100 Best CoSpaces Edu Examples


CoSpaces Edu is a platform that allows students to create and learn through virtual and augmented reality. It offers tools for 3D creation, coding, and managing classes, as well as resources for digital and remote learning. It can be used by students and teachers of any age or subject and can be accessed through a computer or ClassVR headset. CoSpaces Edu also has a mobile app that allows users to explore their creations in augmented reality using tablets. The platform can be used to teach computational thinking and coding skills, and can be used to create and play games. CoSpaces Edu Pro is an upgraded version of the platform that includes all the features of CoSpaces Edu and allows users to invite other teachers and students and publish their creations to the CoSpaces Edu Gallery. It also includes an add-on for the MERGE Cube, which allows users to create and project content onto the cube in augmented reality. CoSpaces Edu is used in schools around the world and offers lesson plans and resources for teachers. The company also has a program called CoSpaces Edu Ambassadors, which includes educators who use the platform in their classrooms. CoSpaces Edu is headquartered in Germany.



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