100 Best Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes


Yahoo! Pipes was a web-based service that allowed users to create custom feeds and data processing pipelines. It was launched by Yahoo! in February 2007 and was considered to be one of the first “data mashup” tools available to the general public.

Pipes allowed users to create custom data processing pipelines by connecting a series of “pipes” together, each of which performed a specific function, such as filtering, sorting, or manipulating data. Users could create custom feeds by combining data from multiple sources and applying a series of transformations to it. The resulting feed could be consumed by other applications, such as RSS readers or web widgets.

Pipes was widely used for a variety of purposes, such as news aggregation, social media monitoring, and weather tracking. Many developers also used it to create custom data feeds for their own applications. The platform was initially praised for its flexibility and ease of use, and it quickly attracted a large community of users and developers.

However, despite its popularity, Pipes was eventually discontinued by Yahoo in 2015. The company cited a lack of usage and resources as the reason for its discontinuation. The website and documentation remained accessible for some time after the shutdown, but it eventually shut down the site permanently.

The discontinuation of Yahoo Pipes was seen as a disappointment for many developers, who had come to rely on the service for their own projects.

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to connect different software applications and data sources. iPaaS provides a wide range of integration capabilities, such as data mapping, data transformation, and data flow management. This allows companies to easily and quickly integrate their existing systems and automate business processes across different systems and data sources. iPaaS solutions are designed to be easy to use and don’t require technical expertise to implement.
  • Workflow Automation refers to the process of automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and processes. Workflow automation can encompass a wide range of activities, including data entry, form submission, data validation, and document routing. The goal of workflow automation is to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve communication within the organization. Workflow automation can be implemented through the use of software and technology, such as business process management systems and robotic process automation (RPA) software.




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  • apigee.com .. api management and predictive analytics
  • app.net .. instant access to hundreds of great social apps
  • azuqua.com .. one cloud to connect them all
  • bip.io .. rapidly create workflows with the cloud components
  • blastcasta.com .. free tool for creating a news widget or ticker
  • built.io .. build mobile apps fast, deliver content everywhere
  • chimpfeedr.com .. enter a bunch of feeds, and mash ’em up into one
  • clickscript.ch .. a visual programming language, runs in the browser
  • cloudbees.com .. continuous delivery solutions powered by jenkins
  • cloudpipes.com .. rewire the web, duct tape for the internet
  • cloudwork.com .. easiest way to sync data between business apps
  • datasift.com .. only independent provider of social data
  • diffbot.com .. get data from web pages automatically
  • dlvr.it .. helps publishers deliver their content to the social web
  • elastic.io .. framework and interactive toolset to integrate apps data
  • feedblitz.com .. combining email marketing, social media and feed management
  • feedcombine.com .. easiest way to combine multiple feeds into one
  • feedforall.com .. edit and create feeds with easy to use software
  • feedio.co .. helps bloggers grow and manage email and rss subscribers
  • feedkiller.com .. combine multiple feeds into one
  • feedrinse.com .. web-based tool that allows you to filter unruly subscriptions
  • feedsapi.org .. all in one real-time media monitoring, full text rss feeds
  • ifttt.com .. create simple connections between the products you use
  • import.io .. transform any website into a table of data or an api in minutes
  • itduzzit.com .. cloud integration made easy by connecting multiple applications
  • kimonolabs.com .. turn websites into structured APIs from your browser
  • nerevu/riko .. a python stream processing engine modeled after yahoo! pipes
  • onx.ms .. lets you control and extend the capabilities of your android phone
  • opentext.com .. manage business content and meet information governance
  • pipes.digital .. $20/month
  • quadrigram.com .. create interactive data visualizations
  • roundteam.co .. automates the task of searching and sharing tweets
  • rssmix.com .. service that mixes multiple feeds together into one
  • scrapy.org .. collaborative framework for extracting data from websites
  • skyvia.com .. web service for cloud data integration and backup
  • swarmiq.com .. aggregator that helps manage, monitor and curate feeds
  • talend.com .. open source integration software products
  • twitterfeed.com .. tweets the last posts published in a blog via the rss feed
  • unirest.io .. lightweight http request client libraries
  • wappwolf.com .. drop files into a predefined folder on dropbox
  • wewiredweb.com .. create automated tasks to move data between web services
  • workato.com .. connect multiple apps together in minutes
  • zapier.com .. connects the web apps you use to easily move your data

The list below represents three years (2012-2014) of links mentioned in conjunction with pipes.yahoo.com in academic literature.