Generative Literature & Natural Language Processing


Generative art refers to art that in whole or in part has been created with the use of an autonomous system.

  • Analog generative literature
  • Analog generative text
  • Computational literature
  • Generative text
  • Generative texts




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RiTa: creativity support for computational literature
DC Howe – Proceedings of the seventh ACM conference on …, 2009 –
… NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit. In Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Effective Tools and Methodologies for Teaching Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics … The Aesthetics of Generative Literature: Lessons from a Digital Writing Workshop …

Computational creativity support: using algorithms and machine learning to help people be more creative
D Morris, J Secretan – CHI’09 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in …, 2009 –
… Although these existing systems are powerful and widely used, recent advances in signal processing, natural language processing, and machine learning … domain of support for creative writing, Howe [4] presents the RiTa Toolkit, an open-source toolkit for generative literature …

Datatopia–Data Tracking in an Alternative world
Y Wang –
… The stories are created with techniques of natural language processing and generative text … Chain, and context-free grammar, are also interesting enough to generate a large amount of text without context, which embodies the principles in early analog generative literature …

Art Papers Jury: Introduction
R West – 2017 – MIT Press
… His transdisciplinary practice blends performance, installation, and generative literature, with embodied interaction, physical interfaces, sensing … digital and interactive art; virtual, augmented, and mixed reality; artificial intelligence; natural language processing; museum and art …

A Generative Lexicon Account of Bangla Complex Predicates
S Ghosh – 2015 –
… Page 11. ABSTRACT This book is an attempt to provide a corpus based account of Bangla complex predicates and represent them in a structured lexicon suitable for further information processing useful in any Natural Language Processing (NLP) works …

Applying automatically parsed corpora to the study of language variation
J Bloem, A Versloot, F Weerman – Proceedings of COLING 2014, the …, 2014 –
… The rules and mechanisms discussed in generative literature allow for a lot of optionality, as discussed above, and thus mainly … This paper also mentions that some natural language processing tasks, such as learning selection restrictions of specific verbs, cannot be performed …

Mining the blogosphere from a socio-political perspective
VK Singh, D Mahata, R Adhikari – … Information Systems and …, 2010 –
… The textual nature of the blog data and the lack of sophisticated natural language processing tools (having semantic orientation), make the task very challenging … [13] RiTa WordNet Java Library, Part of RiTa Toolkit for Generative Literature, …

The user’s and the designer’s role and the aesthetic experience of generative literature
VC Pereira, C Maciel – Proceedings of the 12th Brazilian Symposium on …, 2013 –
… In order to analyze these issues facing the so-called generative literature, we have compared two software programs in this research … On the other hand, studies on generative poetry have so far focused more on natural language processing and syntactic rules beneath verses …

Uncertainty in processing relative clauses across East Asian languages
J Yun, Z Chen, T Hunter, J Whitman, J Hale – Journal of East Asian …, 2015 – Springer
… For such constructions, there is a fairly strong consensus in the generative literature that some kind of extraction is implicated in the syntactic deriva- tion (see Huang et al … 3.1 The promotion analysis There are two main movement analyses of RCs in the generative literature …

A Literary Analysis of Poems Automatically Produced by Peter’s Haiku Generator
VC Pereira, C Maciel – International Conference on Entertainment …, 2017 – Springer
… That is the case of computer-generated poetry (grouped under the wider term “Generative Literature”), which consists of poems produced by automatic recombination of elements of different granularity, following algorithms that consider natural language processing …

Uncertainty in processing relative clauses
J Yun, Z Chen, T Hunter, J Whitman, J Hale –
… relative clauses involving subject and object gaps. For such constructions, there is a fairly strong consensus in the generative literature that some kind of extrac … 11 3.1 The promotion analysis There are two main movement analyses of RCs in the generative literature. An …

Gapping Constructions in Universal Dependencies v2
S Schuster, M Lamm, CD Manning – Proceedings of the NoDaLiDa 2017 …, 2017 –
… From a practical point of view, it is challenging for natural language processing sys- tems to resolve the gaps, which is necessary to interpret these sentences and extract information from … Such an analysis is also in line with most ac- counts of gapping in the generative literature …

Optimality in Linguistic Deduction
A Bastenhof – 2008 –
… 3The other logical possibility, adding only the permuta- tion rule, leads to the permutational non-associative Lambek calculus (NLP). This system will not be considered in the remainder of this article. terms of extraction of the ”covert” kind in standard generative literature) …

The Flexibility of French Idioms: A Representation with Lexicalized Tree Adjoining
A Abeillé – Idioms: Structural and Psychological Perspectives, 2014 –
… pipe un jour. ‘Wc’ll all kick the bucket one day.’ Idioms may obey the general syntactic rules of the language, and this behavior has been used as an argument for transformations in the generative literature. The extensive listings …

Why is there variation rather than nothing?
B Laks – Language Sciences, 2013 – Elsevier
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Building and Using a Richly Annotated Interlinear Diachronic Corpus: The Case of Old High German Tatian.
S Petrova, M Solf, J Ritz, C Chiarcos, A Zeldes – TAL, 2009 – Citeseer
… The same kind of variation is also attested in the earlier stages of the remaining Germanic languages, and has therefore received special attention in recent generative literature. Three basic accounts have been put forward to explain the issue …

Disambiguating modals: constructions and must
F De Haan – Oracle, ms, 2011 –
… instance, instead of the term deontic modality, terms such as root modality (Coates [1983] and much other work, especially in the generative literature, such as … Of course, the modality program can form part of a larger NLP system, but for the present project a full parse of modal …

Syntactic change and syntactic borrowing in generative grammar
C Bowern – Principles of syntactic reconstruction, 2008 –
… It has been a frequently stated view in the generative literature that the idea of a named “language”—for example English, Hixkaryana or Thai—is epiphenomenal. Chomsky (1986: 27—31) provides a statement of the position …

Lexical preferences in Dutch verbal cluster ordering
J Bloem – Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIII, 2015 –
… The rules and mechanisms that are used to account for the phenomenon of verb clusters in generative literature allow for a lot of optionality, and thus mainly outline the constructions in which order variation can occur. Coussé et al …

Corpus Linguistics
D Gruyter – 2008 –
… Techniques have also been designed for qualitative and quantitative study of corpus data. In computational linguistics, corpus data are exploited to develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. 5.1. Preprocessing …

The case for two-level phonology: German obstruent tensing and nasal alternation in French
HH Lieb – Robin Sackmann (ed.), 2008 –
Page 32. The Case for Two-Level Phonology German Ob struent Tensing and Nasal Alternation in French Hans-Heinrich Lieb Freie Universitat Berlin Contents Aims and procedure A. Integrational Phonology Structured sound …

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media
ML Ryan, L Emerson, BJ Robertson – 2014 –
Page 1. The _ Iohns Hopkins _ Guide to _ Digital Media Edited by Marie-Laure Ryan, Lori Emerson, and Benjamin J. Robertson Page 2. THE JOHNS HOPKINS GUIDE TO DIGITAL MEDIA Page 3. This page intentionally left blank Page 4 …

Connectionist approaches to generative phonology
J Alderete, P Tupper – The Routledge Handbook of Phonological Theory …, 2018 –
Page 1. 1 Connectionist approaches to generative phonology* John Alderete, Paul Tupper Simon Fraser University Abstract. While connectionist models are ubiquitous in psycholinguistic approaches to language processing …

SLS 2009: Book of Abstracts 4 th Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society
ME ?avar, D ?avar – 2009 –
Page 1. SLS 2009: Book of Abstracts 4 th Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society Malgorzata E. ?avar Damir ?avar September 2009 University of Zadar & IHJJ Page 2. Page 3. Contents 1. Introduction 1 1.1. Purpose . . . . . 1 …

Cognitive corpus linguistics: Five points of debate on current theory and methodology
A Arppe, G Gilquin, D Glynn, M Hilpert, A Zeschel – Corpora, 2010 –

Anaphora in the interlanguage of English and Greek learners of L2 Spanish: A study based on the CEDEL2 corpus
A Georgopoulos – 2017 –
Page 1. ANAPHORA IN THE INTERLANGUAGE OF ENGLISH AND GREEK LEARNERS OF L2 SPANISH: A STUDY BASED ON THE CEDEL2 CORPUS Athanasios Georgopoulos Supervised by: Cristóbal Lozano and Ana Díaz-Negrillo GRANADA 2017 Page 2 …

What to Expect in Morphosyntactic Typology and Terminology
SL Chelliah, J Willem – Handbook of Descriptive Linguistic Fieldwork, 2010 – Springer
… These are discussed in detail below. Semantic Roles. Semantic roles (or theta-roles, as they are called in the generative literature) were first posited by Gruber (1965) and Fillmore (1968), and are, technically speaking, a semantic distinction rather than a morphosyntactic one …

Rhyme, Meter & Line in American Sign Language Poetry
B Anible –
… Quirk et al. 1985, inter alios) (or, alternatively, a small clause in the generative literature, cf. Aarts 1992); that is, the process of lexical- constructional subsumption is possible in the case of proclaim, but not in the case of announce …

Calculating syllable count automatically from fixed-meter poetry in English and Welsh
M Hammond – Literary and Linguistic Computing, 2013 –
… In soft assemblage, listen to my song,. James Thomson (1700–48) was a Scottish poet, most known for just this poem. 5 There are three reasons for this choice. First, the meter of this poem has been treated in the generative literature by Hammond (1991) …

Verbal argument structure: Events and participants
A Marantz – Lingua, 2013 – Elsevier
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The Distributional Learning of Multi-Word Expressions: A Computational Approach
AR Wahl – 2015 –
… for a wide array of corpus-based research across a variety of linguistic subfields as well as natural language processing applications … few parameters that the generative literature could agree on; see below) is the head direction parameter, which specifies head-dependent order …

Person deixis in Japanese and English-a Contrastive Functional Analysis
BM Irgens – 2017 –
… In linguistics, particularly since the dawn of the digital age and the development of computational linguistics and natural language processing, questions concerning anaphora have been high on the research agenda; far higher than questions concerning deixis …

Cognitive biases, linguistic universals, and constraint?based grammar learning
J Culbertson, P Smolensky… – Topics in cognitive …, 2013 – Wiley Online Library
… Formulating the absolute version is worthwhile because it is representative of many theories in the generative literature, it provides grammars for the vast majority (96%) of systems in the survey, and it exposes substantive and formal properties that must be present in any …

Answers without questions: The emergence of fragments in child language1
J Ginzburg, D Kolliakou – Journal of Linguistics, 2009 –
… 33% of all wh-interrogative queries in the BNC.5 Although there is a large generative literature on sluicing, it has almost without exception ignored the fact that bare wh-phrases are systematically ambiguous between at least three uses.6 Direct …

Architectural pressures on processing constraints: Predicting shorter dependencies in Basque
I Ros, M Santesteban –
… man I saw in’. The latter, though shorter, is more ‘complex’. However, generative literature did not theoretically or empirically pursue this observation, since it was considered to be a matter of performance. Larson, in his account …

Scientific modelling in generative grammar and the dynamic turn in syntax
RM Nefdt – Linguistics and Philosophy, 2016 – Springer
Page 1. Linguist and Philos (2016) 39:357–394 DOI 10.1007/s10988-016-9193-4 RESEARCH ARTICLE Scientific modelling in generative grammar and the dynamic turn in syntax Ryan M. Nefdt1 Published online: 29 September 2016 © The Author(s) 2016 …

Verbal cluster order and processing complexity
J Bloem, A Versloot, F Weerman – Language Sciences, 2017 – Elsevier
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Is Hong Kong Sign Language a topic-prominent language?
F Sze – Linguistics, 2015 –
Jump to ContentJump to Main Navigation Languages. Languages: Deutsch. User Account: Log in; Register; Help; Take a Tour; Sign up for a free trial; Subscribe. DGM Logo. Search Close. Advanced SearchHelp. My Content (1) Recently viewed (1). Is Hong Kong Sign Lang …

Projecting possessors: A Morphosyntactic Investigation of Nominal Possession in Tigrinya
K Gebregziabher – 2013 –
Page 1. UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY Projecting possessors: A Morphosyntactic Investigation of Nominal Possession in Tigrinya By Keffyalew Gebregziabher A DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES …

The Oxford handbook of laboratory phonology
AC Cohn, C Fougeron, MK Huffman – 2012 –
… Linda Van Guilder is a Computational Linguist at Abraxas Corporation. Her interests lie with Natural Language Processing technologies that make language data accessible to end users focused particularly on natural language systems engineering …

Copula-less, Non-verbal Predication in Colloquial Singapore English and the General Anchoring Condition
YU JIANRONG – 2015 –

On the Syntax of Spatiotemporal PPs
H Takahashi – 2017 –
… 1. 1.1 Issues on adpositions. Adpositions such as prepositions, postpositions, and circumpositions have been much studied in. the generative literature (Jackendoff 1973, 1983, 1990, 1996, Emonds 1972, 1985, 2000, van. Riemsdijk …

Word order in German: A corpus study
M Bader, J Häussler – Lingua, 2010 – Elsevier
Page 1. Word order in German: A corpus study§ Markus Bader *, Jana Häussler Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz, 78457 Konstanz, Germany Received 13 August 2007; received in revised form 19 May 2009; accepted 20 May 2009 Available online 1 July 2009 …

Left-right asymmetries in words: A processing-based account
Y Asao – 2015 –
… The measure of processing efficiency is quantitative in nature. On the other hand, it is sometimes claimed in the generative literature that a rule of grammar cannot count (Chomsky, 1965, 55).1. 1Alternatively one may argue that grammaticality itself is graded …