Virtual Reality Therapy & Artificial Intelligence 2020


  • achluophobia
  • albert skip rizzo
  • autism
  • balance in the elderly
  • brain tumor
  • clinical virtual reality
  • color vision deficiency correction
  • dental phobia
  • diagnostic chatbot
  • eating disorder
  • gambling
  • lower limbs strengthening
  • neuropsychological assessment
  • neurorehabilitation
  • perceived simulation realism
  • phobia
  • physiotherapy
  • post-stroke
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • preoperative anxiety
  • rehabilitation at stroke
  • rehabilitation system
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • social anxiety disorder
  • stress management
  • telemental health
  • zoophobia



  • Differential effects of face-realism and emotion on event-related brain potentials and their implications for the uncanny valley theory (2017)
  • Effects of Sharing Physiological States of Players in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Gameplay (2017)
  • Inner Garden: Connecting Inner States to a Mixed Reality Sandbox for Mindfulness (2017)
  • Listening Intently: Towards a Critical Media Theory of Ethical Listening (2017)
  • Methodological issues of using placebos in interventions based on digital technology (2017)
  • Understanding the self through the use of digitally constructed realities (2017)

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Virtual reality therapy in social anxiety disorder
PMG Emmelkamp, K Meyerbröker, N Morina – Current psychiatry reports, 2020 – Springer
Page 1. ANXIETY DISORDERS (A PELISSOLO, SECTION EDITOR) Virtual Reality Therapy in Social Anxiety Disorder Paul MG Emmelkamp1 & Katharina Meyerbröker2 & Nexhmedin Morina3 © The Author(s) 2020 … Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. 2015;9238:287–91 …

Digital Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment: Artificial Intelligence Meets Virtual Reality
S Cavedoni, A Chirico, E Pedroli… – Frontiers in Human …, 2020 –
… Digital Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment: Artificial Intelligence Meets Virtual Reality … Then, Artificial Intelligence employs Machine Learning (ML) to analyze them in combination with clinical and neuropsychological data …

isam: Personalizing an artificial intelligence model for emotion with pleasure-arousal-dominance in immersive virtual reality
A Elor, A Song – 2020 15th IEEE International Conference on …, 2020 –
… This research may be of interest to interdisciplinary researchers at the intersection of immersive media, artificial intelligence, and healthcare intervention … 6, 2015. [3] KR Lohse, CG Hilderman, KL Cheung, S. Tatla, and HM Van der Loos, “Virtual reality therapy for adults post …

Evaluating the Effect of Audience in a Virtual Reality Presentation Training Tool
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The use of virtual reality in psychiatry: a review
S Kim, E Kim – Journal of the Korean Academy of Child and …, 2020 –
… recognition technology and big data technology, bio-signal data of VR users, such as head movement, body movement, and heart rate can be collected and analyzed using artificial intelligence algorithms to … Physiological monitoring as an objective tool in virtual reality therapy …

Evaluating the Need and Effect of an Audience in a Virtual Reality Presentation Training Tool
D Monteiro, HN Liang, H Li, Y Fu, X Wang – International Conference on …, 2020 – Springer
… In: Proceedings – 2018 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, AIVR 2018, pp. 53–60 (2019) … 1, 75–92 (2008)Google Scholar. 15. Harris, SR, Kemmerling, RL, North, MM: Brief virtual reality therapy for public speaking anxiety. Cyberpsychol …

Remote Therapy Experience as a Proxy for Understanding Interactional Virtual Reality Therapy
JR Webb – 2020 –
Page 2. Page 3. REMOTE THERAPY EXPERIENCE AS A PROXY FOR UNDERSTANDING INTERACTIONAL VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY John Ralph Webb … Axial coding resulted in two main categories, VR-specific benefits towards Interactional Virtual Reality Therapy (IVRT) …

Interpersonal distance in VR: reactions of older adults to the presence of a virtual agent
G Pochwatko, B Karpowicz, A Chrzanowska… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2021 –
… element of the VR interface can be a virtual agent, ie a humanoid representation of an application or artificial intelligence algorithms … 1. Amorim, JSCd, Leite, RC, Brizola, R., Yonamine, CY: Virtual reality therapy for rehabilitation of balance in the elderly: a systematic review and …

Alternative Psychological Treatment for Patients with a Diagnosis of Entomophobia with Virtual Reality Environments
MP Navas-Moya, PT Mayorga-Soria… – … Conference on Systems …, 2020 – Springer
… Jang, DP, et al.: The development of virtual reality therapy (VRT) system for the treatment of acrophobia and therapeutic case. In: IEEE Transaction on Information Technology in Biomedicine, vol … Baraka, K., Melo, FS, Veloso, M.: Progress in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 8154, pp …

The Ultimate Display For Physical Rehabilitation: A Bridging Review on Immersive Virtual Reality
A Elor, S Kurniawan – Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2020 –
… synergies between each of these fields. Keywords: immersive virtual reality, virtual reality therapy, immersion, presence, emotion, perception, multimodal displays, biofeedback 1. INTRODUCTION In 1968, Ivan Sutherland, one …

New Work, Transformational and Virtual Leadership
M Helmold – Management for Professionals – Springer
… Concreteness, Courtesy, Clearness, Correctness ADKAR Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement AI Artificial Intelligence AM Additive … Production Management VPP Virtual Production Planning VR Virtual Reality VRT Virtual Reality Therapy VW Volkswagen …

An investigation of various machine and deep learning techniques applied in automatic fear level detection and acrophobia virtual therapy
O B?lan, G Moise, A Moldoveanu, M Leordeanu… – Sensors, 2020 –
… subject’s affective state. We acquired data from acrophobic subjects who had undergone an in vivo pre-therapy exposure session, followed by a Virtual Reality therapy and an in vivo evaluation procedure. Various machine and …

Reconstructing Personal Stories in Virtual Reality as a Mechanism to Recover the Self
I Georgieva, GV Georgiev – … journal of environmental research and public …, 2020 –
… VR is a powerful, flexible, and multifaceted tool that can be aided by artificial intelligence (AI) to design various scenarios with plausible and rich stories that flexibly answer the changing needs of those immersed in the medium [56,57] …

The Effects of Ingroup Bias on Public Speaking Anxiety in Virtual Reality.
LEJ Biesmans, PJM van Hees, LE Rombout… – VISIGRAPP (2 …, 2020 –
… Lotte EJ Biesmans, Pleun JM van Hees, Lisa E. Rombout, Maryam Alimardani and Eriko Fukuda Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University, Warandelaan, Tilburg, The Netherlands … Brief virtual reality therapy for public speaking anxi- ety …

Virtual reality gaming as a neurorehabilitation tool for brain injuries in adults: A systematic review
MC Aulisio, DY Han, AC Glueck – Brain injury, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… rehabilitation therapy intervention. The experimental VR intervention utilized an artificial intelligence virtual reality-based training program (AIVTS) and incorporated a series of modules focused on problem-solving. The authors …

User experience of public speaking practice in virtual reality
A Gruber, R Kaplan-Rakowski – Cognitive and affective perspectives …, 2020 –
… Harris, SR, Kemmerling, RL, & North, MM (2002). Brief virtual reality therapy for public speaking anxiety … Virtual Agent: A computer-generated virtual character capable of interacting and communicating with users employing elements of artificial intelligence …

1 Introducing Virtual Reality for
CM Hayre, DJ Muller, MJ Scherer – Virtual Reality in Health and …, 2020 –
… Lastly, the aforementioned combined with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it may begin to help quantify, predict and utilize … Marques, CLS, da Costa, RDM, Bazan, R., Luvizutto, GJ, Gomes, LE, and Betting, G.(2018) Effects of virtual reality therapy on upper …

Diffusion of new technologies in medical research: the case of virtual reality
TW Thurner, E Dyachenko, A Mironenko – Health and Technology, 2020 – Springer
… Together with Big Data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, VR applications – consisting of 3D-capable computation, a head-mounted … Virtual reality therapy found its way into psychiatry over 20 years ago, when first experiments by Barbara Rothbaum at the Emory …

Physical and Cognitive Therapy Enhancement Using Game-Based Learning
B Ramic-Brkic, M Cosovic, E Begic – International Symposium on …, 2020 – Springer
… a limited number of patients with cerebral palsy, the results show that procedures using assistive robotic feedback implemented in a scenario of virtual reality therapy game offer a … Artificial intelligence tools allow at-home monitoring through various patient monitoring platforms …

Three Uses Of Virtual Reality In Work And Organizational Psychology Interventions. A Dialogue Between Virtual Reality And …
A DE CARLO, F CARLUCCIO, S RAPISARDA… – … Methodology in Applied …, 2020 –

Technology use for adolescent health and wellness
A Radovic, SM Badawy – Pediatrics, 2020 – Am Acad Pediatrics
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VR Chiriyakhana: A Virtual Zoo Using Google Cardboard
T Ahmed, MJ Hossain – SN Computer Science, 2020 – Springer
… pp. 185–6. 17. Gromala D, Tong X, Choo A, Karamnejad M, Shaw CD. The virtual meditative walk: virtual reality therapy for chronic pain management. In: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2015, pp 521–4. 18 …

Immersive Virtual Reality Applications in Schizophrenia Spectrum Therapy: A Systematic Review
E Bisso, MS Signorelli, M Milazzo, M Maglia… – International Journal of …, 2020 –
… Diagnostic Thinking vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Decision Support Tools. Previous Article in Journal Impacts of Cultural Diversity on Carbon Emission Effects: From the Perspective of Environmental Regulations. Previous Article …

Development of Virtual Reality Game for the Rehabilitation of Upper Limb Control in the Elderly Patients with Stroke
NA Ahmad, A Zainal, MF Abd Rauf, T Shahrom… – …, 2020 –
… Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 10927 LNCS, 89–100. Mekbib, DB, Han, J., Zhang, L., Fang, S., Jiang, H., Roe, AW, & Xu, D. (2020). Virtual reality therapy for upper …

Virtual reality in clinical psychology
G Riva – Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral …, 2022 –
… real time. Embodied virtual agents, on the other hand, are graphical representations of the individuals controlled by the computer itself using an artificial intelligence program. Immersive and Non-immersive VR. VR technology …

Virtual reality and its therapeutic uses in the elderly: A narrative clinical review
P Lodha, A De Sousa, S Karia – Journal of Geriatric Mental Health, 2020 –
… Role of Virtual Reality Therapy in Dementia Care, Top … The uniqueness of this situation and the use of artificial intelligence brings up issues about the quality of care and certain ethical questions like the lack of reciprocity and emotional connection, and more dehumanized …

Using Virtual Reality for Therapeutic Treatment of Phobia
L Jadhav, K Parekh, V Gupta… – … on Convergence to …, 2020 –
… 1st ed. USA: Emerging Technologies for Health and Medicine: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Industry 4.0, pp.5-14 … [11] North, MM; North, SM; Coble, JR, Virtual reality therapy: An effective treatment for psychological …

Immersive 5G Virtual Reality Visualization Display System Based on Big-Data Digital City Technology
F Tian – Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021 –
Page 1. Research Article Immersive 5G Virtual Reality Visualization Display System Based on Big-Data Digital City Technology Fei Tian School of Environmental Art Design, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan 430000, Hubei, China …

Study and experimentation of cognitive decline measurements in a virtual reality environment
C Dakoure – 2020 –
… 72 Page 17. List of acronyms AD: Alzheimer’s disease AI: Artificial Intelligence Bi-LSTM: Bidirectional long short-term memory EEG: Electroencephalography GUI: Graphic user interface IUGM: Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal KNN: K-nearest neighbors …

On shooting stars: Comparing cave and hmd immersive virtual reality exergaming for adults with mixed ability
A Elor, M Powell, E Mahmoodi, N Hawthorne… – ACM Transactions on …, 2020 –
Page 1. 22 On Shooting Stars: Comparing CAVE and HMD Immersive Virtual Reality Exergaming for Adults with Mixed Ability AVIV ELOR, MICHAEL POWELL, EVANJELIN MAHMOODI, NICO HAWTHORNE, MIRCEA TEODORESCU …

Virtual reality for student learning: Understanding individual differences
P Li, J Legault, A Klippel, J Zhao – Human Behaviour and Brain, 2020 –
Page 1. | Review Received: 2 March 2020 | Accepted: 24 March 2020 DOI: 10.37716/HBAB.2020010105 Virtual reality for student learning: Understanding individual differences Ping Li1*, Jennifer Legault2, Alexander Klippel3, Jiayan Zhao3 …

Serious Games for Stroke Telerehabilitation of Upper Limb-A Review for Future Research
P Amorim, BS Santos, P Dias, S Silva… – International Journal of …, 2020 –
… Assistive game controller for artificial intelligence-enhanced telerehabilitation post-stroke … Virtual reality therapy for adults post-stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis exploring virtual environments and commercial games in therapy. PloS One, 9(3), e93318-e93318 …

Eschatological companions: Christian hope in virtual worlds
S Garner – Theology & Sexuality, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… 10 Zhang and Ho, “Smartphone Applications for Immersive Virtual Reality Therapy for Internet Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder,” 367–2; Miloff et al., “Automated Virtual … 24 Geraci, Apocalyptic AI Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, 81 …

Positive Technology and COVID-19
G Riva, F Mantovani, BK Wiederhold – … , Behavior, and Social …, 2020 –
… (2016) Integrating technology in positive psychology practice. Hershey, PA: IGI-Global. Crossref, Google Scholar; 5. Riva G, Wiederhold BK, Di Lernia D, et al. Virtual reality meets artificial intelligence: the emergence of advanced digital therapeutics and digital biomarkers …

Evolution of VRET to Assist in the Treatment of Phobias: a systematic review
JS Pereira, LM Faêda… – 2020 22nd Symposium on …, 2020 –
… [24] J. Salkevicius and L. Navickas. Battling the fear of public speaking: Designing software as a service solution for a virtual reality therapy … In 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, and Communications Technology (IAICT) (pp. 139-p144) …

Perspectives of extended reality in nursing
M Souza-Nykänen, N Semenchenko – 2020 –
… MR and AR (Kinger 2020). While VR, MR and AR attempt to provide different experiences, they all have some similarities such as artificial intelligence and 3D images. It incorporates effects from partial sensory inputs, such as virtual touch in VR to totally immersive worlds. It also …

Pushing Out the Classroom Walls: A Scalability Benchmark for a Virtual Audience Behaviour Model in Virtual Reality
Y Glémarec, JL Lugrin, AG Bosser, P Cagniat… – Mensch und Computer …, 2020 –
… This AtmosCharacter inherits from the UE4’s character class which allows to combine our system with all the artificial intelligence components available in the game engine, eg state machines, nav- igation, character’s senses … Brief virtual reality therapy for public speaking anxiety …

A qualitative study of cybersecurity specialists’ concerns in Virtual Reality in the United States of America
JJ Moreno – 2020 –
… the formation point of the study. Keywords such as Virtual Worlds, PTSD therapy, artificial intelligence, gamification, cybersecurity, system security, VR exposure therapy, and Virtual … seemingly endless for VR therapy. Virtual Reality therapy has been accepted as a highly …

On accident causation models, safety training and virtual reality
K Dhalmahapatra, S Das, J Maiti – International journal of …, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
Inefficiency in real-time visualization and user interaction in traditional accident causation models (ACMs) necessitates the development of a dynamic accident causation model, which can foster rea…

New Work in Health Sector
M Helmold – New Work, Transformational and Virtual Leadership – Springer
… So-called “Smart Hospitals” use, for example, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printers for implants, networked and remote-controlled … Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) uses specially programmed computers, visual immersion devices and artificially created environments to give the …

The Internet of Things: Impact and Implications for Health Care Delivery
JT Kelly, KL Campbell, E Gong, P Scuffham – Journal of medical Internet …, 2020 –
… Application Layer. The application layer interprets and applies data and is responsible for delivering application-specific services to the user [12]. Some of the most promising medical applications that IoT provides are through artificial intelligence (AI) …

An Exploration of the Impact of Virtual Reality Interfaces on Online Shopping
WC Hsu, PH Chen, CY Chen – Information Resources Management …, 2020 –
… andmachines(eg,anonline shoppingplatformcomputer).Humanscanusetheinterfacetoinput commandsintomachines(eg, amouse,akeyboard,handgestures),andthenthemachinesuse informationtechnologytoreadand respondtothecommands(eg,artificialintelligenceornatural …

Sensory Feedback in Upper Limb Prostheses
D Dimante, I Logina, M Sinisi… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 –
Jump to Content Jump to Main Navigation Logo. Home About us Subject Areas Contacts. Advanced Search Help. Sciendo; Sign In Create Profile. English; Deutsch. Home About us Subject Areas Contacts. Advanced Search Help. Sciendo; …

VRCAuth: Continuous Authentication of Users in Virtual Reality Environment Using Head-Movement
M Sivasamy, VN Sastry… – 2020 5th International …, 2020 –
… [3] KR Lohse, CGE Hilderman, KL Cheung, S. Tatla, and HFM Van der Loos, “Virtual reality therapy for adults … Real- time behavior-based continual authentication of users in virtual reality environments,” in 2019 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual …

The path forward: academic neurology responds to COVID?19
JC McArthur – Annals of neurology, 2020 –
… As one example, neurofibromatosis (NF) researchers are already using artificial intelligence (AI) and high?resolution digital dermoscopy to … Virtual reality therapy for adults post?stroke: a systematic review and meta?analysis exploring virtual environments and commercial …

Adolescent Under Construction: An exploration of how virtual reality can be used to teach social and daily living skills to children and adolescents diagnosed …
A Adjorlu – 2020 –
… PhD Student: Ali Adjorlu Supervisors: Prof. Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University The main body of this thesis consist of the following papers: [A] A. Adjorlu, “ Virtual Reality Therapy“, Springer International Publishing AG, 2018 … Contents II Papers 79 A Virtual Reality Therapy 81 …

DE Bowden, SJ Smits, MA Andrews –
… therapy for pain management; virtual assistants to facilitate care management and coordination; drones and smart-phone enabled ride and delivery service to transport time-sensitive medical supplies; 3D printed biological implants; as well as the use of artificial intelligence to …

Physiological assessment of User eXprience supported by Immersive Environments: First input from a literature review
M Martinez, GA Garces, L Dupont… – ConVRgence …, 2020 –
… Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) … Proceedings – 2018 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, AIVR 2018 …

Data Protection and Ethical Issues in European P5 eHealth
V Sanchini, L Marelli – P5 eHealth: An Agenda for the Health …, 2020 –
… Page 190. 188 Gromala, D., Tong, X., Choo, A., Karamnejad, M., & Shaw, CD (2015, April). The virtual medi- tative walk: virtual reality therapy for chronic pain management … Adapting to artificial intelligence: radiologists and pathologists as information specialists …

Global mapping of interventions to improve quality of life of patients with depression during 1990–2018
BX Tran, GH Ha, DN Nguyen, TP Nguyen, HT Do… – Quality of Life …, 2020 – Springer
The number of patients with depressive disordered globally increased and affects people of all ages and countries and has a significant and negative impact.

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Human Resource Practices
KM Torres, A Statti – … and Implementing HR Management Systems in …, 2021 –
… 84-94). Springer. Davenport, T., & Ronanki, R. (2018). Artificial intelligence for the real world. Harvard Business Review … Harris, SR, Kemmerling, RL, & North, MN (2004). Brief virtual reality therapy for public speaking anxiety. Cyberpsychology & Behavior, 5(6), 543–550 …

Cross-corpus Speech and Textual Emotion Learning for Psychotherapy
J Tavernor – 2020 –
… 1 2 Background 3 2.1 Virtual Reality Therapy … An Artificial Intelligence (AI) therapist would, therefore, be useful to make therapy entirely accessible for everyone with no waiting times. However, recognising emotions is often useful for effective face to face therapy …

A Framework for Prediction in a Fog-Based Tactile Internet Architecture for Remote Phobia Treatment
F Rasouli – 2020 –
… Page 13. xiii List of Acronyms and Abbreviations 5G The Fifth Generation of the Mobile Communication system AI Artificial Intelligence ANN Artificial Neural Network AR Augmented Reality CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy eMBB enhanced Mobile Broadband …

Health-Enabling Technologies to Assist Patients With Musculoskeletal Shoulder Disorders When Exercising at Home: Scoping Review
L Elgert, B Steiner, B Saalfeld… – JMIR Rehabilitation …, 2021 –
Background: Health-enabling technologies (HETs) are information and communication technologies that promote individual health and well-being. An important application of HETs is telerehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal shoulder disorders. Currently, there is no …

Technology acceptance model: investigating students’ intentions toward adoption of immersive 360° videos for public speaking rehearsals
JI Vallade, R Kaufmann, BN Frisby… – Communication …, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
Given the opportunities new technologies afford students and instructors, this mixed methods, longitudinal study examined factors impacting college students’ behavioral intentions for adopting virt…

Generating Requirements for the Design and Implementation of a VR application for Forensic Mental Healthcare
JFE van Calis – 2020 –
Page 1. Generating Requirements for the Design and Implementation of a VR application for Forensic Mental Healthcare MASTER THESIS JULIA FE VAN CALIS MASTER HEALTH SCIENCES TRACK: MONITORING AND PERSUASIVE …

Smartphone-based self-testing of covid-19 using breathing sounds
M Faezipour, A Abuzneid – Telemedicine and e-Health, 2020 –
… Once the database is trained, our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms would be able to correlate these data with the breathing sounds through regression models of … Abushakra A, Faezipour M. Augmenting breath regulation using a mobile driven virtual reality therapy framework …

Head-mounted display-based application for cognitive training
J Varela-Aldás, G Palacios-Navarro, R Amariglio… – Sensors, 2020 –
… 3. Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, MA 02115, USA. 4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 02114, USA. 5. Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Complutense University of Madrid, 28040 Madrid, Spain …

The advent of e-Health
J Cotter, S Bucci – Youth Mental Health: Approaches to Emerging …, 2020 –
… for providing psychotherapy and support for mental health symptoms and have built novel healthcare businesses based on both therapist and artificial intelligence (AI)–driven … Virtual reality therapy for refractory auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: a pilot clinical trial …

9 E-mental health for young people
J Cotter, S Bucci – Youth Mental Health: Approaches to Emerging …, 2020 –
… for providing psychotherapy and support for mental health symptoms and have built novel healthcare businesses based on both therapist and artificial intelligence (AI)–driven … Virtual reality therapy for refractory auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: a pilot clinical trial …

Research Trend on the Use of IT in Digital Addiction: An Investigation Using a Systematic Literature Review
FS Rahayu, LE Nugroho, R Ferdiana, DB Setyohadi – Future Internet, 2020 –
… Virtual reality therapy has proved to be effective in reducing the severity of gaming disorder, showing effects similar to cognitive behavioral … suggests that the integration between the virtual reality that capable to obtain “digital biomarkers” data and artificial intelligence (AI) using …

Non-Pharmacological Interventions
G Ninot – 2020 – Springer
Page 1. Non- Pharmacological Interventions Gregory Ninot An Essential Answer to Current Demographic, Health, and Environmental Transitions Page 2. Non-Pharmacological Interventions Page 3. Gregory Ninot Non-Pharmacological Interventions …

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)
A Erdmann, ES Costanzo – Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine, 2020 – Springer
Page 1. V Validity J. Rick Turner Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Buies Creek, NC, USA Definition The primary objective of an experimental or non- experimental research study is to obtain a valid estimate of the treatment effect of interest …

Understanding virtual speakers
J Nirme – Lund University Cognitive Studies, 2020 –
Page 1. Understanding virtual speakers JENS NIRME COGNITIVE SCIENCE | LUND UNIVERSITY Page 2. Understanding virtual speakers Jens Nirme DOCTORAL DISSERTATION by due permission of the Faculty of Humanities and Theology, Lund University, Sweden …

32 Multicultural Considerations in Telepsychology
JA Mena, KA Faust, NE Cook, D Faust… – The Oxford Handbook …, 2020 –
Page 394. CHAPTER 32 Multicultural Considerations in Telepsychology Jasmine A. Mena, Kyle A. Faust, Nathan E. Cook, David Faust, and Ryan Holt Abstract Although an expanding body of research demonstrates the potential …

Applications of Technology
SA Saeed, N Lluberes, F CCHP-MH… – … Value: Balancing Cost …, 2020 –
… 2019). Social media may also play a role in suicide prevention efforts. With this in mind, Facebook launched a campaign to use artificial intelligence software to identify people at risk and prioritize the contacts with moderators …

Classification of Balance Assessment Technology: A Scoping Review of Systematic Reviews.
N Baker, C Gough, S Gordon – Studies in health technology and …, 2020 –
Page 57. Information Technology Based Methods for Health Behaviours AJ Maeder et al.(Eds.) 45 IOS Press, 2020 © 2020 The authors and IOS Press. All rights reserved. doi: 10.3233/SHTI200005 Classification of Balance Assessment …

Out of Our Minds: Ontology and Embodied Media in a Post-Human Paradigm
K Malicki-Sanchez – Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts …, 2020 –
… By the end of the 21st Century, the exponential acceleration of technologi- cal advancement may bring us to the brink of human capacity to contain it, leaving its creators to merely wonder at the residual output of artificial intelligence and deep learning processes, and surrender …

Meta-review of text input approaches within VR-A study on the platform’s viability as a productivity workspace
C Rodríguez Outerelo –
… Degrees of Freedom • AR: Augmented Reality • cpm: characters per minute • FOV: Field of View • HMD: Head Mounted Display • MR: Mixed Reality • VR: Virtual Reality • VRE: Virtual Reality Exposure • VRT: Virtual Reality Treatment or Virtual Reality Therapy • WMR: Windows …

Application of Generative Adversarial Networks for Generation and Classification of Human Movements
L Li – 2020 –
… 4 patient’s current progress. Similarly, machine learning-based assistants have been integrated into virtual reality therapy systems for monitoring patient performance and customizing the treatment plan according to the patient’s progress [26]–[28]. In the treatment of phantom …

Psychotherapy Using Electronic Media
D Mucic, DM Hilty – Intercultural Psychotherapy, 2020 – Springer
… Internet-operated therapeutic software refers to “therapeutic software that uses advanced computer capabilities such as artificial intelligence principles for (a) robotic simulation of therapists providing dialogue-based therapy with patients, (b) rule-based expert systems, and (c …

Kinematic variables for upper limb rehabilitation robot and correlations with clinical scales: A review
S Mazlan, HA Rahman, YC Fai, BSKK Ibrahim… – Bulletin of Electrical …, 2020 –
… Muhamad Saif Huq5 1,2Advanced Mechatronics Research Group (ADMIRE), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia 3Center of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics … [18] LD Lledó et al., “A comparative analysis of 2D and 3D tasks for virtual reality therapies based on …

5G Smart and Innovative Healthcare Services: Opportunities, Challenges, and Prospective Solutions
G Bekaroo, A Santokhee… – 5G Multimedia …, 2020 –
Page 296. 15 5G Smart and Innovative Healthcare Services: Opportunities, Challenges, and Prospective Solutions Girish Bekaroo and Aditya Santokhee Middlesex University Mauritius Juan Carlos Augusto Middlesex University …

Emotion Recognition Based on Skin Potential Signals with a Portable Wireless Device
S Chen, K Jiang, H Hu, H Kuang, J Yang, J Luo… – Sensors, 2021 –
… Abstract. Emotion recognition is of great importance for artificial intelligence, robots, and medicine etc. Although many techniques have been developed for emotion recognition, with certain successes, they rely heavily on complicated and expensive equipment …

Defining Non-pharmacological Interventions (NPIs)
G Ninot – Non-Pharmacological Interventions – Springer
… with our agreement – the quantified self. It plans our life. Today it helps us make decisions, and thanks to the spread of artificial intelligence, tomorrow it will make them for us. Beyond its initial function for communication, this …

Rehabilitation Games in Real-World Clinical Settings: Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities
HT Jung, T Park, N MAhyar, S Park, T Ryu… – ACM Transactions on …, 2020 –
Page 1. 41 Rehabilitation Games in Real-World Clinical Settings: Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities HEE-TAE JUNG, University of Massachusetts Amherst TAIWOO PARK, Seattle Pacific University NARGES MAHYAR …

Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Technology: Select Proceedings of ICBEST 2018
AA Rizvanov – 2020 –
… 379 381 382 382 383 384 385 386 389 389 391 Virtual Reality Therapy in Prolonging Attention Spans for ADHD S. Sushmitha, B. Tanushree Devi, V. Mahesh, B. Geethanjali, K. Arun Kumar, and PG Pavithran 1 Introduction …

Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Technology
AA Rizvanov, BK Singh, P Ganasala – Springer
… 389 Virtual Reality Therapy in Prolonging Attention Spans for ADHD … His research interest includes applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medical image analysis, biomedical signal analysis, computer aided diagnosis, computer vision and cognitive science …

Digital Personalized Health and Medicine: Proceedings of MIE 2020
LB Pape-Haugaard, C Lovis, IC Madsen – 2020 –
Page 1. STUDIES IN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATICS 270 Digital Personalized Health and Medicine Proceedings of MIE 2020 WM Editors: Louise B. Pape-Haugaard Christian Lovis Inge Cort Madsen Patrick Weber Per Hostrup Nielsen Philip Scott IOS Press …

Detecting Abnormal Brain Regions in Schizophrenia Using Structural MRI via Machine Learning
ZH Chen, T Yan, EL Wang, H Jiang, YQ Tang… – Computational …, 2020 –
Utilizing neuroimaging and machine learning (ML) to differentiate schizophrenia (SZ) patients from normal controls (NCs) and for detecting abnormal brain regions in schizophrenia has several benefits and can provide a reference for the clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia. In this …

Methods for Adventitious Respiratory Sound Analyzing Applications Based on Smartphones: A Survey
SAH Tabatabaei, P Fischer, H Schneider… – IEEE Reviews in …, 2020 –
… In general, with the progress achieved in 5G wireless technology more health-related appli- cations based on artificial intelligence including assisting diagnosis and treatment, health man- agement, disease prevention and risk monitor- ing, virtual assistants, smart hospitals and …

Olfactory interfaces: toward implicit human-computer interaction across the consciousness continuum
J Amores Fernandez – 2020 –
Page 1. OLFACTORY INTERFACES: TOWARD IMPLICIT HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION ACROSS THE CONSCIOUSNESS CONTINUUM by Judith Amores Fernandez B.Sc., Ramon Llull University (2014) SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016) …

Poster Presentations at the 10th Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD) Québec City, October 3, 2019
K Viau – 2020 –
… In October, the time of this conference we will be able to reveal the selected projects. Research projects are to focus on the use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and electronic games in the care for individuals with dementia …

… The sheer number of possible combinations (around 9 million simulated) largely exceeds the number of available subjects and precludes the use of data-driven approaches such as machine learning or artificial intelligence …