Virtual Human Toolkit 2010 (2x)

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Practical language processing for virtual humans
A Leuski, D Traum – Twenty-Second IAAI Conference, 2010 –
… Virtual Human Toolkit & Others NPCEditor is being used to create virtual humans in more and more diverse applications. NPCEditor is now part of a Virtual Human Toolkit that is a collection of modules, tools and libraries that allow developers to create their own virtual humans …

Virtual humans with secrets: Learning to detect verbal cues to deception
HC Lane, M Schneider, SW Michael… – … on Intelligent Tutoring …, 2010 – Springer
… To build characters we relied primarily on the Tactical Questioning domain editor [20]. For other aspects (ie, animation, speech generation, nonverbal behaviors) we leveraged the Virtual Human Toolkit.1 The domain editor requires an author to create …

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