Web Feed & Dialog Systems


A web feed is a format used to distribute content on the internet, such as news articles or blog posts. The most common type of web feed is RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which allows users to subscribe to updates from multiple websites in one place, such as a news reader application. Other types of web feeds include Atom and RDF.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) was commonly used as the format for web feeds because it is a flexible and widely-supported format for encoding structured data. However, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has become increasingly popular in recent years as a lightweight alternative to XML.

One of the main reasons for this shift is that JSON is less verbose and easier to read than XML, making it more suitable for use in web applications. Additionally, JSON is native to JavaScript, the programming language used for creating many web applications, which means that it can be parsed more easily and with less overhead than XML. Furthermore JSON is more common in modern web APIs and it’s easier to parse and generate JSON than XML.

JSON web feeds can be used with dialog systems in a number of ways. One common use case is to retrieve data from a web feed and use it to generate responses in a chatbot or virtual assistant. For example, a news chatbot could retrieve the latest headlines from a news web feed in JSON format, and then use that data to generate responses to user queries about the news.

Another way to use JSON web feeds with dialog systems is to use the data from the feed to inform the behavior of the dialog system. For example, a weather chatbot could retrieve weather data from a web feed in JSON format and use that data to determine how to respond to user queries about the weather.

Additionally, JSON web feeds can be used to update the knowledge base of a dialog system. For example, a Q&A chatbot could retrieve new questions and answers from a web feed in JSON format and use that data to improve its ability to answer user queries.

Web feeds are a way of distributing data as a series of “feed items” that can be retrieved periodically by a client. These feed items can be thought of as a snapshot of the data at a specific point in time. A client can request the feed at a specific time, and receive the data that was available at that time.

Streaming, on the other hand, is a method of delivering data in real-time. Instead of receiving a snapshot of the data at a specific point in time, a client receives the data as it is produced. This allows the client to receive updates in near real-time, and can be useful for applications such as live news updates, live sports updates, live stock prices, etc. JSON is commonly used for streaming data because it is a lightweight and easy-to-parse format that can be used to transmit data in real-time.

One way that JSON is used for streaming is through the use of server-sent events (SSE). SSE is a web technology that allows a server to push updates to a client in real-time over a single HTTP connection. The server sends updates as a series of JSON-encoded messages, which the client can receive and parse in real-time.

Another way that JSON is used for streaming is through the use of WebSockets. WebSockets is a web technology that allows for real-time bidirectional communication between a client and a server. The client and server can send and receive messages in JSON format over a single WebSocket connection.

JSON can also be used with other streaming protocols like MQTT and STOMP, which are used for IoT and messaging applications.



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… For library staff. Login. Statistics. View Usage Statistics. RSS Feeds. Responsible for this website University of Oslo Library. Contact Us duo-hjelp@ub.uio.no. Privacy policy.

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There are a number of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services that can be used to increase quality of life of older adults and persons with special needs. Unfortunately, there is often a mismatch between the offered services and their.

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… are radio, 3,700 are key news portals world-wide, 20 are commercial news feeds, and the rest are RSS feeds and selected … utilize the exceptional generalization and memorization capacity of the neural networks, which is already applied in the neural dialogue systems such as …

The information paradox.
A GILCHRIST – Scire, 2014 – search.ebscohost.com
… Early successes included the database of the National Library of Medicine in the early 1970s and the Lockheed Dialog system … before being placed in storage (ie a memory bank) from where it may, again, be transmitted auto- matically (as with RSS feeds) or retrieved by …

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In many domains of public discourse such as arguments about public policy, there is an abundance of knowledge to store, query, and reason with. To use this knowledge, we must address two key general problems: first, the problem of the knowledge acqui.

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Various types of everyday arguments are represented as argumentation schemes , originating from the Legal Argumentation literature. The recent achievements in this domain can be applied to multi-agent settings to enrich the paradigmatic aspects of co.

Scope of ontological annotation in e-commerce
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M Lipschultz, D Litman, S Katz… – … Journal of Learning …, 2014 – inderscienceonline.com
… methods. Her current projects include AI-enhanced peer review, spoken tutorial dialogue systems, and automated essay assessment … making. Other researchers are also developing or evaluating adaptive tutorial dialogue systems …

Exploiting the Arabic Wikipedia for semi-automatic construction of a lexical ontology
MM Boudabous, LH Belguith… – International Journal of …, 2013 – inderscienceonline.com
… Tunis (Tunisia). Her research activities have been devoted to several topics: Arabic text analysis, automatic abstracting, question-answering systems, Human-machine spoken dialogue systems, automatic translation. She has …

Framework and implementation for dialog based Arabic speech recognition
MM Ali – 2012 – search.proquest.com
… 1.5 RESEARCH CONTRIBUTIONS. The main contributions of this work can be summarized as: 1. A framework Design for web based spoken dialog systems. 16 … Kwon et al. [60] proposed an application to allow users to navigate RSS feeds using generic commands …

Cloud computing and DSS: the case of spatial DSS
PB Keenan – … Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, 2013 – inderscienceonline.com
… These modelling and database components are under the control of the user through an interface or dialogue system. Consequently, the DSS field has been continuously influenced by developments in both data storage and by new modelling approaches …

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Using reflective text to improve qualitative physics tutoring
A Ward, D Litman – International Journal of Learning …, 2013 – inderscienceonline.com
… Her active projects include AI-enhanced peer review, spoken tutorial dialogue systems and automated essay assessment. She is currently an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education …

Fuzzy logic and neural network based gender classification using three features
K Meena, KR Subramaniam… – International Journal of …, 2014 – inderscienceonline.com
… By using the vowel phonemes. No error has been occurred for vowel ‘a’ particullarly. More than 93%, the speech duration of 500 msec is enough for text-independent analysis. For achieving high-quality dialogue systems. With …

Leveraging Twitter for Low-Resource Conversational Speech Language Modeling
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… We argue that this dialogue system is a first attempt to fill some of the gaps that exist in autonomous deliberation models identified in this research … Determining the criteria of success of a dialogue in meeting its goal is a general problem for formal dialogue systems …

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State of the art in simulation-driven design
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… In 2006, Prommer (Prommer, 2006) presented a simulation-driven approach for developing procedure models for automatic strategy learning, tailored for application within task-oriented human/robot dialogue systems. Further, in 2006, Sarabia et al …

Utilizing bots in delivering content from Kentico Cloud and Kentico EMS
A Eikonsalo – 2017 – tampub.uta.fi
… subtler aspects of the user’s utterances. According to Klüwer, dialog systems also generally include some output … Blocks are built by using plugins that can, for example, move to another block, show content from RSS feed, per- form a Google search or get input from the user …

Identities, forgeries and disguises
G Chollet, P Perrot, W Karam… – International …, 2012 – inderscienceonline.com
… Switzerland. His main research interests include phonetics, automatic speech processing, speech dialog systems, multimedia, pattern recognition, digital signal processing, speech pathology and speech training aids. Patrick …

Lightweight tourism recommendation
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A News Aggregator Using Semantic and Data Mining Technologies
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Page 1. A News Aggregator Using Semantic and Data Mining Technologies Anastasios P. Ventouris Supervisor: Professor Ioannis Antoniou Co-supervisor: Dr. Charalampos Bratsas Thessaloniki, 2014 ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY …

The user of the future: Reimagining how we think about information
KH Leetaru – Information Services & Use, 2015 – content.iospress.com
… It was 50 years ago this year that the earliest origins of the Dialog system were built, following on the work of Doug Englebart at SRI International (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) two years prior and related work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT …

Computer-assisted safety argument review–a dialectics approach
T Yuan, T Kelly, T Xu – Argument & Computation, 2015 – content.iospress.com
… Finally, the rules set by dialectical systems could be enforced automatically using computers, so a computerised dialogue system could conduct organised dialogues with improved efficiency (Yuan, Moore, & Grierson, 2007) …

Beyond audio and video retrieval: topic-oriented multimedia summarization
F Metze, D Ding, E Younessian… – International Journal of …, 2013 – Springer
… Finally, a summary could compare two videos, and explain how these videos are different. When broadcast on Twitter (which is text oriented for efficiency), RSS feeds, or placed on banners, a good text summary could elicit interest, which will then lead to a browsing session …

Intelligence Virtual Analyst Capability: Governing Concepts and Science and Technology Roadmap
A Bergeron-Guyard, V Lavigne, D Poussart, D Gouin… – 2014 – dtic.mil
Page 1. Intelligence virtual analyst capability Governing concepts and science and technology roadmap Alexandre Bergeron-Guyard Valérie Lavigne Denis Poussart Denis Gouin Jean Roy DRDC – Valcartier Research Centre Defence Research and Development Canada …

Critical design issues for the development of Smart Home technologies
S Solaimani, H Bouwman… – Journal of Design …, 2013 – inderscienceonline.com

Can human-like bots control Collective mood: Agent-based simulations of online chats
B Tadi?, M Šuvakov – Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory …, 2013 – iopscience.iop.org
… Get permission to re-use this article. Buy this article in print. Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. Abstract. Using an agent-based modeling approach, in this paper, we study self-organized dynamics of interacting agents in the presence of chat Bots …

Insight into Information Extraction Method using Natural Language Processing Technique
K Dhanasekaran, R Rajeswari – Insight, 2013 – academia.edu
… present results on language model adaptation using two speech recognition tasks: a medium vocabulary medical domain doctor-patient dialog system and a … be of interest in cases where the text data is available as a continuous stream (one such source is RSS feeds from blogs …

Intelligent prompting system to assist stroke survivors
E Jean-Baptiste, M Russell, J Howe… – Journal of Ambient …, 2017 – content.iospress.com
Stroke survivors often have difficulties performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL). When trying to complete a task, they tend to rely on caregivers who give them cues when necessary. However, this reliance on caregivers’ support may affect their ab.

The intention to use mobile digital library technology: a focus group study in the United Arab Emirates
SH Alfaresi, K Hone – 2015 – v-scheiner.brunel.ac.uk
… be met by using this pro- gram (see Figure 1). The application involved a number of services, including library hours, ask a librarian, the library catalogue, users account, booking study room, notification of overdue materials, and YouTube, Facebook and RSS feeds for library …

Monitoring disaster impact: detecting micro-events and eyewitness reports in mainstream and social media
H Tanev, V Zavarella, J Steinberger – idl.iscram.org
… target disaster events (currently only Quakes, Floods and Hurricanes), which is dynamically updated by processing an RSS feed from the … A. (2014) Using lexical, syntactic and semantic features for non-terminal grammar rule induction in Spoken Dialogue Systems, IEEE Spoken …

Beyond Audio and Video Retrieval: Towards Multimedia Summarization
TM Summarization – 2012 – cs.cmu.edu
… Finally, a summary could compare two videos, and explain how these videos are different. When broadcast on Twitter (which is text oriented for efficiency), RSS feeds, or placed on banners, a good text summary could elicit interest, which will then lead to a browsing session …

Modelling human emotion in interactive environments: Physiological ensemble and grounded approaches for synthetic agents
PA Nogueira, R Rodrigues, E Oliveira… – Web …, 2015 – content.iospress.com
With the rising research in emotionally believable agents, several advances in agent technology have been made, ranging from interactive virtual agents to emotional mechanism simulations and emotional agent architectures. However, creating an emotion.

Bringing machine learning and compositional semantics together
P Liang, C Potts – Annu. Rev. Linguist., 2015 – annualreviews.org

Theoretical foundations for illocutionary structure parsing1
K Budzynska, M Janier, C Reed… – Argument & …, 2016 – content.iospress.com
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Distinctive features of persuasion and deliberation dialogues
K Atkinson, T Bench-Capon… – Argument & …, 2013 – content.iospress.com
The distinction between action persuasion dialogues and deliberation dialogues is not always obvious at first sight. In this paper, we provide a characterisation of both types of dialogues that draws out the distinctive features of each. It is import.

Interactivity: evolution and emerging trends
C Stephanidis, V Kouroumalis, M Antona – Handbook of human factors …, 2012 – ics.forth.gr
Page 1. Interactivity: evolution and emerging trends CONSTANTINE STEPHANIDIS 1,2 , VASSILIS KOUROUMALIS 1 AND MARGHERITA ANTONA 1 1 Institute of Computer Science Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) …

Strategies for question selection in argumentative dialogues about plans
R Medellin-Gasque, K Atkinson… – Argument & …, 2013 – content.iospress.com
In this article, we present a proposal to enable agents to discuss the suitability of plans based on an argumentation scheme and associated critical questions. Agents coordinate their beliefs, intentions and preferences using a dialogue game based on.

Pauses in man-machine interactions: a clue to users’ skill levels and their user interface requirements
A Ghazarian, A Ghazarian – International Journal of …, 2013 – inderscienceonline.com
… Researchers from different areas of HCI, such as natural dialogue systems (both speechbased and text-based), educational and e-learning systems, adaptive hypermedia systems and intelligent/adaptive help systems, have been interested in modelling users’ expertise/ skills …

Action plan for dissemination updated
D Cristea, A Branco, A Mendes, T Pellegrini… – 2012 – upcommons.upc.edu
Page 1. Deliverable D5.3: Action plan updated METANET4U, Project CIP #270893 1 Action plan updated Deliverable D5.3 Version 2.3 2012-07-04 Editor: Diana Trandab?? Page 2. Deliverable D5.3: Action plan updated METANET4U, Project CIP #270893 2 METANET4U …

Assessing communication strategies in argumentation-based negotiation agents equipped with belief revision1
A Casali, P Pilotti, C Chesñevar – Argument & Computation, 2016 – content.iospress.com
The importance of negotiation has increased in the last years as a relevant interaction to solve conflicts in multi-agent systems. Although there are many different scenarios, a typical negotiating situation involves two cooperative agents that canno.

A computational model of argumentation in agreement negotiation processes
M Koit, H Õim – Argument & Computation, 2015 – content.iospress.com
… Journal: Argument & Computation, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 101-129, 2015. Received 17 May 2013. | Accepted 3 April 2014. | Published: 4 May 2015. Get PDF. Abstract. The paper describes a computational model that we have implemented in an experimental dialogue system (DS) …

Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020/META Technology Council
C Declercq – 2012 – repository.uantwerpen.be
… ‚ Information access and management. Example: Information retrieval. ‚ Communication between humans and between humans and machines. Example: Spoken dialogue system. ‚ Translation of spoken and written content. Example: Document translation …

An argumentation-based approach for reasoning about trust in information sources
L Amgoud, R Demolombe – Argument & Computation, 2014 – content.iospress.com
During a dialogue, agents exchange information with each other and need thus to deal with incoming information. For that purpose, they should be able to reason effectively about trustworthiness of information sources. This paper proposes an argument-.

Content licensing: buying and selling digital resources
M Upshall – 2014 – books.google.com
… Contents 11 10.9 PDF 10.10 Which format to use for data creation and capture 10.11 DITA 10.12 DTDs for word processors 10.13 Other page make-up languages 10.14 XML and publishing: ONIX 10.15 RSS feeds 10.16 Atom 10.17 Podcasting 10.18 E-book formats 10.19 …

SSAP Pag, SP Pag, OD Pag – 2015 – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… Pag. 13-16 – Sentiment Analysis for Dynamic User Preference Inference in Spoken Pag. 17-24 Dialogue Systems – Semantic Web-based Sentiment Analysis 25-28 Pag. 25-28 – SMILE2014 Preface Pag. 29-30 – Towards emergency vehicle routing using Geolinked Open Data …

Influencial word-of-mouth on social media
I Dimitrova – Streaming the Fundraising Process for Start–ups, 2013 – core.ac.uk
… Blog-specific search engines work by monitoring syndication steams called RSS feeds that are used to signal that a … These search engines can grab new content less than an hour after it has been published, making RSS feeds the best way to keep tabs on the blog sphere …

The dynamics of emotions in online interaction
D Garcia, A Kappas, D Küster… – Royal Society …, 2016 – rsos.royalsocietypublishing.org

Cranfield Experiments 28 Cross-language information retrieval 28 Datanet 29 Dice’s coefficient 30 Divergence-from-randomness model 31
B Harvester – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… By 1970 several different techniques had been shown to perform well on small text corpora such as the Cranfield collection (several thousand documents).[1] Large-scale retrieval systems, such as the Lockheed Dialog system, came into use early in the 1970s …

A simple interaction model for learner agents: An evolutionary approach
A Beigi, N Mozayani – Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 2016 – content.iospress.com
… 42–50. [5]. Cuayahuitl H. , Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems, PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, (2009) . [6]. Goh K. and Tan K. , Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization in Uncertain Environments, Springer, (2009) . [7] …

The Taxobook: Principles and Practices of Building Taxonomies, Part 2 of a 3-Part Series
MMK Hlava – … Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and …, 2014 – morganclaypool.com
Page 1. H L A VA T H E T A X OBO OK : P AR T 2 MO R GAN & CL A YPOO L Marjorie MK Hlava Gary Marchionini, Series Editor MORGAN&CLAYPOOL PUBLISHERS SyntheSiS LectureS on information conceptS, retrievaL, and ServiceS Principles and Practices …

Finding enthymemes in real-world texts: A feasibility study
O Razuvayevskaya, S Teufel – Argument & Computation, 2017 – content.iospress.com
… [2]. E. Black and A. Hunter, Using enthymemes in an inquiry dialogue system, International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems 1: ((2008) ), 437–444. ISBN 9780981738109. [3]. MB Burke, Unstated premises, Informal Logic 7: (2) ((1985) ) …

Conwiz: The contextual wizard of oz
T Grill, O Polacek, M Tscheligi – Journal of Ambient …, 2015 – content.iospress.com
… The Wizard of Oz method is still popular to test new dialog systems using automatic speech recognition [15,33,36]. Klemmer et al. [25] developed SUEDE which is a tool for prototyping Wizard of Oz studies for the domain of speech user interfaces …

Health, Science, and Place
AJ Blatt – 2016 – Springer
Page 1. Geotechnologies and the Environment Amy J. Blatt Health, Science, and Place A New Model Page 2. Geotechnologies and the Environment VOLUME 12 Series Editors: Jay D. Gatrell, College of Graduate and Professional …

A Semantic Framework for Social Search
S Johann – tel.archives-ouvertes.fr
… edge. Numerous applications of such systems exist for example in the area of natural language understanding and dialogue systems, in computer-based educational systems and online learning environments, in systems for computer supported collaboration and recommender …