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The Parenting Experience.: A Soul Machines like Demonstration (™)
BA Kumar –
A virtual parenting experience, inspired by babyX of soul machines, as part of one’s digital life is explored as transcription from digital DNA. Algorithms are presented, using the open Daz3D framework with the Unity engine. An emphasis is placed on an anime reality and …

Acting like humans? Anthropomorphism and consumer’s willingness to pay in electronic commerce
L Yuan, AR Dennis – Journal of Management Information Systems, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
… Figure 2 shows Roman, a digital avatar developed by Soul Machines ( for an online customer service agent; this is not a photograph, it is a computer-generated interactive digital agent. Acting Like Humans …

The Parenting Experience
BA Kumar –
Page 1. The Parenting Experience.: A Soul Machines like Demonstration(™) … Abstract: A virtual parenting experience, inspired by babyX of soul machines, as part of one’s digital life is explored as transcription from digital DNA …

Taskoids: A Formal Definition
BA Kumar –
… Why: Similar to Soul Machines and Digital DNA of Digital Human designs, we create taskoids with machine genome to easily or automatically configure IAC to an application for a class of task computability. Summary: Main Points: Two sets of theorems are presented: Page 2 …

Formal Methods for Multi Modal UI for Robotics
BA Kumar –
… A DNA representation for encoding digital human and robotic machines will usher a new era of optronic based robotics. Soul machines is one of the early pioneers in this direction.?(Makari 2015; Kurzweil 2000; Fisher 2012) (Makari 2015; Kurzweil 2000; Fisher 2012)?tal is a …

Algorithmic decision-making and the control problem
J Zerilli, A Knott, J Maclaurin, C Gavaghan – Minds and Machines, 2019 – Springer
The danger of human operators devolving responsibility to machines and failing to detect cases where they fail has been recognised for many years by indust.

FACS at 40: facial action coding system panel
M Seymour – ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Panels, 2019 –
… He is CEO of Soul Machines, which is humanizing the interface be- tween people and machines by bringing technology to life through autonomously animated, emotionally responsive digital humans with virtual nervous systems and embodied cognitive architectures …

Anti-philosophy of Immanence
Ž Pai? – White Holes and the Visualization of the Body, 2019 – Springer
… It should be said at the outset that these are not just concepts opposed to the traditional notion. In the first, there is no mere contrast to “soul machines”, for example; and in the second, there is no contrast to the mechanically produced body as an organism …

Personality In Conversational UI design.
BA Kumar –
… We use SoulMachines conversational UI as a case study, for the determination of data structures for personality definition … Lavidor 2017; Peter and Beale 2008) EI gestures of face_gestures EI gestures of body_gestures EI gestures of voice The Soul Machines connection, Digital …

Reducing patient loneliness with artificial agents: design insights from evolutionary neuropsychiatry
K Loveys, G Fricchione, K Kolappa, M Sagar… – Journal of medical …, 2019 –
… with artificial agents is beneficial for patients. Conflicts of Interest. MS is the CEO of Soul Machines (an artificial intelligence company), which supports KL with a PhD stipend, and contracts EB for consultancy work. References …

Hairbrush for immersive data-driven hair modeling
J Xing, K Nagano, W Chen, H Xu, L Wei… – Proceedings of the …, 2019 –
… References. 2017. Soul Machines. (2017). Scholar Google Scholar; Rifat Aras, Barkin Bacs arankut, Tolga cC apin, and Bülent Özgücc. 2008. 3D Hair sketching for real-time dynamic & key frame animations …

Transparency in algorithmic and human decision-making: is there a double standard?
J Zerilli, A Knott, J Maclaurin, C Gavaghan – Philosophy & Technology, 2019 – Springer
We are sceptical of concerns over the opacity of algorithmic decision tools. While transparency and explainability are certainly important desiderata in al.

A Collective Action Simulation Platform
S Cranefield, H Clark-Younger, G Hay – … on Multi-Agent Systems and Agent …, 2019 – Springer
… The second and third authors contributed to this paper while working at the University of Otago. Hannah Clark-Younger is now at Soul Machines, hannah.clark-younger@ Download conference paper PDF. 1 Introduction …

Mapping beyond the uncanny valley: A Delphi study on aiding adoption of realistic digital faces
K Riemer, J Kay – Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International …, 2019 –
… Sci-tech Oscar winner. Stephen Rosenbaum: VFX Supervisor. Two time Oscar winner. Dr. Mark Sagar: Founder, Soul Machines and University of Auckland. Multiple Sci-Tech Oscars. Sebastian Sylwan: CTO at Weta Digital, now CTO Félix & Paul VR Studios …

Humanizing Business in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
J Hooker, TW Kim – 2019 –
… New York: Random House. Soul Machines. 2019. “Solutions.” Accessed November 29, 2019. Szegedy, Christian, Wojciech Zaremba, Ilya Sutskever, Joan Bruna, Dumitru Erhan, Ian Goodfellow, and Rob Fergus. 2014 …

Commercialization of multimodal systems
PR Cohen, R Tumuluri – The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor …, 2019 –
Page 1. 15Commercialization of Multimodal Systems Philip R. Cohen, Raj Tumuluri 15.1 Introduction This chapter surveys the broad and accelerating commercial activity in building products incorporating multimodal-multisensor interfaces …

The implementation of artificial intelligence and its future potential
F Škavi? – 2019 –
Page 1. The implementation of artificial intelligence and its future potential Škavi?, Fran Undergraduate thesis / Zavr ni rad 2019 Degree Grantor / Ustanova koja je dodijelila akademski / stru?ni stupanj: University of Zagreb, Faculty …

A Cloud-Based Extensible Avatar For Human Robot Interaction
EKA AlTarawneh – 2019 –

Post-human institutions and organizations: Confronting the matrix
I Al-Amoudi, E Lazega – 2019 –
Page 1. Post-Human Institutions and Organizations When the Matrix trilogy was published in the mid-1980s, it introduced to mass culture a number of post-human tropes about the conscious machines that have haunted our collective imaginaries ever since …

A Mechanism for Attending to ‘Unusual’ Object Properties, and its Role in a Model of Object Categorization
C Gorman – 2019 –
… work during my PhD, including the demonstrator positions, the program- ming job in the Psychology department, and the work with Soul Machines. Thanks for sticking your neck out for me, and for covering drinks occasion- ally …