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Text segmentation is the process of dividing written text into meaningful units, such as words, sentences, or topics.



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Texture feature-based text region segmentation in social multimedia data
SH Kim, KJ An, SW Jang, GY Kim – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016 – Springer
… The proposed text segmentation method consists of four main steps: a step for extracting candidate text areas, a step for localizing the text areas, a step for separating the text from the background, and a step for verifying the candidate text areas. …

Morphology-based hierarchical representation with application to text segmentation in natural images
LD Hu?nh, Y Xu, T Géraud – Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2016 …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Abstract: Many text segmentation methods are elaborate and thus are not suitable to real-time implementation on mobile devices. Having an efficient and effective method, robust to noise, blur, or uneven illumination, is interesting due to the increasing number of mobile

Effects of text segmentation on silent reading of Chinese regulated poems: Evidence from Eye Movements
C Qingrong, G Wentao, C Scheepers – Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 2016 – muse.jhu.edu
Interword spaces have been reported to play an important role in silent reading of alphabetic languages. However, it has not yet been clear whether text spacing/segmentation facilitates the cognitive process in silent reading of Chinese, a logographic language, especially in

Text segmentation in degraded historical document images
AS Kavitha, P Shivakumara, GH Kumar, T Lu – Egyptian Informatics Journal, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract Text segmentation from degraded Historical Indus script images helps Optical Character Recognizer (OCR) to achieve good recognition rates for Hindus scripts; however, it is challenging due to complex background in such images. In this paper, we present a new

From text detection to text segmentation: a unified evaluation scheme
S Calarasanu, J Fabrizio, S Dubuisson – European Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Current text segmentation evaluation protocols are often incapable of properly handling different scenarios (broken/merged/partial characters). This leads to scores that incorrectly reflect the segmentation accuracy. In this article we propose a new evaluation

Study of text segmentation and recognition using leap motion sensor
P Kumar, R Saini, PP Roy, DP Dogra – IEEE Sensors Journal, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Abstract: Recognition of 3-D texts drawn by fingers using Leap motion sensor can be challenging for existing text recognition frameworks. The texts sensed by Leap motion device are different from traditional offline and on-line writing systems. This is because of

Are gaze shifts a key to a translator’s text segmentation?
AL Jakobsen – Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, 2016 – degruyter.com
Abstract Keystroke logging has demonstrated that a translator’s text production can be broken down into units separated by pause boundaries (Dragsted 2004, 2005, 2010). Reading research has not identified analogous boundaries, as the only interruptions in a

Automatic text extraction and character segmentation using maximally stable extremal regions
N Sambyal, P Abrol – arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.03374, 2016 – arxiv.org
… There are various techniques for text extraction and segmentation in images eg text segmentation based on texture aims at finding the difference between the text pixels and the background pixels. Text segmentation can be …

Challenges in recognition of Devanagari Scripts due to segmentation of handwritten text
AK Bathla, SK Gupta, MK Jindal – Computing for Sustainable …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… the initial segmentation process extracts the header line from the whole text, and then extracts and separates the upper strip from the rest of the text. … segmentation by this method is done on the basis of structural information obtained from edge traversal in the second stage. …

Character-Position-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition by Two Segmentation Methods
J Liang, B Zhu, T Kumagai… – IEICE TRANSACTIONS on …, 2016 – search.ieice.org
… This recognition method has been successfully applied in smart phones and tablets. On the other hand, there have been some works on the overlaid handwritten text segmentation and recognition which recognizes characters written overlaid in the same …

Benchmarking of text segmentation in devnagari handwritten document
MS Nehra, N Nain, M Ahmed – Power India International …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Handwritten Character Recognition is the capability of a computer to receive and interpret handwritten input from paper documents, photographs, touch screens and other devices. In this paper we have introduced a new method for Hindi handwritten character segmentation.

Research on the performance of segmentation of text classification based on CNICC
JP Gong, J Song – … and Information Science (ICIS), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… By experiments, our results show that constructing thesaurus can inhance the rationality of text segmentation in news classification. … Section 3 introduces the method of constructing a type thesaurus and the approach of using the thesaurus in the process of text segmentation. …

Text Recognition in Mobile Images using Perspective Correction and Text Segmentation
W Wu, J Liu, L Li – International Journal of Signal Processing, Image …, 2016 – earticle.net
It is significant that adopt text recognition at mobile devices to care human’s health. We observed that although OCR is very suit for recognizing scanned documents, it has poor performation on mobile photoes, which suffer from unequal lighting, clutter, skew, or poor

Scene Text Segmentation Method Based on MSER and MLBP
M Guo, Y Yi, J Liu, Y Li – China Academic Conference on Printing & …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract An effective algorithm for segmentation of scene text based on maximally stable extremal regions (MSER) and MLBP (Multiple Local Binary Patterns) is proposed to overcome the interference of uneven illumination and clutter background to scene text

Random walks with shape prior for cochlea segmentation in ex vivo [Formula: see text].
PE Ruiz, HM Kjer, G Piella, M Ceresa… – International journal of …, 2016 – europepmc.org
… As the accuracy of the model is dependent on the precision of the original segmentation, it is extremely important to have accurate [Formula: see text] segmentation algorithms.We propose a new framework for cochlea segmentation in ex vivo [Formula: see text] images using …

Text Segmentation of Digitized Clinical Texts.
C Grouin – LREC, 2016 – lrec-conf.org
Abstract In this paper, we present the experiments we made to recover the original page layout structure into two columns from layout damaged digitized files. We designed several CRF-based approaches, either to identify column separator or to classify each token from

A Survey for Segmentation Techniques for Handwritten Devnagari Text Document
MSS Golait – ijies.net
… 1, No.1, 2016 23 Average Longest Path Segmentation The proposed method is used for handwritten text segmentation, which does not make any limiting assumptions on the character size and the number of characters in a word. …

Text segmentation based on superpixel fusion
K ZHANG, Y ZHU – Journal of Computer Applications, 2016 – en.cnki.com.cn
Improving performance of text segmentation is an important problem in text recognition, which is disturbed by complex background and noises in text image. In order to solve the problem, a text segmentation method based on superpixel fusion was proposed. Firstly, the

StorylineViz: A [Space, Time, Actors, Motion] Segmentation Method for Visual Text Exploration
I Dudek, JY Blaise – 8th International Joint Conference …, 2016 – halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr
… It builds on a text segmentation procedure through which sequences of situations are extracted. A situation is defined by a quadruplet of components: actors, space, time and motion. … It builds on a text segmentation procedure through which sequences of situations are extracted. …

Unsupervised text segmentation using semantic relatedness graphs
G Glavaš, F Nanni, SP Ponzetto – 2016 – ub-madoc.bib.uni-mannheim.de
Abstract: Segmenting text into semantically coherent fragments improves readability of text and facilitates tasks like text summarization and passage retrieval. In this paper, we present a novel unsupervised algorithm for linear text segmentation (TS) that exploits word

Offline Text and Non-text Segmentation for Hand-Drawn Diagrams
K Luang – PRICAI 2016: Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 14th …, 2016 – books.google.com
Abstract. Writing and drawing are basic forms of human communication. Handwritten and hand-drawn documents are often used at initial stages of a project. For storage and later usage, handwritten documents are often converted into a digital format with a graphics

Text Segmentation with Topic Modeling and Entity Coherence
AK John, L Di Caro, G Boella – International Conference on Hybrid …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract This paper describes a system which uses entity and topic coherence for improved Text Segmentation (TS) accuracy. First, Linear Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) algorithm was used to obtain topics for sentences in the document. We then performed entity mapping across a

Text Segmentation using Named Entity Recognition and Co-reference Resolution in English and Greek Texts
P Fragkou – arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.09226, 2016 – arxiv.org
Abstract: In this paper we examine the benefit of performing named entity recognition (NER) and co-reference resolution to an English and a Greek corpus used for text segmentation. The aim here is to examine whether the combination of text segmentation and information

Offline Text and Non-text Segmentation for Hand-Drawn Diagrams
B Pravalpruk, MM Dailey – Pacific Rim International Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Writing and drawing are basic forms of human communication. Handwritten and hand-drawn documents are often used at initial stages of a project. For storage and later usage, handwritten documents are often converted into a digital format with a graphics

Graph Modeling based Segmentation of Handwritten Arabic Text into Constituent Sub-words
H Ghaleb, P Nagabhushan… – International Journal of …, 2016 – search.proquest.com
… document, pp.129-136, 2002. [14] A. Elnagar, R. Bentrcia, A Multi-Agent Approach to Arabic Handwritten Text Segmentation, Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 207-215, 2012. [15] A. Elnagar, R …

Document segmentation and classification into musical scores and text
F Pedersoli, G Tzanetakis – International Journal on Document Analysis …, 2016 – Springer
… our goal. (ii) Text/non-text segmentation methods seem to be more flexible and extensible, but unfortunately they all make the assumption that text and non-text regions have different texture properties. This assumption holds …

Automatic segmentation of content and noncontent based handwritten Marathi text document
S Ramteke, AA Gurjar… – Global Trends in Signal …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… 32, 4, November 2002, 449-459. [9] Satadal Saha, Subhadip Basu, Mita Nasipuri and Dipak Kr. Basu, “A Hough Transform based Technique for Text Segmentation”, journal of computing, 2010. [10] ISI Abuhaiba, S. Datta and …

Segmentation of Degraded Text using Dynamic Profile Projection in Handwritten Gurmukhi Script
K Kaur, AK Bathla – ijecs.in
… 3, pp. 95-105, 2014. [3] B. Thakral, M. Kumar, “Devanagari Handwritten Text Segmentation for Overlapping and Conjunct Characters- A Proficient Technique”, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp.1-4, 2014. …

Text lines Segmentation of Handwritten Arabic Script using Outer Isothetic Cover
S Snoussi, F Ghazouani, Y Wahabi – The International Congress …, 2016 – researchgate.net
… Keywords: text Segmentation, handwriting, Outer Isothetic Cover, KHATT Database, HAJJ Database. … As a final step, active contours evolve over the ridges to segment text lines. Two unconstrained handwritten text segmentation methods are presented in [15] and [16]. …

Boundary-based MWE segmentation with text partitioning
JR Williams – arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.02025, 2016 – arxiv.org
… ACM, 38(11):39–41, November. Newman, D., N. Koilada, JH Lau, and T. Baldwin. 2012. Bayesian text segmentation for index term identification and keyphrase extraction. In Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Multiword Expressions, pages 139–144. Pecina, P. 2010. …

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