100 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins


Chatbots can be used with WordPress in a number of ways. One common use case is to integrate a chatbot with a WordPress website or blog to provide customer support or answer frequently asked questions. This can be done using a chatbot plugin or by using a chatbot service that provides integration with WordPress.

To use a chatbot with WordPress, you will typically need to do the following:

  1. Install a chatbot plugin or integration: There are several chatbot plugins available for WordPress, such as Chatbot for WordPress – WPBot, BotStar, and Botgento Chatbot. Alternatively, you can use a chatbot service that provides integration with WordPress, such as Intercom, Drift, or Zendesk Chat.
  2. Configure the chatbot: Once you have installed the chatbot plugin or integration, you will need to configure it to suit your needs. This may involve setting up conversation flows, integrating with customer support or CRM systems, and creating custom responses to frequently asked questions.
  3. Deploy the chatbot: Once you have configured the chatbot, you can deploy it on your WordPress website or blog by adding the chatbot widget to your site. This will allow users to interact with the chatbot through your website or blog.


  • anytimereply.com .. automated sales chatbot available to customers round the clock
  • botosub.com .. send newsletters with facebook messenger chatbot
  • bottr.me .. easy way to create an ai chat bot for free
  • brainshop.ai .. helps your products understand human words and respond with a human touch
  • chatbooster.pl .. readers subscribe your news and receive it via messenger
  • chatx.ai .. recover abandoned carts using facebook messenger
  • clientity.com .. automatic chatbot that gets the contact data of your visitors
  • collect.chat .. interactive chatbot for collecting data on your website
  • dialogflow.com .. build engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces
  • giga.ai .. rapid facebook messenger bots for developers and marketers
  • marketeer.co .. hybrid human-machine live customer communication
  • orat.io .. connect with customers on messengers through personal and automated interactions
  • personic.com .. chatbots that take content from marketing emails
  • proprofschat.com .. wordpress live chat integration
  • shopybot.com .. simple e-commerce chatbot engine
  • virtualspirits.com .. create chatbot for website lead generation, customer service and sales
  • watson conversation .. quickly build and deploy chatbots and virtual agents
  • wpchatbot.io .. $25 wordpress chatbot builder


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