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This is an informal survey of chatbot database use from the @Robitron_List, August 2011.


AIML Graphmaster | OpenCog AtomSpace


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Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, roblockhart_pi

In what form do you ladies and gents store your bots’ knowledge bases? Relational Database? NoSQL? Graph? Text File? If it’s a database, is it just a flat list, or a tree, or a graph, or…

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, simulacron1

I’m presently investigating graph databases for storing knowledge as ontology. The fit looks good so far….

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, v_veselov

I use a combination of XML and relational database….

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, robitron_23

I use Expect and Respond language, which is a flat file text language, along with a relational database….

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, pla8net

New research, embedding Artificial Intelligence into an audio / video stream shows promising results…

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, mendicot

Tom Joyce generously contributed a rave in message #13745 (above) on why a relational database was superior to a flat file, such as Google App Engine.

For example, Elizabeth Perreau’s most current DIY AIML platform uses MySQL.

And, Rollo Carpenter’s ever popular is using 4D v11 SQL ( to steadily handle 10,000 simultaneous conversations.

After thinking long and hard, I’m now looking for a (affordable) cloud-based Triplestore (ala IBM Watson), but have so far only identified one high-end solution (EC2). I certainly welcome any suggestions!

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, gdubuque1

My bot is stand-alone and based upon text files but… [extensive reply]

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, janbogaerts…

My system uses its own database format, it’s blob based and parallel

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, adeenamig

My current bot, Zoe, is all AIML but what I’ve done is create a mock-database in Excel and have some macros to use that data and write it out to AIML. For…

Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, daniel.burke

Currently my database is a RAM loaded compressed flatfile an example of which is in the file section of this forum (Adam). Dan….