Knowledgebase Meta Guide


The main difference between a database and a knowledgebase is the way that the information is organized and presented. A database is a structured collection of data that is stored and accessed in a systematic way. It typically contains a large amount of raw, unprocessed data that can be queried and analyzed using specialized software.

On the other hand, a knowledgebase is a collection of information that has been organized and presented in a way that is easy to understand and use. A knowledgebase often contains a curated selection of information that has been carefully chosen and organized based on the specific needs of the users. In addition, the information in a knowledgebase may have been processed or enriched using rules or other knowledge representation techniques, which can make it more useful and relevant for the intended audience.


  • project aiml-owl .. in 2007, this was my initial investigation into the conversion of xml dialects into semantic formats such as rdf.
  • project je .. in 2007, this was a joint project with mamet & associates to represent early feed bots in a comprehensive, dynamic asp website.
  • project james .. in 2008, this was a short-lived exploration with a professional associate into wamp, mysql, microsoft sql server, entity relationship diagramming, and xsl transformations (xslt).
  • project simon .. in 2008, this was a collaboration with an expert colleague to create a proof of concept for a proprietary component to convert concgrams (similar to n-grams) into associated latent semantic indexes using spss.
  • project vagabot .. in 2009, this phase represented the culmination of efforts to convert my book, vagabond globetrotting (epub), into the vagabot conversational agent.
  • project stelarc .. in 2009, i consulted with the famous performance artist known as stelarc, as much about his work as my own.


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