T Breedveld – 2018 – studenttheses.uu.nl
With the current availability of open source projects, the reuse of existing test cases might be a cost-effective way to reduce time spent on creating new test cases. In order to reuse …

Automatic Product Ontology Extraction from Textual Reviews
J Oksanen, O Cocarascu, F Toni – arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.10966, 2021 – arxiv.org
… For these experiments, for each product, we use 200,000 review texts as input to the ontology extractor, except for stand mixer, for which we could only obtain 28,768 review texts due to …

Integrating and Analyzing Databases and Interrelated Documents
C Garcia Alvarado – 2012 – uh-ir.tdl.org
… Ontobuilder is a ontology extractor based on a schema matching approach [35]. The ontology extractor is based on heuristic methods. Doddle-OWL [34] reuses given knowledge to …

Ontological Traceability using Natural Language Processing
R Benitez – 2019 – studenttheses.uu.nl
The software development process is continuously evolving to find the right balance between the real-life problem side with the requirements engineering and the architecture of the …

Semantic concept recognition from structured and unstructured inputs within cyber security domain
AG Ho?sucu – 2015 – open.metu.edu.tr
Linked data initiative has been quite successful in terms of publishing and interlinking data over ontological structures. The success is due to answering semantically rich queries over …

Extraction of domain concepts from the source code
SL Abebe, P Tonella – Science of Computer Programming, 2015 – Elsevier
Program understanding involves mapping domain concepts to the code elements that implement them. Such mapping is often implicit and undocumented. However, identifier names …

ADA-X: A System for Domain-Independent Feature-Based Product Review Aggregation
J Oksanen, F Toni, A Russo – 2020 – imperial.ac.uk
… For each product, we use 200,000 review texts as input to the ontology extractor, except for stand mixer, for which we could only obtain 28,768 review texts due to it being a more niche …

Research Background on Ontology
AF Sawsaa, J Lu – Ontologies and Big Data Considerations for …, 2017 – igi-global.com
The literature review gives the background to the research process, which consisted of three main aspects to find out the theoretical background essential to this project. These aspects …

Image Collection Summarization Method Based on Semantic Hierarchies
Z Riahi Samani, M Ebrahimi Moghaddam – AI, 2020 – mdpi.com
… Ontology extractor and ontology mapper time complexities were dependent on the number of concepts in the domain and mapped ontology. The computational complexity of classifier …

A knowledge-based semantic approach for image collection summarization
ZR Samani, ME Moghaddam – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017 – Springer
With the advent of digital cameras, the number of digital images is on the increase. As a result, image collection summarization systems are proposed to provide users with a condense …

A Algosaibi – 2015 – rave.ohiolink.edu
Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web is a collection of components that work together so that a machine is able to process and understand information; a major component that contributes …

AttacKG: Constructing Technique Knowledge Graph from Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports
Z Li, J Zeng, Y Chen, Z Liang – arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.07093, 2021 – arxiv.org
Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and diverse, making detection increasingly challenging. To combat these attacks, security practitioners actively summarize and …

Ontology-based knowledge elicitation: an architecture
M Montedoro, G Orsi, L Sbattella, R Tedesco – … and Technologies for …, 2012 – Springer
This chapter overviews the process of collection and automatic analysis of data and documents both inside and outside the Networked Enterprise. We will address the following …

Building the Museum of the Person Based on a Combined CIDOC-CRM-FOAF/DBpedia Ontology
CE Araújo – 2016 – search.proquest.com
This document presents the work developed to fulfill the requirements for a Master Thesis in Software Engineering, in the areas of Virtual Museums, and Ontologies for knowledge …

Building ontologies from text corpora
A Benafia, S Mazouzi, S Benafia – … of the The International Conference on …, 2015 – dl.acm.org
This paper presents a novel approach of information extraction for building ontologies covering an extensive range of applications drawn from corpora. Our goal is to propose a method …

Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Asian Language Resources
R Weerasinghe, S Hussain… – Proceedings of the …, 2012 – aclanthology.org
As research in the field of Natural Language Processing matures across Asia, there is a growing need for developing language resources. However the region is not only short in …

A Question Answering System Design about the Holy Quran
BIO Hamoud – 2017 – repository.sustech.edu
This research contributes to the area of Question Answering (QA) to develop a novel QA system for the holy Quran. QA is an important research area concerned with developing an …

Supporting Concept Extraction and Identifier Quality Improvement through Programmers’ Lexicon Analysis
SL Abebe – 2013 – eprints-phd.biblio.unitn.it
Identifiers play an important role in communicating the intentions associated with the program entities they represent. The information captured in identifiers support programmers to (re-)…

Ontological Engineering approach of developing ontology of information science
AF Sawsaa – 2015 – books.google.com
Ontology has been a subject of many studies carried out in artificial intelligence (AI) and information system communities. Ontology has become an important component of the semantic …

Insider threat detection enabled by converting user applications into fractal fingerprints and autonomously detecting anomalies
HM Jaenisch, J Handley – Cyber Sensing 2012, 2012 – spiedigitallibrary.org
We demonstrate insider threat detection for determining when the behavior of a computer user is suspicious or different from his or her normal behavior. This is accomplished by …

Entropyology: fractal fingerprinting digital microarray analogy and prophecies for multiINT fusion and anomaly detection
H Jaenisch, J Handley – Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion …, 2012 – spiedigitallibrary.org
We introduce a digital microarray analogy for accomplishing multi-intelligence source (multiINT) fusion. Spatial Voting is used to combine disparate information sources (numerical, text, …

Onto-thesaurus for Tamil language: Ontology based intelligent system for information retrieval
C Sankaralingam, S Rajendran… – … on Advances in …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
The word ontology refers to the hierarchical structure of entities and their relationships. The entities are nodes and each node is dominated by their parent node in the hierarchical …

Use of lexico-syntactic patterns for the evaluation of taxonomic relations
M Tovar, D Pinto, A Montes, G González… – Mexican Conference on …, 2014 – Springer
In this paper we present an approach for the evaluation of taxonomic relations of restricted domain ontologies. We use the evidence found in corpora associated to the ontology domain …

Opinion target extraction with sentiment analysis
S Bhatia, M Sharma, KK Bhatia… – International Journal of …, 2018 – researchgate.net
Social networks have increased their demand extensively for mining texts. Opinions are used to express views and reviews are used to provide information about how a product is …

Overview of Arnekt IECSIL at FIRE-2018 Track on Information Extraction for Conversational Systems in Indian Languages
M Surathkal – ceur-ws.org
This overview paper describes the first shared task on Information Extractor for Conversational Systems in Indian Languages (IECSIL) which has been organized by FIRE 2018. …

Augmenting Dravidian WordNet with Context
S Rajendran, S Arulmozi – Workshop Programme – academia.edu
It is difficult to interpret the meaning of a lexical item without context. WordNet lists different senses of a word and provides definition and usage example for each sense. But like any …

End user oriented BIM enabled multi-functional virtual environment supporting building emergency planning and evacuation
B Wang – 2014 – orca.cardiff.ac.uk
Relevant research has identified that high level of building emergency casualty (eg due to fire) has direct link with the delayed evacuation especially in residential and high-rising …

Ontology Extraction For Agriculture Domain In Marathi Language Using Nlp Techniques.
P Dalvi, V Mandave, M Gothkhindi… – ICTACT Journal on …, 2016 – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
Ontology is defined as shared specification of conceptual vocabulary used for formulating knowledge-level theories about a domain of discourse. Dataset is created by manually …

A rule-based ontology reasoning system for context-aware building energy management
J Han, YK Jeong, I Lee – 2015 IEEE International Conference …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Global energy demand grows rapidly. The building sector accounts for about 20% of world’s energy consumption. Intelligent and systematic energy management technologies have …

Methods, Approaches, Principles, Guidelines And Applications On Multilingual Ontologies: A Survey.
R Lourdusamy, JM Florrence – ICTACT journal on soft computing, 2016 – academia.edu
Ontologies are used in various domains to provide meaningful knowledge from data. The data can be in different natural languages. Ontologies with a lexical layer in different natural …

A metric for the evaluation of restricted domain ontologies
M Tovar, D Pinto, A Montes… – Computación y …, 2018 – scielo.org.mx
… specific ontology extractor for indian languages. Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Asian Language Resources, The COLING Organizing Committee, Mumbai, India, pp. 75–84. …

Identifying Technical Requirements for a Mobile Business Analytics Application
T Bayrak – International Journal of Business Analytics (IJBAN), 2021 – igi-global.com
This study identifies various technical requirements for business analytics applications designed and optimized for mobile devices. Such applications would enable the mobile …

Learning time-sensitive domain ontology from scientific papers with a hybrid learning method
F Ren – Journal of information science, 2014 – journals.sagepub.com
Large numbers of available scientific papers makes the research of ontology construction an attractive application area. However, there are two shortcomings for most current ontology …

From Linguistic to Conceptual: A Framework Based on a Pipeline for Building Ontologies from Texts.
A Benafia, S Mazouzi, R Maamri, Z Sahnoun… – J. Adv. Comput. Intell …, 2016 – dline.info
This paper presents a novel approach of information extraction for building ontologies covering an extensive range of applications from corpora. Our goal is to propose a method that is …

Techniques of Ontology and its Usage in Indian Languages-A Review
R Kaur, S Sharma – International Journal of Computer Applications, 2015 – Citeseer
Ontology is presently an emerging research topic in the field of artificial intelligence, semantic web, and natural language processing, software engineering, and information architecture …

A review of the state of the art in hindi question answering systems
SK Ray, A Ahmad, K Shaalan – Intelligent Natural Language Processing …, 2018 – Springer
Question Answering Systems (QAS) are tools to retrieve precise answers for user questions from a large set of text documents. Researchers from information retrieval and natural …

Hybrid Fuzzy Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Taxonomy Extraction
M Syafrullah – 2015 – core.ac.uk
Ontology learning refers to an automatic extraction of ontology to produce the ontology learning layer cake which consists of five kinds of output: terms, concepts, taxonomy relations, non…

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