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The Robitron Yahoo Group was a Yahoo discussion board created in 2002 by Robby Garner as a forum and virtual meeting place for participants of the Loebner Prize contest, which is an annual competition for artificial intelligence programs, and for discussion of related topics such as the development of conversation systems. The group was also involved in developing the rules for the contest, and provided a space for feedback and conversation among contest participants.

This is an informal survey of chatbot database use from the Robitron Yahoo group, August 2011.



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Data Storage

Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, roblockhart_pi

  • In what form do you ladies and gents store your bots’ knowledge bases? Relational Database? NoSQL? Graph? Text File? If it’s a database, is it just a flat list, or a tree, or a graph, or…


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, simulacron1

  • I’m presently investigating graph databases for storing knowledge as ontology. The fit looks good so far….


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, v_veselov

  • I use a combination of XML and relational database….


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, robitron_23

  • I use Expect and Respond language, which is a flat file text language, along with a relational database….


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, pla8net

  • New research, embedding Artificial Intelligence into an audio / video stream shows promising results…


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, mendicot

  • Tom Joyce generously contributed a rave in message #13745 (above) on why a relational database was superior to a flat file, such as Google App Engine.
  • For example, Elizabeth Perreau’s most current DIY AIML platform uses MySQL.
  • And, Rollo Carpenter’s ever popular is using 4D v11 SQL ( to steadily handle 10,000 simultaneous conversations.
  • After thinking long and hard, I’m now looking for a (affordable) cloud-based Triplestore (ala IBM Watson), but have so far only identified one high-end solution (EC2). I certainly welcome any suggestions!


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 2, 2011, gdubuque1

  • My bot is stand-alone and based upon text files but… [extensive reply]


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, janbogaerts…

  • My system uses its own database format, it’s blob based and parallel


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, adeenamig

  • My current bot, Zoe, is all AIML but what I’ve done is create a mock-database in Excel and have some macros to use that data and write it out to AIML. For…


Re: Technical Discussion, Aug 3, 2011, daniel.burke

  • Currently my database is a RAM loaded compressed flatfile an example of which is in the file section of this forum (Adam). Dan….