Natural Language Parsing (Draft)

Natural Language Parsing


… key element that distinguishes data scraping from regular parsing is that the output being scraped was intended for display to an end-user, rather than as input to another program, and is therefore usually neither documented nor structured for convenient parsing.

  • Apple Pie Parser .. APP is a bottom-up, probabilistic, chart parser using the best-first search algorithm.
  • Bottom-up Parser .. Bottom-up parsing identifies and processes the text’s lowest-level small details first.
  • CCG Parser .. Combinatory Categorial Grammar is a grammar formalism that generates constituency-based structures (as opposed to dependency-based ones) and is therefore a type of phrase structure grammar (as opposed to a dependency grammar).
  • CFG Parser .. In linguistics, some authors use the term phrase structure grammar to refer to context-free grammars. (In computer science, a popular notation for context-free grammars is Backus-Naur Form, or BNF.) Context-free grammars are important in linguistics for describing the structure of sentences and words in natural language.
  • Chart Parser .. A chart parser is a type of parser suitable for ambiguous grammars, including grammars of natural languages. Partial hypothesized results are stored in a structure called a chart, which prevents a combinatorial explosion.
  • CYK Parser .. The Cocke-Younger-Kasami algorithm is a parsing algorithm for context-free grammars.
  • Dependency Parser .. In a dependency parser, the verb is the structural center of all clause structure, and all other words are directly or indirectly dependent on it; therefore, structure is determined by the relation between a verb (referred to as a “head”) and its dependents. This is differs from phrase structure grammars (constituency grammars), since dependency grammars lack phrasal nodes.
  • Earley parser (17)
  • GLR parser (11)
  • Grammar Parser
  • HPSG Parser
  • Inside-outside algorithm (32)
  • LALR Parser
  • LALR parser (8)
  • Left corner parser (29)
  • LL parser (4)
  • LR parser (17)
  • MaltParser
  • Ontology Parser
  • Probabilistic Parser
  • Recursive descent parser (5)
  • Sentence Parser
  • Shallow Parser
  • Shift-reduce parser (26)
  • Stanford Parser
  • Statistical Parser
  • Top-down parsing (50)


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