Dialog Management Middleware


Middleware is software that sits between two different systems or applications and provides a way for them to communicate and exchange data. It acts as a “middle layer” that enables the different systems to work together, and it is often used to facilitate communication between different types of software or hardware.

On the other hand, a framework is a set of tools and resources that is used to support the development of applications. It provides a structure or foundation upon which applications can be built, and it often includes a range of tools and resources such as libraries, APIs, and other components that developers can use to create applications more efficiently.

Dialog management middleware is software that helps to manage and control the flow of conversation between a chatbot and a user. Here are a few examples of dialog management middleware:

  1. Dialogflow: Dialogflow is a cloud-based platform developed by Google that allows developers to build, deploy, and manage chatbots and other conversational interfaces. It provides a range of tools and resources for building chatbots, including a natural language processing engine, integration with a variety of messaging platforms, and tools for managing and analyzing chatbot conversations.
  2. IBM Watson Assistant: IBM Watson Assistant is a chatbot development platform that allows developers to build, deploy, and manage chatbots and other conversational interfaces. It provides a range of tools and resources for building chatbots, including a natural language processing engine, integration with a variety of messaging platforms, and tools for managing and analyzing chatbot conversations.
  3. Microsoft Bot Framework: The Microsoft Bot Framework is a set of tools and services for building chatbots and other conversational interfaces. It includes a range of tools for building chatbots, including a natural language processing engine, integration with a variety of messaging platforms, and tools for managing and analyzing chatbot conversations.
  4. Rasa: Rasa is an open-source framework for building chatbots and other conversational interfaces. It provides a range of tools and resources for building chatbots, including a natural language processing engine, integration with a variety of messaging platforms, and tools for managing and analyzing chatbot conversations.


  • inpro.tk .. incremental situated spoken interaction processing


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Integration framework for heterogeneous analysis components A Bergeron-Guyard – 2014 – cradpdf.drdc-rddc.gc.ca … 7 3.2.1 Dialogue management ….. 8 3.2 … separated. An application that uses middleware to service data requests between a user and a database employs a multi-tier architecture. The …

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