Lexicogrammar & Natural Language Processing 2020


Lexis is the total stock of words in a language. Lexical grammar lays down the rules governing how a character sequence is divided up into subsequences of characters. Coined by Michael Halliday, lexicogrammar describes the relation of grammar to lexis as one of a continuum with an infinite number of gradations from one extreme to the other.

  • lexicalized grammar
  • lexico-grammar
  • lexico-grammatical analysis
  • lexico-grammatical annotation
  • lexico-grammatical behaviour
  • lexico-grammatical categories
  • lexico-grammatical characterisations
  • lexico-grammatical characteristics
  • lexico-grammatical co-occurrence
  • lexico-grammatical constructions
  • lexico-grammatical derivation
  • lexico-grammatical distinctions
  • lexico-grammatical frequency
  • lexico-grammatical guidance
  • lexico-grammatical information
  • lexico-grammatical knowledge
  • lexico-grammatical level
  • lexico-grammatical options
  • lexico-grammatical patterns
  • lexico-grammatical phrases
  • lexico-grammatical relationships
  • lexico-grammatical resources
  • lexico-grammatical strings
  • lexico-grammatical structure
  • lexico-grammatical study
  • lexico-grammatical use
  • lexico-grammatical variation
  • lexicogrammatical
  • lexicogrammatical characterization
  • lexicogrammatical checklist
  • lexicogrammatical choices
  • lexicogrammatical cline
  • lexicogrammatical conceptualisations
  • lexicogrammatical construal
  • lexicogrammatical description
  • lexicogrammatical differences
  • lexicogrammatical errors
  • lexicogrammatical features
  • lexicogrammatical realizations
  • lexicogrammatical rules
  • lexicogrammatical system
  • lexicogrammatical unit
  • morpho-lexico-grammatical
  • morphological analysis
  • morphosyntactic
  • morphosyntax


  • the halliday centre tagger .. a browser based tool to aid text analysis with automatic visualization
  • kaiko.getalp.org .. dbnary is an effort to provide multilingual lexical data extracted from wiktionary
  • wmatrix .. corpus analysis and comparison tool



See also:

Lexical Analysis & Dialog Systems

Natural language processing for learner corpus research
K Kyle – International Journal of Learner Corpus Research, 2021 – jbe-platform.com
… The term natural language processing (NLP) refers to the use of computer programs to automatically analyze human language … section, POS annotation can be used to disambiguate homographs, but POS annotation can also be used to enable lexicogrammatical analyses of …

Illocutionary Meaning in a Knowledge Base: The Case of Requests.
R JIMÉNEZ-BRIONES… – … Revista Electronica de …, 2020 – search.ebscohost.com
… It is widely known that the ultimate goal of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to accomplish “human-like language processing for … While coded or conventionalized constructions arise from lexicogrammar, inferred meaning implications are calculated by means of contextual …

El significado ilocutivo en una base de conocimiento: El caso de las peticiones.
R Jiménez-Briones, A Luzondo-Oyón – RaeL Revista Electronica de …, 2020 – go.gale.com
… It is widely known that the ultimate goal of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to accomplish “human-like language processing for … While coded or conventionalized constructions arise from lexicogrammar, inferred meaning implications are calculated by means of contextual …

Abend, Omri & Rappaport, Ari. 2017. The State of the Art in Semantic Representation. In Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …
T In Andreasen, R Yager, H Bulskov… – Computational … – cambridge.org
… The Phrasal Lexicon. In Proceedings of the 1975 Workshop on Theoretical Issues in Natural Language Processing, Association for Computational Linguistics, 60–63. Béjoint, Henri … 2011. The ‘Lexicogrammar’ Approach to Analyzing Phraseology and Collocation in ESP Texts …

Empirical studies in translation and discourse
M Bisiada – 2021 – books.google.com
… Bisiada, Mario (ed.). 2021. Empirical studies in translation and discourse (Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing 14) … The methodological focus of her chapter is on quantitative distributions of these lin- guistic features reflected in the lexico-grammar of texts …

Solving Math Word Problems by Scoring Equations with Recursive Neural Networks
K Zaporojets, G Bekoulis, J Deleu, T Demeester… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2020 – arxiv.org
… Keywords: math word problems, recursive neural networks, information extraction, natural language processing … The main disadvantages of such rule-based approaches are that they (i) rely on hard-coded lexico-grammar rules, and (ii) lack an integrated view of the problem to …

Solving Arithmetic Word Problems by Scoring Equations with Recursive Neural Networks
K Zaporojets, G Bekoulis, J Deleu… – Expert Systems with …, 2021 – users.atlantis.ugent.be
… Keywords: arithmetic word problems, recursive neural networks, information extraction, natural language processing … The main disadvantages of such rule-based approaches are that they (i) rely on hard-coded lexico-grammar rules, and (ii) lack an integrated view of the …

CROATPAS: A Lexicographic Resource for Croatian Verbs and its Potential for Croatian Language Teaching
C Marini, E Ježek – EURALEX XIX, 2021 – researchgate.net
… Processing. Santa Fe, USA. Lee, H., Warschauer, M. & Lee, JH (2018), The Effects of Corpus Use on Second Language Vocabulary Learning: A Multilevel Meta-analysis. In Applied Linguistics, pp. 1-34. Liu, D., Jiang, P.(2009) Using a Corpus-Based Lexicogrammatical …

Textual instantiation, the notion of ‘readings of texts’, and translational agency
E Steiner – Systemic Functional Linguistics and Translation …, 2021 – books.google.com
… into genre and register, and in earlier versions also ideology, 3 to be realized in discourse semantics and then lexicogrammar and phonology as … Both (7) and (7a) are lexicogrammatical instances, that is, not yet fully instantiated textual readings, but the German translation (7a …

The Semantic Prosody of Natural Phenomena in the Qur’an: A Corpus-Based Study
HJA Alshahrani – 2020 – etheses.whiterose.ac.uk
… DP Discourse Prosody ELU Extended Lexical Unit EP Evaluative Prosody IR Information Retrieval LG Lexico-Grammar NLP Natural Language Processing NLTK Natural Language Toolkit QA Qur’an Analysis QAC Qur’anic Arabic Corpus SP Semantic Prosody …

The relationship between features of source text use and integrated writing quality
K Kyle – Assessing Writing, 2020 – Elsevier
… Research has also indicated that higher scoring independent essays tend to include more sophisticated lexis (Guo et al., 2013; Kyle & Crossley, 2016), more sophisticated lexicogrammatical items (Kyle & Crossley, 2017) and more complex syntax (Guo et al., 2013; Kyle & …

Ecological validity in the study of language
WJ Skrzypczak – Theoria et Historia Scientiarum, 2020 – apcz.umk.pl
Page 1. THEORIA ET HISTORIA SCIENTIARUM, VOL. XVII Ed. Nicolaus Copernicus University 2020 Waldemar J. Skrzypczak Institute of Linguistics Department of Experimental Linguistics Nicolaus Copernicus University spaceout@umk.pl …

Assessing the Helpfulness of Learning Materials with Inference-Based Learner-Like Agent
YH Jen, CY Huang, MH Chen, THK Huang… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2020 – arxiv.org
Page 1. Assessing the Helpfulness of Learning Materials with Inference-Based Learner-Like Agent Yun-Hsuan Jen1, Chieh-Yang Huang2, Mei-Hua Chen3, Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang2, and Lun-Wei Ku1 1Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan …

Translation, equivalence and cognition
E Steiner – The Routledge Handbook of Translation and …, 2020 – books.google.com
… usually take the form of two parallel syntagmatic and paradigmatic axes and involve levels such as phonology, lexicogrammar, semantics, context … Where, then, do we locate traces of equivalence in natural language processing ((see Shreve & Lacruz, 2017) for a related, though …

Data-driven learning for languages other than English: the cases of French, German, Italian, and Spanish
R Jablonkai, L Forti, MA Castelló… – CALL for widening …, 2020 – books.google.com
… such as CAES, Aprescrilov, CEDEL 2). Among the numerous pedagogical articles, the scope of learning targets has widened from lexico-grammar to pragmatics … In A. Horák & P. Rychlý (Eds), Proceedings of Recent Advances in Slavonic Natural Language Processing (pp …

Foreigner-directed speech is simpler than native-directed: Evidence from social media
A Berdicevskis – … the Fourth Workshop on Natural Language Processing …, 2020 – aclweb.org
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science, pages 163–172 Online, November 20, 2020 … ratio (TTR; the number of distinct words divided by the total number of words), a simple measure of lexicogrammatical diversity …

Towards a meta-theory of genre
IN Mwinlaaru – Approaches to Specialized Genres, 2020 – books.google.com
… and is, in turn, realised by strata below it (ie, lexico- grammar, phonology/graphology … situation type field genre [text-type as meaning] context semantics lexicogrammar phonology phonetics … Lexicogrammatical analysis of genre, on the other hand, has attracted much attention in …

Extraction and Evaluation of Formulaic Expressions Used in Scholarly Papers
K Iwatsuki, F Boudin, A Aizawa – arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.10334, 2020 – arxiv.org
… Experimental results show that the proposed extraction method achieved the best performance compared to other existing methods. Keywords: Natural language processing, Formulaic expressions, Multi-word expressions, Writing assistance, English for academic purposes …

Linguistic Heterogeneity and English Language in India
RK Upadhyay – … Learning Environment and Languaging in L2, 2020 – Springer
… Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages.Google Scholar. Bharti, A., Chaitanya, V., & Sangal, R. (1994). Natural language processing: A Paninian perspective. New … Structural nativization in Indian English Lexicogrammar. Amsterdem …

English Corpus Linguistics
B Szmrecsanyi, L Rosseel – The Handbook of English …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library
… LCR emphasizes performance rather than competence: what takes center stage is frequency, collocations, lexicogrammar, and message … Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language …

2 Searching for ‘Austerity’
JA Bateman, CL Paris – … : Reconstructing the Age of Austerity in …, 2020 – books.google.com
… This means that all patterns of lexicogrammatical usage, regardless of whether they make explicit reference to ideologically contentious issues, may nevertheless be indicative of corresponding patterns of ideological import at the levels of context and the socio-cultural system …

Building a second-language writing aid for specific purposes: Promotional cheese descriptions
B Labrador, N Ramón – English for Specific Purposes, 2020 – Elsevier
… descriptions in English to assist Spanish professionals working in the dairy industry who need to write these descriptions, and b) to explore the language of a very specialized field, cheese descriptions, at several linguistic levels, from rhetoric to lexico-grammar and phraseology …

F GÜNGÖR – Current Perspectives on Vocabulary Learning and …, 2020 – books.google.com
… as in constituent terms • A multiplicity of grammars, mapping meaning roles on to lexico- grammatical configurations, might be a useful alternative to a general grammar This new era of research led to the extraction and description of phraseological or lexicogrammatical units …

Definition and Criteria of Chinese Multiword Expressions
S Wang – Chinese Multiword Expressions, 2020 – Springer
… MWEs have also received extensive attention in Chinese natural language processing, but the terms “phrase chunks” and “lexical chunk” are rarely used … (2) lexicogrammatical fixedness, that is, the grammar of lexical phrases does not have the freedom of choice as free …

The Impact of Corpus Linguistics on Language Teaching in Russia’s Educational Context: Systematic Literature Review
M Kogan, V Zakharov, N Popova… – … Conference on Human …, 2020 – Springer
… to be studied using the approaches of corpus linguistics are the following: vocabulary (18.3%), grammar, vocabulary-grammar (lexicogrammar) (15.6%), translation … Beliaeva, L., Chernyavskaya, V.: Technical writer in the framework of modern natural language processing tasks …

Discourses of aggression in Greek<? br?> digitally-mediated communication: An overview of published research
O Hatzidaki, IE Saridakis – 2020 – jbe-platform.com
… A Longitudinal Study of Golden Dawn’s Lexicogrammatical Choices and Discourse Strategies.” In Greece in Crisis: Combining … User Content Moderation.” Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Copenhagen, Denmark …

A corpus-based study of abstracts and research articles
M Holtz – researchgate.net
… They argue that physical sciences, humanities, social sciences and geography use different selections of resources from lexicogrammar, discourse semantics, and register in the process of creation of specialized knowledge …

Fuzzy Limits: Researching Discourse in the Internet with Corpora
M Alcántara-Plá – Second International Handbook of Internet Research, 2020 – Springer
… It is so in part due to the state of the art in Natural Language Processing (NLP) … Semiotic concepts such as the mentioned system networks have been used to describe lexico-grammar systems Halliday and Matthiessen (2004), while James Paul Gee (2015) analyzes graphic …

Quantifying disciplinary voices: An automated approach to interactional metadiscourse in successful student writing
HJ Yoon, U Römer – Written Communication, 2020 – journals.sagepub.com
This article reports on a study that explored cross-disciplinary variation in the use of metadiscourse markers in advanced-level student writing, put forward as a realistic target for novice writer…

Doctoral dissertations on second language writing and technology in the USA (2010–2019)
J Gibbons, M Li – Language Teaching – cambridge.org
Doctoral dissertations on second language writing and technology in the USA (2010–2019).

The interaction of argument structures and complex collocations: role and challenges in learner’s lexicography
L Giacomini, P DiMuccio-Failla, E Lanzi – EURALEX XIX, 2021 – researchgate.net
… Keywords: learner’s lexicography; sense pattern; complex collocation; argument structure; cognitive lexicography; lexicogrammar 1 Introduction … Neural Network Methods in Natural Language Processing … Some lexicogrammatical features of the zero population growth text …

Behavioural intention of Pacific Island pre-service teachers to use digital portfolios
CA DeCoursey – International Journal of Technology …, 2020 – inderscienceonline.com
… emotional lexicogrammar is easiest to identify Page 7. Behavioural intention of Pacific Island pre-service teachers 167 (Oatley et al., 2006). Lexicogrammatical complexities and disambiguation are handled by machine-learning techniques and natural language processing …

The role of cross-disciplinary academic language skills in disciplinary, source-based writing: investigating the role of core academic language skills in science …
EP Galloway, W Qin, P Uccelli, CD Barr – Reading and Writing, 2020 – Springer
Learning to use language in order to complete source-based writing tasks is a challenge for middle grade writers worthy of additional study, especially giv.

Shell nouns as grammatical metaphor in knowledge construal: Variation across science and engineering discourse
M Dong, AC Fang, X Qiu – Lingua, 2020 – Elsevier
… More significantly, unlike formal, structural theories of grammar, SFL provides a stratified social semiotic model of language, in which lexico-grammar is seen from above, that is, from semantics (Halliday and Matthiessen, 2004) …

Genre Annotation for the Web: text-external and text-internal perspectives
S Sharoff – Register Studies, 2020 – corpus.leeds.ac.uk
… From the viewpoint of functional linguistics, text-external communicative functions are realised through text-internal lexicogrammatical features, eg, temporal rhetorical relations, or functional roles, eg, phe- nomenon identification, for more details and specific examples see …

Extensive reading and viewing as input for academic vocabulary: A large-scale vocabulary profile coverage study of students’ reading and writing across multiple …
C Green – Lingua, 2020 – Elsevier
… This was done to regularize irregular inflections. Next, the lemmatized data was processed through the Lancaster stemming algorithm. Stemming is natural language processing technique used in this study to estimate of the number of word families in the data …

A multi-dimensional view of collocations in academic writing
MC Zuppardi, TB Sardinha – Advances in Corpus-based …, 2020 – books.google.com
… The main goal of MD studies is to identify the underlying parameters of variation in the data. In a traditional functional MD analysis, the goal is to identify patterns of variation in texts across different registers based on co-occurrence of lexicogrammatical characteristics …

Generic instability in a frozen legal genre?
A Hlioui – International Journal of Legal Discourse, 2020 – degruyter.com
Jump to Content Jump to Main Navigation Publications. Subjects. Architecture and Design Arts Asian and Pacific Studies Business and Economics Chemistry Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Computer Sciences Cultural …

The Handbook of Asian Englishes
K Bolton, W Botha, A Kirkpatrick – 2020 – Wiley Online Library
… Edited by Jack S. Damico, Nicole Muller, & Martin J. Ball The Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Edited by … His research focuses on applied and corpus linguis- tics, English lexicogrammar and syntax, South Asian varieties of English, and …

Measuring coselectional constraint in learner corpora: A graph-based approach
AV Shadrova – 2020 – edoc.hu-berlin.de
Page 1. Measuring coselectional constraint in learner corpora: A graph-based approach Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktorin/Doktor der Philosophie (Dr. phil.) eingereicht an der Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät …

?P as a measure of collocation strength: Considerations based on analyses of hesitation placement in spontaneous speech
U Schneider – Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 2020 – degruyter.com
Jump to Content Jump to Main Navigation Publications. Subjects. Architecture and Design Arts Asian and Pacific Studies Business and Economics Chemistry Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Computer Sciences Cultural …

Bundle-driven move analysis: Sentence initial lexical bundles in PhD abstracts
L Li, M Franken, S Wu – English for Specific Purposes, 2020 – Elsevier
… forms. Ädel (2014) investigated the connection between anticipatory-it lexicogrammar pattern and rhetorical moves and found “relatively strong correlations between lexicogrammar and the rhetorical level” (p. 78). Cotos et al …

Literary Style, Corpus Stylistic, and Lexico-Grammatical Narrative Patterns: Toward the Concept of Literary Motifs
I Novakova, D Siepmann – Phraseology and Style in Subgenres of the …, 2020 – Springer
… discursive/narrative functions. They are therefore recurrent linguistic units that can be described at the levels of lexico-grammar, semantics and pragmatics/discourse (Longrée and Mellet 2013; Legallois 2012); furnish a link …

A Corpus-based Analysis of Phrasal Complexity across Different Sections of Research Articles in two Academic Disciplines
R Esfandiari, M Ahmadi – 2020 – researchsquare.com
… et al., (2011). Automatic analysis of the data was carried out using a computer program called Stanford Core NLP Version 3.9.2. It is a tool for natural language processing in Java and Python environment. Stanford Core NLP …

How Metaphoremes Emerge: Case Studies of Chinese Verb Metaphors
X Tang – researchgate.net
… use of baggage is becoming stable in three aspects. Linguistically, the lexico-grammar tends to fix as Verb + Adjective + baggage; conceptually, the metaphorical concept fixes to LIFE IS A JOURNEY + EMOTION/FEELING/HISTORY …

The concept of competitive productivity (CP): a linguistic investigation
S Hoadley – Cross Cultural & Strategic Management, 2020 – emerald.com
Page 1. The concept of competitive productivity (CP): a linguistic investigation Susan Hoadley Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia Abstract Purpose – The paper presents an investigation into the validity and robustness …

The rhetorical functions of syntactically complex sentences in social science research article introductions
X Lu, JE Casal, Y Liu – Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 2020 – Elsevier
… constructs. Ortega (2015) supported Ryshina-Pankova’s perspective and highlighted that this approach “requires that any language instantiation of lexicogrammatical resources be analyzed for genre and register demands” (p. 86) …

Lexical bundles as reflections of disciplinary norms in Spanish and English literary criticism, history, and psychology research
WM Lake, V Cortes – Advances in Corpus-based Research on …, 2020 – books.google.com
… 2.2 Lexicogrammatical features and their connection to argumentation Before the widespread availability of computer software capable of rapidly identi- fying discipline-specific features of … 2014. Analyzing discourse processing using a simple natural language processing tool …

Light verb constructions in Lithuanian: identification and classification
J Kovalevskait?, E Rimkut?… – Studies About …, 2020 – ceeol.com
… consensus’. References 1 Baldwin, T. and Kim, SN, 2010. Multiword Expressions. In: Handbook of Natural Language Processing, (eds.) Indurkhya, N. and Damerau, F. J, pp. 267- 292. Boca Raton: CRC Press. 2 Bergs, A. 2005 …

Are Synonyms Always Synonymous? A Corpus-assisted Approach to Announce, Declare, and State
IS Effendi, R Amalia, SA Lalita – ASIAN TEFL Journal of …, 2020 – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… As Leon (2005) notes, “what is called ‘Corpus Linguistics’ covers various heterogeneous fields ranging from lexicography, descriptive linguistics, applied linguistics – language teaching or Natural Language Processing – to domains where corpora are needed because …

K LARASATI – 2020 – repository.usd.ac.id
… language through the description from semiotic potential that has three strata which are semantic, lexicogrammar, and phonological (p.511). In order to create meaning in a text, semantics and lexicogrammar are contributed … Lexicogrammar is combination of syntax, lexis, and …

Victimization and Asymmetric Gendered Power Relations: A Linguistic Investigation of Harassment Complaints Registered in Lahore
U Shaheen, MIM García – Pakistan Journal of Women’s …, 2020 – pakistanwomenstudies.com
… Lexico-grammar, a key concept in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), refers to a level of linguistic structure where lexis, or words … the data is in Urdu, and there is no software which carries out frequency calculation and distribution, a natural language processing software was …

The perceptions of intermediate EFL learners to the lexical instructional intervention
AS Getie, D Amogne, Z Emiru – Journal of Language and …, 2020 – jolace.webnode.sk
… grammar (Fillmore, Kay, and O’Connor 1988). According to Halliday (1966), language is organized in terms of lexicogrammatical features, rather than independent lexis or grammar. This perspective emphasizes the idiomatic nature …

The effect of systemic functional linguistics-based self-intervention programme on the ESL grammar proficiency of Grade 8 learners
K Nell – 2020 – core.ac.uk
… v Page 7. LIST OF TABLES Table 3.1 SLA explained via Complexity Theory…………… 46 Table 3.2 Lexicogrammar cline…………… 50 Table 3.3 Illustration of Syntagm …

Articulation Rate in American English in a Corpus of YouTube Videos
S Coats – Language and speech, 2020 – journals.sagepub.com
Previous studies of the temporal organization of speech in American English have found differences in speaking or articulation rate according to speaker dialect or location, but small sample sizes …

Tenor: Rethinking interactant relations
R Hasan – Language, Context and Text, 2020 – jbe-platform.com
… would have extended her account of work on context system networks (as contrasted with other work she published on semantic and lexicogrammatical networks), particularly … The latter translates approximately into the three strata of context, semantics and lexicogrammar in SFL …

Toward a pattern-based referencing tool: Learner interactions and perceptions
SL Lai, JS Chang – ReCALL, 2020 – cambridge.org
… feedback. Advances in natural language processing and machine learning have enabled researchers in computational linguistics and language learning to develop advanced vocabulary learning and writing tools. However …

Heterogeneous Learning Environment and Languaging in L2
RK Upadhyay – 2020 – Springer
Page 1. Heterogeneous Learning Environment and Languaging in L2 Ramanjaney K. Upadhyay Page 2. Heterogeneous Learning Environment and Languaging in L2 Page 3. Ramanjaney K. Upadhyay Heterogeneous Learning Environment and Languaging in L2 123 Page 4 …

A corpus-based analysis of grammatical cohesive devices in master thesis abstracts
I Adjab, N Senoussi – 2020 – bib.univ-oeb.dz
Page 1. Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research L’Arbi Ben M’hidi University-Oum El Bouaghi Faculty of Letters and Languages Department of English A Corpus-Based Analysis of Grammatical Cohesive …

A corpus based comparison of variation in online registers of Pakistani English using MD analysis
M Shakir – 2020 – d-nb.info
Page 1. Fach: Englische Philologie A corpus based comparison of variation in online registers of Pakistani English using MD analysis Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades „Dr. phil.“ an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität, Münster (Westf.) …

Arguments in favour of authentic and fabricated suicide notes as indistinguishable texts
L Grundlingh – 2020 – uir.unisa.ac.za

Corpus-based contrastive studies: Beginnings, developments and directions
H Hasselgård – Languages in Contrast, 2020 – jbe-platform.com
Abstract This article outlines the beginnings of corpus-based contrastive studies with special reference to the development of parallel corpora that took place in Scandinavia in the early 1990s under the direction of Stig Johansson. It then discusses multilingual corpus types and …

Chinese Multiword Expressions
S Wang – 2020 – Springer
… MWEs have also received extensive attention in Chinese natural language processing, but the terms “phrase chunks” and “lexical chunk” are rarely used. The frequently used terms are du?cí bi?odá ‘multiword expressions’ (Di, 2013; … (2) lexicogrammatical fixedness, that is, the …

A cross-Cultural Study of Commercial Media Discourses: From the Perspective of Cognitive Semantics
W Yang – 2020 – books.google.com
… Lexico-Grammar … player transfer news Generic structure potential Hedges High-speed rail Idealized cognitive model Illustrating measures The least optional stance marker Making promises Move Natural language processing Obligatory Optional …

A RIZZO – The Language of Art and Cultural Heritage: A …, 2020 – books.google.com
… and textual. The metafunctions, which represent the three types of meaning transmitted, are realised within a lexico-grammar system that entails, among others, the spheres of transitivity, modality and thematic information. The …

A Systemic Dynamics Model of Text Production
G Figueredo, GP Figueredo – Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… As an ever evolving discipline, Quantitative Linguistics has increasingly informed other disciplines and applications in a number of correlated areas, such as natural language processing (Dione, 2014), stylistics (Rybicki & Eder, 2011) and translation (Ke, 2012; Rybicki & Heydel …

A Cross-Cultural Study of Commercial Media Discourses
W Yang – Springer
… FPTN Football player transfer news GSP Generic structure potential H Hedges HSR High-speed rail ICM Idealized cognitive model IM Illustrating measures LOSM The least optional stance marker MP Making promises MV Move NLP Natural language processing Obl Obligatory …

Investigating the role of multi-word expressions in writing proficiency and overall English language proficiency of EFL students at a Turkish university
M Torlak – 2020 – repository.bilkent.edu.tr

Creation and Christ: An Exploration of the Topic of Creation in the Epistle to the Hebrews
A Costley – 2020 – books.google.com
Page 1. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament · 2. Reihe Herausgeber / Editor Jörg Frey (Zürich) Mitherausgeber / Associate Editors Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford) · James A. Kelhoffer (Uppsala) Tobias Nicklas …

Frame Change Due to Policy Change: A Corpus Study of the Changing Frame of Israel in the US Media After Jerusalem Was Recognized as Capital
M Sevón – 2020 – utupub.fi
Page 1. Frame Change Due to Policy Change: A Corpus Study of the Changing Frame of Israel in the US Media After Jerusalem Was Recognized as Capital Maija Sevón MA Thesis English, Language Specialist Path School of Languages and Translation Studies …

“Russians are very sweet and nice”: a corpus-assisted multimodal discourse analysis of the representation of people in online travel reviews about Moscow
E Ignatova – Corpora and Discourse International Conference …, 2020 – eprints.lancs.ac.uk
Page 1. Book of Abstracts Page 2. 2 Contents Committees ….. 2 Plenary Speakers ….. 3 …