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Intelligent diagnosis of diseases in plants using a hybrid Multi-Criteria decision making technique
W Goodridge, M Bernard, R Jordan… – … and Electronics in …, 2017 – Elsevier
… These Artificial Intelligence systems generally either apply image processing techniques to images of diseased plants or use a data entry dialog system to attempt a diagnosis … Analytical technique, Plant, Pest/disease, Input, Comments. Fuzzy logic Sannakki et al …

A formal model of an argumentative dialogue in the management of emotions
M Kacprzak, A Sawicka, A Zbrzezny… – Logic and Logical …, 2017 – apcz.umk.pl
… answers. All of these define a protocol, which is the basis of which to construct a mathematical model of the dialogue system. This … sentences. In dialogue system, all actions are aimed at influencing the players’ com- mitments. Therefore …

A study of fuzzy logic ensemble system performance on face recognition problem
A Polyakova, L Lipinskiy – IOP Conference Series: Materials …, 2017 – iopscience.iop.org
… Currently for the classification of such objects the methods based on fuzzy logic are being actively developed … 3. Face recognition problem The automated human-machine system, working in the dialog mode is called a dialogue system …

Speech Based Gender Identification Using Fuzzy Logic
A Khan, V Kumar, S Kumar – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… DOI:10.15680/IJIRSET.2017.0607242 14345 The tools which we used in the above mentioned work are the MATLAB and fuzzy logic toolbox … For achieving high-quality dialogue systems automatic prediction of speaker’s gender by his/her voice has been an important feature …

Using Fuzzy Sets in a Data-to-Text System for Business Service Intelligence
A Ramos-Soto, J Janeiro, JM Alonso, A Bugarin… – Advances in Fuzzy Logic …, 2017 – Springer
… decades of research, but a relatively small community when compared to other disciplines such as fuzzy logic, NLG actually encompasses different types of text generation that characterize well-differentiated subfields. For instance, NLG in dialogue systems, narratives and …

Using Fuzzy Sets in a Data-to-Text System for Business Service Intelligence
D Berea-Cabaleiro – … of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic …, 2017 – books.google.com
… decades of research, but a relatively small community when compared to other disciplines such as fuzzy logic, NLG actually encompasses different types of text generation that characterize well-differentiated subfields. For instance, NLG in dialogue systems, narratives and …

Part I Tutorials
M Kudelka, Z Chelly, TA Pham, N Le Thanh, J Stolfa… – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… 217 Olfa Chebbi and Jouhaina Chaouachi Fuzzy Logic Based Human Activity Recognition in Video Surveillance Applications … xiv Contents Page 5. Dialogue Systems: Modeling and Prediction of their Dynamics …

Automatic Gender Identification in Speech Recognition by Genetic Algorithm
T Jayasankar, K Vinothkumar, A Vijayaselvi – Appl. Math, 2017 – naturalspublishing.com
… In our existing system uses fuzzy logic and neural network approach does not produced the exact required result for gender classification due to complexity of … In common, gender identification of a speaker is significant for increased natural and personalized dialogue systems …

A Fuzzy Control System for Inductive Video Games
C Lara-Alvarez, H Mitre-Hernandez, J Flores… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 – arxiv.org
… The proposed method relies on a fuzzy logic control. Fuzzy logic mimics human control logic in that it uses an imprecise but descriptive language to deal with input data, much like a human operator … It demonstrates that the fuzzy logic models can be used to analyze emotions …

Artificial Intelligence in Unity Game Engine
L Yu – 2017 – theseus.fi
… healthy etc. It makes an AI agent more unpredictable and interesting. FIGURE 6. Fuzzy Logic Image(Wikipedia, Fuzzy Logic) Page 17. 17 … such as obstacles, traps, environmental destruction animation. ? A dialogue system should be seamlessly intertwined with the game. Its …

Hypermedia multi-agent modeling
Z Othmane, A DEROUICH, A TALBI – training – researchgate.net
… [2] A Kobsa, W Wahlster, “User models in dialog systems”, Springer- Verlag New York, Inc,1990 … [9] Chrysafiadi K., & Virvou, M., “Evaluating the integration of fuzzy logic into the stu-dent model of a web-based learning environment”, 2012 …

Personalizing HMI Elements in ADAS Using Ontology Meta-Models and Rule Based Reasoning
Y Lilis, E Zidianakis, N Partarakis, M Antona… – … on Universal Access in …, 2017 – Springer
… Since drivers using these systems usually have different levels of experience, [26] has proposed a method to build a dialogue system in an automotive environment … FuzzyDL System is a description logic reasoner that supports both Fuzzy Logic and fuzzy Rough Set reasoning [9 …

Robotics and IoT: Interdisciplinary Applied Research in the RIoT Zone
R Voyles, J Wachs, D Foti, BC Min – 2017 – docs.lib.purdue.edu
… natural for task experts Spoken Dialog System allows hands-free interaction INTUITIVE AUTONOMY TRUSTED ASSISTANT TO INSPECT, TRAIN … Ontological Semantics Technology •Common Sense Knowledge & Fuzzy Logic •Automatic knowledge acquisition •Reasoning …

Non-Contextual Modeling of Sarcasm using a Neural Network Benchmark
ND Radpour, V Ashokkumar – arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.07404, 2017 – arxiv.org
… is an extensive task, it can be extended via the same method that we present to capture different forms of nuances in communication and making for much more natural and engaging dialogue systems … (Mukherjee and Bala 2017) combined NBC with Fuzzy Logic to classify …

Brains, language and the argumentative mind in Western and Eastern societies. The fertile differences between Western-Eastern argumentative traditions.
J Vallverdú – Progress in biophysics and molecular biology, 2017 – Elsevier
… 2006). With the implementation of computational facilities, Bayesian statistics found a place in a statistical analysis of reasoning processes (as fuzzy logic) (Chiu et al., 2007; Schröder and Pattinson, 2011 ; Vallverdú, 2016). From …

Quetioning the Virtual Friendhip Debate: Fuzzy Analogical Argument from Claification and Definition
O Laas – Argumentation – Springer
… A branch of fuzzy logic, approximate reasoning, seeks to model facets of everyday reasoning with vague concepts in ill-defined situations (Zadeh 1975b … of this method is that it enables the analysis of argumentation without having to apply a formal dialogue system (Krabbe 1992 …

Affect Aware Ambient Intelligence: Current and Future Directions
C KARYOTIS, F DOCTOR, R IQBAL… – State of the Art in AI …, 2017 – books.google.com
… Originally, a fuzzy logic system has been used to utilize data from galvanic skin response, heart rate, and electromyography physiological signals to provide estimates of arousal and valence values, and then a … Other AC emotion classification systems are based on Fuzzy Logic …

Non-Contextual Modeling of Sarcasm using a Neural Network Benchmark
V Ashokkumar, ND Radpour – 2017 – ttic.edu
… Abstract One of the most crucial components of natural human-robot interaction is artificial intuition and its influence on dialog systems … The results yielded a classification accuracy of 82%. (Mukherjee and Bala 2017) combined NBC with Fuzzy Logic to classify sen- timent …

Using ontologies for the integration of information systems dedicated to product (CFAO, PLM…) and those of systems monitoring (ERP, MES?)
A Asmae, S Souhail, Z El Moukhtar… – Logistics and Supply …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… It analyzes the considered problem throughout the dialog (System/User) according to a well determined strategy in order to … A large number of formalisms are proposed to model the experts knowledge; production systems, semantic networks, fuzzy logic … Furthermore, several …

Crossover and Mutation Operators of Genetic Algorithms
SM Lim, ABM Sultan, MN Sulaiman, A Mustapha… – ijmlc.org
… [51] F. Herrera and M. Lozano, “Adaptation of genetic algorithm parameters based on fuzzy logic controllers,” Genetic Algorithms and Soft Computing, vol. 8, pp.95-125, 1996 … Her research interests include stylometry, soft computing, and spoken dialogue systems …

A tool to design interactive characters based on embodied cognition
J Llobera, R Boulic – … on Computational Intelligence and AI in …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… characters. It would also be interesting to take advantage of the modular organization of Skills and implement one or several Skills from an existing implementation of Spoken Dialog Systems (SDS). As reported by Hirschberg et al …

Thin Film Roughness Optimization In The Tin Coatings Using Genetic Algorithms
NURF FAUZI, ASM JAYA, MI JARRAH, H AKBAR… – Journal of Theoretical …, 2017 – jatit.org

A Robot Commenting Texts in an Emotional Way
L Volkova, A Kotov, E Klyshinsky, N Arinkin – Conference on Creativity in …, 2017 – Springer
… Similar to Max [31], the affective agent changes its emotional state in some coordinates, corresponding to emotions. But it is rather a fuzzy logic mechanism, for the d-scripts are dominating each other … (eds.): Affective Dialogue Systems …

Artificial Intelligence in Bio-Medical Domain
M Salman, AW Ahmed, OA Khan… – Artificial …, 2017 – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… Demonstrator to AI research is that physicians and therefore the computer can interact in disrupted communication and dialogue, system ceaselessly being … A. Expert Systems of Biomedical and Healthcare a) Fuzzy Expert Systems in Medicine: Fuzzy logic is a technique which is …

An overview of the system dynamics process for integrated modelling of socio-ecological systems: Lessons on good modelling practice from five case studies
S Elsawah, SA Pierce, SH Hamilton… – … Modelling & Software, 2017 – Elsevier
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Hybrid occupation recommendation for adolescents on interest, profile, and behavior
A Ochirbat, TK Shih, C Chootong, W Sommool… – Telematics and …, 2017 – Elsevier
… There are a few types of research that designed for student such as Razak proposed a career recommendation by asking fifteen question about skill interest of students and using a fuzzy logic method to give three possible careers with a probability (Razak et al., 2014), Wang …

Analyzing User Emotions via Physiology Signals
B Myroniv, CW Wu, Y Ren, A Christian, E Bajo… – ikelab.net
… Chakraborty UK, Chatterjee A., Konar A.,“Emotion Recognition From Facial Expressions and Its Control Using Fuzzy Logic,” IEEE Trans … Jason Williams,“Emotion Recognition Using Biosen- sors: First Steps towards an Automatic System,” Affective Dialogue Systems, Tutorial and …

Combining speech-based and linguistic classifiers to recognize emotion in user spoken utterances
D Griol, JM Molina, Z Callejas – Neurocomputing, 2017 – Elsevier
… Although emotion is receiving increasing attention from the dialog systems community, most research described in the literature is devoted exclusively to emotion recognition from paralinguistic cues. For example, comprehensive and updated reviews can be found in [35,36] …

Methodologies for realizing natural-language-facilitated human-robot cooperation: A review
R Liu, X Zhang – arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.08756, 2017 – arxiv.org
Page 1. submitted to Knowledge-based Systems, January 2017 Methodologies realizing natural-language-facilitated human-robot cooperation: A review Rui Liu, Xiaoli Zhang* Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado …

Driver Modeling for Detection and Assessment of Driver Distraction: Examples from the UTDrive Test Bed
JHL Hansen, C Busso, Y Zheng… – IEEE Signal …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… road driving data [3], driver status monitoring systems [4], smart driver monitoring [5], conversational in-vehicle dialog systems [6], active … modeling and machine-learning classification algo- rithms, such as Bayesian models [33], finite-state machines and fuzzy logic [34], hidden …

An automatic classifier of emotions built from entropy of noise
J Ferreira, S Brás, CF Silva, SC Soares – Psychophysiology, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
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Incorporating android conversational agents in m-learning apps
D Griol, JM Molina, Z Callejas – Expert Systems, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
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Evaluating the Effect of Uncertainty Visualisation in Open Learner Models on Students’ Metacognitive Skills
L Al-Shanfari, CD Epp, C Baber – International Conference on Artificial …, 2017 – Springer
… to students’ diagnoses within the learner model has been managed using different methods such as Bayesian networks [9], fuzzy logic [10] or … Aleven, V., Popescu, O., Ogan, A., Koedinger, KR: A formative classroom evaluation of a tutorial dialogue system that supports self …

Early prediction for physical human robot collaboration in the operating room
T Zhou, JP Wachs – Autonomous Robots, 2017 – Springer
… 2.3 Automatic turn-taking recognition Machine learning techniques have been applied to recognize turn-taking events automatically, mainly for spoken dialog systems. The speaker’s end-of-turn is detected by an AI agent using Support Vector Machines (Arsikere et al. 2015) …

User stories complexity estimation using Bayesian networks for inexperienced developers
J López-Martínez, A Ramírez-Noriega… – Cluster …, 2017 – Springer
… Our work con- siders the complexity disaggregated. BNs have been widely used in this area [4,10,15,31], although authors also have used fuzzy logic [18] and their own methods [20,24,30]. Our work proposes a model based on experts knowledge …

User profiling and behavioral adaptation for HRI: a survey
S Rossi, F Ferland, A Tapus – Pattern Recognition Letters, 2017 – Elsevier
… For example, the authors in [36,37] focused on the field of user modeling (ie, understanding the user’s beliefs, goals, and plans) in artificial intelligence dialog systems, and illustrated the importance of such modeling on the interaction …

A Survey of Approaches and Studies of Legal Argumentation in the Context of Legal Justification in Different Legal Systems and Countries
ET Feteris – Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation, 2017 – Springer
In the preceding chapters, several of the most important theories of legal argumentation have been examined. Apart from these theories in which a more or less complete account of legal argumentation i.

Reasoning Schemes, Expert Opinions and Critical Questions. Sex Offenders Case Study
DM Gabbay, G Rozenberg – The IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their …, 2017 – orbilu.uni.lu
Page 1. Reasoning Schemes, Expert Opinion and Critical Questions. Sex Offenders Case Study Dov Gabbay Ashkelon Academic College, Bar Ilan University, King’s College London, University of Luxembourg, University of Manchester dov.gabbay@kcl.ac.uk …

Helping users learn about social processes while learning from users: developing a positive feedback in social computing
VSS Pillutla – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Helping Users Learn About Social Processes While Learning from Users: Developing a Positive Feedback in Social Computing. Abstract. Social computing is concerned with the interaction of social behavior and computational systems …

A Content Analysis Of The Research Approaches In Speech Emotion Recognition
T Özseven, M Dü?enci, A Durmu?o?lu – ijesrt.com
Page 1. ISSN: 2277-9655 [Ozseven* et al., 7(1): January, 2018] Impact Factor: 4.116 IC™ Value: 3.00 CODEN: IJESS7 http: // www.ijesrt.com © International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology [1] IJESRT …

Sequential short-text classification with neural networks
F Dernoncourt – 2017 – dspace.mit.edu
Page 1. Sequential Short-Text Classification MAOT ITUTEl OF TECHNQLOGY with Neural Networks JUN 23 201 by Franck Dernoncourt ARCHiVES Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science …

Advances in Neural Networks-ISNN 2017: 14th International Symposium, ISNN 2017, Sapporo, Hakodate, and Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan, June 21–26, 2017 …
F Cong, A Leung, Q Wei – 2017 – books.google.com
… Jun Wang Advisory Chairs Kunihiko Fukushima Takeshi Yamakawa Steering Chairs Haibo He Derong Liu Jun Wang Organization RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan Hokkaido University, Japan City University of Hong Kong, SAR China Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute, Japan …

Internet of things for remote elderly monitoring: a study from user-centered perspective
I Azimi, AM Rahmani, P Liljeberg… – Journal of Ambient …, 2017 – Springer
Improvements in life expectancy achieved by technological advancements in the recent decades have increased the proportion of elderly people. Frailty of old age, susceptibility to diseases, and impair.

Jungian personality in a chatbot
JT Klooster – 2017 – dspace.library.uu.nl
… 19 2.5 Dialogue systems … Then we’ll discuss agents literature in 2.2. followed by the idea of social practices 2.3, and some limited speech act theory 2.4. After which we continue with dialogue systems 2.5, some of which can be considered related work …

Advances in Swarm Intelligence: 8th International Conference, ICSI 2017, Fukuoka, Japan, July 27–August 1, 2017, Proceedings
Y Tan, H Takagi, Y Shi – 2017 – books.google.com
Page 1. Ying Tan Hideyuki Takagi Yuhui Shi (Eds.) Advances in Swarm Intelligence 8th International Conference, ICSI 2017 Fukuoka, Japan, July 27 – August 1, 2017 Proceedings, Part I 123 Page 2. Lecture Notes in Computer …

Error Analysis in an Automated Narrative Information Extraction Pipeline
J Valls-Vargas, J Zhu, S Ontanon – IEEE Transactions on …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… Margaretha & DeVault [37] tackle the issue of automated eval- uation of pipeline architectures in natural language dialogue systems using a Wizard-of-Oz … We generalized the notion of the Jaccard similarity by borrowing the notion of a t-norm from the field of Fuzzy Logic [40] …

From Prognostics and Health Systems Management to Predictive Maintenance 2: Knowledge, Reliability and Decision
B Chebel-Morello, JM Nicod, C Varnier – 2017 – books.google.com
… product data, both industrial and academic ones: (i) the EPC network architecture (Electronic Product Code), (ii) the DIALOG system (Distributed Information … at their end of life, and they suggest a model for planning the dismantlement and sequencing based on fuzzy logic …

Cognitive Computing: Where Big Data Is Driving Us
AP Appel, H Candello, FL Gandour – Handbook of Big Data Technologies, 2017 – Springer
In this chapter we will discuss the concepts and challenges to design Cognitive Systems. Cognitive Computing is the use of computational learning systems to augment cognitive capabilities in solving r.

Selected Distinguishing Properties of WisTech IGrC Models
A Jankowski – Interactive Granular Computations in Networks and …, 2017 – Springer
This assumption, among others, is understood in such a way that all interactions that are analyzed by us are reduced to physical phenomena.

Plain Text: The Poetics of Computation
D Tenen – 2017 – books.google.com

A New Classification Framework to Evaluate the Entity Profiling on the Web: Past, Present and Future
AA Barforoush, H Shirazi, H Emami – ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 2017 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. 39 A New Classification Framework to Evaluate the Entity Profiling on the Web: Past, Present and Future AHMAD ABDOLLAHZADEH BARFOROUSH, HOSSEIN SHIRAZI, and HOJJAT EMAMI, Malek Ashtar University of Technology …

Using Gross’ Emotion Regulation Theory to Advance Affective Computing
L Oostveen – 2017 – dspace.library.uu.nl
Page 1. MASTER ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE, UTRECHT UNIVERSITY MASTER THESIS Using Gross’ Emotion Regulation Theory to Advance Affective Computing Author: Lucy VAN OOSTVEEN First Supervisor: prof. dr. John-Jules MEYER Second Examiner: dr …

Noise Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Based on Spectro-Temporal Techniques
G Kovács – 2017 – doktori.bibl.u-szeged.hu
… Page 7. Abstract Speech technology today has a wide variety of existing and potential applications in so many areas of our life. From dictating systems to voice translation, from digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, to telephone dialogue systems …

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