100 Best Chatbot Character Websites


Character chatbots and virtual beings represent two approaches to AI-driven interaction, with character chatbots focusing on text-based conversations within specific contexts or narratives through natural language processing, primarily used in customer service, entertainment, and education. In contrast, virtual beings, or digital humans, offer a more immersive experience by incorporating visual, auditory, and sometimes tactile elements to mimic human interactions closely, employing advanced AI, computer graphics, and animation. Virtual beings are utilized in a broader range of applications, including immersive customer service, healthcare, and as companions, highlighting the key differences in interaction modes, technological complexity, and application scope between the two.

Websites like Character.AI feature AI-driven characters that simulate human-like conversations using advanced natural language processing technologies. Users can interact with a diverse array of characters, from fictional creations to representations of historical figures, each with their own designed personalities. These platforms offer interactive and often customizable experiences, focusing on entertainment, education, or companionship.

PygmalionAI is an open-source conversational AI frontend that uses KoboldAI models fine-tuned on chat data from closed platforms like CharacterAI. It provides an actively developed 6B model optimized for chatting, along with guides for users to contribute their own data and improve the system. PygmalionAI’s goal is to replicate and eventually surpass proprietary chatbots in functionality and quality through a community-driven open source approach.


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[53x Mar 2024]

  1. aier.app
  2. aitwin.us
  3. arichatapp.com
  4. aisekai.ai
  5. botif.ai
  6. candy.ai
  7. chainsfw.ai
  8. character.ai
  9. characterx.ai
  10. charfriend.com
  11. charstar.ai
  12. chatfai.com
  13. chatgenie.xyz
  14. chub.ai
  15. crushon.ai
  16. delphi.ai
  17. dopple.ai
  18. dreamgf.ai
  19. dreampal.ai
  20. dreamshow.ai
  21. easyerp.ai
  22. elysai.com
  23. exligent.com
  24. fantasygf.ai
  25. flowgpt.com
  26. girl-friend.ai
  27. harpy.chat
  28. janitorai.com
  29. janitoraichat.com
  30. kajiwoto.ai
  31. kamoto.ai
  32. kindroid.ai
  33. korewa.ai
  34. kupid.ai
  35. mindos.com
  36. muah.ai
  37. mygemsouls.com
  38. mygenerator.ai
  39. mysentient.ai
  40. nsfwcharacters.ai
  41. ora.ai
  42. pephop.ai
  43. realchar.ai
  44. rizzgpt.app
  45. rody.ai
  46. roleplai.app
  47. soulapp.cn
  48. soulfun.ai
  49. talkie-ai.com
  50. talkiemate.com
  51. tavernai.net
  52. vmate.ai
  53. yodayo.com