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Real-life speech-enabled system to enhance interaction with rfid networks in noisy environments [PDF] from Y Benahmed, SA Selouani… – … , Speech and Signal …, 2011 – … In this paper, we present an effective framework for interactive spoken dialog systems belonging to the third category, using a dy- namic pattern matching technique based on Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) [5]. This system will be used by RFID … AIML Grammar … Related articles – All 5 versions

Supporting reflection in an immersive 3D learning environment based on role-play N Malzahn, H Buhmes, S Ziebarth… – Sustaining TEL: From …, 2010 – Springer … The XML-based Artificial Intelligence Markup Language4 (AIML) has been designed for modeling and specifying dialogs with Eliza-like [4] chat-bots such as ALICE5. Recent studies show that chat … To achieve this, we extended the original AIML grammar with tags for gestures. … Related articles – All 2 versions

The use of psycholinguistics rules in case of creating an intelligent chatterbot S Wiak… – Artifical Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2010 – Springer … be reached successfully by implementing to the algorithms psycholinguistic grammar, AI algorithms, “communication grammar” [7], etc. 5 AIML and Decision Trees in Chatterbot Creating For Chatterbot programming, we could use AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

[BOOK] Artificial intelligence: a systems approach MT Jones – 2008 – … 2 The Very Early Days (the early 1950s) 3 Alan Turing 3 AI, Problem Solving and Games 4 Artificial Intelligence Emerges as a … Interface Agents 356 Virtual Character Agents 357 Entertainment Agents 358 Game Agents 358 ChatterBots 360 Eliza and Parry 360 AIML 361 Mobile … Cited by 56 – Related articles – Library Search – All 5 versions

Natural Human-System Interaction Using Intelligent Conversational Agents Y Benahmed, SA Selouani… – … of Interconnectivity and …, 2009 – … of parsing spontaneous utterances that might not follow conventional grammar. In this chapter we demonstrate that an effective speech interfaces can be created by following a simple architectural plan, and combining Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) (ALICE, 2005 … Related articles – All 5 versions

[BOOK] Introduction to artificial intelligence [PDF] from W Ertel – 2011 – … Page 4. Wolfgang Ertel Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Translated by Nathanael Black With illustrations by Florian Mast Page 5. Prof. … Page 6. Preface Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the definite goal of understanding intelligence and building intelligent systems. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – Library Search – All 3 versions

Emotional Speech Synthesis in Spanish for Natural Interaction S Baldassarri, E Cerezo… – New Trends on Human-Computer …, 2009 – Springer … Loquendo ASR enables three possible context-free grammars, ABNF (Augmented BNF), XMLF (XML Form), and JSGF (Java Speech Grammar Format). … to the longest sentence, but to the one that activates more recursive AIML operations … Belfast, 2000 3. Bolinger D. “Intonation and its uses, melody and grammar in discourse … Related articles – All 2 versions

[PDF] Natural language processing implementation on Romanian ChatBot [PDF] from R Fabian, M Alexandru-Nicolae, I Rudas… – … and Computers in …, 2009 – … intelligence chat robot ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language … N T G VVSP = is a Chomsky generative grammar of type i … org [9] Multi Level Recursive Specifications for Context Free Grammars – Vasile Craciunean … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

CyberMate~ Artificial Intelligent business help desk assistant with instance messaging services NT Weerawarna, H Haththella… – … (ICIIS), 2011 6th …, 2011 – … Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language (AIML). … Available: [3] H. Haththella, G. Ambadeniya, S. Chandrasiri, N. Weerawarna, M. Bandara and S … Available: [5] BNF Grammar. … Related articles

Boosting a Chatterbot Understanding with a Weighted Filtered-Popping Network Parser [PDF] from JM Sastre Martinez, J Sastre, J Garcia-Puga – 2009 – … & 3), in- cluding predicates based on electronic dictionaries (sec- tion 4). Local grammars can be … definition of other ones by means of call transitions, allowing for a better grammar structuring. AIML can also reuse other rules by means of the <srai> tag (Wallace, 2004); how- ever … Related articles – All 6 versions

Maxine: A platform for embodied animated agents S Baldassarri, E Cerezo… – Computers & Graphics, 2008 – Elsevier … However, this must be taken into account when writing the words of the Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF) grammar and generating Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) [25] files, thanks to both of which, depending on the context of the conversation, we will be … Cited by 18 – Related articles – All 3 versions

The anatomy of ALICE [PDF] from RS Wallace – Parsing the Turing Test, 2009 – Springer … 13.1 Introduction ALICE is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) natural language chat robot based on an experiment specified by Alan M. Turing in 1950. … More than 300 developers contributed to Program B. AIML transitioned to a fully XML compliant grammar, making available … Cited by 55 – Related articles – All 9 versions

Dialog structure automatic modeling [PDF] from D Hisgen… – Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 2010 – Springer … It mainly consists of a parser, an X- windows grammar development interface and a morphological analyzer. …AI 3, 199-222 (1972) [7] Wallace, R.: The Elements of AIML Style. … Paroubek, P., Schabes, Y., Joshi, AK: XTAG – A Graphical Workbench for Developing Tree-Adjoining Grammars. … Related articles – All 3 versions

An intelligent web-based voice chat bot SJ du Preez, M Lall… – EUROCON 2009, EUROCON’ …, 2009 – … repository is updated by the content retrieval module to increase the intelligence autonomously (based on an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)). … Grammar files which is used in generating the message is an integral part forming part of the acoustic model … Cited by 1 – Related articles

[PDF] Multi-Agent Systems in a Computational Environment of Education: A Chatterbot Case Study [PDF] from AFM Batista, MGB Marietto, GCO Barbosa… – 2010 – … This language is maintained by the ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation that keeps the free distribution of … a collection of such notes that conform to a defined syntax and grammar can certainly … AIML is an XML-compliant language and all based markup languages use literal … Related articles – View as HTML – All 4 versions

Location Aware Question Answering Based Product Searching in Mobile Handheld Devices [PDF] from SA Hossain, ASMM Rahman… – … Simulation and Real …, 2010 – … The conversation is performed by standard AIML [23] (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) based pattern matching … 5 which use the AIML file described earlier in section … is capable of large vocabulary continuous speech recognition and context free grammar (CFG) based … Related articles – All 5 versions

[PDF] Design and Implementation of a 3D Multi-User Virtual World for Language Learning [PDF] from MB Ibáñez, JJ García, S Galán, D Maroto… – … Technology & Society, 2011 – … skills: Learners will develop basic writing skills using the vocabulary and grammar of the … that is especially useful in our application is through NPCs provided with Artificial Intelligence tools that … ProgramD (Program D, 2009) an extended open source AIML platform was used to … View as HTML

Multi-user 3D virtual environment for Spanish learning: A Wonderland experience MB Ibanez, JJ García, S Galán… – … (ICALT), 2010 IEEE …, 2010 – … The students will develop basic writing skills using the vocabulary and grammar of the lesson to ask and give information to non … As AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language) is an XML-based programming language, it was necessary to store linguistic patterns and their … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 3 versions

TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES APPARATUS AND METHOD J Wilson – US Patent App. 12/668,816, 2008 – Google Patents … How- ever, the primary method of context memory used by AIML allows a matching rule to … Prolog is rule based, and lends itself to logical processing of grammars based on a set of based on a set of construction rules… [0007] Indeed, the Lighthill Report (Professor Sir James Lighthill, “Artificial Intelligence: A General … All 2 versions

[PDF] An AIML Interpreter [PDF] from K Sullivan – 2009 – … Due to its history as a language for creating artificial intelligence, AIML variables are officially called “predicates” in the specification. With the exception of the special properties of AIML variables mentioned above, they have … Related articles – View as HTML

Development of entertaining robots: A study into intelligent acquisition of human language in robots R Li… – Information and Automation, 2009. ICIA’09. …, 2009 – … To improve on this, the robot needs to ‘know’ the rules of human language (ie grammar). Development of Entertaining Robots: A Study into Intelligent … One of the most well-known pattern matching robots is ALICE written in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). … Related articles

On the development of a talking head system based on the use of PDE-based parametic surfaces M Athanasopoulos, H Ugail… – … on computational science …, 2011 – Springer … Persona-AIML [19] presents the Persona-AIML architecture for the creation of chatterbots in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) with person- ality. … The AIML implementation for recursion is the tag <srai>. … Spelling or grammar corrections. … Related articles – All 3 versions

Conversational Agents in E-Learning [PDF] from A Kerry, R Ellis… – … and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XVI, 2009 – Springer … This section examines the literature from the artificial intelligence in education, intelligent tutoring systems and … Similarly, a statement may be made with alternative grammar or voices, and each should be … Many systems, such as those based on AIML ( offer the … Cited by 4 – Related articles – All 7 versions

AINI-embodied conversation agent applicable for interactive games [PDF] from OS Goh… – 2008 – … If a larger collection of “tricks” sufficed, would you redefine “artificial intelligence,” “average questioner … crucial since it is quite rare that humans use perfect grammar in informal … checker, Natural Language Understanding and Reasoning, FAQ Metadata and AIML engine module … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Toward the human-robot co-existence society: on safety intelligence for next generation robots [PDF] from YH Weng, CH Chen… – International Journal of Social Robotics, 2009 – Springer … of Mars, in December 2008, the US military reported its plan to devote approximately $4 billion USD within the following two years for the develop- ment of “ethical” robots-autonomous robot soldiers which will conform to the laws of warfare [5]. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the … Cited by 11 – Related articles – All 8 versions

[PDF] Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Conversational Agents in Learning Environments for Young Teenagers [PDF] from A Silvervarg… – … and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems, 2011 – … The off-task conversation is implemented using AIML, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (Wallace 2010 … to choose new topics the agent has a topic model implemented as a set of AIML predicates including … The conversational behaviour is described by a dialogue grammar. … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES APPARATUS AND METHODS J Wilson – US Patent 20,120,021,783, 2012 – … However, the primary method of context memory used by AIML allows a matching rule to … Prolog is rule based, and lends itself to logical processing of grammars based on a … Indeed, the Lighthill Report (Professor Sir James Lighthill, “Artificial Intelligence: A General Survey”, UK … Cached

[PDF] Filter, rank, and transfer the knowledge: Learning to chat [PDF] from S Jafarpour, C Burges… – Advances in Ranking, 2010 – … ALICE applies heuristic pattern matching rules (specified in AIML, “Artificial Intelligence Markup Language”) to the human’s input. … 4.1 Part of Speech Tagging Part-of-Speech-Tagging (POS tagging) [12, 13] is the task of generating a grammar tree for sentences of a corpus. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

[BOOK] Proceedings of the Paralinguistic Information and Its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems Workshop RLC Delgado – 2011 – Page 1. Ramén Lépez-Cézar Delgado Tetsunori Kobayashi Editors P”‘oceedings of tfe Para iaguistic Irformation and its lrtegration in Spoken D’aI0gue Systems Workshop Q Springer Page 2. Proceedings of the Paralinguistic …

Towards a Context-Based dialog management layer for expert systems [PDF] from V Hung, A Gonzalez… – Information, Process, and …, 2009 – … 13] present Persona-AIML, which gives personality to agents based on the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language … [14] R. Wallace, “AIML pattern matching … Waibel, “Tight coupling of speech recognition and dialog management – dialog-context dependent grammar weighting for … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 10 versions

From science fiction to science fact: a smart-house interface using speech technology and a photo-realistic avatar GL Filho… – International Journal of Computer Applications in …, 2010 – Inderscience … However, the AI language used [Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)] was not immediately suitable for a smart-house application though it is good for amusement purposes. … First, a grammar dictionary: Guile: What does the word happiness mean? … Related articles – All 9 versions

Domain knowledge query conversation bots in instant messaging (IM) OS Goh, CC Fung… – Knowledge-Based Systems, 2008 – Elsevier … It is a set of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) scripts comprising the award winning conversation bots. … In the competition, ALICE used a library of over 30,000 stimulus-response pairs written in Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). … Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 5 versions

A framework and evaluation of conversation agents [PDF] from OS Goh – 2008 – … The Loebner Prize is the premier international competition on Artificial Intelligence concerning conversation agents. • Rion Snow from Stanford AI Lab for providing the MINIPAR visualisation tool. • Dr. Richard S. Wallace, for providing the Annotated ALICE AIML (AAA) … All 4 versions

Towards a conversational agent architecture to favor knowledge discovery in serious games F Bellotti, R Berta, A De Gloria… – Proceedings of the 8th …, 2011 – … The Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language (AIML) is an XML based authoring tool that allows … ALICE [8], a high-performance chatbot programmed in AIML, involves 1120,000 rules, which makes … WordNet also provides the polysemy count and distinguishes grammar categories

An RFID framework for multimodal service provision S Sorce, A Augello, A Santangelo… – … , 2009. CISIS’09. …, 2009 – … In particular the CyD technology (integration of the Aiml interpreter ProgramD and Cyc [15]), a porting in … The user reply is recognized using ad-hoc speech grammars for the current dialogue interactionThe speech grammar is built at run-time fitting a grammar schema created at programming time with a set of key-words about the interaction context… Related articles – All 2 versions

[PDF] The Gentzen Sequent Calculus in E-Testing. Part I: Foundations [PDF] from A Niewiadomski… – Journal of Applied Computer …, 2010 – … Sets-Based Retranslation of Numerical Data in E-learning, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. … R., An application of multivalued similarity relations in automated evaluation of grammar tests, In … A., Multiple Sequent Calculus for Tense Logics, In: Abstracts of AiML and ICTL … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 5 versions

[PDF] An embodied conversational agent with asperger syndrome [PDF] from L Van Zijl… – 2011 – … Here, the input is matched against the Dinosaurs feature based grammar, and the query “SELECT ‘location’ FROM ‘DinoSpecies … Artificial Intelli- gence Markup Language (AIML) Version 1.0.1. Working draft, ALICE AI Foundation. … Applied Artificial Intelligence, 13(3):273-295. … Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Automatic Chatbot Knowledge Acquisition from Online Forum via Rough Set and Ensemble Learning Y Wu, G Wang, W Li… – Network and Parallel Computing, …, 2008 – … It had AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) [2] as its knowledge description language and … Wang2 and Weisheng Li3 are with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Chongqing University of … elliptical, and irregular, and full of spelling, usage, and grammar mistakes which … Related articles – All 3 versions

AI-based chatterbots and spoken English teaching: a critical analysis G Sha – Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2009 – Taylor & Francis … him into the next step, either correcting his speech or giving further instructions on intonation, vocabulary, grammar, and so … three up-to-date technologies: 1. The knowledge base. Also called the “brain”, compiled in artificial intelligence markup language (AIML) or other … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 6 versions

Evaluating the language resources of chatbots for their potential in English as a second [PDF] from D Coniam – ReCALL, 2008 – Cambridge Univ Press … from two of the organisations that produce a number of today’s commonly-used chatbots – the ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation and … Specifically, the study’s analytic perspective is modelled on a Hallidayan (1994) systemic functional grammar view of language structure as … Cited by 5 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 13 versions

Socially situated affective systems S Payr… – Emotion-Oriented Systems, 2011 – Springer … Tools for doing this include AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language), initially used to write dialogue instructions for the ALICE chatbot … Alternatively, discourse-level grammars are written that specify how utterances follow each other in (usually) two-person conversations. … Cited by 1 – Related articles

Toward a multi-culture adaptive virtual tour guide agent with a modular approach [PDF] from HH Huang, A Cerekovic, IS Pandzic, Y Nakano… – AI & Society, 2009 – Springer … Human-agent interactions are written in AIML-like pattern-template pairs (ALICE AI Founda- tion 2005). … These components are wrapped recognition engines that recognize Japanese or English spoken by the visitors by matching predefined grammar rules. … Cited by 4 – Related articles – All 13 versions

[PDF] Affective Embodied Conversational Agents for Natural Interaction [PDF] from E Cerezo, S Baldassarri, I Hupont… – Affective Computing, 2008 – … Loquendo ASR only enables three possible context-free grammars, ABNF (Augmented BNF), XMLF (XML Form) and JSGF (Java Speech Grammar Format). … The knowledge of the virtual character is specified in AIML -Artificial Intelligence Markup Language- (AIML, 2001). … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

Integrating embodied conversational agent components with a generic framework [PDF] from HH Huang, A Cerekovic, K Tarasenko… – Multiagent and Grid …, 2008 – IOS Press … described above actually involve works from multiple research disciplines like artificial intelligence, computer graphics … was built in three hours by writing two scenarios in AIML and the … use English speech recognition engine to recognize Croatian by using a grammar defined to … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 14 versions

Hybrid world object tracking for a virtual teaching agent W Newman, D Franzel, T Matsumoto… – … (IJCNN), The 2010 …, 2010 – … DMW Powers is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the School of Computer Science Engineering … concepts, speech, grammar, etc … we are using Alice [6] for much of our current Teaching Head research [7] as its AIML language is … Related articles

Models towards a hybrid conversational agent for contact centres GR Sankar, J Greyling, D Vogts… – Proceedings of the 2008 …, 2008 – … General Terms Artificial Intelligence, Design, Human Factors, Languages, Theory. … These AIML files are used to match the users input to a certain output utilising pattern matching … system [5]: 1. Rules – Rules are data that have to conform to certain specialised grammars to define … Related articles

Systems Engineering and Conversational Agents J O’Shea, Z Bandar… – Intelligence-Based Systems …, 2011 – Springer … More flexible dialogue is possible, using more powerful grammars and probabilistic/empirical techniques, but is not trusted when high accuracy … NLP-based approach (used within a CA) currently being investigated, at the University of Cambridge, uses phrasal grammar rules to … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Pragmatic and opportunistic reuse in innovative start-up companies S Jansen, S Brinkkemper, I Hunink… – Software, IEEE, 2008 – … To automatically communicate with customers, Solution 2 needed an advanced language interpreter that could recognize language structure (grammar) and meaning (semantics). … The Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is an XML dialect for creating natural-language software agents…. Cited by 10 – Related articles – All 5 versions

[PDF] Toward a culture adaptive conversational agent with a modularized approach [PDF] from H Huang, T Nishida, A Cerekovic… – … Interfaces, held in …, 2008 – … possible categories into a conversational state and prevents the problem that templates may be triggered unex- pectedly in AIML agent which … compliant recognition engines which recognizes Japanese or English spoken by the visitors by matching predefined grammar rules. … Cited by 4 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

Scripting Human-Agent Interactions in a Generic ECA Framework HH Huang, A Cerekovic, IS Pandzic… – … and Innovations in …, 2008 – Springer … techniques on signal processing, natural language processing, gesture recognition, artificial intelligence, dialogue management … the problem that templates may be triggered unexpectedly in AIML agent which … with an English speech recognizer and a customized grammar for a … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 5 versions

Ontology Construction Using Computational Linguistics for E-Learning L Jegatha Deborah, R Baskaran… – … : Sustaining Research and …, 2011 – Springer … “Anaphora Resolution” which concentrates on three categories of nouns which pertain to the gender, person and grammar number resolution of the text … In: Horn, W. (ed.) Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI 2000. … In: AIML 2006 International Conference, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (2006) 21. … Related articles

Reasoning about strategies of multi-agent programs [PDF] from M Dastani… – … of the 9th International Conference on …, 2010 – … Languages and Soft- ware; I.2.11 [Artificial Intelligence]: Distributed Artificial Intelli- gence-Multiagent Systems; I.2.4 [Artificial Intelligence]: Knowl- edge … The language of ATLP is formally defined by the following grammar: ?0 ::= p | ¬?0 | ?0 ? ?0, ? ::= ?0 | Beli?0 | Goali?0 … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 7 versions

The ontology of dimensionality for anthropological database modeling NV Serov – Automatic Documentation and Mathematical …, 2010 – Springer … the twentieth century with its absolutization of IQ and for convenience (at least for psychologists and/or in the theory of artificial intelligence) simply eliminated. … only as a context, that is, in lan guages of a higher level than is accepted to consider in the theory of formal grammars. … Related articles – All 4 versions

Organization and management of large categorical systems [PDF] from F Loebe – Theory and Applications of Ontology: Computer …, 2010 – Springer … The powerset of an arbitrary set S is denoted by Pow(S). Grammar-based definitions of a language L usually distinguish between sentence constructions and a signature/vocabulary V. Lg(V) designates the language over V, ie, all sentences which can be constructed from V in … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Chatbots are natural web interface to information portals [PDF] from BA Shawar – 2008 – … AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language, is a derivative of Extensible Mark-up Language (XML … 4. AIML pattern-matching rules, known as “categories”, are created … the query, using a question-processing engine to understand the meaning of the words and grammar of the … Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

[PDF] Corpus Linguistics and Language Learning [PDF] from ES Atwell – 2008 – … DCG grammars can be used both for parsing corpus sentences and generation of new sentences. …Likelihood statistical modelling of English grammar. We investigated another … Atwell 2005). The AIML chatbot architecture requires a set of input-reply patterns or … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Temporal representation and reasoning [PDF] from M Fisher – Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, 2008 – Elsevier … Size images. Article. Article – selected. Figures/Tables. Figures/Tables – selected. References. References – selected. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Volume 3, 2008, Pages 513-550 Handbook of Knowledge Representation. … Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 7 versions

MANA for the Ageing [PDF] from DMW Powers, MH Luerssen, TW Lewis… – Proceedings of the …, 2010 – … teaching, not to give the student any examples of incorrect or poor grammar, accent, etc … The current versions of Alice, reflect AIML code that is very similar in principle to … Learning and Reasoning: From a technological Artificial Intelligence perspective, our primary focus is learning … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 8 versions

[PDF] Ontology Supported Comparison in Vague Domains [PDF] from KØ Lundqvist, S Williams… – 2010 – … 66 4.1 Parsing algorithms and Artificial Intelligence ….. 66 … Chapter 3 will investigate how vague domains have traditionally been tackled in computer science (in literature) especially by using artificial intelligence (AI) … Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Ontology Assisted Formal Specification Extraction from Text [PDF] from A Mihis – Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Informatica, 2010 – … I.2.7 [Computing Methodologies]: Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Processing D.2.1 [Software]: Software … International Conference on Artificial Intelli- gence and Machine Learning (AIML-06), Sharm El … adriana/Teaching.html [24] … Related articles – All 6 versions

Flexible software architectures for ontology-based information systems [PDF] from M Wessel… – Journal of Applied Logic, 2009 – Elsevier Cited by 14 – Related articles – All 10 versions

The design of a generic framework for integrating ECA components [PDF] from HH Huang, T Nishida, A Cerekovic… – Proceedings of the 7th …, 2008 – … To achieve these functionalities, knowledge and techniques on signal processing, natural language processing, gesture recognition, artificial intelligence, dialog management, per … An AIML script represents an agent’s knowledge that is com- posed by a set of Category elements. … Cited by 24 – Related articles – All 12 versions

MIKI: A Case Study of an Intelligent Kiosk and Its Usability L McCauley, S D’Mello, L Kim… – New Advances in Virtual …, 2008 – Springer … from the analysis of audio corpuses as is quite common in building dictation grammars for automatic … just as if the user had uttered the phrase exactly as prescribed in the grammar rule. … between this method and the widely used Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language (AIML) [28 … Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Emergency response information system interoperability: development of chemical incident response data model [PDF] from R Chen, R Sharman, N Chakravarti… – Journal of the …, 2008 – … heterogeneous databases, information retrieval, knowledge systems, artificial intelligence, multimedia, geographic information systems (GIS), interoperable system architecture design, and business process modeling (Beech 1997; Goodchild et al. 1997; Gupta et al. … Cited by 17 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 4 versions

Software Tool for Creating Outlines and Mind Maps that Generates Subtopics Automatically S Herbst – US Patent App. 20,090/119,584, 2008 – … available expert system shells, Artificial Intelligence languages, chat bot scripting languages, production rule systems, rewrite grammars, decision support … AIML: <that>, <thatstar>. … This feature supports a hierarchy of special cases in text matching, to handle the grammar of longer … Cached

A Framework for Asynchronous Dialogue Systems: Concepts, Issues and Design Aspects [PDF] from M Treumuth – 2011 – … Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) [AIML, 2009] is an XML dialect for creating natural language … The frameworks that are based on AIML also do not have asyn- chronous turn … The dialogue designer specifies the treenodes where each tree system allows grammar rules to be enabled in particular agentsof the dialogue tree. … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 2 versions

[PDF] A context aware and user tailored multimodal information generation in a multimodal hci framework [PDF] from S Fitrianie, I Tatomir… – Euromedia 2008, 2008 – … Joshi AK and Vijay-Shanker K. (1999) Compositional Semantics for Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammars, Proc. … Steedman M. and Baldridge J. (2005) Combinatory Categorial Grammar, in: R. Borsley and K … The elements of AIML style, ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation, inc … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Software Tool for Creating Outlines and Mind Maps that Generates Subtopics Automatically S Herbst – US Patent App. 12/259,500, 2008 – Google Patents Page 1. US 20090119584A1 (i9) United States (12) Patent Application Publication (i0) Pub. No.: US 2009/0119584 Al Herbst (43) Pub. Date: May 7,2009 (54) SOFTWARE TOOL FOR CREATING OUTLINES AND MIND MAPS …

La plataforma EDUCAGENT: Agentes Conversacionales Inteligentes y Entornos Virtuales aplicados a la Docencia [PDF] from D Griol Barres, JM Molina, Z Callejas… – Informatica Educativa …, 2011 – Page 1. IE Comunicaciones Numero 13, Enero-Junio 2011, pp 15-31 Revista Iberoamericana de Informática Educativa Artículos ISSN: 1699-4574 (c) ADIE, Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Informática Educativa La plataforma EDUCAGENT: Agentes Conversacionales … Related articles

Conscious Machines and Consciousness Oriented Programming [PDF] from N Bátfai – Arxiv preprint arXiv:1108.2865, 2011 – … (3) IT p,i+1 = 1y |x ? IT p,i,Qx,p(T,y) = yesl,i = 1 (4) where y ? 10,1l* is an arbitrary word or, for example, y ? L(G) generated by some generative grammar G. Theorem 3. Let n ? N be a given natural number and let T be a Turing machine. Then LT ? ?c ? QILTn ??c<?. … Related articles – All 3 versions

Development of pre-programmed operating coursebot (PO’C’DON) [PDF] from V Kasinathan – 2008 – … accordingly. It was successful in winning the Loebner prize for 2000 and 2001. A unique feature of this bot is that it uses an XML DTD called AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). Rules for pattern matching can be specified in …

PNQ: Portable Non-player Characters with Quests J Al-Gharaibeh… – Cyberworlds (CW), 2010 …, 2010 – … Figure 4. Part of the grammar for the PNQ NPC behavior model. 296 … Different NPCs teach different subjects and have different personalities embodied in their AIML scripts. … 252- 363, Paris France, September 2007. [4] R. Wallace, ed., Artificial Intelligence Markup Language … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 3 versions

A Prova eo Pensar [PDF] from FLB Soares – Revista Eletrônica FTEC, 2010 – … CIÊNCIA DA COMPUTAÇÃO – CONFERÊNCIAS Sigla internacionais 1 AAAI AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence A1 2 ACL-SIGSEM ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Prepositions B3 3 CCS ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security B2 …

[PDF] Semantics for Virtual Humans [PDF] from AGR MARTINE – 2009 – … individuality, cognition, interaction capabilities, etc. All these processes require the expertise from different fields of knowledge such as mathematics, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, design, etc. Furthermore, there is neither … Cited by 2 – Related articles – Library Search – All 2 versions

Robustness of Automatic Speech Recognition SA Selouani – Speech Processing and Soft Computing, 2011 – Springer Page 1. Chapter 6 Robustness of Automatic Speech Recognition Abstract Most speech recognition research has shifted to conversational and natu- ral speech in order to make effective and intuitive speech-enabled interfaces. …

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