TextBlob is a Python library for processing textual data.


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Twitilyzer: Designing an approach for ad-hoc search engine HT Kanakia, DR Kalbande – Communication, Information & …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Keywords—Twitter, Naive Bayes classifier, Top tweets classification, TextBlob. … Using the corpus, they built a se which is able to determine positive, neg sentiments for a document [7]. TextBlob lib insight of how to assign polarity and subjec different feature words [10]. …

Generating Diverse Query Suggestions Using Co-citation Graphs in Scientific Literature Search R Kauffman – dare.uva.nl … Because the performance of various PoS algorithms does not differ much from one to another 1, a readily implemented solution is chosen that is available in the Python library TextBlob 2. This implemen- tation is based on the Brill-tagger [8]. The same holds for the noun-phrase … Related articles

Browsing mixed structured and unstructured data RM Losee – Information processing & management, 2006 – Elsevier Both structured and unstructured data, as well as structured data representing several different types of tuples, may be integrated into a single list for brows. Cited by 15 Related articles All 9 versions

Towards Requirements Reuse: Identifying Similar Requirements with Latent Semantic Analysis and Clustering Algorithms NH Bakar, ZM Kasirun, HA Jalab – umexpert.um.edu.my … sent in stemmed_words: processed_words.append(l.lemmatize(sent,’n’)) freqs=Counter( processed_words) #Counter method to count the occurrence of each lemmatized words x=[] x.append(freqs) wrtr.writerow(x) #sending rows to Excel file Figure 3. Using TextBlob in Python … Related articles All 6 versions

18-549 Project Proposal Carnegie Mellon University A Chawla, A Cho, J Kang, N Seth – 2015 – ece.cmu.edu … Furthermore, Python offers a wide range of libraries such as TextBlob, NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), and mlpy (Machine Learning Python) that are especially useful for projects related to computational linguistics, natural language processing, and/or sentiment analysis. …

Towards trust-based recommender systems for online software services LS Gallege, DU Gamage, JH Hill, RR Raje – … of the 9th Annual Cyber and …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … ie, the confidence of a given feature with a value between [-1, +1]) and subjectivity (ie, the weight of the expressed polarization with a value between [0, +1]). In the analysis of textual reviews, we have used a publically available text processing tool called the TextBlob [7] for the … Related articles

Blowing up the Twittersphere: Predicting the Optimal Time to Tweet Z Ellison, S Hildick-Smith – cs229.stanford.edu … We used the Python TextBlob pack- age3 to help with our Natural Language Processing; it takes a line of text and returns different NLP tools. … TextBlob returns a list pairing 3Loria Figure 2: Average Retweet Rate Per User Listed Buckets- Linear Bucketing …

Determinants of User Ratings in Online Business Rating Services SA Rahman, T Afrin, D Adjeroh – Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural …, 2015 – Springer … The review texts were analyzed to calculate sentiment polarity using TextBlob Python library (http://textblob.readthedocs. org/en/dev/). External Factors are those that could affect a user rating but are not under the control of the user. …

A High-Level Review of Mappings in Musical iOS Applications T Kell, MM Wanderley – 2014 – tide-pool.ca … K-Means or similar processes. In order to achieve the first goal, several supervised machine- learning methods were attempted, using both the TextBlob 3 and SciKit-Learn 4 [10] Python libraries. Training data was selected by … Related articles

The Impacts of Information on Stock Prices Assessed by Social Media Sentiment G Cao – 2014 – dare.uva.nl … 20 3.5 Text ‘this is a nice day!’ processed by TextBlob in Python . . . . . … per day, respectively. The result set, the intersection, was sent to be processed by another Python script (Appendix A.3) in which the natural language library TextBlob was applied. Page 33. 20 … Related articles All 2 versions

Applying Learning to Rank Techniques to Contextual Suggestions J Kiseleva, AM García, Y Luo, J Kamps, M Pechenizkiy… – trec.nist.gov … This task is easily achieved using the built-in functionality in TextBlob7. We presented our solution for the contextual suggestion track where we have formulated it as a LTR problem. … 1. First of all, we did not have the chance to perform 7http://textblob.readthedocs.org/ Page 5. …

LyS at CLEF RepLab 2014: Creating the state of the art in author influence ranking and reputation classification on Twitter D Vilares, M Hermo, MA Alonso, C Gómez-Rodr?guez… – CLEF, 2014 – grupolys.org … 1 http://www.nltk.org/ 2 http://textblob.readthedocs.org/en/dev/ 3 Lemmas are the canonical forms of words. For example, the lemma of ‘walking’ is ‘walk’ Page 4. In this way, we match the words of a text, returning all their psychometric dimensions. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Research and development of big data technologies in the field of human resources I Martín Martínez – 2014 – e-archivo.uc3m.es Page 1. Research and development of Big Data technologies in the field of Human Resources Bachelor’s degree Thesis Author: Ignacio Martín Martínez Supervisor: Dr. José Alberto Hernández Gutiérrez Degree in Telematics Engineering September 2014 Page 2. i Page 3. ii …

Cluscite: Effective citation recommendation by information network-based clustering X Ren, J Liu, X Yu, U Khandelwal, Q Gu… – Proceedings of the 20th …, 2014 – dl.acm.org Page 1. ClusCite: Effective Citation Recommendation by Information Network-Based Clustering Xiang Ren, Jialu Liu, Xiao Yu, Urvashi Khandelwal, Quanquan Gu, Lidan Wang, Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

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Data Mining with Python (Working draft) FÅ Nielsen – 2014 – imm.dtu.dk Page 1. Data Mining with Python (Working draft) Finn Årup Nielsen December 19, 2014 Page 2. Contents Contents i List of Figures vii List of Tables ix 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Other introductions to Python? . . . . 1 1.2 Why Python for data mining? . . . … Related articles All 3 versions

Statistically Significant Detection of Linguistic Change V Kulkarni, R Al-Rfou, B Perozzi, S Skiena – arXiv preprint arXiv: …, 2014 – arxiv.org Page 1. Statistically Significant Detection of Linguistic Change Vivek Kulkarni Stony Brook University, USA vvkulkarni@cs.stonybrook.edu Rami Al-Rfou Stony Brook University, USA ralrfou@cs.stonybrook.edu Bryan Perozzi … Related articles All 3 versions

Online Reputation and Polling Systems: Data Incest, Social Learning, and Revealed Preferences V Krishnamurthy, W Hoiles – Computational Social Systems, …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Page 1. 164 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL SOCIAL SYSTEMS, VOL. 1, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2014 Online Reputation and Polling Systems: Data Incest, Social Learning, and Revealed Preferences Vikram Krishnamurthy … Related articles All 3 versions

[BOOK] Getting Started with tmux JD Victor Quinn – 2014 – books.google.com Page 1. Getting Started with tmux Maximize your productivity by accessing several terminal sessions from a single window using tmux Victor Quinn, JD PACKT og?pgc 51* Page 2. Table of Contents Getting Started with tmux … All 2 versions

Realistic Dialogue Engine for Video Games CM Rose – 2014 – ir.lib.uwo.ca Page 1. Western University Scholarship@Western University of Western Ontario – Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository January 2015 Realistic Dialogue Engine for Video Games Caroline M. Rose The University of Western Ontario …

Extracting Sentiment from Healthcare Survey Data D Georgiou, A MacFarlane, T Russell-Rose – researchgate.net Page 1. Science and Information Conference 2015 July 28-30, 2015 | London, UK 1 | Page www.conference.thesai.org Extracting Sentiment from Healthcare Survey Data: An evaluation of sentiment analysis tools Despo Georgiou …

Similarity of Authors’ Profiles and Its Usage for Reviewers’ Recommendation A Ondrejka, I Zelinka – Semantic and Social Media …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … By simple dividing text into words and keeping eg nouns only causes retrieve general domain. The situation when there is the 1https://developers.google.com/translate/ 2http://www.nltk.org/ 3http://textblob.readthedocs.org/en/dev/ 5 Page 4. 0.5 1 1.5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 dy [years] … Related articles

A framework to support study group formation using online social media-the case of twitter OE Omuya – 2014 – erepository.uonbi.ac.ke Page 1. UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS TOPIC: A FRAMEWORK TO SUPPORT STUDY GROUP FORMATION USING ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA -THE CASE OF TWITTER BY: OMUYA ODHIAMBO ERICK P58/70565/2011 …