100 Best TikTok Virtual Being Links


TikTok has become a major hub for virtual content creators and audiences, fostering a thriving ecosystem where digital beings engage widely with real users. The variety of accounts—from independent AI avatars to brand virtual assistants to CGI influencers—showcases the diverse forms and creators of artificial identities inhabiting the platform. Advanced generative technologies empower customized, interactive virtual personalities tuned for TikTok’s unique formats. Extensive evidence points to TikTok facilitating mass participation of virtual entities alongside authentic users, signaling mainstream embrace of virtual beings for both creators and consumers within the highly popular video community.

Vtokers represent a novel trend in the digital entertainment sphere, where VTubers meet TikTok. These content creators utilize virtual avatars, ranging from anime-like figures to animals, to represent themselves in their videos instead of showing their real faces. Their content, primarily shared on TikTok, spans various genres including gaming, music, comedy, and more. Vtokers are known for their dynamic personalities that resonate through their avatars, establishing a strong rapport with viewers. They skillfully leverage TikTok’s editing tools and features to make their content visually striking. Furthermore, they actively engage with their audience through comments and live streams, fostering a sense of community.



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