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Learning to ask: Neural question generation for reading comprehension
X Du, J Shao, C Cardie – arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.00106, 2017 –
… Abstract We study automatic question generation for sentences from text passages in read- ing comprehension. We introduce an attention-based sequence learning model for the task and investigate the effect of en- coding sentence- vs. paragraph-level infor- mation …

Machine Comprehension by Text-to-Text Neural Question Generation
X Yuan, T Wang, C Gulcehre, A Sordoni… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 –
… 2 Related Work Recently, automatic question generation has received increased attention from the research community … 2015. Leveraging multiple views of text for automatic question generation. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education …

Neural Question Generation from Text: A Preliminary Study
Q Zhou, N Yang, F Wei, C Tan, H Bao… – National CCF Conference …, 2017 – Springer
Automatic question generation aims to generate questions from a text passage where the generated questions can be answered by certain sub-spans of the given passage. Traditional methods mainly use rig …

Automatic chinese factual question generation
M Liu, V Rus, L Liu – IEEE Transactions on Learning …, 2017 –
… In recent years, with the advance of NLP techniques (eg, syntactic parser, named entity recognizer, and shallow semantic labeling), automatic question generation tools has been proposed to generate specific questions about facts (where, when, who), and intentions and …

Leveraging Video Descriptions to Learn Video Question Answering.
KH Zeng, TH Chen, CY Chuang, YH Liao, JC Niebles… – AAAI, 2017 –
… examples. We tackle this issue by introducing a self-paced learning proce- dure to handle non-perfect QA pairs during training. Question generation. Automatic question generation is an active research topic by itself. Most existing …

Validation of Course Ontology Elements for Automatic Question Generation
NHI Teo, M Joy – E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training, 2017 – Springer
Abstract Recent research has led to the emergence of ontology-based question generation and aims to benefit instructors by providing support and intelligent assistance for the automatic generation of questions. However, existing ontologies are not designed mainly for

Automatic generation of english reference question by utilising nonrestrictive relative clause
AY Satria, T Tokunaga – Proceedings of the 9th …, 2017 –
… jp Keywords: Automatic Question Generation, English Reference Test, TOEFL Reference Question … questions. Automatic question generation has been an active research area, particularly in the language learning domain …

A Model for Generation of Test Questions
N Stancheva, A Stoyanova-Doycheva… – Compt. Rend. Acad …, 2017 –
… Furthermore, the applicability of the model is demonstrated by an example for the UML domain. Key words: knowledge representation, automatic question generation, models, QTI standard 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 68T30 1. Introduction …

Automatic chinese multiple choice question generation using mixed similarity strategy
M Liu, V Rus, L Liu – IEEE Transactions on Learning …, 2017 –
… Question generation has re- ceived a great deal of attention in recent years from re- searchers in the field of computer science, education and psychology [2], [3]. Various types of automatic question generation system were proposed to support different learning activities, such …

Cognitive analytics driven personalized learning
VN Gudivada – Educational Technology, 2017 – JSTOR
… Existing Approaches to Question Generation Automatic question generation is an active area of research (Boubiche et al., 2015). There are two major approaches to this problem … Page 4. Figure 1. Automatic question generation for set operations …

Knowledge questions from knowledge graphs
D Seyler, M Yahya, K Berberich – Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR …, 2017 –
Page 1. Knowledge estions from Knowledge Graphs Dominic Seyler University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mohamed Yahya Bloomberg LP, London Klaus Berberich Max …

Neural Models for Key Phrase Detection and Question Generation
S Subramanian, T Wang, X Yuan… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 –
… 1 Introduction Many educational applications can benefit from automatic question generation, including vocab- ulary assessment (Brownetal., 2005), writing support (Liuetal., 2012), and assessment of reading comprehension (MitkovandHa, 2003; Kunichika et al., 2004) …

Question Generation for Language Learning: From ensuring texts are read to supporting learning
M Chinkina, D Meurers – Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on …, 2017 –
… eg, Heilman, 2011). In this paper, we want to broaden the perspective on the different functions questions can play in FLTL and discuss how automatic question generation can support the different uses. Complementing the …

Multiple Choice Question Generation Utilizing An Ontology
K Stasaski, MA Hearst – Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Innovative …, 2017 –
Page 1. Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications, pages 303–312 Copenhagen, Denmark, September 8, 2017. cO2017 Association for Computational Linguistics Multiple …

An Environment for Automatic Test Generation
N Stancheva, A Stoyanova-Doycheva… – Cybernetics and …, 2017 –
… Keywords: Virtual education space, e-Learning, automatic question generation, ontologies, intelligent agents. 1. Introduction … In [19], an approach for semi-automatic question generation is described. The generator first extracts key phrases from …

Evaluation of automatically generated english vocabulary questions
Y Susanti, T Tokunaga, H Nishikawa… – Research and Practice in …, 2017 – Springer
This paper describes details of the evaluation experiments for questions created by an automatic question generation system. Given a target word and one of its word senses, the system generates a mult … Automatic question generation …

Generating questions asked by facilitator agents using preceding context in web-based discussion
Y Ikeda, S Shiramatsu – Agents (ICA), 2017 IEEE International …, 2017 –
… From the results of a questionnaire after the experiment, the necessity of facilitators in a public debate became clear. In this study, we implemented automatic question generation of facilitator utterances from actual datasets obtained from the above social experiment …

What Do You Mean Exactly?: Analyzing Clarification Questions in CQA
P Braslavski, D Savenkov, E Agichtein… – Proceedings of the 2017 …, 2017 –
… Figure 2: Distribution of users’ reputation scores in the groups of accepted answers’ providers and commentators on questions (GAMES) ple structure, which make them a quite appealing target for automatic question generation …

Crowdsourcing multiple choice science questions
J Welbl, NF Liu, M Gardner – arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.06209, 2017 –
… art reading comprehension techniques on our datasets. Automatic Question Generation. Transform- ing text into questions has been tackled be- fore, mostly for didactic purposes. Some ap- proaches rely on syntactic transformation …

A conceptual review of Automatic Question Generation from a given Punjabi Text
AS Gill, G kaur Virk, A Bhandari – 2017 –
Abstract—Questions simulate the mind to think and probably arrive at some answer. It is a reasonable thing to make questions a part of the learning process. Questions, asked by anyone, can also address our common queries about the subject in question. The current

Automatic Question Generation System for English Exercise for Secondary Students
Abstract: Automatic Question Generation (AQG) is a research trend that assists teachers to create efficiency assessments. In this paper, we propose a web-based system as a tool to generate English exercises for secondary school students automatically. The system applies

A Survey on Automatic Question Paper Generation System
A Umardand, A Gaikwad –
… Evaluation of selected keyword. • Evaluation of selected distracters. Automatic question generation on the basis of discourse connectives [2].using this system we automatically generate questions from natural language text using discourse connectives …

Automatic question generation for intelligent tutoring systems
R Shah, D Shah, L Kurup – … Systems, Computing and IT …, 2017 –
In this paper, we present the system of automatic MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) generation for any given input text along with a set of distractors. The system is trained on a Wikipedia-based dataset consisting of URLs of Wikipedia articles. The important words

Automatic SQL query generation
K Arbabifard – 2017 –
… The advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as the goal of providing immediate contextualized feedback to enhance student learning has created renewed interest in automatic question generation. This thesis …

A Syntactic Approach to Domain-Specific Automatic Question Generation
G Danon, M Last – arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.09827, 2017 –
Abstract: Factoid questions are questions that require short fact-based answers. Automatic generation (AQG) of factoid questions from a given text can contribute to educational activities, interactive question answering systems, search engines, and other applications.

Automatic question generation approaches and evaluation techniques.
M Divate, A Salgaonkar – Current Science (00113891), 2017 –
Abstract The objective of this article is to review several automatic question generation systems and find why automatic question generation is still an attraction for researchers. The focus is mainly on the task of question generation, analysis of the approaches and

Automatic question generation for virtual humans
EL Fasya – 2017 –
Alice, a virtual human that is created based on the ARIA-VALUSPA framework, is a representation of the main character from the Alice in Wonderland story. This research aims to prepare the domain knowledge of Alice by developing an automatic question generation

Domain Specific Automatic Question Generation from Text
K Soleymanzadeh – Proceedings of ACL 2017, Student Research …, 2017 –
Abstract The goal of my doctoral thesis is to automatically generate interrogative sentences from descriptive sentences of Turkish biology text. We employ syntactic and semantic approaches to parse descriptive sentences. Syntactic and semantic approaches utilize

Dynamic Relocation of Cloze Questions Generated by Automatic Question Systems Using Idioms to Find Key Terminologies
JY Lee – Advanced Science Letters, 2017 –
… As a result, the relocation time using the array is reduced 0.159 times that using random function. Keywords: Automatic Question Generation System, Dynamic Question Generation System, Cloze Question Generation System …

Controlling item difficulty for automatic vocabulary question generation
Y Susanti, T Tokunaga… – … and Practice in …, 2017 –
… Published: 19 December 2017. Abstract. The present study investigates the best factor for controlling the item difficulty of multiple-choice English vocabulary questions generated by an automatic question generation system … Automatic question generation system …

Machine Learning Approach to the Process of Question Generation
M Blšták, V Rozinajová – International Conference on Text, Speech, and …, 2017 – Springer
… We try to overcome these constraints in our approach. 3 Our Approach. In this section, we will describe our framework for automatic question generation … References. 1. Blšták, M., Rozinajová, V.: Automatic question generation based on analysis of sentence structure …

An Automatic Cloze Question System Using Idioms and a Dynamic Relocation of the Questions
JS Eom, JY Lee – Advanced Science Letters, 2017 –
… Keywords: Automatic Question Generation System, Dynamic Question Generation System, Cloze Question Generation System. 1. INTRODUCTION The job to generate questions is a time-consuming and tedious task. To alleviate …

Effective Processing Of Question Generation From Text
S Sigar, N SenthilKumar –
… answer of each question. 6. Conclusions and Future Work We have worked only on one part of an automatic question generation there are many areas remaining to work on. Like selection of only hundred present right questions …

H Jain, PV Sai Krishna, M Mittal – 2017 –
… researchers. Calvo et al. (2012) introduced a different approach for semi-automatic question generation to help scholastic composition. Their framework initially extricates key expressions from students’ writing the survey papers …

Generating Natural Language Question-Answer Pairs from a Knowledge Graph Using a RNN Based Question Generation Model
S Reddy, D Raghu, MM Khapra, S Joshi – … of the 15th Conference of the …, 2017 –
… 2007). There are numerous works in automatic question generation from text … kenazi. 2005. Automatic question generation for vocabulary assessment. In Proceedings of the con- ference on Human Language Technology and Em- pirica

Large-Scale Simple Question Generation by Template-Based Seq2seq Learning
T Liu, B Wei, B Chang, Z Sui – National CCF Conference on Natural …, 2017 – Springer
… Furthermore, even more labeled question-answer pairs are required in neural network-based QA systems. Automatic question generation (QG) [4, 6, 15] has become a popular task for solving the data insufficient problems in QA systems …

Automatic Question Paper Generator System
FK Gangar, HG Gori, A Dalvi – International Journal of …, 2017 –
… neration. [12] [13] SheetalRakangor and Dr. YR Ghodasara, “Literature. review of Automatic Question Generation System”,. IJSRP, Issue 1, pp.346-350, Jan 2015. [14] RohanBhirangi, SmitaBhoir “Automated Question Paper …

Proceedings of ACL 2017, Student Research Workshop
A Ettinger, S Gella, M Labeau, CO Alm… – Proceedings of ACL …, 2017 –
… 75 Domain Specific Automatic Question Generation from Text Katira Soleymanzadeh … Word Embedding for Response-To-Text Assessment of Evidence Haoran Zhang and Diane Litman Domain Specific Automatic Question Generation from Text Katira Soleymanzadeh …

Asking the Difficult Questions: Goal-Oriented Visual Question Generation via Intermediate Rewards
J Zhang, Q Wu, C Shen, J Zhang, J Lu… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 –
Page 1. Asking the Difficult Questions: Goal-Oriented Visual Question Generation via Intermediate Rewards Junjie Zhang?2,3, Qi Wu†1, Chunhua Shen1, Jian Zhang2, Jianfeng Lu3, and Anton van den Hengel1 1Australian …

Automatically generating questions to support the acquisition of particle verbs: evaluating via crowdsourcing
M Chinkina, S Ruiz, D Meurers – CALL in a climate of change …, 2017 –
… Keywords: automatic question generation, crowdsourcing, particle verbs … The CL task of automatic Question Generation (QG) has explored different types of questions: from factual (Heilman, 2011) to deeper ones (Labutov, Basu, & Vanderwende, 2015) …

Automatic Neural Question Generation using Community-based Question Answering Systems
T Baghaee – 2017 –

Factual open cloze question generation for assessment of learner’s knowledge
B Das, M Majumder – International Journal of Educational Technology in …, 2017 – Springer
… Katayama, Hirashima, & Takeuchi, 2001). Automatic question generation system is getting popularity for generating objective test items (Goto, Kojiri, Watanabe, Iwata, & Yamada, 2009, 2010; Liu, Rus, & Liu, 2016). It is widely used …

Distractor Generation for Chinese Fill-in-the-blank Items
S Jiang, J Lee – Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Innovative Use …, 2017 –
… References Jonathan C. Brown, Gwen A. Frishkoff, and Maxine Eskenazi. 2005. Automatic Question Generation for Vocabulary Assessment. In Proc. HLT-EMNLP. Chia-Yin Chen, Hsien-Chin Liou, and Jason S. Chang. 2006 …

A Proposed Framework for Generating Random Objective Exams using Paragraphs of Electronic Courses
… [3] Javier Sarsa and Rebeca Soler,2012, E-Learning Quality Relations and Perceptiions [4] Wolfe,J., Automatic question generation from text –an aid to independent study .In Proceedings of ACM SIGCSE.1976 … Automatic question generation for vocabulary assessment …

Automated Learning Content Generation from Knowledge Bases in the STUDYBATTLES Environment
A Shehadeh, A Felfernig, M Stettinger… – … Journal of Software …, 2017 – World Scientific
… 2. Related Work Agarwal et al. [3] introduce an automatic question generation system that can generate gap-¯ll questions from a document. Gap-¯ll questions are ¯ll-in-the-blank questions with multiple choices provided (one correct answer and three distractors) …

A System to Generate Multiple Cloze Questions Using Idioms in a Sentence with Multiple Component Keywords and a Dynamic Group Relocation of the Questions
JY Lee – Proceedings of The International Workshop on Future …, 2017 –
… consuming and tedious jobs for evaluating learners’ abilities. To alleviate the burden of the job, some kinds of automatic question generation systems have been developed for evaluators. The way to generate cloze questions is …

Knowledge-based Learning Content Generation in the STUDYBATTLES Environment
A Shehadeh, A Felfernig, M Stettinger, M Jeran… –
… Agarwal et al. [2] introduce an automatic question generation sys- tem that can generate gap-fill questions from a document. Gap-fill questions are fill-in-the-blank questions with multiple choices pro- vided (one correct answer and three distractors) …

Automated Question Generation from Configuration Knowledge Bases
A Shehadeh, A Felfernig, M üsl üm Atas – 19 th International Configuration …, 2017 –
… Examples of application domains can be finan- cial services, telecommunication, computers, cars, mobiles, TVs, and digital cameras. A number of researches have been conducted in the context of automatic question generation from different types of knowledge sources …

Generating Language Activities in Real-Time for English Learners using Language Muse
J Burstein, N Madnani, J Sabatini, D McCaffrey… – Proceedings of the …, 2017 –
… aspects of language learning needed to support content com- prehension: vocabulary, syntactic structures, and discourse structure. LM is related to existing NLP work on automatic question generation [2, 12, 14] … Automatic Question Generation for Vocabulary Assessment …

A Dynamic Group Relocation of the Cloze Questions with Multiple Component Keywords
JY Lee, BS Kim – Advanced Science Letters, 2017 –
… In addition, the process of relocation using a ready array is faster than that using random function since the call of random function needs more time. Keywords: Automatic Question Generation System, Dynamic Question Generation System, Cloze Question Generation System …

Learning Semantic Patterns for Question Generation and Question Answering
HP Rodrigues – 2017 –
Page 1. Learning Semantic Patterns for Question Generation and Question Answering Hugo Patinho Rodrigues Ph.D. Thesis Proposal Thesis Advisory Committee Advisors: Prof. Doctor Maria Lu´?sa Coheur Prof. Doctor Eric Nyberg Jury: Prof. Doctor Teruko Mitamura Prof …

Modern education and its background in cognitive psychology: Automated question creation and eye movements
M Höfler, G Wesiak, P Pürcher… – … (MIPRO), 2017 40th …, 2017 –
… Furthermore, in [3] it was pointed out that automatic question generation can also support people with other mother tongues than English be- cause non-native speakers often lack grammatical knowledge and foreign language vocabulary in order to prepare efficient questions …

Automated Question Paper Generating System Using Soft Computing Technique
MPV Bobade –
… 3. Ms. Deepshree S. Vibhandik, Prof. Mrs. Rucha C. Samant, “An Overview of Automatic Question Generation Systems”, International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR), Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2014 …

The Forgettable-Watcher Model for Video Question Answering
H Xue, Z Zhao, D Cai – arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.01253, 2017 –
… Then we propose a TGIF-QA dataset for video question answering with the help of automatic question generation … 5.2 Question Generation Automatic question generation is an open research topic in natural language processing …

Construction and Application of Mathematical Model Based on Intelligent Test Paper Generation Algorithm
J Zhang – Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería, 2017 –
… Artificial Intelligence, 230, 74-107. Ibrahim Teo, NH, & Joy, M. (2017). Validation of Course Ontology Elements for Automatic Question Generation … Mazidi, K., & Tarau, P. (2016). Infusing NLU into Automatic Question Generation …

Automatic generation of multiple choice questions for e-assessment
A Santhanavijayan… – … Journal of Signal …, 2017 –
… Previously, he has interned at L&T Infotech, Chennai, India in 2014 and at Fidelity Investments, Bengaluru, India, in 2015. His current areas of interests include natural language processing, e-learning, e-assessment, automatic question generation, and data mining. Page 2 …

Curves Similarity Based on Higher Order Derivatives
F Nicol, S Puechmorel – ALLDATA 2017, 2017 –
Page 13. Curves Similarity Based on Higher Order Derivatives Florence Nicol†, Stephane Puechmorel‡ Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile Email:† nicol@ recherche. enac. fr,‡ stephane. puechmore@ enac. fr Abstract—In many …

Eckhard Bick and Marcos Zampieri
J Koco?, M Marci?czuk, A Aghaebrahimian, F Jur?í?ek… –
… 215 Alexei Dobrov, Anastasia Dobrova, Pavel Grokhovskiy, Nikolay Soms, and Victor Zakharov Automatic Question Generation Based on Analysis of Sentence Structure . . . 223 Miroslav Blšták and Viera Rozinajová XVIII Contents Page 3 …

Overview of the NLPCC 2017 Shared Task: Open Domain Chinese Question Answering
N Duan, D Tang – National CCF Conference on Natural Language …, 2017 – Springer
… We follow the same way to annotate this dataset as we did last year. Besides, we also used Automatic Question Generation technique to generate a set faked questions, and mixed them into human labeled questions to form a larger testing set …

Event Timeline Generation from History Textbooks
H Bedi, S Patil, S Hingmire, G Palshikar – … of the 4th Workshop on Natural …, 2017 –
… For example, students can use event timelines for question answer- ing while teachers can use them for automatic question generation as well as automatic an- swer evaluation. Developing solutions to the use-cases discussed above is part of future work …

Evaluation of Automatically Generated Pronoun Reference Questions
AY Satria, T Tokunaga – Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on …, 2017 –
… Questions are usu- ally made by human experts, which demands man- ual efforts; thus it is time-consuming and expen- sive. Automatic question generation is a solution to solve this problem. Several past studies worked on various kinds of automatic question generation …

Are you asking the right questions? Teaching Machines to Ask Clarification Questions
S Rao – Proceedings of ACL 2017, Student Research …, 2017 –
… In Empiri- cal Methods in Natural Language Processing. pages 2122–2132. Ming Liu, Rafael A Calvo, and Vasile Rus. 2010. Automatic question generation for literature review writing support. In International Conference on In- telligent Tutoring Systems. Springer, pages 45–54 …

Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Public-A Case Study of University Students
FF Quraishi, SA Wajid, P Dhiman – 2017 –
… [13]. Jonathan C. Brown, Gwen A. Frishkoff , and Maxine Eskenazi, “Automatic Question Generation for Vocabulary Assessment,” Proceedings of Human Language Technology Conference and Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing …

Dataset for the First Evaluation on Chinese Machine Reading Comprehension
Y Cui, T Liu, Z Chen, W Ma, S Wang, G Hu – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 –
… Only select one question for each paragraph 5Full descriptions of abbreviations can be found at http:// 3.4.2. User Query RC Unlike the cloze dataset, we have no automatic question generation procedure in this type …

Unifying the Video and Question Attentions for Open-Ended Video Question Answering
H Xue, Z Zhao, D Cai – IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017 –
… The open-ended answers enable wider applications compared with the common multiple-choice tasks in Visual-QA. We first propose a data set for open-ended Video-QA with the automatic question generation approaches …

SOLS: An LOD Based Semantically Enhanced Open Learning Space Supporting Self-Directed Learning of History
C Jouault, K Seta, Y Hayashi – IEICE TRANSACTIONS on …, 2017 –
… HISTORY 2557 The research question to be answered in this paper is whether automatic question generation support is feasible and can help learners in self-directed learning of history in an open learning space. The details …

A Message from the Editorial Team and an Introduction to the April-June 2017 issue
P Brusilovsky, M Sharples – IEEE Transactions on …, 2017 –
… of foreign language learning. Its approach to automatic question generation in Chinese opens a way to considerably reduce content authoring efforts in language learning and related courses. The evaluation results presented …

A Big Data architecture for knowledge discovery in PubMed articles
F Gargiulo, S Silvestri, M Ciampi – … and Communications (ISCC) …, 2017 –
… In [5] a methodology developed by PubMed Europe Central Labs is described. Its aim is to provide a search tool aid based on automatic question generation suggestions, obtained from basic search terms of the search query …

Product review summarization through question retrieval and diversification
M Liu, Y Fang, AG Choulos, DH Park, X Hu – Information Retrieval Journal, 2017 – Springer
… review. 2.3 Question generation. Our problem also relates to automatic question generation (AQG) from text data. It is a challenging task as it involves natural language understanding and generation (Rus and Arthur 2009). Most …

Automatic Generation of News Comments Based on Gated Attention Neural Networks
HT Zheng, W Wang, W Chen, JY Chen… – IEEE …, 2017 –
Page 1. 2169-3536 (c) 2017 IEEE. Translations and content mining are permitted for academic research only. Personal use is also permitted, but republication/ redistribution requires IEEE permission. See …

Developing, evaluating, and refining an automatic generator of diagnostic multiple choice cloze questions to assess children’s comprehension while reading
J Mostow, YT Huang, H Jang, A Weinstein… – Natural Language …, 2017 –
Page 1. Natural Language Engineering 23 (2): 245–294. c Cambridge University Press 2016 doi:10.1017/S1351324916000024 245 Developing, evaluating, and refining an automatic generator of diagnostic multiple choice cloze questions to assess children’s comprehension …

A Comparative Evaluation of GMM-Free State Tying Methods for ASR
T Grósz, G Gosztolya, L Tóth – Proc. Interspeech 2017, 2017 –
… San Francisco, CA, USA, Sep 2016, pp. 3444–3448. [16] K. Beulen and H. Ney, “Automatic question generation for deci- sion tree based state tying,” in Proceedings of ICASSP, 1998, pp. 805–808. [17] J. Odell, “The use of context …

The 2016 RWTH keyword search system for low-resource languages
P Golik, Z Tüske, K Irie, E Beck, R Schlüter… – … Conference on Speech …, 2017 – Springer
… In: ICASSP, pp. 5755–5759 (2017)Google Scholar. 2. Babel: US IARPA Project (2012–2016). 3. Beulen, K., Ney, H.: Automatic question generation for decision tree based state tying. In: ICASSP, pp …

Graphical Representation In Tutoring Systems
N Khodeir –
… the student knowledge. Other systems automatically extracting concept maps from different resources to be used in automatic question generation or to extract and organize the domain concepts in a hierarchal order. On the …

ShapeWorld-A new test methodology for multimodal language understanding
A Kuhnle, A Copestake – arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.04517, 2017 –
… evaluation goal, but usually consist of “repurposed” real-world pho- tos and human-written descriptions.1 However, there have been experiments in which parts of the data are artificial and/or generated automatically, for instance, automatic question generation from annotation …

Dialogue System for Fostering Way of Thinking Based on Physical Theory in Dynamics
T Wada, T Kojiri – Procedia Computer Science, 2017 – Elsevier
… 37, No. 1, pp. 1-8 (2002). 4. L. Nguyen-Thinh, T. Kojiri, and P. Niels, “Automatic Question Generation for Educational Applications–The State of Art,” Advances in Intelligent System and Computing, Vol. 282, pp. 325-338 (2011) …

Improving the integrated experience of in-class activities and fine-grained data collection for analysis in a blended learning class
Y Shin, J Park, S Lee – Interactive Learning Environments, 2017 – Taylor & Francis

nStudy: A System for Researching Information Problem Solving
PH Winne, JC Nesbit, F Popowich – Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 2017 – Springer
… 2.1 Automatic Question Generation. Achievement improves when students are posed questions before and while they study text (Fritz et al. 2014) and when the questions invite self-explaining relational information (Bisra et al. 2016) …

Employing issues and commits for in-code sentence based use case identification and remodularization
P Berta, M Bystrický, M Krempaský… – Proceedings of the Fifth …, 2017 –
Page 1. Employing Issues and Commits for In-Code Sentence Based Use Case Identification and Remodularization Peter Berta Michal Bystrický Michal Krempaský Valentino Vranic Institute of Informatics, Information Systems …

The C-test: A Valid Measure to Test Second Language Proficiency?
F Khoshdel – 2017 –
Page 1. The C-Test: A Valid Measure to Test Second Language Proficiency? Fahimeh Khoshdel-Niyat English Department, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran E-mail: Abstract …

The C-Test: A Valid Measure to Test Second Language Proficiency?
F Khoshdel-Niyat – 2017 –
Page 1. The C-Test: A Valid Measure to Test Second Language Proficiency? Fahimeh Khoshdel-Niyat To cite this version: Fahimeh Khoshdel-Niyat. The C-Test: A Valid Measure to Test Second Language Proficiency?. 2017. HAL Id: hprints-01491274 …

List of Recently Published Quality Research Papers
MN Ansari – Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 2017 –
List of Recently Published Quality Research Papers.

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