Data Interpretation & Natural Language Generation


Data interpretation is the process of making sense of, and drawing meaningful conclusions from, data. It involves analyzing, visualizing and summarizing data in order to identify patterns, trends, and insights that can be used to inform decision-making. Data interpretation is an important step in the data analysis process, and it can be used to support a wide range of activities, including scientific research, business intelligence, and policy making.

Data interpretation can involve a variety of techniques, including statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. It often involves the use of tools such as spreadsheets, data visualization software, and statistical analysis software. The goal of data interpretation is to extract insights from data that can be used to inform decisions, generate new hypotheses, and support the development of new products and services.

It can be applied in different ways depending on the nature of the data and the question at hand. For example, in a business context, data interpretation might involve analyzing sales data to identify trends and patterns that can inform marketing and sales strategies. In a scientific context, data interpretation might involve analyzing experimental data to test hypotheses and identify new areas of research.

Data interpretation is an important step in the natural language generation (NLG) process, as it is used to extract insights and patterns from data that are then used to generate human-like text.

NLG systems typically use statistical models, such as neural networks, to analyze large amounts of text data and learn the patterns and relationships between words, phrases, and sentences. This allows the system to understand the structure and meaning of language, and to generate text that is similar to the text it was trained on.

Once the model is trained, data interpretation is used to analyze new data and extract insights that can be used to generate text. For example, a financial NLG system might analyze stock market data and use data interpretation to identify trends and patterns that can be used to generate news articles or financial reports.

Data interpretation can also be used to tailor the generated text to specific audiences or use cases. For example, a NLG system that generates news articles might use data interpretation to identify the key points and insights that are most relevant to a particular audience, and then use that information to generate text that is tailored to that audience’s interests and needs.

A data interpretation module, also known as an interpretation module, is a component of a software system or tool that is designed to analyze and make sense of data. The module is typically responsible for performing a set of specific tasks, such as data cleaning, data visualization, and statistical analysis, to extract insights and patterns from the data.

A data interpretation module can be part of a larger system or tool, such as a business intelligence platform, a data analytics tool, or a natural language generation system. The module can be integrated with other components, such as data storage, data visualization, and reporting modules, to provide a complete solution for data analysis and interpretation.

It can be designed to perform a specific set of tasks, such as analyzing customer data to identify patterns that can inform marketing and sales strategies, or it can be more general-purpose, providing a wide range of data analysis and visualization capabilities.

Data interpretation module can be developed using various programming languages, such as R, Python, or Java. It can also use specific libraries or frameworks for data analysis and visualization.

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Micro-planning & Natural Language Generation

Development and Evaluation of An Employee Performance Appraisal Insight Report Generator
MJ Magno-Tan, C Almonte, JF Angad, P Matignas… – 2016 –
… the crisp output which will serve as the input for Data Interpretation. The last process which is the Natural Language Generation has an architecture given below. Figure 3. NLG Architecture Figure 3 shows how a textual report is generated through natural language generation …

Generating annotated graphs using the nlg pipeline architecture
S Mahamood, W Bradshaw, E Reiter – … Natural Language Generation …, 2014 –
Proceedings of the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference, pages 123–127, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19 … 3 illustrates the architecture that is used by our NLG engine. The data analysis and data interpretation modules analyse the input data and produce a …

An automatic health surveillance chart interpretation system based on Indonesian language
I Aulia, AM Barmawi – Advanced Computer Science and …, 2015 –
… This paper proposed the automatic chart interpreter system as the Natural Language Generation (NLG) system adopting Data- to-Text architecture for … the experiment result, the proposed system (HS-CISys) can perform the automation with involving Data Interpretation and Micro …

On the role of linguistic descriptions of data in the building of natural language generation systems
A Ramos-Soto, A Bugarín, S Barro – Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
… of generating easily understandable information for people using natural language is being addressed by two fields which, independently until now, have researched the processes this task involves from different perspectives: the natural language generation (NLG) field and …

Using Conceptual Spaces to Model Domain Knowledge in Data-to-Text Systems
H Banaee, A Loutfi – 8th International Natural Language Generation …, 2014 –
… Knowledge acquisition (KA) is important for building natural language generation (NLG) sys- tems … An important class of NLG frameworks which use a rule-based approach … Reiter (2007) which includes the following stages: signal analysis, data interpretation, document planning …

A model based on computational perceptions for the generation of linguistic descriptions of data
A Ramos-Soto, M Pereira-Fariña… – … systems (FUZZ-IEEE …, 2015 –

Generating Justifications of Machine Learning Predictions
O Biran, K McKeown – 1st International Workshop on …, 2015 –
… In our architecture, it corresponds to the signal analysis and data interpretation tasks of data-to … In that sense, our final planned NLG system can be said to be a hybrid … In Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, ENLG ’07, pages 97–104 …

An Approach for Explaining Reasoning on the Diet Domain
L Anselma, A Mazzei – CEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS, 2017 –
… module, we describe the actual implementation of the tasks of data interpretation and content … the possibility to apply au- tomatic reasoning and persuasive NLG on mobile … address some issues related to numerical reasoning and persuasive natural language generation in the …

Narrative generation from extracted associations
PL Vaudry, G Lapalme – … Workshop on Natural Language Generation  …, 2015 –
… One way of presenting voluminous and hetero- geneous temporal data is to use natural language generation (NLG) technology to produce a … paper will describe the data-to- text pipeline that uses the extracted association rules, including: data interpretation, document planning …

Response Generation
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – The Conversational Interface, 2016 – Springer
… Data interpretation involves creating the text of the messages by deciding how important particular events are and … 12.4 Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Generation. NLG technology has been applied mainly to texts such as monologues or written texts where the …

Learning concepts through conversations in spoken dialogue systems
R Jia, L Heck, D Hakkani-Tür… – Acoustics, Speech and …, 2017 –
… These a consequence of blind spots in our simple interpretation module, and are not indicative of our unknown phrase detection routine reporting false positives … Much future work remains to improve our system, beginning with the problem of natural language generation (NLG) …

NADIA: A Simplified Approach Towards the Development of Natural Dialogue Systems
MM Berg – International Conference on Applications of Natural …, 2015 – Springer
… Prevent Static Formulations: We make use of Natural Language Generation techniques to create adaptive system … t know of any other dialogue system that uses an NLG approach to … Also, the usage of dialogue acts, reusable interpretation modules, and declarative control of the …

Automatic Generation of Student Report Cards
A Isard, J Knox – … of the 9th International Natural Language Generation …, 2016 –
… The project ex- plored the analysis and presentation through Natural Language Generation (NLG) of data from the Moo- dle Virtual Learning Environment1 … would provoke strong reac- tions from students, to cause them to consider as- pects of data interpretation and ownership …

Assembling Narratives with Associative Threads
PL Vaudry, G Lapalme – … Creativity in Natural Language Generation, 2016 –
Page 1. Proceedings of the INLG 2016 Workshop on Computational Creativity and Natural Language Generation, pages 1–10, Edinburgh, September 2016 … We prefer to simply name associations the re- lations found during data interpretation …

Task based model for récit generation from sensor data: an early experiment
BAB Miranda, S Caffiau, C Garbay… – … Models of Narrative, 2014 –
… discursively (ie, the narrative). Each of these steps raises difficult issues, involving signal processing, data interpretation, event graph construction, story planing and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Viewed from a bottom …

SaferDrive: An NLG-based behaviour change support system for drivers
D Braun, E Reiter, A Siddharthan – Natural Language Engineering, 2018 –
… Abstract Despite the long history of Natural Language Generation (NLG) research, the potential for influencing real world behaviour through automatically generated texts has not received much attention. In this paper, we present …

Content Selection in Data-to-Text Systems: A Survey
D Gkatzia – arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.08375, 2016 –
… This system adopts a bottom-up approach, where the NLG system emerges by joining subsystems together … and the Natural Language Generation module … The events are assigned an importance value which represents their signif- icance in the data interpretation module, but it ig …

Causal networks as the backbone for temporal data-to-text
PL Vaudry, G Lapalme – … Workshop on Data-to-Text Generation …, 2015 –
… The document planning stage would be pre- ceded by signal analysis and data interpretation and followed by microplanning and … The Narrator: NLG for digital storytelling. In Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, pages 109–112 …

Natural language generation and fuzzy sets: An exploratory study on geographical referring expression generation
A Ramos-Soto, N Tintarev, R De Oliveira… – … Systems (FUZZ-IEEE …, 2016 –
… One such field is natural language generation (NLG), which deals with the problem of how texts in … gradable properties and the practical implications of vague expressions in NLG are explored … levels of precision [3]; and the extension of the data interpretation and microplanning …

Human-centric justification of machine learning predictions
O Biran, K McKeown – IJCAI, Melbourne, Australia, 2017 –
… focusing on do- main knowledge and on human reasoning, and uti- lizing natural language generation … paper, we propose a model where Natural Lan- guage Generation (NLG) is used … a role somewhat similar to the Signal Analysis and Data Interpretation modules described in …

Building ontologies for different natural languages
ES Alatrish, D Toši?, N Milenkovi? – Computer Science and …, 2014 –
… Ontologies provide an explicit and formal way for data interpretation, integration and sharing, helping to understand natural (human) language … The problem of content determination in natural language generation (NLG) is considered in [16] …

Active Situation Reporting: Definition and Analysis
J Renoux – 15th European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems, 2017 –
… applied to the data acquisition process which will depend on the current state of the data interpretation and the goal … Natural Language Generation (NLG) is concerned about ”building software systems that can produce meaningful texts in English or other human languages from …

Placing mined clues on causality at the heart of narrative planning
PL Vaudry, G Lapalme – 2018 –
… 4 Page 5. Figure 1: Assisted temporal data interpretation model. Rectangles … implication. That is, an implication that holds with a certain probability [9]. The direction of this probabilistic implication is important later on in the NLG pipeline …

A national study on conditional survival, excess mortality and second cancer after high dose therapy with autologous stem cell transplantation for non …
KB Smeland, CE Kiserud, GF Lauritzsen… – British journal of …, 2016 – Wiley Online Library
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New types of computational perceptions: Linguistic descriptions in deforestation analysis
P Conde-Clemente, JM Alonso, ÉO Nunes… – Expert Systems With …, 2017 – Elsevier
… for text generation from data (Data-to-Text, in short): (1) Natural Language Generation (NLG); and (2 … above has served as inspiration for many NLG systems, the design of NLG systems remains … As we show later in this paper, given input data, the Interpretation module in LDCP …

An architectural overview of Natural Language Interface to knowledge base
M Dua, S Jindal, R Kumar… – Computation of Power …, 2014 –
… Having the disadvantage of simplicity, no elaborate parsing, no interpretation modules, it also answers the out of range sentence … Another approach for Natural Language Interface (NLI) is Natural Language Generation ( NLG) where rather than having direct query; users can …

DUSP22 and TP63 rearrangements predict outcome of ALK-negative anaplastic large cell lymphoma: a Danish cohort study
MB Pedersen, SJ Hamilton-Dutoit, K Bendix… – Blood, 2017 – Am Soc Hematology
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Natural language generation system
BC Desai, GI Kouklakis – 2015 –
… In this paper we describe the design issues of a database independent natural language generation system (NLG … and assign semantic roles to formal (database) objects in the NLG phase … The Query Interpretation module accepts the SR’s and performs the inter- pretation of the …

Lexical simplification: optimising the pipeline
M Shardlow – 2015 –
… PhD. I have often arrived at one office or the other with lots of confusion over research directions or data interpretation. After time, discussions and much thought we have always found a way through … Text Simplification Natural Language Generation Machine Translation …

Fuzzy knowledge representation for linguistic description of time series
ABNMD Sánchez, G Trivino – 16th World Congress of the IFSA …, 2015 –
… ap- proaches where tools and techniques of disciplines like Natural Language Generation and processing … used as a synonym for linguistic description even in the NLG community, see … Towards a possibility- theoretic approach to uncertainty in medical data interpretation for text …

An architecture for fluid real-time conversational agents: integrating incremental output generation and input processing
S Kopp, H van Welbergen, R Yaghoubzadeh… – Journal on Multimodal …, 2014 – Springer
… processing framework (speech recognition, natural language understanding [1], dialogue management [5, 46], natural language generation [3, 41 … results are processed first by (fast) Behavior Interpretation processes and subsequently by (slower) Function Interpretation module …

Data-driven approaches to content selection for data-to-text generation
D Gkatzia – 2015 –
… account when developing Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems. NLG systems are developed with the assistance of domain experts, however the end … xi Page 16. Chapter 1 Introduction Data-to-text generation is the subfield of Natural Language Generation (NLG) that …

Tricellular junction regulation, signaling and scaffolding
Z Sharifkhodaei – 2017 –
Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada.

Narrative generation by associative network extraction from real-life temporal data
PL Vaudry – 2017 –
… 15 Page 7. CHAPTER 3: ASSISTED TEMPORAL DATA INTERPRETATION MODEL . . . 16 … ADL activity of daily living NICU neonatal intensive care unit NLG natural language generation RST Rhetorical Structure Theory Triangle-COPA Triangle Choice of Plausible Alterntives …

On modeling vagueness and uncertainty in data-to-text systems through fuzzy sets
A Ramos-Soto, M Pereira-Fariña – arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.10093, 2017 –
… This has led to the emergence of computational systems that interpret and convert such data into texts, known as natural language generation (NLG) systems. Thus, NLG can be defined as the branch of Artificial Intelligence devoted to research the process of generating …

Acute toxicity, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and antigenotoxic effects of a cellulosic exopolysaccharide obtained from sugarcane molasses
FCM Pinto, ACAX De-Oliveira, RR De-Carvalho… – Carbohydrate …, 2016 – Elsevier
… suspensions. 2.4.3. Preparation of bone marrow cell slides, analysis and data interpretation. The air-dried slides of bone marrow cell suspensions were stained with May-Grunwald and Giemsa for evaluation (Krishna & Hayashi, 2000) …

Fuzzy sets across the natural language generation pipeline
A Ramos-Soto, A Bugarín, S Barro – Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 2016 – Springer
… In this regard, approaches such as linguistic description of data (LDD) or natural language generation (NLG), which provide information expressed in terms of natural language, have emerged as feasible complements which, while still exploiting the full potential of standard …

Multilingual generation of uncertain temporal expressions from data: A study of a possibilistic formalism and its consistency with human subjective evaluations
A Gatt, F Portet – Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
… Such systems use Natural Language Generation (NLG) techniques [4,5] to describe salient aspects of data in languages such as English, following a number of processing stages whereby significant events are detected and interpreted in the raw data [6]. Such systems have …

Recent Advances in Natural Language Generation: A Survey and Classification of the Empirical Literature
R Perera, P Nand – Computing and Informatics, 2017 –
… However, more detailed description on data interpretation is available in BT-Nurse system [42] which is related to BT … a raw AVM structure is later deprecated due to difficulty in employing it for numerical NLG system … Recent Advances in Natural Language Generation: A Survey …

89. The Design of Intelligent English Teaching System Based on Machine Learning
H Wen – Boletín Técnico, ISSN: 0376-723X, 2017 –
… of personality education, the teaching strategy of combination of teacher module, student module, knowledge interpretation module and use … planning with the background of knowledge structure, regard dynamic background hypertext as natural language generation technology …

Y Dendra, S Götzl, JH Jeoung… – 23rd Annual Conference …, 2015 –
… which it binds Nrx with micromolar affinity, attenuates Nrx/Nlg signaling and antagonizes Syd-1. Loss of Spinophilin resulted in the formation of … Firstly, nanoparticle formation in organic solvents often involves non-classical nucleation pathways, challenging data interpretation …

Retrograde synaptic inhibition is mediated by ?-neurexin binding to the ?2? subunits of n-type calcium channels
XJ Tong, EJ López-Soto, L Li, H Liu, D Nedelcu… – Neuron, 2017 – Elsevier
… autism in humans. In C. elegans, post-synaptic Neurexin (NRX-1) and pre-synaptic Neuroligin (NLG-1) mediate a retrograde synaptic signal that inhibits acetylcholine (ACh) release at neuromuscular junctions. Here, we show …

An Algorithmic Approach to Personalized and Interactive News Generation
D Kim – 2017 –
Page 1.

Resolving Perception Based Problems in Human-Computer Dialogue
N Schutte – 2016 –
Page 1. Dublin Institute of Technology ARROW@DIT Doctoral Science 2016-1 Resolving Perception Based Problems in Human- Computer Dialogue Niels Schutte niels.schutte@student. Follow this and additional works at: …

Practically applicable nerve ultrasound models for the diagnosis of axonal and demyelinating hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies (HMSN)
KF Loewenbrück, M Dittrich, J Böhm, J Klingelhöfer… – Journal of …, 2018 – Springer
Purpose To develop specific diagnostic ultrasound (US) models for hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies (HMSN) in patients with primarily demyelinating or axonal polyneuropathies (PNP) according…

On generating linguistic descriptions of time series
N Marín, D Sánchez – Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
… Data-to-text systems are originated in the NLG (Natural Language Generation) field, which is the area of Computational Linguistics that is concerned with the mapping from non-linguistic to linguistic expressions [6]. These systems aim at generating texts from non-linguistic …

Using a Dialogue Manager to Improve Semantic Web Search
D Melo, IP Rodrigues, VB Nogueira – International Journal on …, 2016 –
… The Semantic Interpretation module is responsible for rewriting the syntactic structure into its corresponding DRS. This process is based on first-order logic (Hodges, 2001) extended with generalized quantifiers (Barwise & Cooper, 1981) …

A Chatbot Dialogue Manager-Chatbots and Dialogue Systems: A Hybrid Approach
A Woudenberg – 2014 –
… 18 3.4.2 Text-to-speech synthesis . . . . . 19 3.4.3 Natural language understanding . . . . . 19 3.4.4 Natural language generation . . . . . 21 3.4.5 Dialogue manager . . . . . 21 iv Page 8. 3.4.6 Task manager …

Retrograde Synaptic Inhibition Is Mediated by a-Neurexin Binding to the a2d Subunits of N-Type Calcium Channels
JM Kaplan – Neuron, 2017 –
… autism in humans. In C. elegans, post-synaptic Neurexin (NRX-1) and pre-synaptic Neuroligin (NLG-1) mediate a retrograde synaptic signal that inhibits acetylcholine (ACh) release at neuromuscular junctions. Here, we show …

Semantic Web Search Through Natural Language Dialogues
D Melo, IP Rodrigues, VB Nogueira – … , and Applications of …, 2018 –
… The Dia- logue Manager must supervise the search (made in the Ontology Discovery step) and validation (made by the Semantic Interpretation module) of the entities among the knowledge base and when a solution is found, it will be added to … Natural Language Generation (pp …

Using web tools for constructing an ontology of different natural languages
ES Alatrash – 2015 –
… disambiguation to facilitate understanding. 2.8.2 Natural language generation It is a sub-field of natural language processing that focuses on the generation … Consequently, NLG is associated with a large number of highly diverse tasks whose …

The Teaching of Sign Language in Undergraduate Nursing Courses: A Descriptive Study as an Attribute to the Integrality of Care
WCA Machado, CO Shubert, AR de Aguiar Prado… – …, 2015 –
… ARAP, EMF, MGL, TT: worked on data interpretation, manuscript writing, and critical review … [7] Pagliuca, LMF, Fiuza, NLG and Reboucas, CBA (2007) Aspects of Nurses’ Communication with Hearing Im …

Diagnostic accuracy of nerve ultrasound in hereditary and sporadic non-entrapment neuropathies
KF Loewenbrück, M Dittrich, J Böhm, J Klingelhöfer… – Journal of …, 2016 – Springer
… The financial sponsors of the study had no role in the study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing … 65:305–307CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar. 2. Bischoff C, Dengler R, Hopf H (2008) EMG NLG Elektromyographie, Nervenleitungsuntersuchungen …

Phrase Generalization: a Corpus Study in Multi-Document Abstracts and Original News Alignments
A Di-Felippo, A Nenkova – Proceedings of the 10th Linguistic Annotation …, 2016 –
… Interpretation is the most common category, re- sulting from inferences over propositions and cov- ering a variety of operations … In Er- win Marsi and M. Theune, editors, Empirical Meth- ods in Natural Language Generation, pages 45–66. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg …

Minimal residual disease in mantle cell lymphoma: insights into biology and impact on treatment
E Hoster, C Pott – ASH Education Program Book, 2016 – asheducationbook …
… Overall, standardization, quality control, and validation of HTS in a multicenter setting as well as guidelines for bioinformatic evaluation and data interpretation have to be implemented before HTS is routinely used for MRD detection in MCL …

Getting the environmental information across: from the web to the user
L Wanner, H Bosch, N Bouayad?Agha… – Expert …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library
… Incorporate intelligent data interpretation needed to analyse the course of the measured pollutant concentrations or meteorological conditions and assess their … So far, robust and, at the same time, flexible, high quality multilingual natural language generation has not been in the …

Using Web Tools for Constructing an Ontology of Different Natural Languages
A Emhimed – 2014 –
… disambiguation to facilitate understanding. 2.8.2 Natural language generation It is a sub-field of natural language processing that focuses on the generation … Consequently, NLG is associated with a large number of highly diverse tasks whose …

Elucidation of molecular and functional heterogeneity through differential expression network analyses of discrete tumor subsets
RR Naik, NL Gardi, SA Bapat – Scientific Reports, 2016 –

Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma: the many-faced lymphoma
MA Lunning, JM Vose – Blood, 2017 – Am Soc Hematology

An Insight into Glyco-Microheterogeneity of Plasma von Willebrand Factor by Mass Spectrometry
EA Gashash, A Aloor, D Li, H Zhu, XQ Xu… – Journal of proteome …, 2017 – ACS Publications

Heat fixation inactivates viral and bacterial pathogens and is compatible with downstream MALDI mass spectrometry tissue imaging
LH Cazares, SA Van Tongeren… – BMC …, 2015 –
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Introducing technology in child welfare referrals: A case study
E Dellor, K Lovato-Hermann, J Price Wolf… – Journal of technology …, 2015 – Taylor & Francis
… issues. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, 3(4), 218–227. [Google Scholar]). Upon the completion of coding the data, the authors created a table via Microsoft Word to help facilitate data interpretation. Relevant …

BEETLE II: Deep natural language understanding and automatic feedback generation for intelligent tutoring in basic electricity and electronics
M Dzikovska, N Steinhauser, E Farrow, J Moore… – International Journal of …, 2014 – Springer
… The details of how tactics are chosen and instantiated at each step of the dialogue are discussed in the “Tutorial planner and natural language generation” section … 5 The diagnosis produced for turn 2 in our example dialogue. Tutorial Planner and Natural Language Generation …

Activation of the reward system boosts innate and adaptive immunity
TL Ben-Shaanan, H Azulay-Debby, T Dubovik… – Nature medicine, 2016 –
Chemogenetic activation of central nervous system reward circuitry in the mouse VTA is shown to strengthen immunological host defenses against subsequent bacterial exposure and infection.

Alan Turing and the development of Artificial Intelligence
S Muggleton – AI communications, 2014 –
… In the same period considerable advances were made in natural language generation and understand- ing (eg [18,36,37]) … [4] B. Buchanan, E. Feigenbaum and N. Sridharan, Heuristic the- ory formation: data interpretation and rule formation, in: Ma- chine Intelligence 7, B …

The gastrin and cholecystokinin receptors mediated signaling network: a scaffold for data analysis and new hypotheses on regulatory mechanisms
S Tripathi, Å Flobak, K Chawla… – BMC systems …, 2015 –
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Light shines through the spindrift–Phylogeny of African torrent frogs (Amphibia, Anura, Petropedetidae)
MF Barej, MO Rödel, SP Loader, M Menegon… – Molecular phylogenetics …, 2014 – Elsevier
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Order recall in verbal short-term memory: The role of semantic networks
M Poirier, J Saint-Aubin, A Mair, G Tehan, A Tolan – Memory & Cognition, 2015 – Springer
In their recent article, Acheson, MacDonald, and Postle (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 37:44–59, 2011) made an important but controversial suggestion: They hypoth.

User-centric design of automatic lameness detection in dairy cattle
T Van De Gucht – 2017 –
Page 1. USER-CENTRIC DESIGN OF AUTOMATIC LAMENESS DETECTION IN DAIRY CATTLE ing. Tim VAN DE GUCHT Dissertation presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor in Bioscience Engineering November 2017 Supervisors: prof. dr. ir …

Urban wetlands: restoration or designed rehabilitation?
B Ravit, F Gallagher, J Doolittle, R Shaw… – AIMS …, 2017 –
… EMI sensors measure changes in the apparent electrical conductivity (ECa) of the subsurface [67,68]; changes in the electrical conductivity produce variations in ECa. EMI data interpretation is based on identification of spatial patterns within data sets …

Punctuation and implicit prosody in silent reading: an ERP study investigating english garden-path sentences
JE Drury, SR Baum, H Valeriote… – Frontiers in …, 2016 –
This study presents the first two ERP reading studies of comma-induced effects of covert (implicit) prosody on syntactic parsing decisions in English. The first experiment used a balanced 2 x 2 design in which the presence/absence of commas determined plausibility (eg, John, said …

Modelling Incremental Self-Repair Processing in Dialogue.
J Hough – 2014 –
… speech production (van Wijk and Kempen, 1987; Levelt, 1983, 1989) and psycholinguistically motivated NLG (natural language generation) (De Smedt, 1990, 1991; Neumann, 1994; Guhe, 2007) rather than comprehension or parsing …

A Silicon Photomultiplier Based Readout System For A Cosmic Muon Telescope; Design And Implementation
ME Lauritzen – 2017 –
Page 1. A Silicon Photomultiplier Based Readout System For A Cosmic Muon Telescope; Design And Implementation Magne Eik Lauritzen A thesis presented for the degree of Master of Science Department of Physics and Technology University of Bergen Norway June 2017 …

Recombinant human plasma phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) to prevent bacterial growth and to treat sepsis
V Deckert, S Lemaire, PJ Ripoll, JPP Barros, J Labbé… – Scientific reports, 2017 –

Next-Generation Sequencing Applications in Head and Neck Oncology
CS Farah, M Jessri, F Kordbacheh, NC Bennett… – … Sequencing in Cancer …, 2015 – Springer
… of the epigenome. The importance of data interpretation which involves both computational analysis and making biological and clinical sense of an enormous amount of produced data cannot be neglected. Furthermore, not …

Survey of the State of the Art in Natural Language Generation: Core tasks, applications and evaluation
A Gatt, E Krahmer – Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2018 –
… Abstract This paper surveys the current state of the art in Natural Language Generation (nlg), defined as the task of generating text or speech from non-linguistic input. A survey of nlg is timely in view of the changes that the field …

Playing for real: Designing alternate reality games in learning contexts
EM Bonsignore – 2016 –
Playing for real: Designing alternate reality games in learning contexts. Abstract. Alternate Reality Game (ARG) represent a new genre of transmedia practice where players hunt for scattered clues, make sense of disparate information …

Physician decision criteria regarding omega-3 dietary supplements
WP Lesser – 2014 –
Physician decision criteria regarding omega-3 dietary supplements. Abstract. American Heart Association officials and other expert cardiologists recommend omega-3 (n-3) dietary supplementation for the secondary prevention …

Enhancing the Storm Water Treatment Performance of Constructed Wetlands and Bioretention Basins
IR Mangangka, A Liu, A Goonetilleke, P Egodawatta – 2016 – Springer
Page 1. 123 SPRINGER BRIEFS IN WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Isri R. Mangangka An Liu Ashantha Goonetilleke Prasanna Egodawatta Enhancing the Storm Water Treatment Performance of Constructed Wetlands and Bioretention Basins Page 2 …

Adaptive Visualization
K Nazemi – Adaptive Semantics Visualization, 2016 – Springer
Human-centered adaptation has been subject of research and development for more than two decades. In particular adaptive learning systems built the foundation of this research area. Content-based adap.

Performance Based Earthquake Engineering of Concrete Dams
MA Hariri-Ardebili – 2015 –
Performance Based Earthquake Engineering of Concrete Dams. Abstract. The main objective of this thesis is to develop a framework for performance based earthquake engineering (PBEE) of concrete dams. To pursue this goal …

Generation of textual summaries at different target reading levels: summarizing line graphs for visually impaired users
PS Moraes – 2016 –
… to describe a concept is always one of the challenges faced by NLG system architects … relevant area of research which is related to this work is that of Natural Language Generation … generally are to provide access to scientific graphics to help with data interpretation differ from …

Human-Computer Interaction
K Meena, R Sivakumar – 2014 –
… based Interaction 84 4.3 General Architecture of a Spoken Dialogue System 85 4.3.1 Voice Activity Detection 86 4.3.2 Automatic Speech Recognition 86 4.3.3 Natural Language Understanding 87 4.3.4 Dialogue Management 87 4.3.5 Natural Language Generation 87 4.3.6 Text …

Navigating Chinese and English multiliteracies across domains in Canada: An ethnographic case study of culturally and linguistically diverse children’s literacy …
X Du – 2014 –
… imperatives in mind, I adopted a multiliteracies framework for my study. 2.2.1 Multiliteracies The notion of multiliteracies is attributed to the New London Group (NLG), a cluster of New Literacy Studies scholars who published a classic paper entitled A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies …

Case Studies in multiliteracies and inclusive pedagogy: Facilitating meaningful literacy learning
R Drewry – 2017 –
Page 1. Case Studies in Multiliteracies and Inclusive Pedagogy: Facilitating Meaningful Literacy Learning Rachel Drewry BA (Hons) Murdoch University Graduate Diploma Development Studies Murdoch University Graduate Diploma Education (Primary) Murdoch University …

Exception Management in Healthcare Processes
M Peleg, G Pozzi – Process Modeling and Management for …, 2017 –
Page 227. CHAPTER 8 Exception Management in Healthcare Processes Mor Peleg University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel, and Stanford University, California, USA Giuseppe Pozzi Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy CONTENTS 8.1 INTRODUCTION 8.2 BASICS OF EXCEPTIONS 8.2 …

Understanding learning to teach for understanding: An ordinary tale
LD Constantinou – 2015 –
Understanding learning to teach for understanding: An ordinary tale. Abstract. This study chronicles a Teacher Candidate’s (Sara) journey of learning to teach for understanding during her internship year, the fifth year of a five …

A named entity recognition system applied to Arabic text in the medical domain
S Alanazi – 2017 –
Page 1. A Named Entity Recognition System Applied to Arabic Text in the Medical Domain SAAD ALANAZI A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Staffordshire University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy May 2017 Page 2. i Abstract …

Learning non-verbal relations under open information extraction paradigm
C Xavier – 2014 –
Learning Non-Verbal Relations Under Open Information Extraction Paradigm – Clarissa Xavier – Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation – Computer Science – Miscellaneous – Publish your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

A Mixed Methods Analysis of Parental Support for a High School Hybrid Learning Program
JP Stiefel – 2016 –
A Mixed Methods Analysis of Parental Support for a High School Hybrid Learning Program. Abstract. Hybrid learning programs may offer the most benefits for secondary schools to help prepare students for the online learning requirements of higher education and the workforce …

Examining Instructor Perceptions of Learner and Instructor Characteristics of Online Elementary Students: A Case Study
EAS Smith – 2015 –
… Both studies took place at the college level and employed multivariate regression analyses during data interpretation, therefore the results can be matched on an equal basis, however Hatcher HW DO V VWXG\ LQYROYHG QLQH PRUH FRXUVHV DQG PRUH VWXGHQWV …

Communicating the reality of dating in childfree, heterosexual, professional African American women who never married
MM Walton – 2015 –
… RWKHUV VWRULHV. SLHGPDQV (2006) interview method prescribed a three-interview process with directives regarding group identities and style, culminating with a multi-step analysis and data interpretation process. The …

Acclimation to and mitigation of anthropogenic nutrients by wetland plants
BM Pier – 2014 –
… shaped this dissertation. They were always there to help me design experiments, help. with data interpretation, read and edit my posters, papers, and chapters, and share in the. joy and despair of the research process. Dr. Todorski was there to help when I was …

Pertinent Principal Perspectives and Practices Applied in High-Achieving, High-Poverty, Hispanic-Majority Elementary Schools
GL Hodges – 2015 –
Pertinent Principal Perspectives and Practices Applied in High-Achieving, High-Poverty, Hispanic-Majority Elementary Schools. Abstract. In the last three decades, the Hispanic student population in US public schools (grades …

Hearing Voices: First Year Undergraduate Experience Of Audio Feedback
S Dixon – 2017 –
HEARING VOICES: FIRST YEAR UNDERGRADUATE EXPERIENCE OF AUDIO FEEDBACK. STEPHEN DIXON. BA (Hons) MA MCLIP MIInfSc PG Cert (Education) FHEA. A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements …

Energy and nitrogen utilization in dairy cattle: Improvement of efficiencies of utilization and reduction of environmental impact
C Arndt – 2014 –
Energy and nitrogen utilization in dairy cattle: Improvement of efficiencies of utilization and reduction of environmental impact. Abstract. Three experiments were conducted to evaluate possible mitigation strategies to reduce enteric …