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Lessons learned from virtual humans
W Swartout – AI Magazine, 2010 –
… This paper describes major virtual human systems we have built and important lessons we have learned along the way. Author Biography. William Swartout, University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies …

Practical language processing for virtual humans
A Leuski, D Traum – Twenty-Second IAAI Conference, 2010 –
… to system responses. NPCEditor provides a user-friendly editor for creating effective virtual humans quickly. It has been deployed as a part of various virtual human systems in several ap- plications. 1 Virtual Humans Imagine …

Parasocial consensus sampling: Combining multiple perspectives to learn virtual human behavior
L Huang, LP Morency, J Gratch – … of the 9th International Conference on …, 2010 –
Page 1. Parasocial Consensus Sampling: Combining Multiple Perspectives to Learn Virtual Human Behavior Lixing Huang Institute for Creative Technologies University of Southern California 13274 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292 USA …

Evaluating models of speaker head nods for virtual agents
J Lee, Z Wang, S Marsella – … of the 9th International Conference on …, 2010 –
… 15] [16]. To promote the reusability of the model, we focused on using linguistic features that are easily obtain- able across different virtual human systems such as part of speech tags, phrase boundaries, and dialog acts. The …

Design of emotional Intelligent Tutor System based on HMM
X Gu, Z Wang, J Zhang, W Wang… – 2010 Sixth International …, 2010 –
… In addition, it enables to simplify the modeling, and to easily construct the features for the people with various characters. The result of research is able to provide a kind of theoretical design method for affective ITS and the affective virtual human system …

Design and implementation of an intelligent tutoring system for English instruction
Z Wang, X Gu, J He, S Zheng… – 2010 IEEE International …, 2010 –
… That is to say, it omits emotional effects. Virtual human system should have complete knowledge database[3l. Complete knowledge database and emotion recognition module are well constructed in this ITS The touring system is categorized on scenario …

A probabilistic multimodal approach for predicting listener backchannels
LP Morency, I de Kok, J Gratch – Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent …, 2010 – Springer
… We compared our prediction model with the rule based approach of Ward and Tsuka- hara [39] since this method has been employed effectively in virtual human systems and demonstrates clear subjective and behavioral improvements for human/virtual human inter- action [14] …

NPCEditor: A Tool for Building Question-Answering Characters.
A Leuski, DR Traum – LREC, 2010 – Citeseer
… In this paper we describe NPCEditor in more detail from the point of view of a virtual human system designer … The component accepts an input from the user of the virtual human system and returns an appropriate response …

Learning backchannel prediction model from parasocial consensus sampling: a subjective evaluation
L Huang, LP Morency, J Gratch – International Conference on Intelligent …, 2010 – Springer
… If applied to virtual human systems, it has the potential to create better social effects than the Rapport Agent did. By looking at the virtual human driven by PCS-CRF and the one driven by real lis- tener’s behavior, we don’t see significant difference overall, but there is significant …

Advances in human factors and ergonomics in healthcare
VG Duffy – 2010 –
Page 1. Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in HealthcareAdvances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare Duffy Page 2. Hdv~nce~ in ~um~n ractOH ~nfl fr~onomio in ~e~lt~care Page 3. Advances in H tnnan Factors and Ergonomics Series Series Editors …

Learning and evaluating response prediction models using parallel listener consensus
I De Kok, D Ozkan, D Heylen, LP Morency – International Conference on …, 2010 –
… Several systems (eg [8, 13, 19]) already include such models and it has been shown to improve engagement and speaker fluency of the user of the system [8]. When working towards a model for listener responses in an interactive virtual human system, development and evalua …

Component-based networking for simulations in medical education
S Von Mammen, T Davison, H Baghi… – The IEEE symposium …, 2010 –
… based architectures. Section III describes the design and implementation of our client/server networking component and its integration into the larger component frame- work of our LINDSAY Virtual Human system. Section IV …

A Rendering Method for Visualization of Medical Data
F He, X Li – Modern Applied Science, 2010 –
… display function. For example, three-dimensional radiation treatment planning systems, virtual human system, computer-aided surgical navigation systems, medical imaging workstation, but they are constructed separately. Some …

Emotion generation for virtual human using Cognitive Map
R Luo, J Zhao – 2010 Sixth International Conference on Natural …, 2010 –
… Finally, the paper constructs an intelligent virtual human system with facial expression, voice and vision communication … Lastly, we design an intelligent virtual human system through the simulation of virtual human’s artificial vision and auditory …

Simulating human movement
A Toet – Gate Magazine, 9, 2010 –
… predictors. Continuously interacting Embodied Conversational Agents can be interrupted At the Enterface 2010 workshop a virtual human system will be designed and built, that employs Elckerlyc’s continuous interaction capabilities …

The design and realization of three-dimensional visual stimulator for brain-computer interface
S Rui, L Shuang, H Qing-hua – 2010 International Conference …, 2010 –
… Isosurface Based on MC Algorithm”, Image and Graphics, 2001, vol.6, pp.806-809 [11] Xu Meng, Sun Shou-qian, Pan Yun-he, “The Research of Motion Control in Virtual Human”, System Simulation, 2003, vol.15, pp. 338-342

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