100 Best IFTTT WordPress Applets


IFTTT WordPress Webhook is a tool that allows a node application to expose a webhook that can be triggered by IFTTT. It wraps an xmlrpc server, allowing users to log in to their WordPress admin account using their URL and login credentials. IFTTT can be used to automate tasks related to social media accounts, such as automatically creating a WordPress post on a blog when a YouTube video is favorited. It can also be used to automatically syndicate content from an RSS feed to WordPress. Other uses for IFTTT include integrating WordPress with other apps and devices, and automatically sharing new WordPress posts on social media platforms such as Facebook. The Jetpack plugin, the WordPress to Buffer plugin, and the IFTTT service are all options for automatically sharing WordPress content on Facebook. There are also plugins available that allow users to connect IFTTT to WordPress and use it to trigger events on the website.

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