Pythia Question Answering System


Template-based question answering over RDF data C Unger, L Bühmann, J Lehmann… – Proceedings of the 21st …, 2012 – … data. 3.2 Constructing SPARQL templates In order to get from a natural language question to a SPARQL template, we adopt the parsing and meaning con- struction mechanism of the question answering system Pythia [22]. … Cited by 2

[PDF] from Pythia: Compositional meaning construction for ontology-based question answering on the Semantic Web C Unger, P Cimiano – Natural Language Processing and Information …, 2011 – Springer In this paper we present the ontology-based question answering system Pythia. It  compositionally constructs meaning representations using a vocabulary aligned to the  vocabulary of a given ontology. In doing so it relies on a deep linguistic analysis, which … Cited by 9 Related articles All 6 versions

[PDF] from Representing and resolving ambiguities in ontology-based question answering C Unger, P Cimiano – Proceedings of the TextInfer 2011 Workshop on …, 2011 – … that a ques- tion answering system might work with, we will use the general and principled linguistic representations that our question answering system Pythia3 … ml/nldata/geoquery.html 2 3 … Cited by 2 Related articles All 11 versions

[PDF] from [PDF] Generating LTAG grammars from a lexicon-ontology interface C Unger, F Hieber, P Cimiano – 10th International Workshop on …, 2010 – … and interpretation. We demonstrate this by feeding it into our question answering system Pythia. (For the Geobase dataset, the LexInfo model, the grammar files and a demo check http://sc.cit-ec.uni-bielefeld/pythia). Its architecture … Cited by 6 Related articles View as HTML All 4 versions

[BOOK] Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 16th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB … R Muñoz, A Montoyo, E Métais – 2011 – … Text….. 145 Laura Alonso i Alemany and Rafael Carrascosa Pythia: Compositional Meaning Construction for Ontology-Based Question Answering on the Semantic Web….. 153 Christina … Related articles Library Search All 2 versions

[PDF] from LODifier: generating linked data from unstructured text I Augenstein, S Padó, S Rudolph – The Semantic Web: Research and …, 2012 – Springer … In that case, LODifier could be used to transform structured resources into RDF against which structured (SPARQL) queries generated by question answering systems such as Pythia [20] could be posed. Acknowledgements. … Cited by 1

Are retrospective measures of change in quality of life more valid than prospective measures? PT Nieuwkerk, MS Tollenaar, FJ Oort… – Medical care, 2007 – … Are Retrospective Measures of Change in Quality of Life More Valid Than Prospective Measures? Nieuwkerk, Pythia T. MA; Tollenaar, Marieke S. MA; Oort, Frans J. PhD; Sprangers, Mirjam AG PhD. Article Outline. Collapse Box … Reprints: Pythia T. Nieuwkerk, Dept. … Cited by 22 Related articles BL Direct All 6 versions

[PDF] from The SemSets model for ad-hoc semantic list search M Ciglan, K Nørvåg, L Hluchý – … of the 21st international conference on …, 2012 – Page 1. The SemSets Model for Ad-hoc Semantic List Search Marek Ciglan Institute of Informatics Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava, Slovakia marek.ciglan@savba. sk Kjetil Nørvåg Dept. of Computer and Information Science …


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