Lexicogrammar & Natural Language Processing 2017


Lexis is the total stock of words in a language. Lexical grammar lays down the rules governing how a character sequence is divided up into subsequences of characters. Coined by Michael Halliday, lexicogrammar describes the relation of grammar to lexis as one of a continuum with an infinite number of gradations from one extreme to the other.

  • lexicalized grammar
  • lexico-grammar
  • lexico-grammatical analysis
  • lexico-grammatical annotation
  • lexico-grammatical behaviour
  • lexico-grammatical categories
  • lexico-grammatical characterisations
  • lexico-grammatical characteristics
  • lexico-grammatical co-occurrence
  • lexico-grammatical constructions
  • lexico-grammatical derivation
  • lexico-grammatical distinctions
  • lexico-grammatical frequency
  • lexico-grammatical guidance
  • lexico-grammatical information
  • lexico-grammatical knowledge
  • lexico-grammatical level
  • lexico-grammatical options
  • lexico-grammatical patterns
  • lexico-grammatical phrases
  • lexico-grammatical relationships
  • lexico-grammatical resources
  • lexico-grammatical strings
  • lexico-grammatical structure
  • lexico-grammatical study
  • lexico-grammatical use
  • lexico-grammatical variation
  • lexicogrammatical
  • lexicogrammatical characterization
  • lexicogrammatical checklist
  • lexicogrammatical choices
  • lexicogrammatical cline
  • lexicogrammatical conceptualisations
  • lexicogrammatical construal
  • lexicogrammatical description
  • lexicogrammatical differences
  • lexicogrammatical errors
  • lexicogrammatical features
  • lexicogrammatical realizations
  • lexicogrammatical rules
  • lexicogrammatical system
  • lexicogrammatical unit
  • morpho-lexico-grammatical
  • morphological analysis
  • morphosyntactic
  • morphosyntax


  • the halliday centre tagger .. a browser based tool to aid text analysis with automatic visualization
  • kaiko.getalp.org .. dbnary is an effort to provide multilingual lexical data extracted from wiktionary
  • wmatrix .. corpus analysis and comparison tool



See also:

Lexical Analysis & Dialog Systems

Cognition, Corpora, and Computing: Triangulating Research in Usage?Based Language Learning
NC Ellis – Language Learning, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
… experience, (2) the longitudinal analysis of learner language, and (3) Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyses of the … morphological, lexical, and syntactic dimensions; (2) phraseology, collocation, and lexico-grammar; and (3 … Phraseology, Collocation, and Lexicogrammar …

Voice and Prosody
L Sbattella – corsi.dei.polimi.it
… Licia Sbattella Natural Language Processing Politecnico di Milano Page 2 … the cohesion of a text and (indirectly) to coherence • Intonation can provide more information than can the lexicogrammatical structure alone • The lexicogrammatical structure combines with other …

A Corpus-based Analysis of the Works of Dickens and Melville
PA Machonis – 2017 – edgehill.ac.uk
Page 1. Symposium on Corpus Approaches to Lexicogrammar LxGr2017 June 10, 2017 Edge Hill University Page 2 … “Most of the 19th century is not covered at all” Page 7. Natural Language Processing & Historical Linguistics ? Automatically annotate PV, both continuous …

Natural Semantic Metalanguage and lexicography
C Goddard – International Handbook of Modern Lexis and …, 2017 – Springer
… can bring out the connections between lexis and lexicogrammar, on the one … resources, and they are increasingly drawn upon by natural language processing (NLP) applications … and morphosyntax, eg, semantics of case, valency, lexicogrammatical constructions (Wierzbicka …

Finding Structure in Figurative Language: Metaphor Detection with Topic-based Frames
H Jang, K Maki, E Hovy, C Rose – … of the 18th Annual SIGdial Meeting on …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… For this reason, any general corpus that contains sufficient amount of sentences that include frame-related words can be used. 4.2 Collect Lexico-Grammar Patterns … Sec- ond, the lexico-grammar pattern is not affected by modifiers in the path …

Systemic functional linguistics and computation: New directions, new challenges
J Bateman, D McDonald, T Hiippala… – … Handbook of Systemic …, 2017 – helsinki.fi
… Broad coverage natural language processing modules now exist for several levels of linguistic abstraction … are used in tandem to extract frequency counts for various lexicogrammatical features … apply a similar methodology in order to track shifting lexicogrammar and semantics …

The Routledge handbook of systemic functional linguistics
T Bartlett, G O’Grady – 2017 – books.google.com
… 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Translation studies Kerstin Kunz and Elke Teich Interactions between natural–language processing and systemic … number system;(b) A consolidated personal pronoun system The components and their outputs in a generative SFL lexicogrammar The basic …

Corpus and systemic functional linguistics
S Sharoff – corpus.leeds.ac.uk
… the COBUILD project produced considerable evidence about the pos- sibility of describing lexicogrammar from the … The text-internal approach is based on parameters related to the lexicogrammatical choices made within … Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing …

From Characters to Words to in Between: Do We Capture Morphology?
C Vania, A Lopez – arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.08352, 2017 – arxiv.org
Page 1. From Characters to Words to in Between: Do We Capture Morphology? Clara Vania and Adam Lopez Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation School of Informatics University of Edinburgh c.vania@ed.ac.uk, alopez@inf.ed.ac.uk Abstract …

Differences in type-token ratio and part-of-speech frequencies in male and female Russian written texts
T Litvinova, P Seredin, O Litvinova… – Proceedings of the …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… 2003. Written Text Author Identification: Lexicogrammatical aspect. PhD the- sis … Use of language and author profiling: identification of gender and age. In Proceeding of the 10th workshop on natural language processing and cognitive science (NLPCS 2013). Marseille, France …

Norms and exploitations in lexicography
S Može – International Handbook of Modern Lexis and …, 2017 – Springer
… has shown that idiomaticity should be seen as a cline, with criteria such as semantic opaqueness, lexicogrammatical fixedness, and … Recent advances in Natural Language Processing and computational lexicography have yielded a pleth- ora of computational tools that can be …

The early semantics of the neologism BREXIT: A lexicogrammatical approach
L Fontaine – Functional Linguistics, 2017 – functionallinguistics.springeropen …
… Published: 2 March 2017. Abstract. The aim of this paper is to examine the nominality of the neologism BREXIT using a corpus-informed lexicogrammatical approach … Keywords. NominalizationWord formationLexical semanticsLexicogrammarSFLGrammatical metaphor …

Data-Informed language learning
R Godwin-Jones – 2017 – scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu
… Advances in natural language processing (NLP) have enabled rich tagging and annotation of corpus data, essential for their effective use in … based research in linguistics using data from corpora has confirmed that grammar and vocabulary are linked as lexicogrammar, a term …

Transitivity in the Cardiff Grammar
A Neale – The Routledge Handbook of Systemic Functional …, 2017 – books.google.com
… This tool has been used for computational linguistics and natural-language processing tasks, particularly as a data-training set for semantic role parsing … 1 Like FrameNet, VerbNet is being widely deployed for natural language-processing tasks …

Needing and Wanting in Academic Lectures: Profiling the Academic Lecture Across Contexts
R Wegener, B Schüller, J Cassens – Transforming Contexts, 2017 – researchgate.net
… Most recent work in natural language processing now integrates lexical, acoustic/prosodic, textual and discourse features for effective summarization (Maskey and … as can be now seen in Hasan’s own mappings between semantic networks and the lexicogrammar (Hasan, 1996d …

Semi-automatic discovery of multilingual elements in English historical corpora: Methods and challenges
J Tyrkkö, A Nurmi, J Tuominen – Challenging the myth of …, 2017 – books.google.com
Page 182. CHAPTER 9 Semi-automatic Discovery of Multilingual Elements in English Historical Corpora: Methods and Challenges Jukka Tyrkkö, Arja Nurmi and Jukka Tuominen 1 Introduction One of the main obstacles standing …

Models And Tools For Automatization Of The Linguistic Research
VA Lakhno, OY Nikolaievskyi… – … of Theoretical and …, 2017 – search.proquest.com
… Keywords: Linguistic Information; Natural Language Processing; The Data Processing System; Quasi-Inflections; Automation Of Morphological Data Processing; Semantic Information Encoding … In the system are presented in the form of a matrix of lexico-grammar forms and list of …

Second language educational experiences for adult learners
JM Norris, JME Davis, V Timpe-Laughlin – 2017 – books.google.com
… on language assessment will focus on key issues, trends, and innovations in language assessment as reflected in research from a variety of fields such as first and second language assessment, cognitive and learning sciences, natural language processing, and speech …

Exploring Spoken English Learner Language Using Corpora
L Talk – Springer
… The pretest–posttest data of the students’ spontaneous production showed that they made significant gains in the dimensions of compre- hensibility, fluency, and lexicogrammar but not in production areas such as accentedness and pronunciation …

Pragmatic aspects in AVT: A corpus-driven discourse approach
IE Saridakis, E Mouka – Civitas Gentium, 2017 – cg.turkmas.uoa.gr
… In this context, an effort to «chart», classify and interpret the lexicogrammatical features of racist discourse, with a particular focus on the inter-linguistic (and hence, inter-cultural) transfer of such features during translation, should opt for investigating racial slurs as referential …

Exploring Spoken English Learner Language Using Corpora: Learner Talk
E Friginal, JJ Lee, B Polat, A Roberson – 2017 – books.google.com
… The pretest–posttest data of the students’ spontaneous production showed that they made significant gains in the dimensions of compre- hensibility, fluency, and lexicogrammar but not in production areas such as accentedness and pronunciation …

Word-formation strategies and processes in the creation of synsets for the African wordnet
S Madonsela – Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language …, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… synsets, and this approach makes the wordnet a useful tool for computational linguistics and natural language processing (Fellbaum 2012 … Collostructional analysis and other ways of measuring lexicogrammatical attraction: Theoretical premises, practical problems and cognitive …

Genre induction from a linguistic approach
A Lieungnapar, RW Todd… – Indonesian Journal of …, 2017 – ejournal.upi.edu
… Keywords: genres; text types; popular science; linguistic features; cluster analysis Text classification is a major focus in natural language processing (NLP) and computational linguistics … Register Broad Variation in style Lexicogrammar …

Legalese as Seen Through the Lens of Corpus Linguistics. An Introduction to Software Tools for Terminological Analysis
MJ Marín – International Journal of Language & Law (JLL), 2017 – languageandlaw.de
Page 1. International Journal of LANGUAGE &LAW Marín, JLL 6 (2017): 18–45 www.languageandlaw.de International Journal of Language & Lawvol. 6 (2017) 18 DOI:10.14762/jll.2017.018 Legalese as Seen Through the Lens of Corpus Linguistics …

Authorship attribution, constructed languages, and the psycholinguistics of individual variation
P Juola – Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, 2017 – academic.oup.com
Abstract. ‘Authorship attribution’, the problem of determining the author (or the author’s attributes, such as gender, age, native language, or other character.

Effects of DDL technology on genre learning
E Cotos, S Link, SR Huffman – Language Learning & Technology, 2017 – lib.dr.iastate.edu
… developing genre knowledge. From a theoretical standpoint, EAP and SFL support the development of formal knowledge focusing on discourse form, lexicogrammatical patterns, and structural conventions of texts. Both EAP …

The Construal Of Trust Through Relevance: Patterns Of Evaluative Language In Medical Writing
R MOCINI – The Discursive Construal of Trust in the Dynamics of …, 2017 – books.google.com
… 1995.“Parsing COBUILD entries.” In The Languages of Definition: The Formalization of Dictionary Definitions for Natural Language Processing, edited by … 2012.“Just remember this: Lexicogrammatical relevance markers in lectures.” English for Specific Purposes 31 (4): 221 …

The Major in Cultural Context: Choosing Liberal Arts in the Marshall Islands
CA DeCoursey, EB Krawczyk – English Language Teaching, 2017 – ccsenet.org
… Sentiment analysis quantifies the subjective lexicogrammar realised in texts within multiple semantic subcategories … classification tasks taxonomise thousands of linguistic instances, using statistical machine-learning and natural language processing techniques (Wiebe, Wilson …

New technologies and language learning
L Li – 2017 – books.google.com
… Interactional comeptence Summary Annotated further reading 4 Reading, writing and online literacy Introduction Writing and technology Reading and technology Online literacy Summary Annotated further reading 5 Technology for lexicogrammatical acquisition Introduction …

Cognitive effort and explicitation in translation tasks
IAL da Silva, AS Pagano – Empirical modelling of translation and … – books.google.com
… that ‘literal’translation, ie, opting for wordings in the target text (TT) that areclosely patterneduponthe lexico-grammar of the … Sharp, Michael Zock, MichaelCarl &Arnt L. Jakobsen (eds.), Pro- ceedings of the 8th international NLPCS workshop (natural language processing …

What does corpus linguistics have to offer to language assessment?
X Xi – Language Testing, 2017 – journals.sagepub.com
In recent years, continuing advances in technology have increased the capacity to automate the extraction of a range of linguistic features of texts and thus ha…

Coping with construals in broad-coverage semantic annotation of adpositions
JD Hwang, A Bhatia, NR Han, T O’Gorman… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 – arxiv.org
… Mindful of this granularity–coverage tradeoff, we have sought to develop a scheme that will be of practical value for broad-coverage human annotation, and therefore domain- general NLU, for a particular set of lexicogrammatical mark …

Greek Prepositions In A Systemic Functional Linguistic Framework
SE Porter – Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics, Volume 6, 2017 – books.google.com
Page 18. [BAGL 6 (2017) 17–43] F GREEK PREPOSITIONS IN A SYSTEMIC UNCTIONAL LINGUISTIC FRAMEWORK Stanley E. Porter McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, ON, Canada Abstract: Greek prepositions belong to a class of words that are usually called particles …

Attitudes of Professional Muslim Women in Saudi Arabia regarding Wearing the Abaya
CA DeCoursey – Asian Culture and History, 2017 – ccsenet.org
… English language (Halliday, 1994). Appraisal analysis selects and sorts attitudinal lexicogrammar into 24 possible semantic classes, each located within one of three sets: Affect, Judgment and Appreciation. Affect includes the …

Shallow features as indicators of English–German contrasts in lexical cohesion
K Kunz, E Lapshinova-Koltunski… – John Benjamins …, 2017 – jbe-platform.com
… The earlier ones of these assumptions were based on systemic properties, and most of them on lexico-grammar … Proceedings of the Conference on Natural Language Processing, KONVENS-2016 , Month: September Day: 19–21 , Bochum , Germany . Mair , C. Year: 2006 …

Human Translation Technologies and Natural Language Processing Applications in Meaning-based Translation Learning Activities
É Poirier – Trends in E-Tools and Resources for Translators and …, 2017 – books.google.com
… tools and electronic resources such as online bilingual dic- tionary, terminological records and natural language processing applications … Another lexicogrammatical distinctiveness of English are the gerund syntactical structures and interpretations as being both nominal and …

Idiom variation and decomposability Part I: Verbal variation
A Cserép – 2017 – degruyter.com
Page 1. DOI 10.1515/phras-2017-0006 YoP 2017; 8: 95–122 Attila Cserép, University of Debrecen, Institute of English and American Studies, Department of English Linguistics, Debrecen Pf. 400. H-4002 Hungary, E-mail: cserep.attila@arts.unideb.hu …

Risk in The New York Times (1987–2014): A corpus-based exploration of sociological theories
JO Zinn, D McDonald – 2017 – books.google.com
Page 1. CRITICAL STUDIES IN RISK AND UNCERTAINTY Series Editors: Patrick Brown, Anna Olofsson and Jens O. Zinn RISK IN THE NEW YORK TIMES (1987–2014) A corpus-based exploration of sociological theories Jens O. Zinn Daniel McDonald Page 2 …

Discursive patterns of anti-feminism and pro-feminism in Arabic newspapers of the KACST corpus
S Almujaiwel – Discourse & Communication, 2017 – journals.sagepub.com
This article presents the results of an analysis of the large-scale processed texts of Arabic newspapers in the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (…

Risk in The New York Times (1987–2014)
J Zinn, D McDonald – A corpus, 2017 – Springer
Page 1. CRITICAL STUDIES IN RISK AND UNCERTAINTY Series Editors: Patrick Brown, Anna Olofsson and Jens O. Zinn RISK IN THE NEW YORK TIMES (1987–2014) Jens O. Zinn Daniel McDonald A corpus-based exploration of sociological theories Page 2 …

Nihonjinron and the context of culture
K Tann – Mapping Genres, Mapping Culture: Japanese texts in …, 2017 – books.google.com
… these examples. Isms are often explicitly signalled in nihonjinron texts by graphology in the written mode, by the nominal group at the level of lexicogrammar and by information flow at the level of discourse seman- tics. In terms …

Linguistic Features of Genre and Method Variation in Translation: A Computational Perspective
E Lapshninova-Koltunski, M Zampieri – arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.04359, 2017 – arxiv.org
… registers (eg fiction, political speeches, etc.). Our starting assumption is that the interplay between these dimensions is reflected in the lexico- grammar of translated texts, ie in their linguistic features. Our assumption here is that …

Assessing syntactic sophistication in L2 writing: A usage-based approach
K Kyle, S Crossley – Language Testing, 2017 – journals.sagepub.com
Over the past 45 years, the construct of syntactic sophistication has been assessed in L2 writing using what Bulté and Housen (2012) refer to as absolute comple…

A novel and robust approach for pro-drop language translation
L Wang, Z Tu, X Zhang, S Liu, H Li, A Way, Q Liu – Machine Translation, 2017 – Springer
… 2011) predicted that every instance of explicitation and implicitation can be explained as a result of lexicogrammatical and/or … In light of the recent success of applying deep neural network technologies in natural language processing (Raymond and Riccardi 2007; Mesnil et al …

The linguistic development of students of English as a second language in two written genres
HJ Yoon, C Polio – TESOL Quarterly, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
… Vyatkina (2012) used measures that targeted four types of complexity (general, clausal, coordination and subordination, and lexicogrammatical variety). She collected data from English speakers studying German 19 times over four semesters …

Technologies for Teaching and Learning L2 Grammar
T Heift, N Vyatkina – The Handbook of Technology and Second …, 2017 – books.google.com
… ICALL ICALL relies on natural language processing (NLP), student modeling, and expert systems … in most DDL interventions, the teaching of grammar is integrated with the teaching of the lexicon and the main object of study is referred to as “lexico?grammar”(Chambers 2005 …

Critical analysis of the concept of art in contemporary art texts
C Alessandrini Szorenyi – 2017 – sro.sussex.ac.uk
… ie share certain features such as the use of particular notions as well as lexicogrammatical patterns … The Page 19. 11 difference relations group gathers instances of lexicogrammar choices that indicate opposition or contrast …

Monosemy And Polysemy In Biblical Studies: A Minimalist Basis For Empirical Analysis Of The Biblical Languages
RA Wishart – 2017 – researchgate.net
… 77 Quantitative Analysis 78 Lexicogrammar 85 Conclusion 88 CHAPTER 3: THE PROCEDURES, TOOLS, AND DATA OF MONOSEMY 89 … 113 Corpus-Driven Analysis 114 Lexicogrammatical Metaphor 115 Critical Assessment of Fewster’s Creation Language in Romans 8 116 …

Empty links and crossing lines: querying multi-layer annotation and alignment in parallel corpora
O ?ulo, S Hansen-Schirra, K Maksymski… – … and evaluation of …, 2017 – books.google.com
Page 62. Chapter 4 Empty links and crossing lines: Querying multi-layer annotation and alignment in parallel corpora Oliver ?ulo Silvia Hansen-Schirra Karin Maksymski Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Germersheim …

Ten Lectures on Quantitative Approaches in Cognitive Linguistics: Corpus-linguistic, experimental, and statistical applications
ST Gries – 2017 – books.google.com
… In a programmatic paper Teubert at some point wrote this on the relationship between cogni- tive linguistics—obviously our topic here—and natural language processing, which I mean it’s not the same as corpus linguistics, I think, but at least related, he said “the latter—corpus …

Grammatical construction of function words between old and modern written Arabic: A corpus-based analysis
S Almujaiwel – Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory – degruyter.com
AbstractThis paper argues that Arabic function words (FWs) vary in usage between old and modern Arabic, thus prompting an experimental investigation into their changeability. This investigation is carried out by testing classical Arabic (CA) in Arabic heritage language (AHL) …

Linguistic annotation in/for corpus linguistics
ST Gries, AL Berez – Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, 2017 – Springer
… Louvain error tagger, which assigns altogether 43 error tags, 31 in the categories of lexis, grammar, and lexico-grammar and 12 … It is probably fair to say, however, that this annotation has mostly been applied in computational linguistics/natural language processing setting rather …

Statistical Insights Into Cohesion: Contrasting English And German Across Modes
E LAPSHINOVA-KOLTUNSKI… – … English and Other …, 2017 – books.google.com
… 2017) and further studies. These include works in the area of contrastive pragmatics (eg House 1997, 84), and; contrastive analysis of lexico-grammar, information packaging and grammatical metaphor (cf. Fabricius-Hansen 1996; Steiner 2005; Hansen-Schirra et al …

Textual and contextual analysis in empirical translation studies
A Pagano, S Laviosa, H Kemppanen, M Ji – 2017 – Springer
… With the rapid development of large-scale databases and computa- tional tools for natural language processing, corpus translation research has … Instead, Becher predicted that every instance of explicitation (and implicitation) can be accounted for by lexicogrammatical and/or …

Evaluating the impact of a Presessional English for Academic Purposes Programme: a corpus based study
S Issitt – 2017 – etheses.bham.ac.uk

Negative scope, temporality, fixedness, and right-and left-branching
T Ono, S Thompson – Studies in Language. International Journal …, 2017 – jbe-platform.com
… construct with them. This example also clearly reveals the heavy reliance that English-speaking partic- ipants place on the forward-looking projective nature of English lexico-grammar as they process incoming talk. In the case …

A glimpse of ELF
A Mauranen – Changing English: Global and Local Perspectives, 2017 – books.google.com
… focused varieties only arose as standardised varieties in the modern period. This did not prevent change or evolution of its lexicogrammatical structures before that period. 3 What can we expect from ELF Assuming the above …

Choosing an NLP library for analyzing software documentation: a systematic literature review and a series of experiments
FNA Al Omran, C Treude – … of the 14th International Conference on …, 2017 – dl.acm.org
… Keywords—Natural language processing, NLP libraries, Part- of-Speech tagging, Software documentation … D. spaCy The final library included in our work is spaCy [11], a library for advanced natural language processing written in Python and Cython …

Anaphora in the interlanguage of English and Greek learners of L2 Spanish: A study based on the CEDEL2 corpus
A Georgopoulos – 2017 – digibug.ugr.es
Page 1. ANAPHORA IN THE INTERLANGUAGE OF ENGLISH AND GREEK LEARNERS OF L2 SPANISH: A STUDY BASED ON THE CEDEL2 CORPUS Athanasios Georgopoulos Supervised by: Cristóbal Lozano and Ana Díaz-Negrillo GRANADA 2017 Page 2 …

Transferring Insights from Child Language Acquisition to Diachronic Change (and Vice Versa)
MJ López-Couso – The Changing English Language …, 2017 – books.google.com
Page 353. chapter 15 Transferring Insights from Child Language Acquisition to Diachronic Change (and Vice Versa) María José López-Couso* 15. 1 Introduction For some time now, research has identified remarkable similarities …

The Influence of Features of Collocations on the Collocational Knowledge and Development of Kurdish High School Students: A Longitudinal Study
JM Ramadhan – 2017 – ore.exeter.ac.uk
… n: noun N: number NLP: Natural Language Processing o: object p: p-value (calculated probability) … syntagmatic dimension proposed by Firth in his definition of collocations since he suggests investigating lexical patterning in the light of lexico-grammar. The Page 22. 22 …

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