Pragmatics & Dialog Systems



  • The analysis of a text up to its pragmatic level seeks to explain the meaning of linguistic messages in terms of their context of use.
  • The lack of socio-cultural (meta-) information reflected in the data, is incompetent for pragmatic usages and discourse analysis.

Pragmatics is reading between the lines.  Pragmatics is something like next level, on the way to AGI, somewhere between cognition and discourse.  Pragmatics is closely related to the issues of abstraction and contextualization in both artificial intelligence and robotics.  Pragmatics would be a more advanced level of discourse analysis.  Pragmatics is a kind of semantics based on non-literal inferences of contextual cues external to concrete text, for instance.  Such cues might come from so-called common sense knowledge abstracted about the world.  Think of it as a sort of sentiment analysis for concepts.  There are a number of distinct areas of pragmatic ability, including production of speech acts, recognition of routine formulae, and comprehension of implicature.  Analysis may consider the grammatico-semantic content of sentences, such as the participants’ role and intentions, and of truth-conditional aspects of statements.

  • Beyond normalization
  • Computational pragmatics
  • Ontology-based pragmatic analysis
  • Pragmatic features




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