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Terminology extraction, also known as term extraction or terminology mining, is the process of automatically identifying and extracting specific terms or phrases from a body of text. These terms or phrases may be defined by the user or may be based on predefined criteria such as word frequency or contextual relevance.

A term extractor is a type of software tool that is used to automatically extract specific terms or phrases from a body of text. These terms or phrases may be defined by the user or may be based on predefined criteria such as word frequency or contextual relevance. Term extractors are often used in the field of natural language processing to help identify and extract important or relevant information from large amounts of text.

Term extractors can be used with dialog systems in a number of ways. For example, a term extractor could be used to automatically identify and extract specific keywords or phrases from user input in a dialog system. This information could then be used to help the system understand and respond to the user’s intentions or needs. Term extractors could also be used to extract specific terms or phrases from a database of knowledge or information, which could be used to help the system provide relevant responses to user queries.


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DIALOG SYSTEM FOR COMPREHENSION EVALUATION FC Perronnin, C Brun, KA German… – US Patent App. 12/ …, 2009 – Google Patents … At S112, the dialog system 54 automatically selects a question from the generated set. … For example, the system 12 may identify important concepts in the text (term extraction) and generate questions about these concepts as well as multiple choice distractors (using Wordnet … All 2 versions

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Smart Shop Assistant–Using Semantic Technologies to Improve Online Shopping M Niemann, M Mochol, R Tolksdorf – Future Internet-FIS 2009, 2010 – Springer … the product selection process, the OTTO dialog systems should allow not only the com- mon search process based on quantitative criteria but also … pure text can be chosen (web crawling, transformation of Word doc format or PDF to ASCII), (iii) a term extraction framework, based … Related articles All 5 versions

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