100 Best Huawei Virtual Humans


Huawei Cloud has launched MetaStudio, a digital content pipeline that lowers barriers to using virtual human services for industries. It includes services such as virtual human generation, creating 3D avatars in 5 seconds using an uploaded photo. The pipeline includes Meta Digital Human (MDH) which provides full-process and scene-based digital human services such as stylized and realistic digital human, live-action 3D video production, digital human live broadcast and video production services. They also have ModelBox for AI application development and CodeArts IDE for DevCloud software development. The online development platform of Digital Human as a Service (DHaaS) will become the innovation toolbox of PUGC (Professional User-Generated Content), empowering the full-link production and operation process of generating, driving, intelligent and operating AI digital human. Huawei Cloud also introduced its first virtual human employees Sara and Yunsheng at exhibitions.

Huawei Cloud provides consulting related to designing 3D realistic virtual humans and develop, render, and composite 3D realistic virtual human models. They also announced the first virtual human, Yunsheng, to join HUAWEI CLOUD, which demonstrates the company’s powerful technologies such as NLP, intelligent voice driver, cloud rendering and more. They also provide model-based video, posters, and livestreaming for enterprises requiring 3D virtual human models. It takes about 60 days to develop a realistic virtual human model and 45 days to develop an animated virtual human model.




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